Wednesday, June 22, 2011
The Upheaval

How do you expect to survive the upheavals coming? Could you discern the difference between your seedlings of squash, or a morning glory vine? Are you afraid of bee’s, wasps or the whole insect realm? Do you cringe at even the thought of dirt beneath your fingernails? Web is WIDE AWAKE, and is preparing for the upheaval. If you spend more time having your fingernails or toenails sanded and painted than you spend preparing for the upheaval……….Please don’t knock on my door, or try to lift something from our garden when the upheaval comes. Web is a generous soul, has helped keep many people alive by charitable giving. BUT, will never feel charitable to the slugs all around, who haven’t a clue and don’t want to get one…….THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION TO A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN THE UPHEAVAL WITH NEEDS, TALENTS AND DESIRE TO SURVIVE WITHOUT EVER PICKING UP A WEAPON, EXCEPT IN DEFENSE OF LOVED ONES. Property can be replaced, loved ones cannot.

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