Wednesday, May 17, 2006



That should have been the newspaper headlines this morning.

Speech? President Bush didn’t give a speech last night, it was an capitulation announcement. I am going to try to temper my thoughts and think about this a little more, but I didn’t like President Bush’s capitulation.

With each passing day, I feel more like a disenfranchised citizen, in the nation I have helped become great and stay great.



Blogger jarhead john said...

I guess phred missed the part about commenting on the original post, vice the "continue reading."

After last night, there is undoubtedly countless more let down folks out there. I guess that's just par for the course when we have a lifer politician, vice a true public servant.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I am disappointed, and know none of the present crop of politicians will address the problem, but don't count a third party out for the white house. The local races are important, I will work to send a conservative to the house, but the devil can have the Senate and White House. The peoples house, yes it really is the peoples house. The Senate and Presidency are the big business, big lawyer and big bigots house.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

phred said...

I agree totally.

Even though he`s a ''lame duck'', GW sure is doing alot of damage.

I was raised to respect and support our President.

I was also taught to obey our laws.. Hmmmmm

I guess if you`re a wetback or the President, you don`t have to obey the laws of this land.Only the middle class working man.

Old friend, I have really tried to support our President. But..

I do not support illegal immigration.
I do not support illegal wiretaping.
For instance..

Wiretapping :GW says we need to sacrifice our constitutional rights to privacy in order to fight the war on terrorism.

Do you remember all those years ago when we were going to fight the war on drugs?

We gave up some of our rights in order to eliminate the scourge of drugs. (Not to mention the billions of $$$$ spent). Right now ,today, the police can pull you over in your truck an search you with no reason, no probable cause.

I ask you..have we won the war on drugs? No, we have lost. At the same time, we lost some of our constitutional rights.

Now they want us to give up more.

Going back to one of your earlier post..I wonder if GWs mother is '' proud '' of him ?


PHRED, is correct, and it is a scary thought to realize Hillary Clinton may be able to use the same tools President Bush wants us to give him when she is president. Think this one out folks, we have to get busy and keep our freedoms, country and personal property. When a Criminal is given a free taxpayers is stealing property from me and you....
If we could keep that tax money, we would buy something with it, some property....but it is given to the Criminals who jump the fence.

Blogger web_loafer said...

GOP’s Reason to Fear

The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act included a one-year amnesty program for illegal aliens who had been living and working in the U.S. since January 1982.

Sound familiar?

Prior to that year’s congressional mid-term elections, Republicans controlled the U.S. Senate 53 to 47.

After the elections, Democrats were in charge, 55 to 45, meaning that they picked up eight seats.

Democrats were already in control of the U.S. House 253 to 182, but padded their majority by five, 258 to 177, following the 1986 elections.

President Reagan’s last two years in office were spent dealing with a totally Democrat-controlled Congress.

(SOURCE: Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives)

Blogger jarhead john said...

The traffic here in the blogosphere over this topic is mindboggling. Every indication is that the "folks," are highly pissed off that nothing is really being done.

We all expected action, and were, to a man, disappointed.

I blame this on the lifer politicians. They are more concerned with winning votes, and lining their pockets, than they are with truly fulfilling their duties as representatives of the people.

What a sad state of affairs. Truly depressing. JUST DON'T GET THE IDEA THAT I HAVE A SOFT SIDE DAMMIT! (Don't make me come over there)

Blogger web_loafer said...

John, it is the topic everyone I work around is talking about.

I drive for a company that has no Mexican Drivers, (Mexicans are some of the worst drivers in the world)but the plant has hired nothing but illegal trespassers in the last 15 years. I have observed them carefully in the break room. They won't speak english, but they understand english. I have nothing against them, but they are un-american in everyway you can imagine. They will not buy a product made in the USofA if there is one on the shelf from Mexico.
It boiling up John, my driver friends are mostly Democrats, real hard core Teamster Drivers, but we to a person are fed up.
I am going to try to use the word, trespasser instead of alien in the future. Illegal trespassers.

Blogger Jay said...

What took you so long?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Hello Jay, Nice to hear from you.

Yes, I'm giving up on the Republican Party, but not to join the Democratic Party. There really isn't much difference between them.

And while you and I have different friends....I like President Bush, I really do....We both want the same thing for America, Peace and Prosperity, I think we should work on a common ground and leave the present political parties both wondering what hit them.

I don't doubt for a moment that you want what I want, and are probably as frustrated with your party’s leaders as I am of mine. Opps, I meant my former parties leaders.

Could you imagine a third party that you and I could both support?

Maybe I'm nuts, but I think it is possible. I'm not talking about bringing the fringe nut cakes into agreement, that will never happen. I mean Americans getting together to solve our problems together, not separately.

1. Continuation of our freedoms
2. A chance to make a livable wage, livable in our accustomed way, not some third world nations way.
3. We both probably get a little teary eyed when we see or hear about tragedies like the Sudan.
4. We want our nation to survive, as it is, until Terrorism is nothing to worry about.
5. I'm willing to let you add a few of your real thoughts about how all Americans can come together.
I am not kidding, when I heard about the mumps problem there in college town, I found myself hoping that you missed out on that surprise. It came across our nation’s southern border, as well as the new strain of T.B. and many more surprises. The CDC in Atlanta is having a time of it, just trying to keep track of the dangerous things being brought into our nation. I know many people in the healthcare industry, and they are worried that even our best effort will not be enough. Just imagine one suicidal islamist willing to be given smallpox and then walking across our borders. Just walking death into our fair land. Within a few days, it would start a wave of death we could not stop. The list goes on and on. Let's stop this madness. Let’s demand that any new workers from the South, or North be completely screened before they can work in America. What say you?

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