Thursday, March 01, 2012
16 Types of People on   facebook
                              The Lurker’….Doesn’t dare post anything or even leave a comment on your posts, BUT, reads your last twenty posts, and clicks on your photo’s to see if they are public.
        The Hyena’….Never says anything, just fills up other people’s  comment boxes with smiley faces, LOL’s, LMAO’s, FOTFL’s or my favorite, ROTFL. (If only some of these Hyena’s would actually roll on the floor occasionally instead of sitting in the same chair hour upon hour, day after day, eating Cheetos’s and pretending to know what’s funny…..)
        ‘Mr/Mrs/Ms Popular’….Has 4,367 friends, for no known reason.
                          ‘The Gamer’….Plays Mafia Wars, Farmville, Words with Friends, Bakes virtual cakes and cookies and other stuff….ALL DAY.
        ‘The Prophet’….Every post makes reference to God.
        ‘The Thief’….Steals, Cuts and Pastes or uses screen capture to pretend they are as clever as you, and will probably steal this.
         ‘The Cynic’….Hates their life, and everything in it. They love to bring other people down with the somber tone of their posts…….“everyone hates me, nobody likes me, goin’ to the garden an eat worms”  kind of post. 
8         ‘The Collector’….Never posts anything either, but joins every group and becomes fans of any cause and everything that may be popular at the time.
9        ‘The Promoter’….Sends invitations to events you wouldn’t go to if they paid you to go, and you delete or ignore all of them.
          ‘The Liker’….Never actually leaves any comments, but always clicks the ‘like’ option.
             ‘The Hater’….Every post revolves around someone hating them, or abusing them online or in real life. They swear people are out to ruin their life.
          ‘The Anti-Proofreader’….Apparetnly dis pirson flunced Mavis Beacon Typung School v.1, andd couldn’t speel ther weigh outofa paper bag with hep farrem a dickonary. Yu actully wunder ifen they wur typin two fast ore realy kan’t spiel.
         ‘The Drama Queen or King’….One who always posts stuff like “ I can’t believe this”, or, “They may make me go postal today”….hoping that you will frantically ask them what happened. Or ask them…What’s wrong”….but they never finish telling the story….they wanted Drama.
         ‘The Womp Womp’….This person consistently tries to be funny, but never is.
         ‘The News Reporter’….Updates you on what they are doing right now, what they plan to do in 30 minutes, who they are doing it with now, and who they plan to do it with in 30 minutes.
         ‘The Rooster’….The one who feels it is their job to tell Facebook….. “GOOD MORNING” everyday, sometimes even four or five times.

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