Sunday, August 07, 2011
As the world crumbles

SOME OF YOU DO, THIS IS ONE PART OF A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC COVER PHOTO....that has been used over and over and then some more on the internet, magazines, newspapers, television and video.......of a beautiful green eyed woman of Afghanistan. It appeared on the cover of NGS while the Soviet Union vs Afghan Peasants War was still a fight. It was a fight that the Soviet Union (First into outer space)let mothers and fathers spill the precious blood of their sons.....fighting over, fighting over what. Poppy see the Soviets knew the USofA was a drug addicted democracy on the verge of collapse. You can listen to the lies of many, that would say I'm stupid. But me thinks not. So, how come I'm blogging about this? Here's Why......the drug addicts of Wall Street, back alleys and government buildings of the USofA....have this fine young mans blood on their hands.
There are a few journalists who have touched upon the easy parts of this problem, but it is so complex because you don't have a clue as to if your pastor, teacher, banker, congressman, mother, daughter, son, uncle, neighbor or the president of your nation is a DRUG ADDICT.
AND, you are afraid to look into the matter, for fear that someone you love has the blood of slaughtered Afghanistans, Mexicans or Columbians on their hands.

I am blogging again, with a passion. I hate the thought of fine young soldiers dying for your love of opium, marijuana or cocaine.

This is going to be my research project, and who knows I may find things that endanger me..........I'm serious about this, your drug problem is killing people all over this planet, and the billions wasted on drugs in the USofA, and the cost of fighting one war after another for the free flow of drugs, and the cost of protecting the few remaining citizens not addicted to drugs, and policing our borders, and burying the murdered........yes that cost is many times more than the national debt. I don't need government figures, it is obvious to anyone who is not afraid of the truth.

Facebook is not the place for my account of this endeavor, so I'm back at Sanity's Bluff...........stay tuned.


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