Monday, June 05, 2006
I missed you all too
Yes I know, there have been no ‘webloafer’ rants, rages or responses at Sanity’s Bluff for over a week, now, but there is a good reason.

The reason is not important, but I must share this important item with you.

I am touched to have actually had some wonderful people concerned about my absence from the blogosphere. What an uplifting this concern that brought to my spirit. A spirit that has been very much downtrodden.

“Thanks, Pryingone and JarheadJohn, and others.”

A poem from the bible, Psalm 73 has been on my mind for sometime now. I think Psalm 73, kjv, is the greatest poem ever written. No it doesn’t rhyme in the true sense of poetry, yet it is a poem and song. Just like King David of old, I look around and see the wicked prospering, the good and decent scorned and hated by those who are in power. If you have never read the 73rd Psalm, you have missed a blessing.

To despair is to sin

When we fall victim to despair, we are in fact doubting God.
Everything is in the Creator’s hands, so why should I despair?
“He’s got the whole world, in his hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands”… know the song.

OK, Back to serious blogging.


Blogger AubreyJ said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Good words, WL...
Good words from you and Paul...

Anonymous Helen said...

Doubting God indeed. Losing Faith. Call it what you will but it is very true. Glad you're feeling better!

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