Saturday, August 11, 2007
You need to lighten up a bit
Ray Stevens will make you laugh now,
Go ahead, lose yourself for a moment in comedy.
Enjoy the 'Mississippi Squirrel Revival' by Ray Stevens.

Yeah It's Over
Music in my youth judge.
Judge while you watch a video from early 1960.
Roy Orbison sings 'It's Over'

Saturday, August 04, 2007
First let me explain why I am interested in this great singer which I accidentally happened upon. Interested enough to want to share the moment with you. But, before my explanation, allow me to ask a question.

A quiz now…..what is the most beautiful musical instrument upon earth? The oboe, clarinet, saxophone, xylophone, timpani, bongos, electric guitar, violin, trumpet, bassoon, harmonica, piano, organ, TUBA???????? What is the most musical musical instrument upon this planet, right now…at this time?

God made the most beautiful musical instrument….when HE designed and created the vocal chords of the human. That is why there are no organs, guitars, electric guitars, pianos, accordions, harmonicas, hambones or violin sections at the church of Christ where I worship the creator each and every Lord’s day. YET, I love music, musical instruments, musicians and everyone who loves music. So enjoy… of the greatest vocal chords upon this sick and silent planet….sick, because we have turned our back on the creator of all of this, and silent….because when God sends His only begotten son Jesus, back to earth….there will be a choir…..not a rock band or rap singer….a band of angels singing praise to the creator…………..but what will you have to say… like me will be silent……I guarantee that…..because it has already happened in eternity.

Are you smart enough to laugh…..many of the sourpuss demoscats of America aren’t, but the rest of you…..enjoy….YEAH, it’s a Russian Thing…..but there are good people in every nook and cranny of this world….it is the governments that keep us apart…..maybe GW had a divine revelation….when he looked into Putin’s eyes…..what did he see?....I know exactly what he saw…..another crooked world leader who had people at home paying for his expensive trip overseas…….

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