Saturday, June 10, 2006
Sanity's Bluff is having issues at, hopefully they will be corrected soon.

That fact, and the fact that John (webloafer) has hit a wall, so to speak of blogging have brought the Bluff to a standstill. I know this will pass, this happens occasionally. In the last two weeks I have posted several articles, that twenty minutes later, I reread and took them down from my blog. I am in the process of recharging my batteries.

It was a great thing that happened in Iraq, when a blood thirsty killer was taken out along with his spiritual leader. Does anyone else think it is strange that a blood lusting killer would need a spiritual advisior? That tells you something about Islam, and until the rank and file of islam do something about the blood thirsty leadership, war will be the only option for the civilized world.


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