Monday, May 29, 2006
Memorial Day 2006
If you only have time to view one video tribute this Memorial Day,
here is the one I recommend.

AubreyJ was already blogging when I started blogging. His tributes are great. He is an unabashed patriot.

This is AubreyJ’s video blog.

Here is a website with
some of the best tributes you’ll find.

Enjoy them, then check out the services and products they offer.
Did you know May is
National Military Appreciation Month?

This is a heavy metal tribute, and I have one request, download this rather than use this link over and over. The nice people who host this have limited bandwidth, and if you download the 12 MB Windows Media file you can watch it full screen, it is awesome, but......

Warning not suitable for Children to watch.
Your adrenaline will start to flow watching this video
Here is a list of
songs honoring the military

Thursday, May 25, 2006
A Terrible Set Back in the WAR
A very crucial battle in the war was lost today. In this war zone, skirmishes had been going on for over a month, but early this morning, it became clear that a real ugly battle was breaking out. The battle lasted for about two hours as the combatants slugged it out in wild abandonment. When the battle was over, the battlefield was a place of sorrow and carnage.
The good guy didn’t win this one, but was able to retreat to homebase, and be content to know that there will be another day to engage the enemy. No excuses, the good guy had good equipment, good morale and good leadership, but still lost.

But I say, to lose one battle in an all-out war is not defeat, it is just one battle. But since there have been few undeniable victories in this war, many people continue to question why the good guy is fighting this war to start with. I plead with you to lay that question aside and think about what this world would be like if no one fought this battle.
Of course there were reporters, TV anchorpeople and video crews nearby to interview the defeated and the victorious. Here is a snapshot of one of the victorious warriors flaunting it.

To Continue Reading…..
Saturday, May 20, 2006
Mirth is good for the soul

Nowak Cartoon Archive above

Cartoon are from CNS, Cybercast News Service

Timothy Kelly Cartoon Archive below

A 'Bluffer' sent me the interpretation you see below, of the above cartoon, and you won't find me disagreeing with AubreyJ. on the real message that Congress seems to be sending the citizenry. Ouch, why is this more realistic than comic?

The message we need to send to Congress is,"GOOD-BYE, don't let the taxpayer's door hit you on the way out."

Yes I have a few favorite politicians....ones who are doing a somewhat good job, but the good have to be thrown out with the bad, Think about it. How good could anyone be, who wouldn't stand up and fight to the death for this great nation? We expect it of our military, firemen and policemen, why can't Congress fight a little? I don't hear or see any politican now in office, fighting the evil in Washington D.C., so throw them all out.

There is a huge difference between a career politican and a career military person. The soldier will confront evil, the politicans are evil or are unwilling to fight evil. If the politician isn't one of the crooked ones, they are one of the cowardly ones, not standing up to evil. Afraid, of what the New York Times will write about them, or what Catie will say about them on TV.

Even the 'good politicians' have looked the other way while their buddies are selling this nation down the drain....down the drain, for their own enrichment and vanity.
No backbone, No vote.
Show me a politician with backbone, let them prove it by vote, speech and action, and I may vote for....

Nay.....when you have been mugged by a government, you lick your wounds and stiffen your upper lip, and say to yourself "This is how they treat me, it's time for them to go."

The day I vote for Hillary Clinton, look up and this is what you'll see. Since I won't reward any republican for all the backstabbing they are up to, I'll be somewhere else with my vote. year, over 300 blog articles, 40,000 plus hits, and 65,000 page views. Stats from just one of webloafer's blogs, but stats of his first, best and most visited blogs. Yes, Sanity's Bluff is a place I hang out at. It's been a good year of blogging. Webloafer (John) thanks everyone who has been a part of this party on the Bluff. In these crazy days; "THE BLUFF" just might be the safest place to picnic.
Truck Driving is one of my many passions. I wish everyone could be doing something they enjoy as a vocation.
I am thankful God created me human, but I'd like to spend 10 minutes as a bee.
I still like and respect President Bush, but he believes much differently than me on the Illegal Invasion and Trespassing going on to our nations detriment.
President Bush is working hard to keep us all safe, Democrats and Republicans.
You don't love someone simply with the idea, "What's in it for me". Some of the black leaders in America spend all day trying to embarass or belittle a man that loves them.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006



That should have been the newspaper headlines this morning.

Speech? President Bush didn’t give a speech last night, it was an capitulation announcement. I am going to try to temper my thoughts and think about this a little more, but I didn’t like President Bush’s capitulation.

With each passing day, I feel more like a disenfranchised citizen, in the nation I have helped become great and stay great.


Monday, May 15, 2006
How Real Men Hunt

Vice-President Cheney goes hunting with a small gauge shotgun for quail, but real men hunt a little differently. This is a 69 year old photo of a Democrat hunting party. (I wonder who ate all the deer these Democrats shot and killed). No small game here, these boys know how to hunt. Senator Truman is on the left, and Vice-President John Nance Garner is third from the right…..the one holding the rifle wrong, and pointing to the dead Bambi, he supposedly shot and killed. What is it with vice-presidents and guns? Personally I’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney any day of the week. Lucky no one was shot and killed by John Nance that day. Gun safety doesn’t seem to be John’s worry. But he is proud of his kill.
I want you to look closely at the Senator third from the left. I know this photo is from 1937, but it sure looks like Senator Kerry was there that day. ……how is it possible? Well actually the great democrat hunter third from the left is none other than Senator Carl Hatch. Again, these boys know how to mow ‘em down.
Sunday, May 14, 2006
Presidents have Mothers
The greatest president of the United States, with his Father and Mother and older brother. You'll see this magnificent woman and her son, in the next to the last picture below. WOW
Anyone who names her first son William Jefferson, has my respect. I wonder if Bill respected his mother? She left us too soon, she had much to say I'm sure, but the family doctor was a quack, and proved it upon becoming Surgeon General of the United States of America.
I really like this photo, it talks to me. Which person in this photo would you say is or was the most successful?

One of our nations many great and gracious first ladies........I stand by that statement.........Barbara, we love you.
Wife to a President, and mother to a president, a great president, and after Hillary the other type of first lady, gets defeated by Jeb in 2012, Barbara will be the mother of two presidents.
Whew, I can't remember any other presidential candidate who had a family that knew more than the candidate. The only woman close to this presidential candidate that day who was smiling, was his wife. Wifes of presidential wanttabee's are required to smile. So Roselyn, had to smile on stage with their candidate husband, but no one else seems to be happy or smiling. The daughter of this presidential candidate knew that her Dad was not presidential material (you can see that written on her face in this picture). Yes, his daughter knew it.....but look at the Peanut boy's mother, (scowling woman, far left) she definetely knew Jim was not tailored from presidential cloth. Pictures and articles about Jimmy the Coward's mother are rare.......Democrats seem to have no mothers after they get elected. The old boys club in action.

This photo reeks of love....pure love, Mother and Son love. Can you see the love and respect in this photo? WOW.

A vice-president, later elected president, his mother, and one of my personal role models.

This is a Mothers Day Tribute
To the Mothers of our Presidents.

This was not easy research, it took a lot of effort to find articles or pictures of the Mother of President Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. We all know who Barbara Bush is, and there are thousands of pictures and articles in cyberspace about her. There are hundreds of beautiful tributes and pictures of Ronald Reagan’s Mother. I want to share some of these special Mother Day’s Pictures.

There is no political bias here, I honestly set about searching for information, articles and pictures of the Mothers of President’s I have lived in America with……I remember every president from Harry Truman to George W. Bush, so I had a lot of research to do. I devoted an equal amount of time to each president, in the search for information about their Mother.
It is my contention that the Mothers of all of our great presidents have had a lot more to do with America's greatness, than the pointy headed historians give credit. After all, most (not all) historians are bitter old men, who don’t realize the role that the mother of a great man has had in molding the children of America. I know what I’m talking about……
Historians are bias, prejudiced writers, and they have seemed to have neglected to tell of the Mothers of Great Men……and women. It is not surprising that the Ivy League Universities don’t celebrate Mothers on any day, not even Mothers Day. It took over 200 years for the eastcoast bastions of education to even allow women to attend their Universities, without harassment or ridicule. The East Coast Liberals were finally forced to let women attend school, but the scholars there still refuse to include the great women of America’s history in their scholarly history books, and so there are now what we call….
’Women’s Studies’.
If the liberal professors would have been real historians, there would be no need for Women’s Studies or for that matter, ‘Black Studies’.

No, there would be no need for black studies, or women’s studies if the ECE,(east coast educators) were not so Liberal and Prejudiced as to ignore any history except White Male History.
Liberals, (face the facts, I know what I’m talking about) make it necessary to have other studies........(they only care about Karl Marx, and his boyfriends). Maybe someday there will be ‘redneck studies’ at an Ivy League Schools?

Above you will see what I consider to be the best of the best of the Mother of Presidents Pictures I found in my 3 hour search……

My favorite?

THE Last of the seven pictures, for several reasons. Along with George H. Bush and his mother you find pictured none other than Au-h2o.

Barry Goldwater is one of my favorite 'almost presidents'. Almost presidents? That is another study subject that would be fascinating. Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater, Al Gore and John Kerry, In what order would you rate those 4 'almost presidents'? It would be a real battle between Gore and Kerry for the honors of last place.

This study is not completed, but it will be finished soon. You must admit, we’re off to a good start…….this is a fascinating study. You are encouraged to search cyberspace to prove me wrong…….there is not much information about Bill or Jimmy’s mothers, yet I know they both loved their sons. Bill’s mother did not live very long after he was sworn in, and was very ill on that day.


This is one of the saddest photographs I have ever seen. Do you see what I see? Yes, there are several hundred boys in this picture that have declared their life nil and void. They listened to the OLD MEN sitting in front of them, who make money every time a young muslim boy becomes a bomb.

Don’t spend too much time looking at the faces of the suicide boys….look at the imams, sheiks or whatever you call the older, richer and growing old perverts of islam.

Take a good look at those old men……they would no more become a suicide bomber than you would……but somehow…. they have convinced the boys behind them that strapping a bomb on, to kill others while they kill themselves, will get those same young boys to paradise, and there will be 72 virgins waiting for them. DAH.

A SICK PLOT, brought to the world by Islam. Peaceful, good, pure and white as snow, islam.

The next time someone even dares to say…..’the peaceful religion of islam’ slap the liar across the face with whatever tool you have, and direct the idiot to Sanity’s Bluff.

A SICK PLOT, Sickness that there is no medicine for….except death. The young boys don’t deserve death, it is the rich scumbags in front of them that deserve death….yes they deserve DEATH. But it will require flushing them out of, or killing them in the mosques they worship satan in. I don’t consider a bombing of a mosque when these old perverts are there, to be a bad thing. Rid the world of the old men in this picture, and you have done Earth a favor.

Where are the mothers of these boys….?
Why would a mother let her son become a bomb?
Why do the mothers…….
No, I won’t wish the mothers of these young suicide bombers a Happy Mothers Day.
No human mother would let her son become a bomb, just to kill a few jews or american's.

If you placate, pay, posture or please the old perverts pictured here, the young misguided boys, will still kill others (maybe even someone you know, or love) while they kill themselves.

Tell me who is the sickest?….the young boys, or the old men who send the boys to their death, to………line their pockets with more blood money.

The old men in the front two rows, are wealthy men, you can see that can’t you…. the boys behind them are bomb fodder. Do you have any suggestion as to how to stop this madness?
Saturday, May 13, 2006
End of the week RANT!

Before I get to my rant, I want to direct you to a thought provoking piece from one of my blogger friends. A talented blogger, and one that has a love for America, the same Nation I love.
, is a blog that chronicles the sacrifices necessary to keep America free. AJ has posted an article entitled “What allowed 911 to happen and how the same people are at it again”


If the liberals, socialists and Marxist in America have their way, and bring our leader down, this nation will go down.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Purple Heart
U.S. Navy Seabees, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133, are presented with the Purple Heart at Gulfport, Miss., May 8, 2006, for wounds received while serving in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Purple Heart is presented to any member of the Armed Services who is either injured or killed while serving in combat action. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ja'lon A. Rhinehart
This remarkable man doesn’t need the salary he earns as a member of the best presidential cabinet ever assembled in American history. He could be enjoying retirement in luxury and privacy, yet he serves his country. He sure doesn’t need the grief he gets from the pointy heads of the media, or the jealous back stabbers in the military. Yes, I know it was only a handful (6 or 7) out of some 6,000 Generals of the USofA’s Armed Forces that took the media’s bait, and called for this American hero’s ouster, but that is still shameful behavior by retired Generals.


We don’t often think of saluting civilians, but this is a remarkable man, and the venom he must endure, is more than most of us could take.

My favorites are pictures of the Iraqi children, adoring our brave men and women. Don’t kid yourself, this is pure unadulterated love you see on the faces of these children. You don’t have to stage photos like these, you just have to take them.

U.S. Army Pfc. Corione Woods cleans an open wound on an Iraqi child's leg outside the Al-Nasar Welsalem police station in Baghdad, Iraq, on May 4, 2006. Woods is treating the boy's leg during a joint neighborhood patrol with Iraqi army soldiers. DoD photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Samuel W. Shavers, U.S. Navy. (Released)
Children in Kamaliya, Iraq, walk off with a humanitarian assistance bag given to them by U.S. Army soldiers April 28, 2006. Soldiers from Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, 4th Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, distributed donated supplies to the villagers. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Bart A. Bauer
U.S. Army Capt. Gregory Stone hands out backpacks full of supplies to students in a classroom in Al Meshreca, Iraq, May 2, 2006. Stone is from 1st Battalion, 71st Cavalry Regiment. Defense Dept. photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Kevin L. Moses Sr.
Residents of Tarmiya, Iraq, line up at the gate of the town clinic, April 23, 2006, for a medical outreach program sponsored by Coalition Forces to help sustain the growing clinic and meet the needs of the local populace. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Larson
Iraqi children gather to see U.S. Marines patrol in Al Ish, Iraq, May 1, 2006. The Marines are from Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines Regiment. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Brian M. Henner
A soldier from Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, teaches a kid how to shake hands like an "Urban" American during a patrol in the Deshir Market Area of Baghdad, Iraq, April 28, 2006. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Timothy W Story


Thursday, May 11, 2006
Iraq looks at Howard Dean

Only one question is necessary……..

Do you think these Iraqi children will grow up to hate American’s?

Yes, they may hate Howard Dean and all those that opposed their freedom, but they will love the Red, White and Blue of America, because they watched American Soldiers working hard to build them a place to play soccer and exist. They will remember that little flag patch on the shoulder of the uniform of their friend, the one who was serious, yet played with them, even while packing the heat that was needed for them to feel secure and alive. They will know the colors of that shoulder patch…..RED, WHITE and BLUE.
Howard Dean will still be playing in his sandbox full of socialist cat dung, when these boys are Men.

Howard Dean will still be a sissy boy, who won’t fight men, but loves to scream, in the only county that allows sissyboys to scream and pretend to be men.

Howie Dean is a wuss, (you can trackback, or quote me, on that) and, will always be one, and anyone who is attracted to wusses like Dean, are only alive because this is a free country.

In most nations wusses like Dean don’t even become teenagers.

But these boys will be leaders in Iraq someday. Look closely, there are girls on this soccer field too.

These people are free, no thanks to you, Howard Dean.

The following was added to this blog article, 05/15/06

Please take a few minutes and visit one of my obscure blogs
Monday, May 08, 2006
Bummed Out

It doesn’t take a big event, with hoopla, and ceremony to provide me enjoyment.
I woke up just a little ‘bummed out’, because after 2 weeks vacation, I must return to the road, working 55 or more hours a week. Driving 2,000 miles a week to provide for my family, illegal aliens, drug addicts, criminals and politicians. What would really be enjoyable, would be receiving all of the results of my labor, to use for my family, and my families spiritual and physical needs.
If only the others that were mentioned, had to provide for themselves.
So, yes, I woke up ‘bummed out’.
Guess what?
It took about 10 minutes to lose all of that worry and ‘bummed out feeling’.

It all disappeared when I went outside and listened.
Usually in the mornings, I can hear the roar of the interstate even though it is over half a mile away. People just like me, going to work, maybe with a bummed out attitude. Everyone here gets used to it since it isn’t going away.
But his morning the road noise was missing.
No the legal Americans didn’t all take a day off to protest. It was something much different.
All of my friends the redbirds, seemed to have fallen in love on the same day, and are talking about it. Rather, singing about it. Their songs filled the air, and the roar of traffic was gone.
The love songs they sing are more enjoyable than half of the human music on my radio, no, that’s not true, it is more like 90%. The beautiful redbirds can sing their love songs, over and over and over, and they don’t seem to get tired of the song. I don’t either.
They love to hang out at webloafer’s place, since I feed them in the winter, and provide natural shelter for them from the neighborhood cats.
Isn’t life wonderful. I think they know I enjoy their music, and so they sang louder.
Friday, May 05, 2006
Now for more reasons I am known as webloafer.
If you have never used a sign generator, let me explain them briefly. In your blog surfing, most of you remember coming across a picture of a church marque with a funny, even blasphemous saying. Ever notice how it always seemed to be the same church? There are hundreds of sign generators that can add your thoughts to all kinds of signs to use on your blog.
I used one on the following link page to make the fake book cover above.
Thursday, May 04, 2006
I love America, and America's choice for PRESIDENT

I loved this photo collage so much I am going to repost it.
Just call it Sanitys Bluff Summer Rerun Session.
Some will love this photo collage, some will hate it. I love this collage. I love my country, my president, and my countries defenders. Want to make an unamerican liberal mad? Show them the truth about America. Watch! This should bring the cockroaches out of the woodwork.

No we won't be celebrating May the fifth tomorrow.
Yes, it has been a while since the webloafer posted. Never fear, I was busy doing jobs Americans won’t do. I am vacationing, working around the yard and house and thinking about the debt I am in.

Let’s talk about why I am in debt.

Local taxes: the school system in my neighborhood is inundated with illegal students… know…..if Mom and Dad are here, I have to pay for schools to teach in Spanish, everything from Math, to Sex Education. This puts a biggggggg strain on the budget of the schools, since Bi-lingual teachers get paid more. Oh who cares we are a compassionate society.

Local Hospitals: don’t kid yourself, your health insurance costs more because of all the illegals using the emergency room services in your area. Not too mention the financial burden put on the caregivers themselves. Thank God webloafer doesn’t have to use the emergency room route many times…..for it cost’s me dearly. Yes, when I need the services of a hospital emergency room it costs me BIG BUCKS. I am legally employed and have paid insurance, but if I was to use the emergency room of my local hospital, it would cost me HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS out of my pockets. Illegals get the same service without paying a dime. I mean, what compassionate society would want to cut into the beer budget of an illegal alien?

I pay when I have an emergency…..I pay again and again and again…
Do you see a trend here?

Local Churches: yes it requires much more donations from the faithful to supply the needs of the illegals. They have large families, and even though Mom and Dad illegal are working, they visit charities even above all the assistance they get from State and Federal Governments…….think…..your taxes and mine.

Local Business’s: Yes even business owners must add onto the price of goods sold in predominately illegal neighborhoods. If you can’t figure this one out, Why are you reading at Sanity’s Bluff? It’s called cost of operation. Damaged and taken without paying merchandize.

Local Streets and Roads: you probably are wondering, what do local streets and roads have to do with the debt you are in????

First of all, illegals pay their share of the road costs, through local taxes, (Federal is different) and I am grateful. Thanks a lot, I really mean that, but if the illegals could figure out a way to NOT pay sales tax on their beer *, they would do it, and cities would not have as much money to pay the crews that go out and pick up the discarded trash of the illegals, and repair the damage done to local roads. But here is the biggest problem: Illegals will not take a little money out of the beer fund to pay for liability insurance.

They won’t, so someone has to pay for the accidents they cause. Illegal’s are some of the worst drivers in America **, and they drive automobiles that should have been crushed and sold for scrap metal years ago. Forget the pollution factor, (of course you've never seen a 72 Plymoth station wagon with 9 illegals in it, on their way to work, with a cloud of oil and gas fumes spewing out into the air you breathe) no forget the pollution factor, it is the uninsured drivers cost I must pay and pay and pay for.

I have to pay more for my insurance to protect myself from uninsured motorists.
No big deal, think again pal, it is a big part of my insurance cost for my vehicles.

If you are one of the lucky ones, who had an illegal crash into you at a stop light, and not escape on foot, you are lucky. They hit and run, escaping to get back to the liquor store.

Legality: Here is the heartbreaker, if I was to drive a car that shouldn’t be on the road for safety’s sake, and was three sheets to the wind, and ran over and crippled for life a pedestrian, what do you think I would be doing the day after??????

I would be sitting in jail, not being able to make bail, and the lawyers would be descending on my life like a scourge of locusts, to sue, sue and sue some more.

Illegals get a pass on all this, don't tell me it doesn't happen, I know of people who were injured and the illegals paid nothing, no jail time, no money, no nothing. It seems all of our judicial system has given up on trying to make sense of this and other crimes against Americans......they have no spine, and it would require a toughness they don't have, to enforce the laws of this land. It seems like illegals are not subject to the same laws or the consequence of breaking those laws.

It is getting depressing just thinking about why I am in debt, I gotta go, and didn’t even get to the County, State or Federal costs I must pay for the IMCOMPENTENCE OF GOVERNEMENT.

DEPRESSED, YES, it seems like the government I pay for, doesn’t give a rat’s ass for webloafer……. Wow I am really mad, I used a vulgarity. Do you want to hear more? Encouragement is always welcome, I am not asking for financial help, like a paypal tipjar, All I want is for you to look at the problem without the Liberal Hype.


Let me say one more thing, this country is not great because of people who wouldn’t do some job. It is great because we outworked everyone on this planet, and we still do. Yes the illegals work right along side of us, but they need to go home and work to make their nation great, instead of a third world toilet of a nation, and then, they could vacation here without any second guesses.

The whole focus of this article has been why I'm in if I was an illegal, no one would even attempt to collect on the bills I owe. If the pressure is turned up on a drunk driving illegal who amassed thousands of dollars of debt, and countless pain on others........the illegal simply walks away to Mexico, and comes back as someone else. Are you blind? Cannot you see this?

* Don't know much about the beer sales tax, but I work in a place with a lot of illegals, and several times, I have been approached with the offer of tax free, (federal, state and city) cigarettes for half of what the going price is. If we can't stop truckloads of non-taxed cigarettes from getting here from Mexico, do you feel safe??? It could have been a truckload of nuclear waste material, or anthrax. But the illegals would find a way to get it here.


Monday, May 01, 2006
A Short Review of United 93

Yes, it is difficult to create a good movie about a true event that almost everyone knows about and knows how the event ended. It is difficult, and United 93 was not up to the challenge.

To Continue Reading

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