Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Wake Up
Are you ready to live in a world the liberals are planning for you?

There will no rich people. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never received a paycheck from a homeless bum.)

There will be universal health care. (As in long lines, and denials of service.)

Our military will be neutered. (A military in the hands of liberals…think of it.)

Terrorism will become a misdemeanor, and first time offenders will be given probation. (The press seems to hold a unnatural sway over our politicians, they seem to be more concerned with what the New York Times writes, than what the people want. Anyone who disagrees with the mantra of the moment in the main street press is subject to massive attacks in print, on the tube, and even in movies. And the conservatives don't seem to have enough backbone to speak the truth, in my mind, they are wimps. Yes, to stand up and tell the truth today as a Senator or Representative, will doom you to become a ONE TERM SENATOR, BUT IN MY MIND A PATRIOT. This country needs a majority of Politicians with a spine. Want to lay odds on that happening? The Press and Liberal Think, there is no difference. Our media in America today, might as well be called the Clone of Al Jezzera. Yes, I'll give the outrage the press had for a picture of a terrorist killer with underwear on his head, with the refusal of the same press to write about, picture or even acknowledge the bloody videos of the same bunch of terrorist dogs, hacking the head off of a living breathing human, an innocent civilian. Our press has no objectivity, and they are not liable to find any in the near future. And it would be impossible to find much difference between the liberal mindset of the Media, and the View from the Bench. Yes it appears our Supreme Court at this time, is more concerned in following in march step with the Popular Press, than examining what the constitution says. If the press champions a cause, the Courts of America rush to uphold or strike down any opinion that isn't media approved. Think I'm a little research. I can tell you what tomorrows Supreme Court decisions will be, by reading the New York Times today. That is unless Judge Alito is confirmed before socialism wins the day in America. I really don't think he will be confirmed, because the wimpy Senators want to be reelected to the Senate. Yes, our legal system is becoming a joke, working only for the rich, our nation’s enemies or the perverted.)

I have to add a little more here, did you ever think that a former Attn. General of the United States would do pro bono work defending one of the worst mass murderers alive?
Thanks Jimmy Carter, and Ramsey Clark.
Jimmy Carter was the last century’s worst president. No let me reconsider, in my humble opinion he was the worst president ever. Not even H. Hoover damaged the country I love as much as that so called Born Again Bigot from Georgia. You see, you can dress up a racist bigot in a nice suit, have the press say glowing things about him, but at crunch time....Jimmy Carter always let his country down. Jimmy Carter, A coward, who would be right at home in a midnight rally of the KKK, led by Senator Robert KKK Byrd.

Christianity will be banned. (The ACLU is working hard, and well on the way to this.)

All Boy Scout Programs will be banned, or any other organization that dares to point youth to GOD, the creator of all GOOD. (This is no exaggeration, GoodWill, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities....and any such charity that dares to compete with the all powerful nanny state the liberals envision will be targeted for legal battles, courtesy of the ACLU.)

Marriage will be legal between anything and everything. (You will be able to marry any person, animal or number of each you want. You can marry your pet sheep or even that tree you love.)

Frowning at two men kissing in public will be a hate crime punishable with stiff penalties. (Hate crimes, or what the state THINKS YOU ARE THINKING, are already being put in place.)

Felons in prison or out of prison will be able to vote. (Even baby molesters and baby killers, need a say in the government.)

Any illegal alien, who walks up to a voting booth, can vote. (This is happening in several states already.)

The taxpayers will have to pay for a rapid transfer system from Mexico to the town you work in now. (Who would want our next Democrat voters to risk life in the badlands? And sadly, even our present president would not see any problem with this.)

No citizen will be able to own or possess a gun. (This is a battle that has been raging for decades.)

The age of sexual consent will be 12. (Supreme Court Justice, Ruth B. Ginsberg openly suggested it.)

Abortion will be legal up to the age of 4. (Quality of life will rule the day if the liberals succeed. The state will determine if your child has a future. I mean, who really wants to see a retarded, crippled or child with birth defects, walking down a street while they sit at a fancy sidewalk cafe? Parents or the state can end the suffering of any child, up until that child is safely enrolled in a government school. If live birth abortions are no big deal? and they don't seem to bother the liberals, this will sell to the sheeples of America.)

Anyone old enough to receive Social Security will be subject to euthanasia if their life is not a life of quality. (Family members won’t have to wait through the agonizing spectacle of a parent growing feeble, and won’t have to wait for their inheritance.)

To save the overworked courts money and time, all businesses will be taxed an additional 45%, and that money will be divided up between the lawyers and crooked judges. (Lawyers won't have to spend any time suing the big corporations. Think of the savings in time and money.)

I could continue this rant ad nauseam, but won’t.

I only have one thing to add.When I get a little tired of fighting in the battle going on for the heart and soul of my country, I think of the world the liberals desire, and my strength is renewed. Those not fighting this assualt against America, may just be condemning their children and grandchildren to a world much like I describe. If this doesn't bother you, you bother me, and I consider you my country's enemy, as suredly as the terrorists. This battle is raging now, and, just because you choose to bury your mind in TV, movies, music or your favorite sport, doesn’t mean this battle won’t affect you. Earl Pitts used to say it best….."Wake up America”. Wake up America is also a song on Darryl Worleys latest CD. Darryl is my favorite singer/songwriter.
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Yes, I know it; I’m a sucker for new things on the internet, and especially if it could be used here on my blog. I found a new toy while loafing on the web, and just had to try it out.
I have always wanted a way to interlink all of my many blogs together, other than the list in my profile. I found a fun way to do it. How do I describe this…it is a mini forum…no, it is a shout box, where people can join together and leave pictures for the whole group, and shout out to the members of the group.
I choose for a group name……Truckin Blog Hog......Be the first one on your block to could be a lot of fun, or simply wasted time, you decide. It won't be necessary to include a map like the one on the bottom of my page here on your blog....just the small button like the one in my sidebar. Yes, it is google. I will have a rant about the way I see google being trashed by neocons and others. I believe in capitalism.....without reservation, and a lot of people start hating companies that become big and profitable. Can you say Microsoft? I heard a ridiculous rant by Micheal Savage about how Google is helping terrorism. MORE ON THIS LATER.....DEVELOPING.
(perma link)
Sunday, November 27, 2005
Word Verification
It all started when I opted into the Word Verification for commenting on my blog. (google) provides the bandwidth for my blog…, so I try to be a good googleer……..and yet…….strange things are happening ever since I started asking for word verification when someone comments on any one of my six blogs. Even as blogmaster, I have to type the correct letters of the word verification when I want to post a comment.

I'm almost sure that GOOGLE has created and perfected Artifical Intelligence.....for how else would a computer program........???

I had just finished commenting on some political blog, and the last sentence as I remember was something like……”do you really think the French can come to grips with their problem?”

And here is the word verification I was ask to type before posting became official.

I really didn't think much of it, so I just did as I was told and typed the letters.
Then I visited a recipe blog, and commented about the dessert of the day, and my comment ended with these words.....I think it goes best with chocolate. When I came to the word verification is what I was asked to type.....before proceeding.

I was starting to feel like someone was looking over my shoulder, so I made a comment at a aviation blog, and ended the comment with these words.....I want this to be perfectly clear.

And here is the words I was asked to type into word verification.....??????????

Well I was miffed, and mad, so I hit the enter key an extra time, and the word verification program gave me another chance to get it right.

Here was the next sequence of letters I was asked to type.
I found myself shouting at my computer.........NO.......I'm NOT, ARE YOU?????? Then I thought to myself....
"I’m going to turn Word Verification Off."
My monitor screen blinked a few times, and without hitting any key on the keyboard....this appeared on my screen.
Just for spite, I typed this into the word verification box,
"And we will be happier, if we respect each other."

I knew it was not correct, and it was way too many letters, but I was miffed.

Even before I was through typing the complete sentence, these words of admonition appeared on my computer monitors screen.

I found myself wondering if I had done something wrong, something that had upset word verification.....????

And I typed into the word verification box....
"I'll try to be a better googleer" So Would you vote for my blog when I battle next at Blog Explosion?
But the words came back.......
I was ready to hit the Ctrl/Alt/Delete......

When I finally got the last word from the big computer in the sky.......
I'll try, but no promises.
Saturday, November 26, 2005
You can be a music critic. One of my more most obscure blogs, simply asks the musical question, which of these three music videos would you want your children watching and listening to?
Take Ten Minutes and Check it Out
Thursday, November 24, 2005


Now I don’t expect the Bush Haters, America Bashing, God Hating and foaming at the mouth liberals to understand what I just shared. That’s their problem, not mine.

I ignore them, simply because they have done nothing for America lately, so they don’t need to be thanked. They stab our president in the back, and undermine the efforts our nations warriors are making. YOU KNOW, OUR WARRIORS? AS IN THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA WHO ARE PUTTING THEIR VERY LIFES ON THE LINE FOR AMERICA. THEY ARE RISKING ALL, FOR US, THE CITIZENS OF THIS GREAT NATION, DOING ALL OF THIS TO PROTECT US FROM TERRORISM.


It is no accident that we have been spared more attacks upon our kind nation. It has happened because we decided to fight instead of ignoring our enemies. No they won't go away if we ignore them, they become emboldened when we don't fight. President Reagan, (even in his diminishing state of mind) , could have done better than George the Elder, or the two Clintons in fighting terrorism. But we must play the cards we have been dealt.

If we are spared from more world wide terror on our own soil, it won't be the politicians, lobbyist or judges in Washington D.C. who have protected us………..IT IS THE WARRIORS OF AMERICA, RISKING THEIR LIVES, SO THAT I CAN SIT IN COMFORT AND BLOG AWAY.


Again this is a conditional thanks I'm giving. If you are one of our nations enemies abroad, I wish you only a swift death at our warriors hands. Thanks for watching out for us wonderful warriors.
To those enemies of America, living in this land of plenty. The wide-awake patriots are watching you. We will not let you harm our country or spit upon our returning heroes. That is a promise. I know you wish this whole Fight for Iraq's freedom would turn into a VietNam, It won't, we won't let our heroes be besmearched. No thanks to you today.

To everyone who loves America, and knows why America is blessed, I wish you a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

I now repost a blog of from the past, about giving thanks.

Who Do We Thank?
Reposted, originally blogged at Sanity’s Bluff, May 8,2005

Like me, I am sure most of you had an uncle, or even your father who said something like this. “Why when I was a youngster, I walked five miles through the snow to school each winter day.”I chuckle a little because now I know the perfect thing to say when you hear something like that.
“But, Uncle Dave, do you think your parents would have made you take that 5 mile trek each day, if they had a 300 hp four wheel drive sport utility vehicle sitting in the driveway?
”Each generation has a tendency to view the next generation as inferior in many ways. I guess this is human nature. Yes, you know I am telling the truth about this. Having said all of this, I want to talk about the upcoming generations, the leaders of tomorrow. And it isn’t pretty.
The youth of today are in trouble. It has nothing to do with laziness, ignorance or political views.It has all to do with politeness, and more specifically the age old practice of thanking someone else when they do something for you.
Most of the young people today, never say thanks. I have witnessed many occasions when a young person should have given thanks, but did not. It has puzzled me so much and I have thought about it a lot. I’ll give you two recent events in my life to bring this point out. I took my daughter and one of her friends to a big concert a few weeks back. I bought the tickets, they cost $80 each and as I handed one of the tickets to the friend of my daughter, I expected a thank-you. But no words of thanks were given.
Here is another event of thanklessness. Not too long ago, after church I invited several people out with my family to a very nice restaurant, and paid the entire bill. The older couple I had invited, each thanked me in a sincere. friendly way for asking them to dinner. The friend of my daughter, that I asked to eat with us, gave no thanks, none whatsoever, even though she heard the older couple thanking me.I didn’t invite these people to dinner just to get thanked and boost my ego. I wanted to do it. It just rubbed me the wrong way.
I have noticed young clerks taking my money at the cash register, and not thanking me. This irks me, maybe I am oversensitive about all of this, but I don’t think so. Politeness is rare amongst our young people. Now, let me be clear about this…….I am a thankful person, so my daughter is also a thankful young lady. My parents made certain that I knew, politeness is not optional, it is to be practiced. Amazingly, I learned that politeness is rather enjoyable, and I hope my daughter realizes this also.When I notice my daughter being polite, let me tell you, I am as happy as a mortal can be. But my daughter is the exception today and not the rule.
I have thought hard and long about this situation, and want to share with you some of my reasoning…… to why kids will not use that word, THANKS.
If we correctly diagnose the problem, we may be able to do something to once again have polite and thankful children growing up amongst us.
Here are a few observations.
Society today, and our schools in paticular, have failed our children. They have taken all of the things that make a person good and decent, and outlawed them. They have outlawed even the mention of God in public school. Even saying prayer at lunchtime is forbidden. God cannot be petitioned to protect the participants of sporting events at our schools. Valedictorians are not allowed to thank God, in the speeches they give.
If God is taken out of the human’s psyche, there is no reason to thank anyone for anything.
Imagine a world that has no God.
Yes we are almost there, but not quite.
The sun peeking up over the snowcapped mountains turns the dew on the roses in your garden to miniature rainbows, and as you walk among the lovely roses, you enjoy the sight.What if you didn’t know who to thank?
What if the doctor handed you your healthy newborn baby girl, and you held her close to your bosom and wanted to thank someone, but there was no one to thank?
What if a miracle happened and your spouse, against all odds, beat a cancer that the doctors said would surely kill them? But there was no one to thank.
What if you are strolling on a cloudless spring night, and you turn your eyes toward the skies, and notice millions of stars gleaming in the sky, but you haven’t a clue as to who to thank for the magnificent sight?
I don’t care how advanced a society is, a society that had no one to thank, would be a miserable place to live. And here we get to the real reason I share all of this. Teenage suicides are not rare anymore; it is just a sad fact of our day and age. Teenage, killers are numerous, like never before. In my own life, three members of my close family have been murdered by teenagers. Six years ago, two 14 year old boys, murdered my mother-in-law, and father-in-law in cold blood, in their home. Another teenager killed my younger brother twenty years ago. It would be easy to be like a turtle or clam, and clam up, hunkering down, and let it all play out. But that isn’t me.Something, my friends, has caused all of this havoc and mayhem we see today amongst our young people. I sincerely want to help the young people, and have come to some conclusions.
All young people need someone to thank.
Don’t kid yourself, young people want guidance, help, rules and someone to thank for the good feelings they have inside.

Here is the blame………..I give it freely and know I am right.

Our children are taught evolution in school. Not as theory, but as fact. The teachers tell our children, There is no creator of this lovely universe. It just sort of happened. So there is no one to thank. You can’t thank a big bang happening in a black hole, billions of years ago, for the marvelous things of life?The past is not important then. It just happened. No one is to be thanked, or praised.So, there is nothing to gain by looking back in time.
What about time today?
Everything good is ignored by the media today, and we are bombarded 24/7 with the glorification of things like this. Child molesters being worshipped because they can sing and dance. Sports heroes are glorified even after they beat their wives, and are not punished. They can take illegal drugs, and still be glorified. Porn stars can talk at our schools, but not religious figures. Gay activist can insist that their books are in the libraries of our schools, but religious books are banned.
If we send armies to free people in slavery, they are called killers, and the mass murderers are treated better today than those few still trying to help the people of the world.
Life is worthless, because we can snuff it out like a cigarette, up until actual childbirth.
Yes, abortion is one of the many things cheapening life, and promoting death. Remember the days when a woman was said to “be with child?” What a beautiful thought, a woman with child. Childbirth. All of this has been replaced today with death.
Our young girls are told……if you don’t want the pregnancy, (if you don’t want the living child in your body) no problem…….and they are told, Your parents don’t need to know. Yes, we have cheapened life. Today life is cheap.
Recently we witnessed the starving of an handicapped woman in Florida.
Life is cheap.
So you can see, there really isn’t anything to be thankful for concerning life today. Death is worshipped. Life is cheap.
You don’t have to thank death, it takes care of it’s own.
What about the future? It is all bleak say the newspaper and TV people. Global warming will kill us all. Yeah sure, forty years ago I remember being warned by the fear mongers, about the ice age that was sure to happen, and kill us all, if we didn't..
Yes, to all of my young readers, forty years ago, wacko scientist were writing articles about the ice age that was coming and that we were doomed. The constant ridiculous scenarios conjured up by the naysayers, about the future, give us nothing to be thankful about.
So our wonderful children are growing up with the past accidental,
today insignificant
and tomorrow endangered.
There is nothing to be thankful about. I am glad I was a child back in the days when there was something to be thankful about.I was, and still am, thankful that my creator made this marvelous universe, and I can be thankful, and enjoy it.
I realize that my creator has given me life as I live it today, and I am thankful, very thankful that I am, ALIVE
Not only that, I know the future is marvelous, to those who thank the creator……..So let me go out on a limb and say this, Thank you God.I’m praying for our young people.Join me.
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Saturday, November 19, 2005
You can learn a lot about a person, by listening to the music they love.
Here are 10 musical videos I love…….Soothing, Stomping and Singalongs
Friday, November 18, 2005

I love this photo
Thursday, November 17, 2005
Read, Ponder and Puke
I have noticed that, know who we are talking about, the pinkies of America…the poa's), will never be a busy site on the internet because they are nothing but a liberal hackjournalismdatabank, and anyone with a nose for truth, realizes,, stinks. When the internet community figured this out, we shunned

Liberal Web Sites are exciting aren’t they?

Remember my friends, about the same time that was spawned, Matt Drudge made his appearance in cyberspace. Drudge Report was the first blog of any worth on the internet. We all know, would love to have 1% of the daily traffic that Matt Drudge’s blog gets.

Case closed! Even liberals visit Drudge more often than…and Drudge has no heavy hitters sponsoring his website.

Not even the books. Their financial house? Balanced? They must be cooking the books to have stayed around this long. Kinda like Al Franken’s Air America cooking the books, and stealing from honest charity organizations, to pay the bills at AirHeadAmerica! Yes, should have been put to rest, (buried) several years ago.

I avoid like a turkey with the Avian Flu. And I know you do too.

But still found a way to get to me. And it just happened, just a few hours ago, when I was busy webloafing.

This conglomerate of liberal think (ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha) has become desperate, it appears they have resold their corporate soul to the devil, again.

What happened wasn’t polite, fair, balanced, moral, decent or LEGAL.

I hate spam, you do too. I hate adware being downloaded to my computer when I am downloading a page I want to view.

In research this morning, I came upon a link that I wanted to follow, for some information, and so I clicked it. Again, I wanted to learn more about a certain subject….and this link was labeled as something I wanted to know more about.

Instead of information, clicking upon the highlighted url, took me to a serendipitously controlled webpage, controlled by………..I immediately hit the back button. I wanted nothing to do with But the page kept reloading when I hit the back button.

So I decided to look around this power page,
here is what happened.

On the loaded page, there was a promise of something good (if I would click here) or a promise to go to where I wanted to go, in one of those, 10,9,8,7,6…wait… with a link…so I clicked the sponsors ad link, and it took over. It was a nice ad by a good sponsor, Chevrolet……but it was one of those dead ends.

After the snazzy commercial ran, (nice video, great audio) there was no way to get back to the page I started the journey on.

This is captive liberalism.

Liberalism has to cheat to win the approval of open-minded people. Liberals look at the world from a teenager’s point of view. Their view of the world is nothing like what mature humans see. A majority of people have figured out that liberalism is a dead end street. It may not seem so at times, since 90% of the msm, trumpets the liberal side of anything. Most of the time our nations media is hard to distinquish from the media of our enemies. It seems like the same crew of journalists are writing for al jeezzera, and Americas newpapers and TV .

If we were to implement all of the liberal agenda in America2005,
There would not be an America worth squat in 2007.




Maybe your daughter who is walking home from school, and is beheaded by the islamafacists will have someone that finds her severed head, and takes the time to sew it back on her lifeless torso. I would hope that would happen to every Mom or Dad who has a child beheaded, brutally murdered simply because that child was walking home from a Christian School. These are gruesome pictures of two of the three young teenage girls which the islamapigs beheaded and and then took the slain girls heads to some other place. Good policework and communtiy helped get the heads and torsos connected in this instance, but don't assume that anyone will find the head of your daughter when it is hacked off of her living, breathing body by those pigs of islam that is so worried about. You Know what I refer too, the articles about how the pigs of islam must be treated humane, when they are capturerd on battlefields. How do you treat a pig of islam humane? Why should we try?


You still think Islam is the Religion of Peace?
The article to go with the pictures. Wake up America, World

In this instance, doctors, surgeons, and nurses sewed the heads back on in time to let the funeral be open casket.

If the liberals succeed in letting the enemies of America, win the War against the Terrorists of the devil, those same liberals will be the first ones beheaded…while the demons shout “Allah Akkbar” or whatever the swine of islam shout when they hack the heads off of innocent citizens, like these two Christian teenagers. These beheaded girls, were quilty only of walking to schoool......Think....they had no trial, they were just killed. KILLED because they were Christian girls. Explain to me how you love the swine that chopped the heads off of a parents child, before, you love the DEDICATED TO VICTORY, SOLDIERS OF THE USofA.

If that day comes, (when liberals and islamafacists win the war) most conservatives will be safe, for they possess, and know how to use handguns, shotguns, knifes……and tire irons.
While the lilywhiteliberals and their subjugated friends go down.

I will not help any of the Hate Bush Crowd
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Format/Template Change

Dearest blogger.
Please remove the auto-start from your embedded music file. It truly disrupts the surfing experience of those of us who listen to our own music, consistently. Thank you.

This polite comment left on one of my blogs, led me to think about including embedded music videos files on my blogs. I know I get annoyed when the mirrors on my truck start rattling to the 145 decibel boom box on wheels pulled up next to me. While I would never consider Eric Clapton annoying, the same principal applies. I’ll try finding a menu of links to songs that move me. So to watch the music video, visitors will need to follow a link.

This only goes to show, I will listen to others, and act upon good advice. Blogging is not soley for my satisfaction, so I'll listen too other people.
The embedded music video, Eric Clapton's "My fathers eyes" has been removed, but a link to the video is in my sidebar...
It's about cleaning time at the old sidebar.....they do tend to get cluttered.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Hot Air from the NorthEast USofA

One thing is certain to happen again this time of year; the good citizens of the NorthEast USofA, will start bemoaning the price they have to pay for heating their homes.

I cannot remember a winter without the hypocrisy of these sniveling home owners going to the media complaining about the high price of heating their mansions. These are the very ones that time after time vote against reasonable energy policies and against anyone who dares suggest we solve this problem, with good old American KnowHow. They (by way of the genious's they send to Washington) are now blocking the proposed drilling of oil in anwar….but all winter they will be moaning and complaining.

I can only say, GOOD, let ‘em shiver. I’m talking about those that rail against Big Oil, yet they buy Big Cars, drive too much, and heat huge energy wasting homes.

As always happens, there will be a bailout in some form for these hypocrites. Like spoiled children they throw a hissy fit if someone says, “Let’s use some of the Oil we have, or Coal we have, our Nuclear power that we pioneered, or Wind Farms, to solve our energy crisis…..but I know how they always respond....the very thought of placing wind generators anywhere near Ted Kennedy’s Mansion.

Kennedy and friends will bloviate all winter. Perhaps a trap of some sort, capturing the hot air that leaves Kennedy's lying mouth….would solve a few families need for energy this winter.
By not using our own countries natural resources, we become more and more dependant on the nations of the Middle East. The nations of the Middle East are all breeding grounds for terrorists who want to kill Americans. Most of the money behind terrorism comes from nations and individuals of the Middle East.
Stop and think now, where will these warriors of islam be battling this winter? Or perhaps a better question would be......where will these terrorists battle the USofA, if they were not battling our warriors in Iraq? Come on it's not that hard of a question, where would they be battling?

Why they would be battling in the cities of the NorthEast USof A.

All of this makes me wonder how dumb smart people can be. The idiots of Harvard, Yale, and the NorthEast USofA, by their own stupidity are endangering the whole nation.
Even the so called Republican House members from the NorthEast USofA have teamed up with the Democrats to defeat measure after proposed measure, that would address the crisis of our nation, when it comes to energy. They team up together to defeat any proposal that would help us in this crisis.
So let them rail and shiver....while they snivel and pontificate on how smart they are. SMART, if you were dying of thirst, and saw a well nearby, but refused to use the water, because a sand cockroach needed that water hole to swim in, HOW SMART ARE YOU?

Kennedy and Company love to rail against any proposal that would let our whole nation become less dependant upon our ENEMY. That puts him and his buddies in the camp of OUR ENEMIES.
That’s how any sane person would view this situation.
Saturday, November 12, 2005
Sanity’s Bluff has been rented again.
With pleasure I announce the renting of Sanity’s Bluff to both a friend and mentor…. Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist
Phil’s blog was the first blog I ever read, and it remains one of my favorite blogs to this day.
Come on now admit it……you occasionally read what you could never write. If I was to limit my reading to only those writers that were less talented than myself, I would quit reading. Think about what I just said.
I could never write on the same intellectual level as Phil, but I learn something every time I take the time to read the Prairie Apologist. Dah, maybe that is how we learn something.
No, you will not get a quick fix of frivolity, or a screaming rant from Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist, but if you take the time to READ, you will be rewarded.
Phil uses a life time of truth seeking to bring into focus what is really important, and what is lasting.
Friday, November 11, 2005
Capitalism Rocks

My last article here was about socialism..."Socialism Sucks". Now I give equal time to some thoughts about capitalism.

Here Tiz’

Capitalism Rocks.

You’ve seen blogs with those little begging buttons??? Why sure you have. I could never do that, (at least not yet) I don’t beg.

I put hours and hours of effort into Keeping Sanity’s Bluff and the other three branch blogs up and running. I would never expect anyone to throw a few coins in the cup…..


I love capitalism…and am going to use it like God intended it to be used. I am going to introduce you to the best software program I have ever purchased.

Have you ever watched a streaming music video…..Of course you have…..there is a good one right here on my blog. How about a newscast on a local TV stations website that had a video stream of an important event in your town. Would you like software that could rip that stream off of the web and record it onto your hard drive? And what if the rip would be of better quality than the stream on the net?????

The software I am talking about is from Applian Technologies Inc. and the links over in the sidebar will take you to their homepage, where you can try out this marvelous software. So spend a few minutes and download the free demo of the software. If you see a good use for this software in your world…..please come back to Sanity’s Bluff and purchase it via the link here. That way I’ll grab a few bucks, and I will guarantee this….You will be happy, and I will too.

Hey, I really like this capitalism thing.

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Socialism Sucks
The world has been shown two recent examples of the complete failure of socialism. New Orleans, before and soon after Katrina, and now the riots that the socialists of France have brought upon themselves. Oh, I imagine the French Press is already busy with spin, blaming everyone and everything but the real reason for the riots. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it is all President Bush’s fault. Mark my words, our liberal MSM, in America, will soon be blaming the President for the riots.

This article from the New York Sun, puts the whole situation into focus, without the liberal spin….you see….the liberals have a lot at risk here, France is a Socialist Country, that the Liberals of the world (for example, John Kerry) love to tout as superior. Too bad France didn’t have a slow poke Texan in office, who when he saw how the liberals (socialists) were unable to handle the emergency at the local lever, pushed the incompetents aside, and solved the problem. You know what I’m talking about.

France Facing 'Horrendous' Balance Sheet
BY MICHEL GURFINKIEL - Special to the Sun, November 8, 2005

PARIS - A curfew was set up yesterday at Le Raincy, a neighborhood in the eastern suburbs of Paris. The order was issued by the local conservative mayor, Eric Raoult. The prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, made clear on television that similar measures might soon be enforced on a broader scale. "Restoring public safety is our top priority," he said. After 11 days and nights of rioting, the country was coming close to a civil war.
A map published in the afternoon by Le Monde showed that ethnic violence - the "French Intifada," as it is being referred to by some journalists and political leaders - had spread almost all over the country, with the exception of Inner Brittany, western Normandy, and Burgundy, where North African and black communities are small, and Corsica, where a large North African community is held in check by a local nationalist movement that itself is prone to violence. Most major cities, including Lyons, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, and Bordeaux, have been hit.
Rioting and guerrilla-style street fighting were still rampant in the northern Parisian county of Seine-Saint-Denis - colloquially known as 9-3, after its postal code - where the whole thing started on October 27. The five other Parisian counties were hurt as well. The inner city itself, the ultra-chic City of Paris, was subjected to several ethnic raids over the weekend.
In terms of destruction and casualties, the balance sheet is horrendous. Between Sunday and Monday night, no fewer than 1,408 cars, including buses and trucks, were torched throughout the country. Schools, colleges, sports facilities, factories, shopping arcades, and even two churches - one in Lens, in the north, and one in Sete, on the Mediterranean - were burned. A local resident who attempted to stop a fire was beaten to death in Stains. Elsewhere, a disabled woman narrowly escaped being burned alive in a torched bus. Dozens of firefighters were wounded.
The first question one must ask is why the French government, admittedly one of the strongest and most centralized in the world, and certainly in Europe, did not consider imposing some measure of martial law in the violence-ridden areas much earlier.
There are many constitutional and legal provisions that would have allowed such steps. According to Article 16 of the 1958 constitution, the French president can resort to "exceptional powers" in case of a "major crisis": All he has to do is to consult with the prime minister, the chairpersons of both houses of Parliament, and the president of the Constitutional Council, who all four happen to be loyal followers.
According to Article 36, martial law can be decreed for a period of 12 days, and then confirmed by Parliament for extended 12-day periods, if necessary. The present Parliament is conservative-dominated. As for regular curfews, they can be decreed by the Cabinet without further review under a 1955 law. Moreover, it is an open secret that the for about 15 years French defense forces had made at least contingency plans for "urban battles" similar to what is happening now.
One reason for the government's procrastination has been that in a crisis scenario, much depends on the president, Jacques Chirac, and he suffered a minor stroke several weeks ago. Another reason is that both Mr. Chirac and his heir apparent, Mr. Villepin, were not entirely unhappy about the rioting, at least in its first stage, since it was a blow to their political rival within the conservative camp, the minister of the interior, Nicolas Sarkozy.
The temptation to sack Mr. Sarkozy - as a token of appeasement - may have loomed over them for several days at least. Moreover, Messrs. Chirac and Villepin have built their political identity on a Gaullist pro-Arab and pro-Islamic stand that became fully apparent three years ago, when France distanced itself from America in respect of Iraq. They may expect to harvest a large "immigrant vote" in the coming presidential and parliamentary elections, in 2007, and be reluctant to jeopardize it by taking an aggressive law and order line now.
Still, more factors may have played as well. The government may have been genuinely surprised and intimidated. It is one thing to know in theory that France has undergone major ethnic changes over the past 30 years and another thing altogether to confront a mass ethnic insurgency. The figures are inescapable. There are about 60 million inhabitants in continental France, plus 2 million citizens in the overseas territories (essentially the French West Indies and La Reunion island in the Indian Ocean). About 20 million, most of them white and Christian, are over 50.
Out of the remaining 40 million or so, 10 million or so belong to the ethnic minorities: Muslim North Africans, Muslim Turks or Near Easterners, Muslim Black Africans, Christian West Indian, African or Reunionese blacks. When one regards to the youngest age brackets, the proportion is even larger. It is estimated that 35% of all French inhabitants under 20, and 50% of all inhabitants in the major urban centers, belong to the ethnic minorities. Islam alone may claim respectively 30% and 45%. Since war is essentially the business of youths, the combatant ratio in any ethnic war may thus be one to one.
Which brings us to a second question: How ethnic is the present violence in France? Liberal commentators, both in France and abroad, tend to say that poverty and unemployment, rather than race or religion, are the driving force behind the riots. Mr. Villepin himself tends to share this view, at least in part. He said yesterday on TV that he is earmarking enormous credits for housing rehabilitation, education, and state-supported jobs in the areas where the unrest has developed. But the fact remains that only ethnic youths are rioting, that most of them explicitly pledge allegiance to Islam and such Muslim heroes as Osama bin Laden, that the Islamic motto - Allahu Akbar - is usually their war cry, and that they submit only to archconservative or radical imams.
The fact also remains, according to many witnesses, that the rioters torch only "white" cars, meaning white owned cars, and spare "Islamic" or "black" ones. One way to discriminate between them is to look for ethnic signs like a sticker with Koranic verses or a picture of the Kaaba in Mekka or a stylized map of Africa. Further evidence of the animating influence in the riots lies with the French rap music to which the perpetrators listen. Such music obsessively describes White France as a sexual prey.
A third and last question is what impact this unprecedented ordeal is likely to have on France and Europe? One would reasonably expect the French government to restore its grip over the country. What matters, however, is the long-term outcome. My guess is that the crisis will not be so easily forgotten or washed away among the "non-ethnic" citizens, including those of alien stock who have fully integrated into the French society as it is. Rejection of Islam and of North African, Black African, and Middle Eastern immigration may increase dramatically. And the prospect of Turkey acceding to the European Union may get even dimmer.

Mr. Gurfinkiel is the editor of Valeurs Actuelles, a Paris-based journal.
Wednesday, November 09, 2005
THE WAR IS OVER............

Music Video of Unknown Soldier, Jim Morrison

The link is to another one of my blogs and the video is there. Those would be beautiful words to my ears, someday I hope to hear them. I thought this old video of Jim Morrison was interesting. I try to keep 4 blogs up and running.....there is a different music video at each blog.....check them all out, here's links to the other three.

Patriotic & Idiotic
The 2008 Election
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
What's that sound????????
I have added music videos to Sanity's Bluff, for your enjoyment of course, always thinking of you. I'll use my fifty year long love of music to select these videos. Always with you in mind. Not all of the music I would want to share is available in video, but I'll sort through the tens of thousands of videos available to bloggers, and find music we can all like. You deserve a little niche away from the fussin' and feudin'. If you are good enough to visit and read my rants, I feel obligated to be a good host and have something we all can enjoy, together.
I highly recommend the video service I use.
Go to and in just a few too can have music videos on your blog. It is a free service, yet there are No emails to give, No forms, just copy and paste the code to your template.
Hey, it has to be simple; if I can get it right. I have not had a problem at all with this service. Of course, high speed internet is recommended, dial up is just too slow. I HATE CYBER INTERUPTUS, WHEN THE STREAM IS FLOWING.
Relax a sec…..listen to the music…..I know I'll be humming and thinking about this song all day and half the night. Eric Clapton has a way with the knew that.
One more thing friends, I have recently started another blog...(yeah, like I have the time) and I would sure be thankful if you would scoot on over there and check it out. It is called Patriotic & Idiotic, a place for me to rail against the system.......You will find me pointing out the trouble with both major party's of this country's political system. While you are there, make sure to click on the link to my newest tenant, in the Rent My Blog Thingee.
Enjoy Eric, and please come back.
Now where did I leave that Frank Zappa vinyl?????
Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yes, I believe they are,
In three different ways.

Nationwide, there is an average of 46 cents added to the price of each gallon of diesel or gasoline....added by the various governments with their hands in our pocket. This is the average; your state may tax you more, or less. And yes, I know most of that money goes towards road building.....but not all of it. Every penny collected by taxing fuel, should go towards building and maintaing roads, nothing else. The amount collected is staggering, Trillions of dollars have been collected by governments from the sale of oil products. I do not think any government should charge the taxpayers a handling fee, for collecting these taxes. We'll call it that, but we all know what it is.

I make my living on the highways of America, so I know some tax is needed, but not this much.

I drive by a huge road construction project 4 times a day, (I believe it is the largest construction project ever, in the state of Missouri, it is LARGE) and it amazes me to see the awesome machinery of capitalism working so magnificently. It is amazing to watch road building. Companies like Haliburton invest billions of dollars in specialized machinery just to get gasoline to us at a reasonable price,
(check out the price of fuel elsewhere, say Europe) and the road building companies invest billions of dollars in specialized machinery, used only for road building. I for one am grateful for big oil, and big construction.

BIG OIL....I'm glad they are big, we all benefit, and the 10 cents they make on each gallon of gas I use, is a fair profit margin. All of you wishing to punish the big oil companies are not very bright....any burden you place on Big Oil, will be paid for you at the pumps....DAH

Likewise I am not advocating abolishing the tax on fuel, but it could use some careful auditing.On the average the oil companies that put up the capital and take the risk
(think hurricane damage, etc.) make a profit of 10 cents a gallon. I am not going to argue semantics with you, so we'll just consider the 10 cents a gallon profit is gouging. If that is gouging, what is the 46 cents the government collects on each gallon?? The part of that tax windfall that is wasted, is gouging.

So I am hearing people moaning to the government about the profits made by the oil companies. Bizarre, you want the biggest gouger of all, to punish the gouger in third place? Any more government involvement in what is left of the free trade in the oil industry will result in long lines at the fuel pumps, high prices and shortages, and you will only have yourself to blame. The business is already over regulated and has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in forced compliance to environmental rules, but again we the consumers paid for them. Those environmental rules have helped us all, so that was a good investment. I am glad that this industry is watched closely, and that we have learned to extract, and refine oil safely, and without damaging the Earth. Not all nations can say the same. The Persian Gulf Countries are not as good to the Earth as we are. All in all, I think Big Oil does an excellent job of getting gasoline to consumers.

Of course there is nothing we can do about the price the OPEC charges us for crude, and we use more and more each year. Funny thing, I don't hear many people railing against the OPEC countries that are the second biggest gouger. I don't think there is political will to end our dependance; I think Washington likes to have a scapegoat to blame. We have a refining problem that will not be solved until Washington puts the envirowacko's in place. No we don't want the Government to take on Big Oil. When they take on, or take over something they make it worse. Every time...every single time.

Here is the list of the gougers, in order.
1. Governments
3. Big oil

The first two on that list do nothing at all to bring gasoline to your neighborhood Seven Eleven.They produce nothing, but you pay dearly to them.OPEC is only the owner of the deposits of oil, it sells its oil in the ground, so it does nothing but make money. They would never think of getting their white robes or soft hands dirty.Yes, I'll join in the call for action against gouging, in this order, Government, OPEC then Big Oil.
Friday, November 04, 2005

Yes, yes, yes..I'll answer your question…..

Who I think will be the next president of the United

I think Hillary R. Clinton will be the next Vice-President of the United States.

Oh I’m sorry….you wanted to know who will be the next President of the United States, after the Bush Reign???

Sandy the Burglar Berger.

History books of the future will record many twisted plots about the World's Attempt to Muslimize the Richest Country in the world, America, but it all boils down to 2008, when Hillary got back to the White House……
Oh you think for one minute, Vice-President Hillary will take back seat?????
She ran the country for 8 years, and can do it again…So shut up BergerMan…….You are but a pawn, BergerBoy, to be used by the Clintons.
But in the end, Sandy Berger will be the last president of the United States of America.
OH: I’m sorry, you asked for the next president, not the last president. Both are one in the same.
Now be truthful for once…if you could have your way…………Liberals....
How would you punish the smucks of America……who work too much, pray too much, party too much…..smoke too too much….watch NASCAR instead of Opera………..and don’t bow down to Allah???
Death, Punishment, Slavery or Torture ‘til they’re all dead, and then they will become fertilizer for Allah’s crops???
President Berger’s Administration, will once and for all send George Walker Bush back to Texas as an disgraced ex-president. Maybe he could spend some time with Carter.

Sandy and Hillary in 2008…..

A friend of mine told me how; Nothing matters in Washington DC, except who sleeps with who. In the political world, you will find many strange bedfellows.
Sandy and Hillary….2008.
And you know something….???? all of us are getting…………******
Sandy Berger will be the next President of the United States, ‘Cuz He knows how
He knows how To get the document out.!!!!!
He can stuff more documents in his socks and underwear, than you, the stupid lungfish citizens could ever stuff in your empty pockets.
and like SandyBurger,
we will walk out of a place you paid for with your taxes, with our counties secrets in our pockets, but you’ll never know anything about this, and you will never be allowed to visit….VISIT….
“Hey, Peasant:”

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It was painful when I had to choose one blog and one only, from so many offers. It really was. The blog I choose to rent to is.......

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Anyone working with others to remove Senator McCain from the Senate…..has my respect. Barry Goldwater was one of my role models.
The mediapraised Senator McCain, is not from the same cloth. Simply being from Arizona, and a Republican, does not make you a conservative. If the main sewage press worships you, it is only because you are willing to stab Republicans in the back, just to get invited to the media circle jerks. The press loves McCain, I don’t.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Several friends have told me that they don’t like Sanity’s Bluffs template, format or whatever you call it. I like it, but if it is causing some hurried people to glance and run………you know what I’m talking about………I need to change it. A very nice lady followed my directions in setting this blog template up. Irma, from digitally essential it was. There is a button in my sidebar over there, to Irma’s website. If you need help with your blog, I recommend Irma. She did just what I asked her to. If my blog sucks in your mind it is all my fault. I thought this would be just what was needed to draw people further into my blog upon first glance. It is the words here that are important. I dabble in photoart, but I want to communicate in words. Here is a little template starter I came up with. I did the graphic work. Now imagine this little truck logo in the right top corner, instead of the artwork there. Would that be better? Comments will be read and answered.

About those blogs...Where are they coming from?
First let’s source this humorous article. It is from a blog that you will find a link to on my sidebar over there------> Important Stuff, or Not

How to Know if You're Reading A Liberal Blog

1. If the f-word is used as a noun, a verb, a preposition, an adjective, a modifier, a color and a flavor in the first paragraph -- you are reading a liberal blog.
2. If each post is the length of a doctoral thesis -- you are reading a liberal blog.
3. If the blogger really believes the Vast Right Wing is organized enough to form a conspiracy -- you are reading a liberal blog.
4. If the blogger is a high school student, whose greatest achievement is third runner up in the Spike TV Video Game Awards, and he thinks President Bush is a moron -- you are reading a liberal blog.
5. If the blogger thinks he would be better off if we raised taxes on the rich -- you are reading a liberal blog.
6. If the humor on the site makes you feel like you've been hit with a balloon filled with urine -- you are reading a liberal blog.
7. If your spouse asks you what you're doing and you respond, "Nothing" -- you are reading a liberal blog.
8. If the opinions are so wrong-headed, you don't even know where to BEGIN to respond -- you are reading a liberal blog.
9. If the anti-war remarks on the blog could have gotten the blogger shot during World War II -- you are reading a liberal blog.
10. If there, their and they're are used interchangeably -- you are reading a liberal blog.

Hope you enjoy the Lone Ranger's Humor....I do
Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The Supreme Court of the United States of America has always fascinated me. Perhaps it is because on one branch of my family tree, you would find a Justice of that august body. That Justice and I, share the same name, but have/had different political views.

I am researching this Justice I am related to, and plan to write a short book about his life. Don’t deceive yourself; all judges fit some political mold. We know this because all of us can read their writings, and they all make some kind of contribution to the whole of America jurisprudence. The President has the duty to select a candidate with the same political views that he believes in; BECAUSE THE PEOPLE VOTED THE PRESIDENT INTO OFFICE, AND THAT MEANS THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WANT A JUDGE LIKE THE PRESIDENT.
Why is it never an issue when a liberal President, (Bill Clinton) nominated a liberal Justice (Ruth Ginsberg)??? So now, we are told by the liberals in the Senate, that "President Bush must nominate someone agreeable to all??????” Won’t happen dreamer. You liberals won't like the way the court is headed, so? Did you care about my views when you had it all. Because of your refusal to listen to the are out of power in two branches of government, and the third is slipping out of your hands. The Republicans have listened to the people, and will reap the benifits of listening, then doing.

If all of the Supreme Court Justices since day one had been content to do their job and their job only, this would be a much better country. The high court, delayed the freeing of slaves, made a mockery of reconstruction of the South after the horrible Civil War was over.
OK, here is the good and bad: It has delayed justice, yet it has brought justice. It has freed yet enslaved. It has killed, yet given life. (abortion and death sentence stays)
I could forgive, forget or get over most of the bad rulings of the court, but there is one issue that looms so large, so huge, that millions of lives will be affected by any ruling this court makes on the question. You know I am talking aboutthe millions and millions of humans aborted i our country, even though each was a child of God. There is blood on the hands of the Supreme Court. Perhaps that will change, but I would be content to let it be decided by the people. Yes, I would never talk about the abortion issue again, if abortion ever came to a vote by the people, instead of being brought to our nation by a fiat of nine pompous people in black robes. The court is not a legislative body, yet lately it has been acting like one, completely usurping the role of the executive branch and the legislative branch.

I see a better future for my country, after this latest battle of confirmation is over. President Bush will have his nominee confirmed, but not without a fight.
But I have wanted this fight to take place for decades. The country will not allow a repeat of the JUDGE ROBERT BORK lynching.

When the nine men and women in black robes return to the constitution, America will breathe a sigh of relief.
I can name you several dozen laws that have been overturned by the Supreme Court lately, struck down, even though the citizens voted for the laws. The list is long and disgraceful.
I googled the words LAWS OVERTURNED, and want to share snippets from the results of that search.
Yes, some of these will remind you of bad decisions of the court, and some will remind you of good decisions. That is a subject to your conscience. But all of these little snippets were examples of the Supreme Court overruling the citizens of this great nation.
If the country was given a chance to vote on these matters, and the results became law that the courts could not overturn…….this country would be better.
These are all COURT LEGISLATED CASES, THE CITIZENS WERE IGNORED IN THESE MATTERS. The reason some want the courts to have extraordinary powers, powers they usurped, powers they should not have, is that the questions before the Court would fail in the court of public opinion, and in any vote.
Do you think for a second that Partial Birth Abortion would still be legal if the people had a say in it?
There is not a chance. Let’s have the vote, and forever settle the question. Well in some way we have a vote now, we will have a decent, thoughtful, honest, intelligent judge added to the Supreme Court.
Think about these snippets….think how the Court has changed our nation. Yes, the courts have made some very good decisions, but the harm to courts have brought to our country, far outweighs the good.

1. US Sodomy Laws overturned
2. A judge dismissed a lawsuit against a New York email marketer, who was being sued under Maryland's 2002 Commercial Electronic Mail Act, ruling that the law
3. The Anti-Sodomy laws of 13 states were struck down today.
4. Industry Seeks to Have Unconstitutional Video Game Law Overturned . .
5. SALEM, Ore. - A judge on Friday struck down as unconstitutional a voter-passed property rights law
6. October 14, 2005. Voter-passed Measure 37 law is overturned ... A judge on Friday overturned a voter-passed property compensation law
7. "Internet Laws Overturned in New York and Georgia: Curbs on Smut and Anonymity Are Blocked."
8. Fla. adoption law overturned. April 24, 2003
9. Minnesota's Concealed Carry Law Overturned
showdown over voting rights, a US appeals courtyesterday upheld an injunction barring the state of Georgia from enforcing ...
10. Virtual Child Porn Law Overturned Legacy Article Image. Related Videos. virtual child porn
11. A federal judge in Washington yesterday overturned a law prohibiting DC residents from circulating or voting
12. Terri's Law overturned. The Florida Supreme Court struck down the law passed last October that saved Terri Schiavo's life.
13. State Official English Law Overturned
14. Women's Rights Law Overturned (May 15, 2000): In 5–4 decision, Court invalidates six-year-old provision of federal law that permits victims of rape, domestic violence, and other crimes to sue attackers in federal court.
15. Public Student Prayers Forbidden (June 19, 2000): Court rules, 6–3, that prayers led by students at high school football games are no exception to earlier decisions against officially sponsored prayer in public schools. All prayers at school and games are declared unconstitutional.
16. Golf Carts for Disabled Persons on the PGA (May 29, 2001): By a majority of 7–2, the Court found that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires the PGA to allow disabled golfers to use golf carts during qualification rounds on PGA tour.
17. Virtual Child Pornography Protected (April 16, 2002): Court, 6–3, holds that 1996 child pornography prevention law went too far in banning computer-generated child pornography.
18. Justices Uphold Government's Use of Eminent Domain (June 23, 2005): In one of the most controversial cases of the session, the Court rules, 5–4, in Kelo v. City of New London, that a government can take possession of private property against the owner's will and transfer it to private developers when the result will promote economic development.
The Fifth Amendment allows the government to take private property for public use. In writing the majority opinion, Justice John Paul Stevens says “public use” also means “public purpose.” “Promoting economic development is a traditional and long accepted function of government,” he says. “Clearly, there is no basis for exempting economic development from our traditionally broad understanding of public purpose.”
19. The voters approved Measure 37 after the property rights group Oregonians in Action mounted a campaign that put the proposals on the ballot by initiative petition.
20. Voters approved a similar property compensation measure in 2000 as a constitutional amendment. But the state Supreme Court threw it out.

I rest my case.

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