Friday, October 28, 2005
Run Dr. Rice...Run
This woman looks mad, out of control, evil and probably a woman you would not want to have dinner with. There is no way you could ever be convinced to vote for this woman if she was running for mayor in your town. Heck you certainly wouldn't let this woman babysit your children while you went to the movies.





This picture is beautiful. In it I see a woman I would shut up for, and listen to the piano concerto she was sharing. You won't hear her piano playing on NPR, but I can hear it in my mind. This is America at it's finest. I would love to sit in audience with this learned woman. And if she would only hear her country's call. Dr. Rice, please run, how about this......?? You and Elizabeth Dole run for the presidency, either way....RICE/DOLE...OR.....DOLE RICE.

Thursday, October 27, 2005
Interesting Factoids

Maybe we should have doctor control?

Number of physicians in the USA-----700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians each year-----120,000

Accidental deaths per physician-----0.171

Number of gun owners in the USA-----80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths each year -----1,500

Accidental deaths per gun owner-----0.0000188

Conclusion......Doctors are approximately 9,000 times more likely to kill you accidentally than a gun owner.

Note: Figures taken from sources on the internet and are not guaranteed to be accurate, but the trend is interesting.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I weep for Kansas



YES, You probably have figured out by now that I was born in Missouri……ouch, it hurt just to type that sequence of letters.

I really should be sleeping now, I will be going to work soon, but I am so troubled. I was surfing around cyberspace and came upon an article written about the subjects, TOPEKA, KANSAS and HATRED.

To get an idea of why I am so this…..westboro baptist church.

Kansas is not a state populated with people that agree with, act like, or even talk like Fred Phelps.

I am going to be heavily into research on this matter in the future, but I want to state a few facts.

Kansas is not a state populated with people that agree with, act like, or even talk like Fred Phelps.

Here is a link….to an expose by the British News Organization….SkyNews……….follow it and weep, not for Kansas, but for Humanity.

Plain and simply stated…….this man (Fred Phelps) worships another god than I worship. MY GOD, (THE GREAT I AM) doesn't have any children that practice hate, be it Islamic Radicals, or Fred Phelps. Sometimes you don't have to guess about a persons motive....Fred Phelps is a hateful man, and I wish he was from some other state than Kansas.,,31100-hate_251005,00.html

I am asking the world to forget and forgive all the hatred that this Bigot from Kansas has stirred up, and just think of me…..webloafer…..truckdriver…..human……Christian…..from Kansas.

Kansas, has been hated at different times for different reasons by different people.
Kansas, has been loved at different times for different reasons by different people.

I ask you to come back and follow my defense of Kansas vs Fred Phelps, as it unfolds at Sanity's Bluff. If you have any pictures you took of one of his hate protests, I would be interested in them.

I leave you today with a few names to counteract the poison of Fred Phelps from Kansas.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
John Brown
Bob Dole
Al Landon
And ME.
Saturday, October 22, 2005
Sanity's Bluff v.2.0

Below is the link to my new blog.

My new blog is named
Patriotic & Idiotic and will be a no frills blogsite where I will share my latest political, social, historical and personal writings. No pictures, only a few jokes; but a lot of effort from me to you. Please Visit, Thanks. Oh by the way, there is only one article there right now, 10-22-05. But there will be many more well thought out articles to come in the future....YES the future, I hope the future is kind to both of us. There is always room in my world for you, even if we disagree on the arguable things.
Open Letter to Senator Stevens of Alaska,

Please do your country a favor, quit like you threatened to do on the floor of the Senate Chamber. That part of the Capitol Building in its glorious gilded splendor, is the taxpayer’s house, not yours, and you disgraced that chamber this week. You threw a tantrum that would make a spoiled 4 year old proud. You are too old and senile to help your country, so do as you threatened… QUIT NOW.

The 223 million dollars to build a bridge to an island in your state where only 50 people live, is a theft of taxpayers money, a bribe to keep your sorry ass in the Senate.

Taxpayers of America it is time to revolt against these thieves in Washington called Senators. They take almost half of our paycheck to spend like this. It used to be something to chuckle at…pork. Now it is on such a scale that it has become unbearable. They cannot keep on spending like there is no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow, and the children today will have to pay for all the unnecessary largess of the self righteous Senators and Representatives. A crime of monumental proportion is taking place and no one seems to notice.

Let me put this crime in perspective
For the 223 million dollars that will be spent on a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, the taxpayers could have bought every family on that island, (est. to be 12 families)
A Lear Jet, yes a brand new $4,000,000 model, not the economy version.
It would cost about $2,000,000 to keep a pilot on standby for twenty years, at a $100,000 annual salary. This would cost the taxpayers about 72 million dollars, and the taxpayers could pay for all of the jet fuel these families would need for twenty or more years, all for less than half the cost of that bridge. And to show we aren’t bitter, we taxpayers could supply all the little bags of honey roasted peanuts they would ever need. Then we could use the savings to help the needy hurricane victims.

Do the math yourself, it may be laughable, but we are the ones who are going to have to pay for this. I don’t care which party he is from…..he is a pompous acting criminal and should be in jail. Thievery on a scale this large makes me want to quit working hard just to pay more taxes for these criminals to steal.

Someone will have to pay for the billions and billions of dollars of pork the Senators and Representatives added to the latest transportation bill. And why President Bush did not veto it, I’ll never understand.

The lowly taxpayers can plainly see that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, who is in the Senate, or House……Republican or Democrat, they will use the power they have to steal our nation’s blood, the financial blood that is. I am sorry to be so gloomy, but tell me how we will ever be able to pay for all of this? This is only about one States pork; the bill had billions and billions of dollars allocated for wasteful pork projects.

The thought just hit me…… the Washington crowd keeps up bitter partisan fights, to divert our attention while they pick our pockets.

Friday, October 21, 2005
Taxicabs From Hell

Two taxis are speeding northbound on the same narrow road in a rain storm. The sky is possessed by lightning; and the thunder rattles the hairs in everyones ears. When the thunder claps, it is impossible to hear the taxi's radio, and equally as impossible for the driver and passenger to communicate.
The lightning and the glare of the rain slick road, temporarily blinds one taxi driver, and he slams on the brakes of his taxi. The next few seconds are filled with panic, screams and confusion. As the brakes are applied, the tread of the taxi’s tires lose their grip on the road and the taxi spins out of control.
The driver of the taxi closely following the now out of control taxi decides to accelerate the speed of his taxi, in an attempt to get ahead of the danger, but this is a mistake. The two taxis collide in a terrible matter, and the screams of the passengers, the drivers and the noise of the shattering glass and crumpling metal compete with the thunder in magnitude of sound.
The vehicles finally come to a stop, within yards of a hospital Emergency Room Entrance Sign. Lucky? We’ll soon see.
Paramedics from the hospital rush to the scene to help the injured. The two drivers of the taxis are shaken up but have only minor injuries. The passengers are both quite seriously injured. The paramedics rush to extract the two passengers from the crumpled taxis, and manage to transfer them to gurneys. Both gravely injured men are conscious, and both are muttering almost the same thing to the people attending to their wounds. They are telling those attending to their terrible injuries, that "believe it or not I was born in the hospital right over there”, as they pointed to the hospital so near to the accident.
Even in their pain, both men were curious about the condition of the other injured man, on the other gurney. Each man turns their heads to get a closer look at the other injured man.
This unusual situation turns into an even nastier scene, as two injured men, start yelling in decibels louder yet than the thunder of the storm. They are both shouting out that they belong in the hospital, but the other injured man must be denied the right to the hospital.
“You can’t treat that man here, I was born in this hospital”, one shouts as the other injured man screams out, “So was I, and you don’t belong here. My family owns this hospital. I’ll die fighting before you are let in.”Bizarre? No. Not when you consider that the two injured taxicab passengers were, a Palestinian, and a Jew, and the hospital was a little place in the Middle East.
Saturday, October 15, 2005
Bambi Went Down as I cried....

I am devastated……with about 2 million miles of driving diesel truck, In every state of my country, (Except Alaska, and Hawaii) Many more miles in Canada,And a few in Mexico, I had a deer, a doe deer to be exact, commit suicide in front of my truck.
All of this happened on a lonely stretch of highway B, near Rockville, Missouri.
Things happen fast at 60 miles an hour, on a narrow farm road. I am careful on this road at this time of year because farmers are harvesting corn and soybeans, and driving the rewards of their hard work to local elevators in slow or even slower trucks.
It is not unusual for me to have to slow down for a couple of farmtrucks or evern combines, and wait for them to drive off of the road so I can pass them with my 18 wheeler. When they start pulling the crops out of the field, the farmers work 24 hours a day until it is done.
I love to watch the hardest working segments of our population(in my humble opinion)of course..

Farmers and Soldiers…America’s Weapons of Mass Security.

Anyone who has a bad word to say about the American farmer or our nations wonderful soldiers, (from the lowest private, to the commander in chief) gets no respect from this truck driver. Just once I would hope they would have to go to bed hungry with terrorists terrorising their church or neighborhood. If it was left up to the liberals of this country to feed or protect our nation, we would be a third world nation. It is not the people or land that make Cuba a third world is the liberal form of government the citizens tolerate.

Back to Bambi meets tractor trailer. As careful as I was, I was not able to avoid the doe deer last night….and it is dead.
The road upon which all of this happened is a Missouri county road, just wide enough for two trucks to pass each other, so there was nowhere to park and see about the deer, but I am positive it could not have survived 40 tons at 60 miles an hour.
I drive 17 miles from a Federal Highway (US 71) to my destination two times a day, and 17 miles back to the big road. That is almost 70 miles of bad road each day, five days a week. In each of those 17 miles, there are three one lane bridges, 4 bridges that should be posted as one lane, 5 sharp turns, and many other truck driving challenges. In that 17 miles there are only 2 places that I can pull my truck and trailer over and stop. JUST TWO,Two in 17 miles…the rest of the road has no shoulder, just ditches, rails, or fences.
There is always the danger of coming upon farm equipment on the road. And there is the possibility of animals on the road or near the road.
Some evenings the hawks, owls and other birds fly close to my truck, and all I am able to wish for is. I just hope they stay out of the way (I am a birdwatcher and lover) of all this movement of elements I am in charge of, like in driving..
In about thirty years of driving, I have been fortunate enough to have only had 2 pheasants,a wild turkey and few other small birds fly into the windshield of my truck. These have always been sad days. I love birds, but my truck can’t fly.
Even today, upon returning to the yard, I had to clean clumps of Monarch Butterflies off of the radiator of my truck.
Why even snakes use the road to sun on at times, and turtles love to use the highways in rainy weather. I see raccoons galore, an occasional bobcat, wild turkeys, cows that have wandered out onto the road, kittens, cats and the dogs of the farmers, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, possums,and DEER. Of all these critters, I love turtles and deer the most.
The only one of these many animals I would risk trying to avoid, is the turtle. At 60 mph, 40 tons of truck is not able to make quick, defensive maneuvers. You can steer slowly away from a situation, but you cannot swerve to avoid. I wrote an article about this, many months ago here at Sanity’s Bluff. I am not going to run off of the road and kill myself to save a deer, or any other animals.
Maybe this is why PETA people don’t drive truck (personally I wish they would).
Back to the deer though.
At sixty miles per hour, all of this happened in about 2 second’s time: All of the sudden in the range of my eyesight and the trucks headlights,There, Not more than 50 yards ahead of my truck, a doe leaped from the brush, and headed to the other side of the road. In this area last night, it was cloudless, and the moon was almost full; so the sight was beautiful…BUT. My mind immediately knew that there would probably be more deer crossing the road. This doe was almost certainly running from a horny deer buck. Not full speed, mind you, Just kinda putting up a show of running.

I started braking, But: Another deer jumped from the ditch and I heard a dull thud. That’s all,
Just a dull thud. It was a head on collision, deer to my truck’s bumper. There was very little damage to my truck, one fog light busted, and a little fur and blood on the bumper. The deer impacted my bumper right at the strongest part of the bumper. My truck was the lucky one in this unavoidable happening. I had to drive 12 miles to a place to stop and check out the damage. I was almost in tears. If there had been a way to avoid this, I would have done it.
My reflexes are fine tuned to react to such events with my family’s future in mind.
My family needs me, and we can all go to the Zoo to see deer in their safe environment. Near tears, and upset, Actually there were a more than a few tears, I drove away from the scence of this carnage of the road. This was the first deer I have ever struck with a truck.
Many years ago, I ran into a cow with the truck I was driving at a slow speed, just kinda knocked it out of the way. Rabbits are always committing suicide in front of me. They will sit at the edge of the road waiting for a truck, and then dash out into the road. I swear they commit suicide.
I am sick, I was hoping that I could drive a few more years without ever killing a deer, and then retire. I don’t hunt, but don’t mind other people hunting deer. Personally, I can’t stand the smell of deer flesh, or the taste. I am a beef and potato man. (DID I SPELL THAT RIGHT DAN QUALE?????????)
I shared this with you; just to get it off of my chest so to speak….I am really devastated. Most of you think of conservatives as people who don’t give a squat about animals. You are wrong. Most conservatives are better stewards of God’s Gift of life, than any snail worshipping drugged out scum bucket from the wacko side of liberalism. Care about animals??? I do.
I learn a lot about my creator looking at all of HIS creation. He provides all of us, enjoyment in the watching of animals, but, He also created animals for men and women to eat if they are hungry. My creator gave me dominion over all animals, for they don’t have a soul, I DO.
That beautiful doe had no soul, so after a little grieving, I’ll get back behind the wheel and drive on, thanking my Creator for giving me discernment of the worth of man and animals. There is a beautiful scripture from the Bible, that comes to mind……loving the created more than the creator.
I share it now……paint me however you must in your mind, I love the creator’s creation too, but I worship the Creator. You should too.

25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator,

Think my friends…….about that deer and John. Which one had an eternal soul? Which had a soul? I know, and you should know too. Touched a little? Do you love God’s creation? God has more creations awaiting those that obey HIM.
But, most of you won’t, even GOD is resigned to this fact…… If you read these following verses, and don’t feel a tug at your heart, telling you, man has let God down, well it may be hopeless for you. Romans 1:18-32 (King James Version)
18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
19 ecause that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
Thursday, October 13, 2005
fussin' and a fightin'
Oh we’re a fussin’ and a fightin’ but we’re kin.

I wish I could wave some magic wand and sshhhheeeeeeezzzzammmmm

All Americans would love each other, and say with one voice, “We’re gonna fight this war out, win it…..and help each other in the meantime.”

I can’t remember any time in my life that desperation and melancholy were battling so viciously for my attention. Melancholy……..ends with holy…….but it is only the way people avoid making hard decisions. Desperation……..I still want to believe God didn’t create men and women to hate each other.

George Walker Bush is as honorable, and decent as any president in our countries history, yet he is hated so deeply: people hawk T-Shirts that have pictured on the front, Our Presidents face being exploded by a bullet from a gun…..

Yes it is only a T-Shirt, but it brings to my attention something equally as UNAMERICAN……would it be Jane Fonda sitting on a anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi?…while American blood was being spilt for the Vietnamese?…………REALITY CHECK…ASK THE VIETNAMESE IN AMERICA IF WE DID THE RIGHT THING IN THAT WAR.

How did this come about…..was it because he reduced everyone’s tax burden?

I am paying a smaller percentage of my earnings to the Federal government in 2005, than I ever have.

But, here I am today paying more into the failing Medicare, Medicaid programs, and the social security program, that I’ll ever get in return. We have turned tomorrows returns in to lies. I’ll not benefit from these programs even though I soon will need them….and we all know it. Our governmental nest egg…Laugh me to me moon….nest egg…

We are broke as a nation….spiritually and financially.

Yes at this time, We are supporting a great bunch of senior citizens who have not paid enough into the coffers of government, to pay for half of what they think they are owed. We have hundreds of thousands of citizens, who have never earned a paycheck of any kind, but live as good or better than I do. I don’t call welfare, or rehabilitation payment’s to be a paycheck….it is thievery. I work my butt off, yet can’t afford cable TV, or trips to a casino.

‘Nuff said’.

So let’s all hate the person who has a better idea….and call him a coward in war, stupid in life, and whatever else your micheal moore mentality comes up with.

Back to the seniors citizens. I am one, but I’ll probably be working until I’m 80 to pay for the wheelchairs of the obese gluttons of democracy.

Yes at this time, We are supporting a great bunch of senior citizens who have not paid enough into the coffers of government, to pay for half of what they think they are owed. We have hundreds of thousands of citizens, who in all of their lifes, have never earned a paycheck of any kind, but live as good or better than I do. I don’t call welfare, or rehabilitation payment’s to be a paycheck….it is thievery. I work my butt off, yet can’t afford cable TV, or trips to a casino.


Everyone includes the rich taxpayers also….after all the rich pay the bills in this nation, and unless you are Bill Gates, I’m still talking about you….the benefactor of Capitalism, Democracy and Republicanism, unless you are a phenomenal taxpayer like Bill Gates, you ain’t done nothing…..let me see how much you actually paid toward democracy, freedom and America before I will take you seriously.

Was it because he responded forcefully when the scum of Islam brought terror to our shores?

Was it because he let the Congress spend like drunken sailors? Sorry USN….I know you are sober….and on duty…it’s just a cliché.

Was it because he let his political enemies (Ted, the swimmer, Kennedy) write legislation governing the federal view and support of public education, that (any sane person knows)should have been written by J.C.Watts?

Was it because he appointed more minorities to his cabinet, then the last 12 Democrat Presidents have?

Was it because he visited the defenders of liberty…where they fought?

Was it because he told other world leaders that America will do what needs to be done, and …

Was it because most of the world

I have lost my train of thought….but, don’t forget, we should all get together and try to oust the only one who has publicly stood up to the pigs of islam.

My friend, Your battle will be won.....because you are a fighter..
But one suggestion....take a little time
off from your effort.
Go to Sanity's Bluff and check out my latest song......
It is called Get Away.
I am convinced that there are millions of brillant, loving and wonderful people who just don't know how to get away.
My friend, battle like you want to win, but get away from it once you have a portion of victory....
get away
observe your enemy
relax a little more'
then give 'em hell
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The Great Get Away

Saturday, October 08, 2005
Growing Old is Getting Old.....

What’s a Senior Citizen to Do?

MY eyes are bad, that is why I'm in the Vision Center at Wal-Mart trying to get a new pair of glasses. I've been wearing glasses for over 50 years and I go through the same thing everytime I want a new pair of glasses. There in the Vision Center, the clerk points to the wall with the rows and rows of frames, and asks "Do you see anything you like?"
I see a pair that I may like, so I take off my glasses and put on the frames and THEN WHAT? I look at the mirrored wall, but it is useless, I am blind without glasses.
How am I supposed to know how the glasses look on me, if I can’t see anything with the empty frames? This is probably why these critters ended up with such dorky frames to their new lenses. These are too cute to not post....enjoy.

Friday, October 07, 2005
The Big Tent
I realize my last entry was not really fair in it’s assessment of President Bush’s Supreme Court Nomination. Any true conservative will understand why I was upset, and any liberal will misunderstand why. I still think it was a poor choice, given all of the possible choices. Rather than me pontificating more on that issue…….I have been thinking.
Both the Democrats and Republicans have said they are the political party with the big tent. Is it possible for both to be right? I started thinking about all of the diversity in President Bushes selections, and it is evident he has pitched a very big tent. I started to think of the big tent of the Conservatives………
My mind drifted back to the time I went to the big top, as we called the big tent of the traveling circus. Even in my youth I realized there was a very diverse group of people at the circus. I can still smell the elephant dung, peanuts and sweaty uniforms of the circus people. No, this is probably not a good description of the Republican Big Tent.
Hmm…I went to a wedding in a big tent once. No this is a little rich for my enjoyment. It couldn’t be a tent so decadent. The Republican tent has rich and poor and a lot of middle class in it. I would feel out of place in these tents.
I wonder if history has any tents I could compare the Republican Big Tent too. Here are some possibilities?
These first two are pictures taken while the first Republican President was in office, leading a war effort that had to be fought. They both were taken in 1864, and they show sutlers and doctors in front of the tents they worked in, near or on the battlefields of the Civil War.

What about this tent….?General George Custer poses in front of his tent, with some of his scouts. He probably should have had the scouts out assessing the nearby territory…..this was the last picture taken of the General. He had no idea that he was outnumbered so badly, like I said, the scouts should have not been at the tent, they should have been scouting.
Now for a reality check......Thousands of our fighting men and women, spend months living and working in tents like these. They are busy at our nations defense, hunting down and killing those that want to tear down Americas big tent. Next time you go to the circus tent, a wedding tent, or see a picture of a tent from long ago…Remember our fighting men and women.

I am going to add a few pictures from Kirkuk Iraq, where if you read the MSM, you would think nothing good has happened, and it is hopeless. It sure looks like these children may have a future, even in Husseins home town. The people in Kirkuk are beginning to shake off the nightmare of yesterday. These young children are playing in the big tent of democracy, thanks to America, Great Britain and other brave warriors from great nations.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Knife in the back

Open letter to the RNC

To The Republican National Committee,

This is the last straw. The conservatives of America have been shafted for the last time. There is a record, a public record of what we were promised by President George Walker Bush, if we would work hard to see him reelected. Go back into the archives and watch some of the videos made during George W’s last campaign for president, and you will see and hear thunderous applause and standing ovations anytime the President mentioned that he would nominate and fight for judges to the Supreme Court in the same mold as Justice Anthony Scilia, and Justice Thomas. So here it is 2005 and twice he ignores 7 or 8 such proven judges, to nominate two “maybe they are conservative, we’ll just have to wait and see to the highest court in our nation.

So much for that recorded promise. Just like fiscal responsibility, and a safe homeland. Nothing but promises.

As a Barry Goldwater Conservative, I worked in his campaign, I can tell you…..”I know conservatives, and you are not conservative!”

1. Do not expect the conservative base of your party to once again work their tails off to elect any Republican. We will be shopping for a political home, since there is no future for us in the G.O.P.

2. Or, it may be necessary to create a third party before the next election, made up of conservatives that have been screwed by the Republican Party and President George W. Bush in particular.

3. We know these actions will lead to a Democrat Party sweep next election time, but hear me out now. It is better to lose in a battle upfront, than to go down from a knife in the back.
I get a lot of mail from The Republican Committee to elect this or that, and I read the letters. Almost all of them use a tactic something like this....”you wouldn't want to wake up and find Hillary Clinton called President Hillary Clinton, would you? So send in some more of your hard earned money.”

4. The Republican majority is already toast in 2006, and by the time the second national federal election cycle comes around (2008) your party will be the third place party, and our new party will be going toe to toe with the Democrats. I am already practicing addressing you all as "your party", for it sure isn't mine.

5. Since neither the Republican or Democrat party will address the national security threat of our open borders, or the unnecessary and crazed spending going on, or the cronyism of the run amuck Federal Government......WE WILL WIN.

I started having second thoughts about President Bush when he signed the Political Finance Reform Bill that legislated the end to our freedom of speech. I became even more concerned to realize George W. has never vetoed any of the pork laden appropriations bills. Then I got more than a little hot under the collar when he called the concerned citizens who joined in the Minutemen Project, ‘vigilantes’. Quite a laundry list? If I could have a conversation with the President, it would go something like this….I've had it, George W. Bush, just like your father you are NO CONSERVATIVE, AND I AM BEGINNING TO DOUBT YOUR COMPASSION. How about having a little compassion on the taxpayer's of today and tomorrow? You have opened the taxpayers piggybank, letting largesse and power reign, over fiscal conservatism and accountability. There is no way the taxpayers of this country can bear the burden you have placed on our backs, and the backs of our children and grandchildren.
Why could you not fight for the little ones of America? You have continued to let foreigners walk unchecked into our country and take our jobs. My boss won't give me a raise because he knows there are undocumented foreigners who would do my job for less. If you truly are concerned about homeland security, put a lock on the door….DAH…..if my neighborhood saw a huge increase in home burglaries, I would put a BIGGER LOCK ON THE DOOR. Are you so dense that you can’t see this? You have the Secret Service to protect your job, life and property. We are out here alone with an incompetent federal government, and we are being swamped with foreigners.

But back to the last straw, the knife in the back.

Many clichés come to my mind in this latest of a long list of betrayal by George W. Bush.

I know it is only a Supreme Court nomination, but we worked hard for the day to come when good judges would be appointed to the Court.
Bush has been accused by many of being a liar.
I am joining in the chorus.

There is a record, a public record. Watch some of the videos made during George W’s last campaign for president, and you will see and hear thunderous applause anytime the President mentioned that if the voters would return him to the oval office, he would nominate judges to the Supreme Court in the same mold of Anthony Scilia, and Justice Thomas.

Bush lied, His parties base cried, and is now saying good-bye.

We worked our tails off to elect republican local, state and national candidates.

We put our shoulder to the wheel.

We kept our noses to the grindstone.

We worked our fingers to the bone.

What did we get for all our efforts?

I think you can get the image.

There is only one consolation in all of this for the Conservatives of America. The country is headed for a collapse, and the big spenders in Washington will be blamed and put out of office. That will be the Republicans. We’ll weather a Democrat administration, because the stuck on stupid Democrats will raise taxes and see us humiliated militarily.....that is the only thing they know how to do. Raise taxes and hate the military. After 4 years of President Hillary, the country will sweep the new conservative party to power.

We the voters and party loyal are shocked beyond reconciliation….don’t even try to clean this mess up……you won’t be able. Enjoy the next 13 months of being in power.

Oh by the way, any Democrats reading this rant, don’t celebrate too much, you are not the answer for America either, and you will be turned out after 6 years of power. That is if there is still a United States of America left in 2012.

If I had to select a Supreme Court Justice….I would select from a very short list, Myself, Newt Gingrich, Elizabeth Dole, Condoleezza Rice or Rush Limbaugh.

The following was added 10/06/05

Déjà vu, another President Bush drives me from the Republican Party and will cause me to vote for third party candidates in 2006 and 2008.
It is Ross Perot all over again. I fell for Ross’s spiel in 1992, and helped put the playboy from Arkansas in the White House. Do I feel bad about that? Yes, and no. I am sorry that we as a country had to be embarrassed by the peccadillos of a redneck Rhodes scholar, but with the given circumstances, I’d do it again.

Somehow being the Vice President for the greatest President of the 20th century, did not prepare George Herbert Bush, for the duties of the Presidency. Mr. Bush was an honest well-meaning President, but seemed to lose interest in fighting the liberals of the day. The President of the United States had shut his ears and mind to the citizens. No more new taxes…we all remember that statement that lead to a one term presidency. There were other things that played a role in his defeat in the ’92 election, but to most people it seemed that the people didn’t matter to the president. One thing you can never accuse Bill Clinton of, is not listening to the citizens. Bill had no core beliefs, so he depended solely on public opinion for any decisions as President. Poll-driven and able to change on a dime, that was Bill. In good times there is nothing dangerous about that, in bad times it can be fatal. I shudder to think of what would have happened if he had been president when our country was attacked.

Anyway, back to today. Another Bush is in the White House, and like his father, George W. is an honest, well meaning man. For the fight against terror, we are fortunate to have a man like G.W. as president. Wars cannot be won by taking a poll to see how the people want it fought.

War and the Supreme Court, let’s talk about it. If the country I love so dearly had continued down the road led by the whims of the aclu, and liberal judges, it was only a matter of time, that America would not be a country worthy of fighting for. If this country was to continue down the path of hating good, (Boy Scouts, God and Motherhood) and continues to champion bad, (Socialists, Degenerates and Nannyism) changing America into a liberal utopia (like New Orleans 2005) we would end up with a country not worth sacrificing for. Blood, Sweat or Tears, would be wasted on a country with liberals in control.

For forty years the conservative movement has chipped away at the insanity of the socialist mind in control of America. The Supreme Court is the last frontier of the anti-american left. We fought like crazy to get the White House back and have a decent God-fearing president pick judges that would right the ship of state.

Now Harriet Miers may well be a God-fearing woman who believes in the sanctity of life, but there are other equally as important issues to rule on in the coming years. There are many judges who have shown they will do what is right even when in a minority, so now that we have the majority, it would seem best to reward one of these warriors for good, with a Supreme Court Position.

I've had a few days to ponder this, and it doesn't add up.....Here are some thoughts I have added to this article....on 10/09/05.

What a mess……

The President nominates a candidate to the Supreme Court that is loved more by the Democrats on Capitol Hill than the Conservatives down in the trenches, and he and his cronies wonder why the Conservatives are rebelling?

Is this another blunder by the President? Yes and Yes, The only way to keep this unqualified candidate from being seated at the nation’s highest court would be for all of the Republicans to vote against her confirmation. All of the Democrats will end up voting for her, because they know she is not qualified, and will turn liberal when given such a lofty position. They know the power of praise upon a weak judge, they turned Judge Souter into a liberal voting judge, and it will be as easy to do in this case. With the praise coming from the Democratic side of the aisle, it is easy to see that this is the biggest blunder of the Bush years. I don’t expect Bush to rescind his pick, he is too vain, and doesn’t like conservatives to start with. He has ignored every conservative in Washington for five years, and now he is proving that he is no more than a pro-war liberal….yes anyone can plainly see this…George W. Bush is the real stealth candidate of all times….he fooled me and millions like me. A pro-war liberal, period.

Name me one time that the President stood up for Conservative Principals?.

You say tax cuts…I say this was a sinister plot to bankrupt the treasury and have the Republicans blamed, so that all of his liberal friends can get back in power.

To send such a weak candidate to the Supreme Court would be almost guaranteeing a liberal court for years to come. If you can’t see it, you have drunk too much Kool-Aid.

This woman will not fight for conservative values, just like the one who nominated her has never battled for any conservative value. Compassion? Mr. Bush, have compassion on the conservatives that put you in power.

I will leave the Republican Party if this unqualified stealth candidate winds up confirmed. In fact I am already gone. I haven’t forgotten the war, I just have a sick feeling that Bush is as incompetent or even stealth about the war.

Can you say, A wolf in sheep’s clothing….or a Liberal in Conservatives clothing?

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