Thursday, May 04, 2006
I love America, and America's choice for PRESIDENT

I loved this photo collage so much I am going to repost it.
Just call it Sanitys Bluff Summer Rerun Session.
Some will love this photo collage, some will hate it. I love this collage. I love my country, my president, and my countries defenders. Want to make an unamerican liberal mad? Show them the truth about America. Watch! This should bring the cockroaches out of the woodwork.

No we won't be celebrating May the fifth tomorrow.


Blogger Gary Brackett said...

Thanks loafer: your're right we might not agree on much but we can be nice about disagreeing! Nice layout on your blog. I still got to learn some things. keep on truckin'!

Blogger Gary Brackett said...

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Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks to you also Gary, I guess I have always been overly patriotic. I have driven about 4 million miles on the roads of the United States of America. I have tasted all the possible emotions that could be involved with this experiment in democracy (America).

If America would cease to exist tomorrow, I wouldn't want to live in the remains. How can I say it any plainer that that. I love America, and want her to exist forever, benifiting the whole earth, by the sacrifice of a few. (I'm talking about our nations warriors who make the world safer)

I wish I could hug every warrior that leaves the comfort of their home to go fight our nation's enemies...hugggggg them. (If you don't think our nations enemies need killed, you don't love America)

Hug them and tell them, they are my heroes, and I pray they return home to enjoy the country they protected when it was attacked.

God Bless America

Blogger percys world said...

good to see this at last
poor mans be atacked enough.
and god look after all the boys out there figthing for a free world.

Blogger Brad Todd said...

Great stuff!!!

I'm with you, I love this nation and support George W. One day President Bush will get the respect and honor due him.

Often greatness isn't understood until much later..

Keep flying Old Glory, you're far from being alone..

Blogger Jay said...

I love America and support the concept of a presidency. The President is just a hired politician sworn to serve the people. We do not owe him our's the other way around.

Blogger #28 said...

Excellent Post!

Thank You!

Blogger AubreyJ said...

If the World only Knew... A slideshow I did that I think would go well with this Post. WL- I too love this country, the Brave Defenders of her and my President.
Click here: 'If the world only Knew' for the slideshow. (DSL/Cable works best with my productions.)

Blogger web_loafer said...

i highly recommend following aubreyj's link to the slide show. We have to counteract all of the bs being thrown at the public.

Blogger dog1net said...

The collage you posted certainly puts things in perspective, doesn't it. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I look forward to your continued posts.

(If you don't think our nations enemies need killed, you don't love America)

I'm all for supporting the troops (and the troops alone because the cause itsself is bullshit) but to say an people "need [to be] killed" is some scarey ass hitler-esque rhetoric... Someone once said (paraphrased) "when fascism comes to america it will come riding the cross and wrapped in the american flag" It seems to have worked and every christian in america is buying it. ("enemies of our country need to be killed"... I'm sure that's exactly what Jesus would ahve said.)

Blogger web_loafer said...

chronic the hedgehog.
I stand by my statements. Our enemies need to be killed. In war that is the goal. Kill or be killed.
If you think for one moment you can sit down and discuss a peace plan with the Islamafacists, you are wrong.
You see those terrorists are holding back a billion wonderful human beings. I cannot figure why so many can be cowed by so few. Very few Muslims want anything more than I want, a safe place to raise a family. They will never have it until the terrorists are dead. Not in jail.....DEAD.
I imagine they will figure all of this out, I sure hope so. I wrote a piece "the jewel of Mesopotania" (I don't know if it is on this blog, but) it laments the fact that the Arab people who have so much potential,and had so much to offer the civilized world not so long ago,are now being led down a sad path. 99% of the Muslim are worthy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness yes, just like the freedom we have in America, but they are being cowed by imans, sheiks and terrorists.
I am no Hitler, my friend, and you know that. I am not hitler-esque in deed or rhetoric. None of my Religious friends or relatives want anything but what you want. I do have the right to speak my mind, and will not be cowed.

Blogger Ben said...

amen dude, amen


Localize the principle and you'll see what Web Loafer is talking about.

For example, do you believe you have a right to defend your children or your wife from a sexual predator? Do you believe that if one made his way into your house in the middle of the night you'd have the right to shoot him, even before he began his grisly work? Do you believe that if a rapist or a murderer said that the only way you were going to prevent him from doing what he wanted to do was to kill him that you would have the night/responsibility to stop him by any means necessary before he carried out his threat?

Answer those questions and then maybe we can have a dialogue.

Blogger Trée said...

Count me among those that love that collage. Had never seen it before so I'm very thankful I found it on your blog. The pictures are beautiful and stunning. Magnificent!

Blogger profmarcus said...

bob herbert said this morning in the nyt:

If Mr. Bush's war in Iraq is worth dying for, then the children of the privileged should be doing some of the dying.

my response:

oh, bob, bob, bob... you just don't get it, do you...? the privileged and their children OWN the rest of us... we are there to do their bidding... we are there to insure that there is no constraint placed on their privilege and that they have unfettered access to however much more privilege they wish to acquire... as in the rest of their lives, the hired help mows the lawn, cleans the pool, takes care of the housekeeping, does the shopping, pays the bills, repairs the little things that have such an annoying habit of breaking down, extends their span of global control, and creates more opportunities to acquire even greater wealth... why SHOULD they burden themselves with any of those details...? they've EARNED the right to their life of ease...

as a truck driver, web loafer, you should know better than anyone how the above works... of any category of hard workers in the u.s., i can't think of one that is more exploited than truckers, except perhaps those who clean walmart stores at night, work in meat-packing plants, or who pick lettuce in the fields of california... all the pretty collages and noble sentiments in the world will not change the facts...

Blogger The Unknown Author said...


Blogger reojames said...

Great Blog! It's refreshing to see some good stuff in this pool of mostly liberal idiots blogging. Keep up the good work!

Blogger jane said...

I'm not sure if you'd consider me unamerican or a scumbag. Namecalling doesn't really get to me...well, not usually. :)
I love my country & I assume by 'defenders' you mean our military, I support them too.
I don't like, love, appreciate, vote for, and on & on for President George W. Bush.

I do like your blog though & thank you for posting on mine.


Blogger Violence Worker said...

Great site and great post!!!!


Blogger Daniel said...

I'm not an American, but I love your collage. You're doing great work out there in Iraq. I'm sorry Canada hasn't joined you in the war, but I want you to know there are some Canadians who support you.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Daniel, I just save photos I think say something, and when I have a bunch, put a collage together.
I think Canada's biggest problem stems from all the hippies who left the USA in the 60's and fled to Canada. Their country called and they ran away. If Canada would kick out all of the expatriots from the USA, you would have a better nation. I have only admiration for the real Canadians, and only contempt for the draft dodging cowards that invaded your country 40 years ago from the USA. When I think about real Canadians, I think of people who work hard, and have always joined in when the battle raged. WWI, WWII, Korea, even VietNam, the Canadian people have helped make the world a better place. I don't know why you put up with the Berkely Bums who invaded your country, BUT:We don't want them back either, so we would have to think of someplace to send them........perhaps a little naval base in Cuba???

Blogger Jay said...

Isn't it interesting that all the draft dodgers and deserters from Vietnam are now running and rooting for this latest version of a pointless political war?

Blogger web_loafer said...

draft dodgers and deserters?
Come on, we're all tired of Dan Ratherism' original.
The DRAFT DODGERS AND TRAITORS TO AMERICA ARE NOW IN POWER IN CANADA, OR IN THE ACLU, PICKING ON BOY SCOUTS AND THE BIBLE. You and Micheal Moore are wearing out your welcome amongst people who think with reason instead of emotion. So you hate George W. Bush? You have an unhealthy obsession about the man. Let it go, enjoy life a little.

Blogger Err0r said...

Whatever the war is, it isn't pointless. Nothing is ever pointless. Everything happens for a reason.

If I were American I'd probably love it like you do, loafer, but I'm not.

Blogger Jay said...

I guess I just have a different set of morals that will not allow me to "go on with my life", like your fearless leader.

Blogger Mark said...

Where are the pictures of the coffins?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mark if you wish, picture them on your own blog. Grief is not a community experience, think, Cindy Seehan and all the ones in the ditch with her. I also don't like it when people put crosses on the highway to point out where a loved one died in an automobile accident. If you must grieve, do it privately.
If you really are sincere and not just some Micheal Moore wannabe, I suggest a trip to Arlington National Cemetary. Walk amongst the thousands of markers, an think about the million or more soldiers that have died defending this great country from it's enemies.
Your flippant post here, proves you are not worthy to be enjoying the liberty that men and women died for.

Blogger Mark said...

My comment was not flippant but DEADLY serious. People have died as the direct result of those you admire lieing to you, and I get no sense of any anger from you about that. Colin Powell sat and lied to the UN and Bush, as far as I can see, lied for about 3 years. Irag was never about to attack the US, so how can you say that it was defence of America.

With regard to military cemetaries, I have gone with my father to look at the cemetries in France and Belgium. Don't ever talk to me about being worthy of the liberty. My Father and his comrades fought for my right to express my opinion openly and to to be accused by some right-wing fanatic of being unworthy. My father was trapped on the beaches at Dunkirk - where were the "brave" American allies when it was really needed. In 2 World Wars, America came late, so we in Europe tend to be a little dubious of American intentions, particularly from right-wing administrations.

As for greif, how wrong can you be! It could be argued that because greif is shut away and hidden, the true horror of some decisions can be avoided. George Bush would LOVE it if your soldiers could just quietly die and their relatives not make any fuss. Finally, don't dismiss Michael Moore just because the Right in America tell you to. Read it, check his reference - and there are many, and open your mind. I don't think he tells the complete truth, and he spins some things as much as your present Administration does, but believe me, there is a truth in some of what he says. Open your mind.

Blogger web_loafer said...

the complete truth....?Micheal Moore spinning a little??
No, tell me it isn't so.

Sanity's Bluff?

Me thinks you have followed the other DNC koolade drinking masses in jumping over the bluff.

Do you know how you sound to those that love America?

And I will question your patriotism, because no Patriot would give aid and comfort to the enemy.

To me this is plain.

Blogger Mark said...

How many soldiers and heros that have died across the World for freedom are you going to insult? I'm not sure you really do love America or you would not be saying such silly things. Get your head out of the sand and see what the cowboys are doing to your once great and noble nation. If all you can do is insult those who disagree with you, then you have lost the arguement already. You question patriotism, but true patriotism is accepting that your country can and does get it wrong, and it is the DUTY of all TRUE patriots to stand up and say so when he or she feels the country has run off the tracks. Unfortunately for you, you do need to take the blinkers off first.

Blogger web_loafer said...

When at war, those that disagree are my enemy. What do you fail to see? Our nation is at war, not one we started, but one we most certainly will end.
And you can cheer our troops and leader on, or be unpatriotic and in my mind, a traitor. With so much on the line, (can you say existence?) I have no time for the stupid clones of M. Moore.

Blogger Gidget Bones said...

Nice pics

Anonymous learningtree said...

Writer's block?
Summer reposts?
Can't think of anything the world wants to hear or see from you?
So you repost some glossy staged pictures of a moron president?
I would rather watch a rerun of I love Lucy.
Not quite, I'd say you are a truck driver with a truck drivers mentality.
And you drive on the wrong side of the road.

Blogger utenzi said...

You're absolutely right. Even draft dodging alcoholics have a right to do what they want to. I just wish he wasn't sending my money overseas.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Sending your money overseas is saving us money.
Would you like Boston to look like Baghdad?
These suicidal islamafacists will kill, bomb and destroy somewhere.
Our President didn't start this fight, but I am so glad the fight is continuing where it is.
I am almost of a mind to say, Bring 'em back and let the PTA fight the killers of islam.
But I would hate to see the country I love become a battlefield.
If we had no soldiers in Iraq, the war would be going on somewhere.
The suicidal virgin seeking boys were there ready to explode even before we took a foothold in the devils den.
I hope you don't have to battle face to face with homicidal, suicidal bigots of your neighborhood.
There is nothing worth tomorrow, if you are too blind to see what is going down today.
If our wonderful warriors are not defeated by Hillary and Clan in 2008, your grandchildren and mine, may just have a country free of the war that has to be fought.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Great post no matter how many times you repost it, WL....

By the way ... I had to cancel the account I was using for my slides/videos. Looked up and must have had 50 Porn and such sites in my comments. (And I had the Comments turned OFF!) Asked the owners of the service I was using to fix it and they did for a short period of time then here the problem came back again. I can not afford such errors by anyone so I had to fire that account...

With that said-- I moved all by videos over to my ‘ - Video Blog’ website.
The Slideshow I had in the above post called “If the world only Knew” can now be viewed HERE .

Again... love the photos in this post of yours WL...

Blogger Helen said...

I don't like war and I can't change that and don't want to. You understand it to be the only option at this point in our soon-to-be history. You can't change that and don't want to either. And I don't really know what I am trying to say other than I respect your stick-to-itiveness and admire your love of America. Please understand that I love it too. Deep down, we all want what's best. And one man's blessing is another man's curse.

Blogger web_loafer said...

As long as humans are living together on this earth there will be strife. I like to think that if everyone thought like me, there would be no war, but that is a naive thought, I know better.
Even if we are willing to give into the extremists, there is never a guarantee of peace. Peacetalks and summits are like chum upon the shark populated ocean.

Peace is not always the avoidance of war.....most of the peace we have had upon this earth was right after a global war. When one side can no longer fight, there is temporary peace.
Sad but true. We can not avoid this war, we have those that want all of us dead, so the battle will rage somewhere. Those that think differently should read up on Sir Nevile Henderson.
One thing though Helen, I know the prince of peace personally and He has promised a peaceful place in my future, and rest, sweet rest.

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