Friday, June 30, 2006
Have some time? How about a Good Laugh?

Everyonce in awhile, while surfing the web, I come across a blog that is so entertaining and hilarous, I want to tell everyone about it. Came across a jewel of a blog today, and You Are Warned........If you follow this link, you will spend a lot of time exploring this topnotch blog. Laughter is not will laugh.


I don't believe in reincarnation....but

This feline discovered living in China, makes me pause.........
Wait...there is more

Another Webloafer Solution to a Problem
Consider a few sentences from an AP article By Aaron C. Davis, that clearly illustrates our governments inability to complete even the simplest of tasks correctly. (Can anyone say 'Gulf Coast after hurrican katrina?)

On the deadline to have 2,500 troops along the Mexican border, the National Guard said Friday that only 483 were in position and working with the U.S. Border Patrol as the Bush administration had directed. But Guard officials said more than 2,000 others were somewhere inside the four southwestern border states,
Through initial pay requests filed with the Air Guard and orders filed with the Army Guard, the Guard bureau verified 2,547 troops were in the four border states for the mission, said Daniel Donohue, a spokesman for the National Guard Bureau.
Only 483 were physically on the border, he conceded.

I have the solution and am offering it for free.
President Bush should send troops to our border with Canada. We need them there; we are as vulnerable there as we are down south. Some of you more familiar with my (logic?) have already guessed where I’m going with this thought.
Have the deployment increased on each border to 50,000. Then sometime soon, by closed circuit video, have a General command all of our wonderful troops to “A…BOUT FACE” Yes, that way the troops up in the northern states protecting our southern border would be able to defend our NORTHERN BORDER…..and the ones assigned to protect our northern border who would be really close to our southern border would be able to protect that border.
There is always a workaround when it comes to
the bureaucratic nightmare of Washington D.C.
It’s a good thing bureaucracy is not easier to spell……..that will be the subject of my next blog article.
Monday, June 26, 2006
murtha is toast!
Here is the lead paragraph of an article written by Phil Brennan, NewsMax, dated Monday June 26, 2006.
“New evidence continues to emerge that U.S. Marines did not wantonly kill Iraqi civilians in Haditha last November - and the soldiers' accounts of what happened are backed up by videotape shot by an ultralight vehicle, NewsMax has learned.”
Read this fascinating article, and realize how murtha stepped over the line, endangered our troops and has blood on his hands.
Unless You've Been There

I wasn't there!

Not too long ago, a commenter at Sanity’s Bluff, demanded to know what branch of the service I was in and when. “If you have not served in the armed forces don’t talk about the military things” he spouted.
This type of narrow-minded thought is around everywhere today.
Many of you have probably heard something along these lines, “You can’t talk about us blacks unless you are black.”
While it is true, no light skinned person knows how it feels to be dark-skinned, it doesn’t mean a honkey cannot know what prejudice or racism is like.
Another one you may have heard is; “You can’t talk about children unless you are a parent”. Or when someone offers a point of view about children, we often hear the old, “How many children have you had?”

This kind of logic is wrong, and here are a few reasons proving it.

“If you can’t play the French Horn you can’t talk about the orchestra’s performance.” Okay is that true?
“If you’ve never been on a National Football League roster, you can’t talk about Pro Football.”
See where I’m going.

I was never in the military, but I can be proud of the military of my nation, and talk about it. I’ll now share a little snippet of my life.

The confused days of 1964-

The first wave (and the largest) of baby boomers turned 18 in 1964. How convenient for L.B.J. who was committing the armed forces of the United States deeper and deeper into a hellhole called Viet Nam.

It was April 1964, I turned 18. My best friend at the time was Rex H. We had spent the summer months of 1963 doing teenage things together. Rex wanted to get away from his parents, so he had enlisted in the Marines and his plans were to join the marines in the summer of 1964, after high school graduation. I wanted to follow the same path, so he talked to me about the Marines. I was in excellent health, was on the high school track, baseball and soccer teams at a private school in Oklahoma, and I wanted to be a Marine so bad, I could taste it.

I was swift of feet, (ran the 100 yard dash in less than 10 seconds, broadjumped over 22 feet in a meet, was on an undefeated relay team, both 440 and 880 yard relays), and of a sound mind. I loved my country and wanted to be a marine, nothing else.

Rex was a very fit teenager also, but he just made the weight requirements of 150 pounds.
During my senior year of high school in Oklahoma, I had to return to Kansas City to register, as every male was required to do within a few days of their 18th birthday. I had been planning this day out, I wanted to pass the intelligence and physical tests, so that I could join up in the summer of 1964.
On the evening before my appointment with the Selective Service I met up with Rex and we talked about the future. There was one problem we talked about that night. I only weighed 145 pounds and stood 5’6 ½. Rex told me that the Marines would probably take me if I could meet one of the two requirements.. Since I could not add a ½ inch to my height, I needed to gain 5 pounds overnight.
Someone had told Rex that bananas would add 2 pounds to your weight for every pound of them you ate.
Have you every sat down and ate 4 pounds of bananas? To this day I am not that fond of bananas. I polished them off early that morning, and Rex and I were off to the Selective Service Office. Rex had already turned 18 and his deployment date was rapidly approaching, and he went along with me, because he was my best friend.
The intelligent test was so simple, I about laughed. Next was the physical. Down to shorts and socks I stepped on the scale and “wow”….155 pounds and 5’7”. I must have had a little growing spurt, so I would have been all right without the bananas.
I was poked and prodded, and then someone told me to take off my glasses and step into the dark room he was pointing to. He told me to read the first line of the chart on the wall.
Problem, real big problem…
I felt my life evaporating, at least the life I wanted. My eyesight at best was 20/400, uncorrected, and I was forced to admit I could not read any of the chart, not even the biggest letter. It was a only a blur on the far wall. My heart sank as they sent me on my way to the rejected line. I came close to becoming physically sick. My glasses corrected my sight to 20/20, but there was no way for me to become a Marine. Rex and I talked about it on the way home, of course he was attempting to make me feel better, and he told me I should visit the army recruiting center, and ask them to give me a waiver of some kind. When school was out that summer I went to both the Army and Navy recruiting centers and tried without success to get in the armed forces.
Rex went on to serve honorably in the Marines, and did a tour in Viet Nam. I had many friends who ended up in Vietnam, and almost all of those that returned were screwed up somehow by what they witnessed and were a part of.

It was John F. Kennedy’s war and we can only speculate about how he would have fought the war if a madman had not murdered him. Lyndon Johnson took over as commander in chief and poured the nations treasure into the losing cause. Losing, because of the lack of will by the citizen government to command the military to win the war at all cost. It is best to stay completely out of a war, if you won’t fight as hard as you can.
In 1966 Rex came back to Kansas a different person. We roomed together for two years and it seemed like I was always apologizing for Rex’s behavior when we went out partying. He would always wanted to pick fights with people. I would try to soothe things over, it didn’t always work. I actually roomed with two returning Marines, Rex and Russ. Russ was so messed up it was sad. When he got a little drunk, Nam started coming back to him. He told me over and over again how he was strapped to a helicopter deck manning a 50 caliber gun, and the gunner next to him was decapitated and bled to death while a battle was taking place. I lost track of Russ and for several years Rex and I were close, but he no longer was the same Rex.

I was going through many changes at this time and not all of them were good.

As I look back upon that time and remember how much I wanted to join the Marines, I felt like a shunned lover.

But back to 1964, In college I took a political science course, and worked for the campaign of Barry Goldwater, who was ahead of his time, and was the father of conservatism in America. One of his campaigns, was to do away with the draft all together and to raise an all volunteer military. I wonder how Vietnam would have gone if Barry had been elected? I was becoming more and more embittered about the whole matter. I had been given a 4-D classification, it was the closest to 4-F. It did not exclude me from the draft altogether, but 4-F would have. To me they were telling me that if things got completely out of hand, they might reconsider me.

I was losing direction in my whole life, but I tried one more time to get in the service in 1965, but to no avail, and I guess to keep me from bothering the recruiters, I was given a permanent 4-F classification.
I dropped out of college after 1 year and worked for awhile, but I couldn’t stay put anywhere. My politics were changing too; I spent a lot of time around college students who were in college to escape the draft. Well they had an influence on me, not a good one either. My writings started to be anti-war, and anti-establishment. I let my hair grow, and took a lot of flak for it while I worked for a year at the Ford Assembly Plant. Some other time I may share some of the hippie days of John, not at this time though.
Somewhere I threw off the chains of liberal thought and have never been happier. So when I argue with a leftist, I can say….”Been There, Done That.”

There was some opposition to the draft even before the major U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. For example, Senator Barry Goldwater proposed ending the draft during his unsuccessful 1964 campaign as the Republican candidate for President. As U.S. troop strength in Vietnam increased, more and more young men were drafted for service there. The draft was unpopular both for its impact on those drafted and as a focal point for opposition to a controversial war. Conscription ended in 1973.
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Just havin' fun

Saturday, June 24, 2006
Let me make a prediction, America will spend less on fireworks this forth of July; A LOT LESS. The communists in china will hee and haw, and wonder where they will get

History books are the best books humans write. I wish I could somehow read the history books published in 2025, but there may not be a 2025. I love history and the inventor of history.

There is only one book from God, the inventor of history, and it is the most hated book on this planet at the present time. You know which book that is; don’t even have to name it. I wonder what my creator thinks of the coreann? To possess a bible in saudia arabia is a serious crime. Likewise the Bible is banned in over half of the world's nations. It is still legal to possess a Bible in America. So I have the opportunity to read the history book written by the creator of history. Thank God. Reading the Bible does not make me want to go out and butcher muslims and jews.

From my reading of history books two things become clear.

If you sit down and talk with your enemy publicly; sign pacts, treaties and such, you are the dupe. All of those transparent minglings’ are just that ‘dupe sessions’. It would be nice if President Bush would refrain from using the word, transparency.

There is very little transparency in our own nation. It took several years and thousands of workers to create the war ending atom bombs, but no one knew about it, until they were used. We are not transparent with our defensive weapons or offensive weapons. I am glad of that, and if the new york times will refrain from disclosing the secret ways we are fighting terrorism, we may win the war.
The person who leaked that information to the nytimes should be in shackles in a dark cell somewhere, awaiting execution. Yes, even if it was Senator Jay Rockerfellow, who I suspect is the traitor who leaks to the nytimes.
I am shocked that there are not enough real men to put a stop to the treachery of the new york times. I want to see the new york times out of business. I urge everyone to divest their financial portfolio of any business that is owned or influenced by the new york times. I'm researching the paper, and where they get their money and what companies they own.
Treason is a serious charge, but what is it when a newspaper publishes information that warns our enemies exactly how we are tracking them down? They have done it twice recently and many times in the past 5 years. And don't forget they published unfounded rumors, some told by seven year old boys about supposed Marine atrocities in Iraq. There is no doubt in my mind that the rumors are a complete fabrication of the new york times, time magazine and other traitors. If there were real men in America, that yellow rag would have been closed down long ago. It makes me wish the times building would have been on the terrorists list of buildings to fly into back in 2001, but then why would terrorists attack a friend?

Neville Chamberlain, believed in transparency, Hitler used knew how to use transparency, but relied on secret pacts to succeed. And he was successful until America entered the WWII….don’t ever forget that Europe.

There are those who at this moment are busy rewriting history. For example, most of the slaves of islam in iran believe there was no Holocaust. WHAT?

How is it the word holocaust brings up one historical fact to almost all people, even the ones who deny it? Holocaust is a word that no one used in everyday speak, until the ovens, gaschambers and mass graves were discovered. There is solid evidence as to the holocaust's veracity.

Transparency, your enemy may sit down at a table and talk, but it is the talk that is going on behind your back….that will kill you. I'm sharing some of the talk going behind our backs by the nutjobs of islam, the iranian power brokers. The iranian people are for the most part a hard working decent bunch, but they are enslaved by radical islam. They too need real men who will rise up to the occasion.

Western Europe is busy as you read this, creating WWIII. No, it will not be a worldwar that America starts, WWIII will be as usual started by the warmongers of Europe. As usual, Europe will start the WW, and will plead with America to help. "Oh, but they are so peaceful, and hate violent nations like America" you say.
They are secretly dealing with iran, syria, and other terrorist nations, while claiming transparency.

This short video I link to, is chilling if you care about America. The arrogance of these killers.....they say we could never find their weapons of mass destruction if they wanted to hide them in the deserts of iran. Put your thinking caps on folks.

Turn up the hearing aide frenchiefrog, and listen up germ...germ...german, WE AIN’T GONNA HELP YOU THIS TIME, WE ARE BUSY TRYING TO STAY ALIVE.

America ends war, history records that, and Americans are proud of it. No rewrite of history will erase the facts. My uncles told me of the last world war, and there were other real history facts, handed down about grandfathers in the First World War. And knowing you would be bored, I won’t take the time to tell you about my ancestors and the things they did to stay alive while fighting in the most ferocious war ever waged, the Civil War.

Many of the members of my family tree shed blood to end slavery. That was blood well spent.

Stay with me now, ……………..not all spilled blood is well spent.

Yes, a few on the family tree fought on the losing side in the Civil War, and spilled blood……..that blood was spilled in ignorance or malice, and is not revered except by a few mental midgets in pickup trucks with the confederate flag on the bumper, or window.

I challenge you to look at the following pictures and the video. These pictures were some I captured off of an internet site that no donkeycrat would visit, but it is a useful tool, if you want to know history as it is happening. The history going on behind your back in secret.
Oh, I feel another truth washing over my conscience, liberal donkeycrats would not like to spend time witnessing the truth….they are busy with transparency.

I’ve got your transparency libs.

Here are a few frames from an actual iranian tv program, with English subtitles.

Here is a link to a transcript of the video


And here is the link to the actual tv broadcast


Friday, June 23, 2006
Our Warriors and Prayer
If one of our nations so called journalists had of been on the scene in Iraq….when some of our sons and daughters in uniform responded to the call from the Iraqi Military Command that they had discovered the site where some leaders of the peaceful religion of islam dumped the remains of two young men, (recently boys, yes they were young) who went through hell for you and me……..the journalists would have vomited all over themselves; and they would have lost control of their bowels.

TO CONTINUE READING THIS STORY it is gruesome so I took it off of my front page blog, read it if you can stand knowing the truth.

But if you are like most, you don't want to know the truth, because you like the blinders that you wear. All would be peace and love if only America was not around. Listen up, someone is risking their life for you right now.

Thursday, June 22, 2006
watchin' ya

This is chapter one.
Before the crying……let’s laugh a little. You will enjoy this Java Applet; it is a funny one, a thought provoking one, and one that will lead into a series of blog articles of a much more serious nature. So go to this website and enjoy eyeballs looking at you. Most of my readers won’t be upset by a hundred eyeballs, eyeing them……love you all.

Kinda makes you dizzy doesn't it? BUT, See the cursor in the middle of the 100 eyes, that is jack murtha, the turncoat: The turncoat congressman, who should be the one in Camp Pentleton's brig, in shackles, but once again......that story is forthcoming, we all need to have a little, trying to escape the hundred eyeballs.

You can’t get away traitor…….too many eyes are on you now, you called our soldiers killers.

I have given you ample time to call the dogs that tortured and mutilated two American soldiers, and bragged to the muslim world about what they did, to call them evil. You haven’t, so I assume you are waiting for the apropos time to blame President George Bush.. You suddenly lost your voice murtha the Murderer…..yes, murtha the murderer, you are strengthening the resolve of those that torture and mutilate our sons……not one word from your snake like mouth has been uttered to succor the hurt families. We won’t forget your treason, or that of your buddies in crime…..Like Nancy Pelosi
who almost magically had a relative receive millions of dollars from the largesse of the Defense Budget us lowly taxpayers pay, all at your direction…yeah you the big bad congressman. Your crimes are worthy of the front page, but that won’t happen. But don't forget traitor, you cannot escape the eyes of the internet.

And murtha the murderer, don’t even bother, to call up the inventor of the internet, Al Gorey for advice on how to escape scrutiny. You are a crook, and yes most congress people are, but that is small potatoes compared to the crime you are quilty of: betraying your country. You are a traitor, and why wasn't it you in the HumVee in north Baghdad when your buddies the terrorists overwhelmed two real men. You are not a man.

Yes I’m hot……….and won’t cool down until all of the traitors are dealt with.
I imagine some of you will realize the meaning of my focus on eyes.........I am too upset to go on, eyes........If you were being tortured and knew you were going to die, wouldn't you want to take one last glimpse of the killers..........the dogs of islam.........the ones who should not be breathing, you know, murtha's bud's................
When the bragging photos and videos show up on algores invention the internet, of the butchering of our nations two heros...........picture murtha the murderer there beside the killers......for that is where he stands. Time for action folks........
He ain't no friend of America.........he ain't nothing but grabbing scum....
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Monday, June 19, 2006
How is your Monday going?
So you’re having a bad Monday? Have a lot on your mind? Worried about the price of gasoline for your SUV? Wondering which restaurant you will eat at this evening?

U.S. Army Spc. Caleb Joye, of Manning, South Carolina, smokes a cigarette while resting on the roof of a house in Ramadi, 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, June 19, 2006. Hundreds of U.S. and Iraqi troops pushed into an eastern section of Ramadi, one of Iraq's most violent cities, the latest step in a campaign to gradually bolster their presence in city neighborhoods that for months have largely been under insurgent control. (AP Photo/Jacob Silberberg)

I am sourcing this photo, but I will not follow the AP’s directions…….the AP says I can’t use this photo……I am saying to AP……you would never have been able to take this picture without taxpayer money protecting your bigoted behinds.
Am I supposed to believe the AP, somehow ended up on this rooftop in enemy controlled territory without the help of taxpayers?
So I have no qualms about using it.
Hey AP; if you want to deny taxpayers the right to use the pictures you take, go take the pictures on your own…..

Fly to the war zone on commercial aircraft….which would mean flying to Jordan and taking a bus to Baghdad, enjoy the ride…….When you get to Iraq, find your own hotel room, food and entertainment. Taxpayers are getting sick and tired of wasting money on the clueless and unpatriotic dropouts from reality, called the media. If you want to get to the battlefront, take a taxi, instead of a safe ride in a humvee driven, and protected by the same soldiers you slander day in and day out. Protect your own sorry behind bigot. Then maybe I’ll respect your request to not copy…..or rebroadcast. I figure this photo cost taxpayer money and warrior blood… stick it media bigot. NO, you can’t have it both ways media….do it on your own….if you want it done. Again, I consider this a taxpayer photo… buzz off AP, and hopefully many more will take up this battle against those that slander our wonderful men and women putting their life’s on the line for the USofA.

Sunday, June 18, 2006
Join me in prayer
2 Missing U.S. Soldiers Are Sought in Iraq
Please join me in prayer….pray for our two warriors. And may anyone involved in this affair, be captured, and killed. Don’t ask questions, just shot.
You wonder why the enemy is bold? I’ll give you four reasons.
1, The media of America, that constantly questions any thing our wonderful warriors do.
2. Hollywood, and most of the music industry.
3. The democrat party for the most part………..traitors, yes a lot of them are traitors.
4. The timid ‘publicans, timid when it comes to war, but willing to take on all lobbyists.

A harsh indictment, but prove me wrong.

Please pray for the two missing soldiers……
Saturday, June 17, 2006
Nixon Déjà Vu
It’s nothing new to me: getting sidetracked. Yesterday was one of those brutal truckdriving days, perhaps that is what caused the sidetrack. Even while hurrying home from work, there was already a blog article in my mind that needed to be written and published. The blog article was to be about GOOD NEWS IN IRAQ. Good news that was broadcast live on a nationally syndicated program ‘The World’.

'The World' is one of those liberal artsy fartsy fm programs, a joint media venture between BBC and a taxpayer supported radio station in Boston. If that doesn’t scare a person away, nothing will. "I know, I know" you are wondering what webloafer was doing listening to such garbage? It is broadcast on the only station the radio in my truck can pick up….when driving in a certain area of my daily route; so that is how this came to my attention.

I have noticed that public radio fm and am stations are given the clearest signal on the broadcast band. At anytime during my workday, I can dial in a government sponsered liberal NPR station, but I cannot get a station with the talk shows I really want to listen know...Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Glen Beck unless I am in Kansas City. Who hands the frequencies out? And why should the stations dishing out socialistic drivel be given such a clear signal? Back to my tale.

Whoa….there on the radio was the ‘Boston Liberal Lady’, Lisa Mullins, interviewing live, none other than Iraq’s National Security Advisor, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, the person directing Security and Defense in Iraq, and answering directly to the Prime Minister of Iraq. This man has an awesome and difficult job, but I think the right man was chosen. Here is a link to the interview….well what NPR/PRI allowed to be rebroadcast. What was all planned out to be a media ambush, turned out to be a lesson in liberal stupidity, and how it is detached from reality. Lisa has an agenda, and won't listen to the answers to the loaded questions she is asking. She tries to paint Mouwafak al-Rubaie a liar or lackey........but she fails; bigtime.


Go listen to this six minute interview and your heart will be touched, and you will know IT IS WORTH IT, Iraq is worth the blood sweat and tears. I know it is easy for one with nothing personally risked to be upbeat, but do me a favor, listen to this…….no,I have no son or daughter there, but listen up, PLEASE.


Lisa Mullins has one of those syrupy sweet voices, but big lib Lisa could not hide her disgust as the interview progressed. This man was more than a match for the elite liberal lady. This man speaking to her in his second language handed Lisa more than she could handle. This was not the way 'The World' wanted this exclusive live interview to come down. After all, what chance would any Iraqi official have of surviving Lisa's well polished adversarial and aggressive style of questioning???? I mean, like, Lisa graduated with honors from the 'Helen Thomas School of Bigotry'.


Someone may know more about this than me, but I wonder?

When a public radio station airs a live broadcast, aren’t they required to keep records, transcripts, tapes or files of the actual broadcast? For the taxpayers record? Isn’t it a crime to delete some of what should be a public accessible record? People still talk about the 'Nixon tapes' and the missing minutes of one tape, and that was way back in the 70's. I would think just like the nixon tapes, all taxpayer paid for media, and even presidential conversation would be available to any hard working taxpayer upon request.

Sunshine, I think they call it sunshine.

I imagine the Freedom of Information Act should cover this, and I will use the FIA, if I have too. I know, I know the FIA is for the ACLU and the Liberal Media.......can't a peon truckdriver use the act?

After getting home from the daily drive, finding a record of this incredible interview was priority one. Surely there was a readily available transcript..? There was, but when played, there was about 45 seconds missing from the MP3 file that was put up on the web. What??? This mp3 was missing the best part of the interview. It was presented to the public as the actual broadcast in MP3 form…It wasn’t. It wasn't some of the beginning of the interview that was missing, or some of the ending of the was missing content in the actual interview. It is a case of either the gov censoring, or the Boston Liberals scrubbing the interview, because Lisa Mullins was handed her lunch by a real man in Iraq telling the truth. Which was it the gov or libs?

Webloafer heard the original live broadcast, so I know what was asked and what was answered, that somehow disappeared from public record. What was deleted or scrubbed was shocking, and no, there is no way webloafer was hallucinating, because he was driving a 40 ton truck 60 mph down some skinny, county road in Missouri. So listen to the interview that was listed as a record of the interview….then I’ll tell you what was censored or scrubbed. I googled left and right, up and down trying to find a complete transcript or mp3 with no success. What's up? No one heard what I heard, and spoke about it. Something as great as this interview should have been one of the top stories of the day….not so.

NPR or PRI will screw this link up, so hurry up, before they destroy the evidence. (I have a copy of the scrubbed interview, but I want the original)


OK, I decided to delay telling you about the missing question and answer….let’s make it a contest,

250 Blog Explosion credits
to anyone coming up with the missing 45 seconds of that interview……it must be a transcript or link to a MP3 file I can download. Yes 250 credits, HELP me find it and the 250 credits are yours.

When you listen to Ms Elite liberal asking questions in this interview, you too will notice the traps set by the liberal lady, that fell flat. Listen closely and you will have proof that the taxpayers of the USofA are being bilked out of money to support liberal drivel like this. My taxes used to disrepect a good man like you'll hear. Ms Liberal got paid handsomely for being so condesending and RUDE. I still want the whole interview......

I finally found a blog article that referred to the question and answer, but I want the actual interview.

Déjà Vu

If you haven't listened please listen to this interview
ruckta riversda

Truck drivers bring you…

Everything you can see around you as you sit at your computer. Look around now my friend, what are you surrounded by that was not at one time on a truck, driven by one of Americas most despised workers.

Admit it, you don’t like trucks or
truckdrivers…..but….you love everything they brought you.

I’m going to brag a little…

But first we must forget all of the good things truckers do and dwell on the bad things the uneducated truckdrivers brought about. ????

Truck drivers are masters at separating the visual from the audio world. If anyone on the road has the right to listen to loud music while driving, it is the truck driver.

Here is a thought that runs through many truck drivers minds as we mingle our rolling 40 tons amongst the cool boys of the city, the ones with the 4 banger Honda’s, yes, with the expensive exhaust system that makes them sound just a little better than a Maytag Washing Machine. The one’s with the $1,800 stereo system with Honda rattling power.

Ahhh, I have never had a mirror on my truck rattled by the low frequency idiocy….called rap in the city.
Loud, Loud? You want loud music…music that rattles the rear view mirrors?

There is no RapMobile that can rattle my mirrors….and I can comfortably listen to Merle Haggard while your little Hondu is mesmerizing the other idiot 4 wheelers.

Those beginners on the road always look as stupid as my ICC bumper.

Picture this….a convoy of souped up Cool Honda’s in front of one (1) rolling 40 ton truck….just for reference, let’s say 50 Cool Honda’s are parading in front of a loaded lumber truck…

What would happen if the Cool Cat in the Lead Honda slammed on the brakes of that little 3/8th of a ton Honda to avoid a soiled diaper that some urban idiot up ahead threw out the window of their ’82 Chevy Caprice….????

When the lead low seater slammed on the brakes……..
What would happen next?

It wouldn’t be pretty….how many Honda’s would that 40 ton truck drive over before stopping?

(hey coooooool boy, sit up straight, turn your hat around 180 degrees so that it can be used properly, look at the road, turn the music down so that you can hear the crunching of your little 4 cylinder Honda with the extra loud exhaust, because you were cool but not smart.)

I love to direct low seaters to the ditch…..anyone who lays down to drive on my highways….should end up in a ditch……of course I hope they would not be hurt….but I wish total hurt to their pride.)

I don’t listen to much loud music, but I have the radio in my truck on at all times.

(with one exception….when backing up….when you back an 18 wheeler, a good driver turns the radio off, rolls the window down, adjusts the mirrors if needed, and proceeds with caution, for this is the most dangerous time of a truck drivers workday….not because the driver doesn’t know how to back up safely… is a precaution taken to prevent the pancaking of lowriders and lowseaters.)

It’s the paper work. Out on the road there is no paper work required after nudging an idiot off of my roads……but in the city…..where truckers may need to back up…..there are lawyers around with video cameras.

Even while the radio is on in my truck, I also make sure to have an overly squelched CB on, just in case.

….but for the most part, my audio world is the FM/AM radio. Yes, there is a cassette tape deck that works good, but I only have 75 cassette tapes, and I spend at least 40 hours each week directing 80,000 pounds of freight down the road, so do the math, it is not a weeks worth. What about the next week??

Yes, I love to listen to Tanya, Merle and Sara, but after I have memorized all of those 75 tapes….there is still highway to burn up……..

So, I fiddle with the radios in my truck…..My AM radio cannot pull a signal out of space after I leave the big city……and the FM is not much better, but who in their right mind wants FM music????

Can you say payola? If you select a station on your FM to save……you’ll soon tire of that sold out radio stations selection of the 14 songs they will play over and over and over and over.

Thank God for TALK RADIO, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other talkers. America is a greater country because of these talkers.

I got sidetracked big time…..I guess the political will have to wait.
Friday, June 16, 2006
Congratulations Democrats!
Congratulations Democrats, in the last week you have succeeded in driving many people back to the Republican Party, myself included. I will not take the chance of waking up to hear the words…
"Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi".
If Nancy Pelosi should be Speaker of the House in 2007 and a plane with the President and Vice-President was shot down……it would be President Nancy Pelosi.

Of course ten minutes after the annoucement of the tragic airplane crash, Dr. Condi Rice would have to step up to the presidency.

Because, Ms. Botox and Facelift Pelosi from the Gay Bay, would have a heart attack from the thought of sleeping in the White House as president, not as the lap dog of Bill in the 1990’s. Funny how these scenarios scare, amuse and PUMP ME UP.

Yes, I know the President and Vice-President are never on the same airplane, and are not in public much together. Makes sense to me. I just said it to shock you into getting busy to deny the Democrats any say in how this nation is ran or more importantly how we defend ourselves from the enemies who want us dead.

Go down the list of the dinosaur democrats who would head up different committees, and in leadership roles, and it should scare you… does me.

So I am going to grovel a little and pledge that I will work to keep Democrats out of power. It would seem that the Republicans are showing some backbone, and I love it.


Is the Iraq War part of the war on Terror?

This question is probably one Karl Rove suggested needed to be asked at this crucial time in our nations history.

I could think of no more important thing to know than...does that slickhaired, zootsuited and pampered Senator or Rep of yours, think Iraq is the only place upon the earth that has no terrorists? What idiots they are to think we are all idiots.


They know most of us attended the government indoctrination centers and graduated with a dipolma that we couldn't read.....or so they think. Idiots, all. Not us, them. They are:

Wrong.....after we left the schools of America, we did what all Americans do, We took the freedoms of this land and used them. We hungered for the truth, so we searched for the reason America is so blessed. We had graduated from a long course of indoctrination that never praised America, constantly denied God a say in anything, and for the most part, the teachers were sour, dour lemon sucking liberals. We knew it, played the game, now it is time to take back the schools. Read a little history and you will discover that our nations school system was created by Christians. Even Harvard was started as a church school. Let's return the education of our children to ones who love America, God, Family, and now we have to say......Parents who are of the oppisite sex.

Yes, we found the history that the communist American History teachers would not mention as they were praising Che and Mao.

So, listen to how your Senator or Representative answers this important question of Karl's...."Is Iraq a battlefield in the War Against Terror?"

Al Quada is sure of a mind that it is……what few of them left are making a last desperate stand in Iraq. Stand, these criminals and serial killers with weapons could not stand up 20 seconds against our military, and guess what? Iraq is going to have the toughest army, navy and air force in the middle east, excepting Israel. They are being taught by the best, they know it....record number of young Iraqi men are signing up to join the military and police force. You can no more stop freedom when it starts rolling than a mile long coal train...or even my 18 wheeler.

What happened you ask? What happened to make you change your mind about joining a third party. Listen up.

In a week and a half of nothing but good, welcome news to America, the Democrats have insulted us all by failing to thank
our warriors,
our commander in chief,
or the ones doing such a magnificent job on the home front,
as in keeping our economy roaring while the war is raging.

The Democrats have shown us that they don’t deserve to be in control of a nation that they can say nothing good about. They still, after 5 years have not said what they would do to fight terrorism. Would you be willing to have our warriors following J. Kerry's still unannounced plan to fight terror? Give me a break.

Meanwhile…….we are kicking *** and taking names. Al Quada (don't even care if it is spelled correctly)is done on one side and will soon be toast. Did you happen to hear the Defense Minister of Iraq being quizzed by the liberal NPR babe?…..he pretty much shut her down, and what is more important…….

He in a humble tone, thanked America for the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears. Nothing could have been more welcome to my ears. NO, Thank you for being a man, and thanking those that need it. Moms and Dads who have lost sons and daughters in this worldwide struggle for Liberty's very existence, There is true graditude and thanks in Iraq. The Iraqi people are not ungrateful, our media is.....they won't report the good news or show you people happy to be free, but sad that it cost America so much.

I'm off to grab that link…the leading, snide questions asked by an employee of the citizens of the USofA, that was answered by a bold, dedicated man. Dedicated to stamp every terrorist's ticket to hell, where they belong and where they won’t find one virgin.

God...... Bless America, PLEASE? Please God, bless America still. We are working to stamp out the Church of the Godless. OK, we’ll work harder. THANKS
Thursday, June 15, 2006
A response
WHAT STARTED OUT TO BE AN ANSWER TO A COMMENT HERE AT SANITY’S BLUFF, TURNED INTO THIS RANT, WHICH, BY THE WAY, I AM PROUD OF… I made it a blog entry. Thanks Jay, for stirring up my creative juices.

It takes more than soldiers to win wars Jay......and many soldiers, (like Murtha) get in the way of victory, after they are no longer personally in danger.

I guess the question of yours could be asked like this, Should all ex-Marines be given carte Blanc to blame military at some distant time, for things happening in the heat of a battle? Events that they have not been charged or been tried for? No benifit of doubt for soldiers? Quilty until proven innocent?

Murtha is a disgrace to the Marine Corp. I don’t care what he, Kerry or McCain did in Vietnam…our nation is in danger now, and these politicians are cashing in on their past service, while mugging and robbing the taxpayers of today. These ex-soldiers are endangering the citizenry of today, and their children, so weigh everything up and you too may agree....they are are no more than scumbags of today who were heros yesterday. Yesterday is no help today.........our nation is in peril, and these self-righteous elitists are doing more harm to our young warriors then help.......Doubt me? Go talk to the one doing the protecting today. Go talk to the sons and daughters who are placing their life between danger and you.....I dare you.........ask the ones fighting the terrorists, what they think of Murtha, McCain and Kerry.

If you cannot see the need to love America, help her warriors and respect her leader, (that would be George Walker Bush) I don't care what you did 40 years ago.

….no the big boys of the house and senate are not at risk…….they have Marines protecting them.

Let’s start this saga of webloafer…..back where it all began…….WWII

My mother, who was pregnant at the time, carried me and my twin brother while working long hard hours in a factory building B-25's. That would have been way back in the 1940’s. B-25’s were weapons America needed to win the war we didn’t start, tried to avoid, but finally WON.

She worked right up to delivery time and so things like this were bound to happen:

Even though the war (WWII) had recently ended, all of the good doctors and nurses were overseas still taking care of our fallen warriors.

I don't hold a grudge against the intern who dropped me on the concrete right after my birth.

Yes the truth finally comes out…..”When I was a little bitty baby, my momma dropped me on the pavement….in those old cottonfields back home...." Or something like that, you know the song.

Yes, I'm crazy and love it. But I have an excuse…….all of the sure-fingered nurses were overseas, helping the wounded soldiers of America, and the tens of millions of refugees and wounded left behind after the victory of GOOD over EVIL.

Basically it all boiled down to this: AMERICA vs EUROPE.

At one time in 1940, it was basically America and the British Empire against the rest of the world.


Yes the oil money of the Middle East is funding the war against America and Great Britain, but it is the Europeans that are the brains behind the whole affair. Do you think for a moment Germany is helping Israel, or any Jews stay alive? Europeans hate Jews, and that will never change. They have funneled forbidden weapons, and even nuclear technology into those nations that hate Jews. So today Israel is surrounded by enemies with weapons supplied by the Europeans, Chinese and Russians.

Only someone who spends time reading the manual for living, (THE HOLY BIBLE) could understand why I still refer to Jews as God’s chosen people……..

If God choose them, they remain chosen.

God never falters changes or errs.
The Jews, trying to live peacefully upon the small piece of earth’s real estate ((Israel))that GOD promised to them, cannot be destroyed. Do you think the creator would let His word be disputed? There are no words thought up, recorded or spoken by any other mind, heart or lips, than God’s word, worthy of putting my trust and faith in. That is why I don’t hesitate to trust and even stake my life on God’s ability to keep His word. He recorded these words about His chosen people….”I will bless them that bless them and curse them that curse them.” Hey that’s enough for me……

Living in the last days will get difficult for those that believe God, but, the rewards of the faithful are something I wouldn’t trade for half of the wealth of this world. Just before the Son of God returns to earth to claim His bride………(the church)………times will be so evil, if you stand for righteousness or goodness………you might have to die for your belief. What would you give in return for your eternal soul? A season of sin?

It matters not if most of the billions living on this planet HATE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, I still want to befriend those that God declared His love for….

Today, after the cross, God declares his love for everyone living and breathing, yes even the Muslims of this world. But up until that time, the cross, God loved only a few. I don't see how God could love anyone of the humans that disobeyed Him while living in a paradise such as the garden of eden.

Now for a digression…..I have known a lot of Jewish People on a personal level, had a Jewish lover for a short tumultuous time, was offered a leadership role in an Israeli Kibbutz in the 1960’s, so I am not someone to ignore on this subject. Here is my conclusion……Jewish people are some of the hardest people on the planet earth to love, but God loved them so I love them. Difficult?

You don’t know difficult unless you worked for Sophia Perlewitz’s temporary work placement agency. It was a day labour agency, and Sophia personally sent me and many others on a workday journey…All you had to do was show up…..Sophia took care of the rest…...

She would tell me, “John, there is a delicatessen in Brooklyn that needs a dishwasher today…here’s a subway token and directions to get there”

I would follow directions carefully and get on the correct subway lines to hurry up to someplace that needed a dishwasher. Let me tell you, this time in my youth was pleasureful. After the hard work was over, it was learning time. Webloafer has a big folder in his C Drive, full of memories of those crazy days from the ‘60’s. Very few people have treated me any better than those owners of small delicatessens who paid me every penny Sophia had promised, and most times a little more, fed me and thanked me, for showing up as a fill in dishwasher. You will never find a dirty plate in a Jewish Delicatessen in any of the boroughs of New York City.

Can you grasp my train of thought here, it may be difficult for recent graduates of American public schools, to understand this bit of history. Jews are hated by most people in the world, but I have never had a bad experience brought about by a Jew. Jealousy will keep many people from enjoying rubbing elbows with God’s chosen people.

I hope you don’t start hating jews, just because European’s hate them. I could explain at a later time why the frogs and dogs of Europe hate Jews, but here is my stand.

I will try hard to befriend the people that God loved……..more than the perverted Gentiles, of which I am a descendant the first chapter of the book of Romans....because at one time they were the only people on the earth even occasionally trying to please God.

So to recap….I want to make sure I love the people and things God loves. Is it not clear now to you that the Bible is God’s manual for living……..?

All of what we see happening daily on our TV’s and newspapers, blogs, and internet sites was recorded before the fact.

The whole world may hate Jews and want them dead but they are still living as a litmus test for living.

© Litmus Test for Living

Living because God wants to know who is one His side.

One day, there will be the last war upon this Earth.

Yes, one last battle,

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON??????????????

Now to clarify a few matters of semantics….Jews?

Jews are not privileged anymore, they too have to accept the Messiah their great great great….so on…grandparents crucified 2.000 years ago, accept His grace, forgiveness and eternal life, but they are chosen. Being one of the chosen people today only means you will be hated like no other race of people on the earth. They don't get a 'get into heaven free card', and

No blood but the shed blood of the sacrificial lamb JESUS CHRIST can atone for their sins, but if they believe, repent, confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and are baptized in water for the remission of sins……….they can live forever (eternity) with the one who choose them and saved me.

Yes, God sent his only BEGOTTEN…. (Which translated correctly means……ALL HE HAD) SON, to one of the billions of galaxies He created to SAVE a few of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.


In that war, EVERYONE, even movie stars contributed. Songwriters helped out. Teachers helped out. Newspaper editors contributed by writing a positive article once in a while.

Children collected junk metal, and milkweed pods. (the milkweed pods were used in life jackets for our warriors)

Everyone sacrificed and worked for the war effort.

Jay, you have not said a good word, or done a good thing for our country in this life or death struggle against terrorism. You have surrounded yourself for the most part, with people who hate America, and our military. SO, I won't be answering you or any of your leftist friends from all over the world about my military service.

I guess I had better go back through the archives of Sanity's Bluff and post a link to the answer to all of the leftist's questions about my military service.

Yes, I'll do that in a few weeks, but it is there for you to find.

Jay, I see a lot of your good qualities when you are writing about anything but politics. So, I hold out hope for you to speak out just once and say something nice about America and the warriors protecting us. Even as my fingers move across the keyboard of my computer writing this answer I am perplexed at the failure of some to wish our protectors success and safety. My thoughts will be posted for the world to view on the internet,which by the way was created and shared with the world by the warriors of AMERICA....kinda brings a lump in the throat of this old truck driver, we owe so much to our warriors in this dangerous world.

If Lawrence Kansas was the scene of the next horrific terrorist attack, I know who you would be wanting to show up...and show up quickly.

It wouldn't be a limousine full of senators, Clinton, Kerry, McCain, with (representatives) Nancy Pelosi and Murtha.
Monday, June 12, 2006
Why I've had no time to blog
What a Week…..well, actually eight days…Lord’s Day to Lord’s Day. Two Lord’s days, and six other unimportant days.

10 count them….TEN GOSPEL MEETINGS.

I was able to get to 9 of them….I wish I had of been able to have been at all 10 of them…

I missed one because I was sleeping off the effects of a medical procedure

, BIBLE Meetings; are probably the greatest factor in the creation of such a BLESSED NATION AS AMERICA. Let me give you a quick history lesson…….

Before the Christians set sail on those little frail ‘barks’ to AMERICA, they had gospel meetings, and prayer meetings and they hugged the relatives they left behind, with tearful joy……telling them….they would send for them later, when they reached the promised land.

It was not brave muslims trusting in allah to get them across the uncharted oceans to the promised land in tiny bark boats, that made America the most desired place to live upon God’s created Earth,

(Take a little time and read some history about those pilgrims who risked all to get to a place that they could worship God, without government interference)

no, muslims worship a god of hate, who wouldn’t have time to direct people to a promised land……Christians worship a God of LOVE, For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, SHOULD NOT PERISH, BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.”

It was CHRISTIANS…..who made this nation I love, great, so that is why I take time to go to Gospel Meetings to learn more about the God who created all, and has blessed this nation I love. Tell me of one nation that allah has blessed? There are none. Most of allahs slaves live in poverty, filth and ignorance….and will never have more than the crumbs of islam…….

My God, thought all of history out before you learned to think. He set riches beneath the sands of islam……..and gave them the easy path to brotherhood and sisterhood, but the butchers of islam, the ones with the big knives….took all of the riches and bought more weapons to kill………..they seek to kill all of the Godly, whom they call infidels. Almost all of allahs slaves live in poverty and filth….the women are less than dogs, and the slaves go to prayer, scared…..yes you heard me and you know it’s true…..allah demands scared slaves….prostrating themselves 5 times a day to a man….and the memory of a man.

I can pray anytime, anywhere to a God, a God who created all, and gave all he possessed, “His Begotten Son” for me……… that I could live forever with Him. He doesn’t need to tempt me with the lusts of this earth, and promises of sex in the hereafter………..what a joke islam is……if all my God offered was 72 virgins in the hereafter……I’d not be too anxious to get there, yet islam keeps billions of people scared, dumb, poor, filthy and doomed. It is a work of the Devil.

When I go to prayer to my Creator, God, Lord and Saviour, I go there with confidence that He loves me, and wants the best for me….He doesn’t ever demand I strap explosives around my teenager’s torso, and send him or her out to kill………just to obtain 72 virgins………

Think this out folks……a God that promised sexual pleasure……is a God that I want no part of. Sure God made men and women differently, and made a wonderful way of procreation…..but do I want to go to an orgy in the sky??????????????????????????

No way, I want to sit at the feet of the one who gave his life so that I could live forever with the creator of all…… a son……of God.

Perversion…..that is what islam is……perverts directing all young people to Hell, and there will be no orgies in Hell either…

Sick, sick twisted Godless perverts…..and history is replete with proof that the human founder of islam was nothing more than that, a human.

God loves even the slaves of islam, and I try so very hard to obey my Heavenly Father, and love my enemies……….it’s hard.

The one true God, who made everything you can think of…… a God of Love……….and his CHILDREN ARE SERVANTS, NOT SLAVES……WE SERVE GOD BECAUSE WE WANT TO…..SERVE A GOD WHO LOVED US SO.

Nothing will ever change history; it is what it is……

If you are not afraid of history
, you are probably a Republican, a conservative and possess more common sense then the complete faculty and administration of Harvard University, Yale and Rutgers combined.

I’m serious folks, it isn’t the Intelligencecy, the illuminati, or the Democrats that have made America Great… was, is and will always be until driven completely away…………..GOD THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT.

God made America great, and there is no way an atheistic, socialist or humanitarian movement could ever create a Nation on the Hill, like America.

Cuba? Mogadishu? North Korea? Venezuela or China?

I just named 5 godless places, where would you rather live? In one of those 5, or America?

So, I go to Gospel meetings, sit there and learn about why I am so blessed, and yes, I listen to someone show from the Gospel, how I have disappointed my Saviour, and what I must do to be saved.

In the next few blog articles I am going to tell you about the evangelist who visited Kansas City, and the Church of Christ I attend, and spoke so clearly of what one must do to obtain eternal life. He was a great man of God from the state of Oklahoma.

I am going to call him the ‘Will Rogers of the Gospel’. He looks like the late Will Rogers, and is a powerful speaker, but he is no actor like Will Rogers was……He is a minister of the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Yet, no one could go to sleep in a Gospel Meeting where he speaks. He is one of the most powerful speakers I have ever listened too, and so I want to reach back into history and grab a few Will Rogers quotes…..

They are not spiritual quotes, but they are Oklahomian……….

My stupid Word Spell says that Oklahomian is not a word, well it is now BILL GATES. Nah nah nah na nah na.

Here are a few choice Will Rogers quotes…..

Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
Will Rogers

Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.
Will Rogers

Everything is funny, as long as it's happening to somebody else.
Will Rogers

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.
Will Rogers

To Continue Reading More of Will Rogers, much more..........

Saturday, June 10, 2006
Sanity's Bluff is having issues at, hopefully they will be corrected soon.

That fact, and the fact that John (webloafer) has hit a wall, so to speak of blogging have brought the Bluff to a standstill. I know this will pass, this happens occasionally. In the last two weeks I have posted several articles, that twenty minutes later, I reread and took them down from my blog. I am in the process of recharging my batteries.

It was a great thing that happened in Iraq, when a blood thirsty killer was taken out along with his spiritual leader. Does anyone else think it is strange that a blood lusting killer would need a spiritual advisior? That tells you something about Islam, and until the rank and file of islam do something about the blood thirsty leadership, war will be the only option for the civilized world.
Monday, June 05, 2006
DNA Samples Are Needed
Yes, I think we need to exhume the body of a famous General from the past to compare his DNA with the silver haired ex-Marine pictured here with the flag of the country I LOVE.

What do these men have in common that makes me think they are related?

Here is General Benedict Arnold looking longingly toward England while still a commissioned officer in the Continental Army, of the USofA. Old Benedict took a huge sum of money from the enemy to march his troops out of West Point and allow the enemy to take over the fort. It would have been disasterous, but his written plans were discovered on the courier he sent to the enemy, in time to thwart the evil plan. Benedict escaped to England, but had a miserable life after his blood money ran out.
Here is a Dishonorable Representive of Pennsylvania in the USofA Congress. His left hand is making a point....probably trying to convince his constituents that he supports our troops. Yeah, sure.
Here is the Traitor Benedict Arnold looking longingly from his soiled nest, westward toward the America that he betrayed. Benedict was a lonely traitor in his last years of life.....He betrayed the best place upon earth, and had to live in his life in England and Canada. No one in England or Canada trusted him, or would even befriend him. Once a traitor, always capable of betraying again.
Now here is the Dishonorable Representive of Pennsylvania raising his right hand, and calling some of our Marines, 'cold blooded killers'. He has been to too many parties at the Kerry Mansions, he is a traitor too. Look closely at the picture, and you will see a bitter old man, who does not wish that a handfull of our marines be given a fair trial. He has told the world they are cold blooded killers, so that hand he raises has blood on it. In my opinion, the marines are innocent until proven quilty, and there is no quilt in war, it is war, and no war has ever been fought with as little civilian causualites....never....ever. So shut up traiter Murtha.
I missed you all too
Yes I know, there have been no ‘webloafer’ rants, rages or responses at Sanity’s Bluff for over a week, now, but there is a good reason.

The reason is not important, but I must share this important item with you.

I am touched to have actually had some wonderful people concerned about my absence from the blogosphere. What an uplifting this concern that brought to my spirit. A spirit that has been very much downtrodden.

“Thanks, Pryingone and JarheadJohn, and others.”

A poem from the bible, Psalm 73 has been on my mind for sometime now. I think Psalm 73, kjv, is the greatest poem ever written. No it doesn’t rhyme in the true sense of poetry, yet it is a poem and song. Just like King David of old, I look around and see the wicked prospering, the good and decent scorned and hated by those who are in power. If you have never read the 73rd Psalm, you have missed a blessing.

To despair is to sin

When we fall victim to despair, we are in fact doubting God.
Everything is in the Creator’s hands, so why should I despair?
“He’s got the whole world, in his hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands”… know the song.

OK, Back to serious blogging.

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