Saturday, April 30, 2005
The Way to Lose a War
Is this any way to fight a war?
The way to lose at war

In America a war is being fought. It is for the very heart and soul of our nation, and our right to the liberty our ancestors fought and died for.

I still see, one of the warring parties constantly in denial.

This portion of America (the majority) will not even admit to being in this war. Remember how denial of the terrorist war being fought against us from abroad served us? Two skyscrapers fell to the ground, our Pentagon was damaged, and thousands were killed, because our enemy had been at war with us, but we denied that fact. Because of our denial, we actually made it easier for them to hit us hard.

Not only are this majority of people in denial, most of the majority don’t even want to hear about their enemy. The few that do see the problem, notice many of their leaders acting at times like the young boy, drawing a line in the dirt, and announcing to the playmates around him. "You better not cross this line."

What will it take America?

“You better not cross this line, and persecute the Boy Scouts of America.”

“You better not mess with the pledge of allegiance.”
"You better not make it illegal to pray at school."

Well these lines were crossed without a fight, and I could cite you hundreds of other instances when the line was drawn only to be crossed without a fight. We just keep surrendering more of America, I guess hoping that our enemy will be satisfied with all that has been gained by them and lost by us, and leave the rest of our liberty alone. They haven’t even been slowed in their plan for America. We keep surrendering ground to the ACLU and their socialist minions.

We just kept backing away from the fight.

Over and over again, we have said,
“You’ll be in trouble if you cross this line.”

Oh really? It doesn’t appear like that to me. And it's obvious that the ACLU and friends are not in trouble at all.

Look at your adversary closely. Do you want to live in the world they want? Most of you wouldn’t enjoy life in the world they envision.

The ACLU and many of their friends want the USA to become a socialist nation. You may think “Why would they want Socialism in America? No one is rich or free in a socialist nation.”

Study the now defunct USSR and you will find that the ruling class did quit handsomely in the days of communism. The ruling class in the USSR (politburo, for one) had lots of freedom, and wealth.

Lawyers, Judges, Journalist, and Serial Killers were the big winners in the USSR, as long as the party line was followed. That is until the people had finally had enough.

What is your limit? When will you have had enough?
Is the brutal starving of Terri Schiavo the last straw? If not, Just what will it take?
Middle East Tyrants have that Deer in the Headlight Look.

I love to relate complex world situations to the simple world of a truck driver. Really? Truck Drivers are simple people? NO, I said the simple job of a truck driver.

Driving truck is a simple job. The job simply requires a person to drive about 11 or 12 hours a day, five days a week. Oh, and the driver must be 100% right in all of the daily decisions made behind the steering wheel. To fall below the level of perfection or 100%, means injury or death to the driver and perhaps others.

People working in the transportation field, and any soldier ask to defend the homeland in time of war, must be consistently correct in decisions they make at their occupation. We all know that the same level of perfection is not required of the meteorologist or even the TV newsperson. (Think Dan Rather)

The Conversation Dept. of the state of Missouri is one of the best anywhere. They manage wildlife in a rational way.
But they often get criticized for allowing the deer population to reach levels that endanger motorists who have run-ins with them. At certain times of the year I see deer in the roadway just about every night.

We are going to consider part of the old adage….the deer in the headlight look. You may have actually seen the look on the face of a deer standing in the middle of a country road at night. It is a sad and surprised look, but the deer must make a decision and make it real quick, A.)Stand his/her ground…... or B.) Leave the road for a safer place.

Here is a partial list of people that I have noticed with the, “deer in the headlight look”.

King Abdullah II, of Jordan
Sheik Jabir al-Sabah of Kuwait
King Mohamed VI of Morocco
P.M. Ariel Sharon of Israel
Pres. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt
Pres. Emile Luhud of Lebanon
Pres. Bashar al Assad of Syria
Col. Muammar Kaddafi of Libya
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran
King Fahd bin Abdel Aziz of Saudi Arabia

Let me explain exactly what is happening to cause these rulers to take notice of the truck or in this case the bus speeding toward them.

Because of the determination of ONE MAN, these rulers see the headlights of Liberty’s Bus, coming their way. Yes, that man is one who is both loved and hated in his own country, President George Walker Bush.

It would bode you well to get on the right side of history in this monumental event. Freedom is on the march. You could also remain stubborn and call GW stupid and a cowboy. But, If George Bush is stupid, what are you? Millions of people are going to taste Liberty for the first time, and they know who was driving the bus. They don’t see him as stupid or a cowboy.

The elitist press of the United States will not report it, but we all know that there are a lot of people in the Middle East, who love this bus driver, the bus driver who drove Liberty’s Bus right up to their door, and invited them on. It is one thing to sit in comfort and safety, wringing your hands proclaiming your desire for all citizens of the world to be free. That is not risky or deadly in any way. It is quite another to take the steps necessary to help these people procure freedom.

All of the listed rulers now know that George W. Bush is the driver of the Liberty Bus. They also know he takes his job seriously, and will do it even while being criticized by people who have no concern about any liberty except their own.

(In my mind, anyone that selfish doesn’t deserve liberty. Remember what one of our great document proclaims? Liberty and justice for all. It took about a hundred years for America to come to grips with just who should have liberty and justice, YES IT IS ALL PEOPLE, but we did it, to our credit)

The rulers I listed are aware that millions, yes millions of people now want what the beautiful people of Iraq have obtained, FREEDOM TO HAVE A PART IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE COUNTRY THEY LIVE IN. They know the blood and sweat that will be required is worth the freedom they long for.

Here is how this scene plays itself out in my mind. The group of tyrants I listed is in the middle of the road on a dark evening. They hear something, look up and the glare of the headlights from Liberty’s Bus, temporarily blinds them. As the bus nears the group I mentioned, a strange thing occurs. George W. turns the headlights on Liberty’s Bus, off.

I have been in this situation before, deer on the road, temporarily blinded by the lights of my truck. The best course of action is to turn the headlights off for a few seconds and the deer will vacate the highway.

George Bush is doing much the same for many of the countries of the Middle East, by turning the headlights of the Liberty Bus off long enough for these rulers to get off of the highway. This allows those rulers an opportunity to take steps toward giving citizens a say in the rule of their own country. It is happening in several different countries as you read this. This pause may have saved the world much violence and death. I don’t expect George W. Bush will even be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but he is a peacemaker in my mind. Peace only comes by one side being victorious. Freedom is going to prevail, the cost is great, but the result will be a more peaceful world.

Don’t let your dislike of the bus driver; make you want the Liberty Bus to have an accident. These millions of people deserve Liberty. And they want it now. Bob Dylan wrote his song 40 years too soon. “The times they are a changing……..”

Friday, April 29, 2005
An 'Ameriphile' Looks at Mesopotamia
The Jewel of Mesopotamia

I admit to being an ‘Ameriphile’ and enjoying it.

I love America, and wish the whole world could live like all of us in America live.

Many people throughout the world wish the same thing.

But, there are many in the world today, wishing for liberty and freedom that will never see this dream come true. How sad. Some people who want liberty and freedom will never get a chance to work toward that goal, until they ‘take up the sword’ and rebel against the dictators of their country. Again how sad.

A proud people in one country are waking up as free human beings for the first time in many decades. Yes, I am talking about Iraq, and the Iraqi people.

The world has been shown what it takes to bring liberty to an enslaved people. It takes hard work, blood, and tears. The Iraqi people have been willing to shed the tears, shed the blood and do the hard work of securing freedom. And they have it today.

I wish I could visit Iraq. There are so many lessons to learn from the history of Iraq. Iraq once was the jewel of the Mesopotamia. Its citizens enjoyed freedom and liberty on a grand scale. It wasn’t called Iraq, and the area had few political boundaries, but it was an area of culture and splendor. Art and Science flourished in the area.

Then a dark cloud settled over the region.

European greed, war, and the plundering of the area by British, French and other European countries left the area ripe for despotism. Saddam Hussein took advantage of the situation, and lived a life of opulence and decadency, for years and years. All of Saddam’s riches came from his plundering of the resources of Iraq. His rise to power was a bloody affair, and he kept power for several decades by, terrorizing the citizens of his country, and making sure all Iraqi’s knew of someone who just ‘disappeared’, or someone who was missing an arm or tongue.

Saddam had the help of France, Germany and Russia, (what a trio) who bought at reduced prices, the plundered wealth of Iraq. Saddam plundered his country, and this trio of nations gladly bought the plunder.

Shameful, shameful behavior. I do give credit to Great Britain for taking little or no part in the plunder of Iraq, albeit they did share in the destabilization of the area, after World War I, and continuing even after WWII. A lot of Western countries have been guilty of meddling in the Middle East.

I suppose some will say that America and its allies are meddling there now, but I look at the results, not the hysteria. If indeed it is meddling, Free elections and Liberty, are two results of this latest meddling, and in few more years Iraq will be able to protect it borders and citizens.

President Bush quite clearly pointed out why we were meddling in the area, and his resolve under much hysterical pressure, brought about a victory for Liberty.

France, Germany and Russia: there is much blood on the hands of this trio. I imagine there are many more mass grave sites to be found in Iraq.

Things look a little different now.
Liberty....As I see it
humble (the pseudonym I wrote under) writes.......

Liberty.....As I see it
My Answers to Comments by a reader of one of my blogs...

The following is a comment posted by someone, in response to my last blog. This person requested anonymity. It is apparent to me that this is written by an American, trying to appear as someone from another country. Problems, problems, problems……..that is what this writer brings up, so it a pretty sure bet, to say this ‘anonymous’ is a left wing radical. My reasoning is simple; you’ll not hear a left wing radical saying anything nice about America. Yes, you would be hard pressed to hear one nice word about America leaving the lips of a radical liberal. I dare you to find something good Ted Kennedy has said about America in the last ten years. Or, for that matter, Al Gore, John Kerry or any of the hundreds of public servants that apparently hate the hand that feeds them. This is sad, but America’s freedom and liberty allows such pessimistic fatalists to speak their mind too. I have always wondered why these spoiled liberals who hate America don’t just do themselves a favor and move to Cuba. Living in this great land is obviously painful to them, with all the misery they see, so my advice to them is simple…..leave, LEAVE.

Believe me, radical leftist’s leaving America en masse’ would be doing others a service too. I used a little French lingo there to give another hint of a place that liberals may want to migrate to.

I will answer these negative comments about America and the liberty we enjoy one by one, but for my readers, I will correct the many spelling errors. Here is the entire comment, as posted.

“So this great liberty you speak of is that of being controled by the all mighty dollar, having the media tell you what to think, loosing all of your personal freedoms, fighting a war for more money, a class system that continues to separate further the upper and lower classes, education that is too expensive for anyone but the highest and lowest classes, poverty just like any other nation, states being not so slowly taken over by gang violence, kids drugged up by pharmesutical companies shooting up your schools, and an economy that forces two parents into the workfoce to keep what the media tells you is the proper standard of liveng while the children are braught up by strangers. Ya that sounds like perfect liberty. Don't let netionalism blind you to the fact that the US is far from perfect and actually moving away from the liberty it's forefathers faught so hard for everyday. Have a great time when all your natural resources are used up and your nation does not have the money to purchase it from those nations that take care of their own. Liberty is nice but it is nicer when it is true and real and not a figment of the nationalistic imagination.”

NS = Negative Statement about America
MA = My Answer to these negative statements

NS 1. So this great liberty you speak of is that of being controlled by the almighty dollar?

MA Yes liberty is great, and it is not controlled by the almighty dollar. Ask any American, who lived through the great depression of the 1930’s the same question. They were for the most part, out of work, hungry and penniless. Ask them if they were ‘libertyless’ in those hard years. Of course they had liberty; liberty is not in any way connected to what is in your bank account.

NS 2. So this great liberty you speak of is having the media tell you what to think?

MA For the 2004 election the media gave us a nonstop “Bush is dumb, war is bad, conservatives are the devil incarnate” front page attention. George Soros and his communist buddies spent hundreds of millions, trying to tell us all what to think. It didn’t work very well, and liberty is still safe in the hands of the voters, not the media. But yes, the media does have the right to tell us what they want us to think, but I still have the liberty to get my news from the internet, blogs, and other reliable sources.

NS 3. So this great liberty you speak of is losing all of your personal freedoms?

MA Liberty insures my personal freedoms. You must live in a paranoid liberal delusional state of mind, to think that we are losing our personal freedoms. No doubt some of America’s most precious freedoms are under assault. Gun ownership, gun possession, and the freedom of speech are being attacked by the left wing fanatics almost daily. Because I live in America, I have the liberty to fight such assaults upon my own liberties. Neat how that works, isn’t it?

NS 4. So this great liberty you speak of is fighting a war for more money?

MA To this I have to say. The war my great country is presently fighting is an expensive war. So there is no way you can say we are fighting for more money. And if you bring up the asinine statement that we are fighting this war for oil, Are you blind? Have you been to the gas pumps lately? No, we’re not fighting this war for oil….if that was really true; we’d have fifty cent a gallon gasoline by now, with the way our brave soldiers are fighting. But this war is very expensive, both in blood spilled by our best young people, and expensive to the families who lose loved ones. It is also very expensive to the taxpayers. I for one am not complaining about the cost of procuring liberty for the Afghanistan and Iraqi people. One priceless picture in my mind that no liberal spin will change is this………Smiling Iraqi’s lifting an index finger stained with purple dye, to show that they had voted. It cost a lot, yes, but to me it was and will be worth it.

NS 5. So this great liberty you speak of is a class system that continues to separate further the upper and lower classes?

MA There is not anything separating anyone in America, except ambition and desire. Just look at the penniless families arriving from Asia, whose children excel in our schools, and end up getting the best paying jobs, because they learn to do them. Look at them and tell me there is a class system. The one big example in the world of a class system, is the one still in place in India. And the only way the Indian subclass can raise themselves to a higher class, is to migrate to America. They are doing it right before your jaundiced eyes. Being born an American puts you in no class other than that of the living and breathing. You have the liberty to go to free schools, and excel. The only thing separating people in America, is this difference; people having the desire to achieve, and those who are content to sit in front of a TV or Gameboy.

NS 6. So this great liberty you speak of is education that is too expensive for anyone but the highest and lowest classes?

MA This is laughable. First of all who is it always speaking of classes…..those like you, the malcontents amongst us. There are Pell Grants, Government Student Loans, Scholarship programs by organizations, and cheap community colleges. You can even get an education online now, for a very small sum of money. All you have to add is hard work and study. There is no one in America that is being denied the chance to learn. My crystal ball tells me you are a dropout from college, who enjoyed partying when you should have been studying. Especially when there was spelling lessons.

NS 7. So this great liberty you speak of is poverty just like any other nation?

MA You probably have never visited the home of a poor person in America. I have. Our poor are not ‘like any other nation's poor.’ You are middle class, and have no idea of what the poor have in America. The poor are always with us, and while a war on poverty is a noble idea, it will never work. It sure is tough being poor in America isn’t it?
Only one big screen color TV, instead of the two the average home has. Cupboards full of Food that other Americans paid for in taxes or charitable gifts. Heat in the winter, and yes air conditioning. You can live in an almost rent free apartment. There are programs that provides health services, all paid for by others. Soap is cheap in America, toilet paper is cheap…it is hell being poor isn’t it?

NS 8. So this great liberty you speak of is, states being not so slowly taken over by gang violence?

MA I live in a middle class neighborhood, and we do all right dealing with any gang that attempts to prey on our neighborhood.. The poorest of our neighborhoods have a gang problem. The problem started long long ago, when no one would let the police do the policing that needed to be done. When people stop crying POLICE BRUTALITY anytime a neighborhood drug dealer is handcuffed a little too tightly, we may be on our way to fighting the gang problem. The gang problem is not something caused by liberty, it is something that is hard to eradicate because of personal liberties. There are ways, but the ACLU wouldn’t like them.

NS 9. So this great liberty you speak of is, kids drugged up by pharmaceutical companies shooting up your schools?

MA In America you have the liberty to be a good parent or a bad parent. The instances you indirectly refer to may never have happened if parents had demanded the liberty to continue administering spanking to the minor children at home, or for the schools to continue the practice of using corporal punishmen.

NS 10. So this great liberty you speak of is one that forces two parents into the workforce to keep what the media tells you is the proper standard of living while the children are brought up by strangers?

MA You seem possessed by what the media tells you. I am not looking to the media for child raising tips. Show me a media idol with emotionally stable children. They are the ones letting strangers bring up their children. You have the liberty in America to live a happy life without the guidance of Madison Avenue or the networks. I know of countless happy families with only one parent working. I know of many and have noticed that they are doing quite well; the whole family is happy, well fed, and comfortable. A roof that keeps the rain off of you…….is doing exactly what the rich man’s roof is doing. It is not necessary for both parents to work for the families physical needs. Every family in America has the liberty to have one parent working for the physical needs of the family, and the other parent attending to the spiritual and emotional needs of the family. It is a time honored way of raising healthy and wise children. Liberty does not make you want to have the latest and biggest television screen, but it allows you to obtain what you think is best. In America, you have the liberty to be selfish, covetous or even a bad parent.

NS 11. Ya that sounds like perfect liberty.

MA I have never said liberty as practiced in America is perfect. I said liberty is a yearning that God gave all humans. No one yearns to be a slave, poor, or hungry. The countries that have the most liberties invested with the citizens, are the ones with fewer miserable people. Nothing is perfect on this side of eternity, but liberty is the one thing that makes today, enjoyable, and the future, hopeful. You and I both are at liberty to obey God. If you choose not to obey God, your liberty will bring you an eternity of torment. If that happens, was it the liberty God gave you that doomed you? Or, was it what you did with your liberty?
This is not a trick question or for that matter a hard question to answer.

NS 12. Don't let netionalism blind you to the fact that the US is far from perfect and actually moving away from the liberty it's forefather’s faught so hard for everyday.

Oops, forgot to correct the spelling, but you get the message this commenter wanted to portray.
MA Blind I am not, Liberty I love, and your concern about the moving away from the liberty my forefather’s fought for proves this. You actually love liberty, and wish you had more. So what’s the beef? Nationalism is not a dirty word either. I am proud to be an American, and I love my liberty. I pay my respects to all those that made it possible to live like I do in America.
And about those forefathers, those men and women, yes there were many women who helped secure liberty for my country; they came from every country upon this earth, some from every religion, some of every skin color, and of both sexes to America. America isn’t perfect, but I’ll take it over any other place you name.

NS 13. Have a great time when all your natural resources are used up and your nation does not have the money to purchase it from those nations that take care of their own.

MA And now you expose yourself to everyone. You are an environmentalist. Great, I am one also, but one who isn’t blind. No country has worked any harder then America in learning how to use God’s creation in a responsible way. There are many such concerned nations, and for that I am glad. America is not using up our natural resources, we are using them. Your contrived panic is laughable. You tell me of a nation that takes nothing from nature, there are none. Haiti, Cuba, Russia, France, Portugal, in fact every country in the world uses natural resources. American’s use a greater amount per capita, yes, but we also use it to fill up the diesel tanks of the huge combines that harvest the wheat we all but give away to other countries. Yes America helps feed those that have scorched and slashed their own land so much, that they can’t grow squat. It also takes a lot of fuel to propel the boats full of grain to the starving nations of our world. The satellites we send into space to help the world communicate, cost a lot and take a lot of resources. Our citizens give to international relief organizations, food banks and world banks, and our own personal giving, is unequalled in the world. The small (less than 40 members) church that I have the liberty to attend anytime I want, gave over $10,000 to feed the hungry in Africa last year. We meet in a small building, not much to look at inside or outside, and worship the God that gives to all the desire for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No other country does as much. Don’t attack me for loving my country, which you obviously don’t.
You finish up your diatribe with this little statement which contains an outright LIE, America’s liberties are not a figment of the nationalistic imagination.

NS 14 Liberty is nice but it is nicer when it is true and real and not a figment of the nationalistic imagination.

MA How miserable you must be to have to resort to attacking liberty, even while you enjoy it. Would you rather be a slave? So you don’t like your own country………….MOVE DAMN IT…I’LL HELP WITH THE MOVING EXPENSES.
Terri Schiavo and Who Lives and Who Dies Now?
Who lives? Who dies?

There is no merit in rehashing all that has been told and retold, in the Terri Schiavo Starvation and Dehydration. Many people much wiser than I, will have much to say. You will hear a lot of commentary on this happening, but who really knows how Terri ended up with a damaged brain, in a healthy body? I don’t.

I am but one voice among a thousand, trying to explain what I think happened, and what I know happened.

Today I want to share with you what I know to have happened.

1. A disabled woman was starved to death.
And starved to death in a country that punishes those that won’t feed a horse, dog or canary properly.

What happened to bring us to such a barbaric and public execution of a fellow citizen?

I do have some questions about the sorry situation, that ended in a healthy woman of 41 years being cruelly murdered.

Without delving into the details of the event, I do want to make public some observations, and some personal judgments of all I have witnessed in the last two weeks. Again.

2. Terri was starved to death in a barbaric fashion.

Yes she was starved to death while lawyers, doctors, and news readers…praised the virtues of starvation and dehydration. Yes they all told us how starving and dehydration is dignified, euphoric and peaceful. Almost makes you want go without food or water for 13 days, doesn’t it???

Or maybe that sleazy lawyer, Pelos, would volunteer to demonstrate a little of this euphoria. In fact, with him being so intelligent, I think he could demonstrate just how euphoric starvation and dehydration are, in just ten days……instead of 13 days.

3. America saw a picture of love rarely seen.
Even while hate and death loomed ever so near, Terri’s family was concerned only with Terri, not how they looked on TV, or to the nation. Grown men are not supposed to cry publicly, but Terri’s dad looked like a person who had just been told that one of his children had been killed. He knew. I cried many tears with him. And his wife was the solid rock, never wavering, faltering, even as hell itself showed up to torment her…….she knew her daughter, one who she gave life to, was in danger of being murdered.

But every time I saw Michael Schiavo, or his lawyer, they were dressed to kill, and there was no sorrow or tears amongst them, just arrogance.

Yes, Terri’s mother, father, sister and brother, looked to me to be grieving, even before the fact. I think they sensed that the tug of war between pro-life and pro-death would leave them with a dead sister, or daughter. But, even in grief and pain, they showed the world, America at its best. Who wouldn’t relate to their grief? The one they loved was a pawn in a deadly game. But they steadfastly showed love for Terri, and proclaimed that they wanted to take care of Terri, forever. They volunteered to care for Terri for life, but the courts said, NO………She will die. So, she did.

And I ask you, do you think a court can determine the quality of life you must have, to be viable? Is this where we are today? If a court says those with a diminished quality of life must die, how many parents with a disabled child, would agree??? Or a blind child, a deaf child, or an ugly child……yes being ugly is a diminished form of life.

And just what is diminished quality of life?

To a millionaire movie star, just the thought of having to live life as a truck driver, would bring them to say……..I wouldn’t want to live like that.

So lets starve all the truck drivers to death, to please the millionaire movie stars.

4. No one will know how Terri ended up damaged.
I do want to know, but the facts won’t be available to the average citizen, we are not worthy.

Here are a few more things I know we have all learned.

5. It doesn’t matter what Congress or the President do or say, the few privileged, appointed not elected judges in America, are the power.
They have the power of life or death. The courts of America seem more than willing to listen to the killers, rapist and pedophiles of our society, but wouldn’t let Terri live long enough to have her case retried, even though she was not a burden to anyone, taxpayers or family.

6. I am going to hug every disabled, retarded, or elderly human I see, because their days are numbered.

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