Friday, October 21, 2005
Taxicabs From Hell

Two taxis are speeding northbound on the same narrow road in a rain storm. The sky is possessed by lightning; and the thunder rattles the hairs in everyones ears. When the thunder claps, it is impossible to hear the taxi's radio, and equally as impossible for the driver and passenger to communicate.
The lightning and the glare of the rain slick road, temporarily blinds one taxi driver, and he slams on the brakes of his taxi. The next few seconds are filled with panic, screams and confusion. As the brakes are applied, the tread of the taxi’s tires lose their grip on the road and the taxi spins out of control.
The driver of the taxi closely following the now out of control taxi decides to accelerate the speed of his taxi, in an attempt to get ahead of the danger, but this is a mistake. The two taxis collide in a terrible matter, and the screams of the passengers, the drivers and the noise of the shattering glass and crumpling metal compete with the thunder in magnitude of sound.
The vehicles finally come to a stop, within yards of a hospital Emergency Room Entrance Sign. Lucky? We’ll soon see.
Paramedics from the hospital rush to the scene to help the injured. The two drivers of the taxis are shaken up but have only minor injuries. The passengers are both quite seriously injured. The paramedics rush to extract the two passengers from the crumpled taxis, and manage to transfer them to gurneys. Both gravely injured men are conscious, and both are muttering almost the same thing to the people attending to their wounds. They are telling those attending to their terrible injuries, that "believe it or not I was born in the hospital right over there”, as they pointed to the hospital so near to the accident.
Even in their pain, both men were curious about the condition of the other injured man, on the other gurney. Each man turns their heads to get a closer look at the other injured man.
This unusual situation turns into an even nastier scene, as two injured men, start yelling in decibels louder yet than the thunder of the storm. They are both shouting out that they belong in the hospital, but the other injured man must be denied the right to the hospital.
“You can’t treat that man here, I was born in this hospital”, one shouts as the other injured man screams out, “So was I, and you don’t belong here. My family owns this hospital. I’ll die fighting before you are let in.”Bizarre? No. Not when you consider that the two injured taxicab passengers were, a Palestinian, and a Jew, and the hospital was a little place in the Middle East.


Blogger phred said...

An age old problem.
It is odd how the rest of the world is outspoken about the US being fair and unbias... yet most of them are the most prejudiced of all. Different rules for us I suppose.

Anonymous Patrioticidiotic said...

The US got to the top of the heap, by working hard, not by complaining about other countries. We still are there.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Sad thing is...... I can actually see this scenario happening... Over and over and over again...
Great post WL...

Blogger Daedalus said...

Quite interesting. The world would be better off without both of them, I hate to say it. If you can't forgive in near death, when can you?

Blogger puremood said...

Interesting - and I thought this was going to be another story/scene that you witnessed on the road. ;)

Blogger Pikkel Weezel said...

Hmmmm, hey when was the last time your truck had to be towed?

Blogger web_loafer said...

PK.....If my truck breaks down I usually just get a rope and pull it back to Kansas City.....It has been a long time.....about 6 or 7 years ago. I even forget what the breakdown was, but i remember that the company I work for called a tow outfit that we had never used before, and never will again. It was a hook job from hell. I almost ask the driver to let out so I could hitchhike back to the yard. If there had been a tow truck and tow truck driver in the movie, Deliverance, this would have been him.....His truck was a old old Marmom with a 4 by 4 gear box, and I think it was a 318 Detroit, or at least he drove it like a 318, on the governor all the time.

I stopped looking in the mirror at my truck on the hook.....swaying across a lane and a half of the interstate, at 75 miles per hour. I had my seat belt off, and hand on the door handle.....I was not going to go down with the ship so to speak. I know that was not wise, but I was scared.....and didn't want my kin to have to scrape me off of the inside of that towtrucks cab.

How you doing weezel? You drive a tow truck don't you, I seem to remember you sharing some pics of a heavy towing truck, was that you?

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