Saturday, July 29, 2006
Slipped by the Censors

What amazes me is that the CNN and AP censors were asleep. On any given day there are no pro-life, pro-history, pro-decency, pro-normal, and certainly no pro-Israel articles at CNN or AP. We will probably never know how the slipup happened, but it happened. Some even lazier than average journalist, at CNN just reposted an AP article without reading it, or taking it upstairs for permission to post it on the CNN website.
Side bar your honor?)
I don’t want to know, have never known, and please don’t tell me what the initials cnn, stand for. I mean, Ted Turner is probably the worlds most liberal anti-Semitic, with billions of dollars to spend in hating America, and Israel. And he does……….but how did this article slip through his Gestapo of Gournalism?

And the AP?
I don’t want to know what they are associated with, knowing how much they hate America.
It strikes me funny that some anti-American organizations fare much better in America, then, let's say; Cuba. You would think that an anti-American press organization would have its headquarters in Cuba or Iran, but such is not the case.

“They love our milk and honey, but preach about another way of living, when they’re running down this country man, they’re walking on the fightin’ side of me….” Merle Haggard

In a bog of Ireland, a miracle happened. God’s word did not return void. Even while the world is seemingly on fire, and Israel is surrouded by rocket firing islamafacists determined to eradicate all Jews, God once again showed us that the Bible is His infallible word, and the gates of Hell cannot prevail against His Son’s church, or His divine word, and that HE KEEPS HIS WORD. He is not about to abandon His chosen people. Those who would plot to destroy God’s chosen people, or burn all of his Words, (the Bible) are fighting a losing battle, and will not like living forever without God, in eternal hell.

Here is a link to the article posted at CNN website.

Then ponder the words that the 1,200 year old book was opened to when it was found, Psalm 83. For historical note, this book of psalms was used by the saints of the Church of Christ, long before Mohammud was born, and sired the slugs of hatred we see today.

I can almost see the Christians of Ireland meeting in secret places and singing praises to God, psalms, spiritual hymns.

To those who haven't a clue about what a psalm is......think of song.

Psalms were songs, given to a world so that humans could sing godly songs, songs that would delight them and God both. Praises to God. If you don't like psalms or the idea of singing praises to God, you would not enjoy heaven. There will be no rap music, rock music or mtv in heaven. Without direction we would never know how to sing with God.

The Psalms are God Given, and if you sing them inwardly, in the shower, in a group or at a worship on the Lord's Day, they are songs that will bless.

The Beatles' and RollingStones' songs will not pass over the great divide between sin and grace, but Psalm 83 will be sung forever and ever.

So, who is going to win this last battle of mankind, before all mankind stands before the God that created everything?

God tells us who will win, and my friend would you please consider God, and His son, Jesus Christ. In this last battle fought by mankind, there will be a winner, won’t you join that victorious army? It may mean being beheaded by satan’s minions but God can put the pieces of your martyred body back together, in fact God can give you a new body, one that will live forever and ever in heaven with God. There will be a new heaven and a new earth, and some will live forever, some will die forever.

Psalm 83

1. Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God.

2. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.

3. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

4. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.

5. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:
6. The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8. Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.
9. Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison:

10. Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.

11. Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna:

12. Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession.

13. O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.

14. As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire;
15. So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm.
16. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD.

17. Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish:

18. That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
the future of SANITY'S BLUFF...

Is it worth it? Spending time to create blog articles to leave on the side of the information highway, hoping that someone is helped, someone is humored, challenged or blessed? That is the question on my mind tonight.

In a very anal retentive moment I am going to say…….no it isn’t.

That is not to say that the hundreds of people I have had conversations with in the last year and a half, in the blogosphere are worthless.

Quite the contrary is true, the words all of you have shared at Sanity’s Bluff and the other 9 blogs I haphazardly maintain have been a special part of a special time.

We will keep in touch. Maybe not by writing articles, but don’t be surprised if I show up to comment at your blog.

And when the word ‘webloafer’ appears on your blog’s comment section, let it be known, it will be left in a spirit of honesty…I will be trying to speak the truth, not trolling for arguments in the future. You may follow the link I leave at your blog and notice that there is nothing but old blog articles at Sanity’s Bluff, with lots of comments. Outdated? See? Let me be frank, I would rather talk one on one, then to everyone. I have been wasting a lot of time trying to talk to the masses, when most of the masses are acting like asses.

(Forgive me for this rare slip into the vernacular of today…….I enjoyed the yesterdays of my life more than I enjoy the today’s……but my tomorrows are sure to be greater than any great tomorrow I could imagine, work for or hope for.)

You know, or have heard about those yesterdays,

When a man could hold open a door for a lady, and be thanked, not laughed at.
When God was mentioned more in context with the Holy Scriptures than used in the cursing of others.



Let me call it like I see it.

We are almost to the end of the Hate Bush period of American history.

I cannot but wonder what the malcontents, perverts and liberal scum will have as a focus of their hated, when President George Walker Bush leaves office?



The world events that are captivating our imagination today, were foretold, everyone of them in God’s Word……the Bible. No, not the Qu ‘ran, or other man made religious text, my hope is built on nothing less than JESUS CHRIST, WHO PAID THE AWFUL PRICE OF BEING INNOCENT OF SIN, BUT MY SAVIOUR HAD TO BEAR MY SINS UPON A CROSS, THAT I SHOULD HAVE DIED UPON, I’m talking Gospel here. You won’t enjoy the Gospel if you love sin, and God and the believers won’t allow you to spoil heaven if you love sin. Ain’t no way God will allow sin into heaven, so if you still live in sin, you should read the Bible. Many great powerful forces have tried to imitate the gospel, but as for me and my house we believe God left us the Holy Bible, the roadmap to redemption.




Whoops, I left out the name of the king of American banality; don’t want to go there, the place where I have to type out the letters that bring to your mind the name of the worst and most demonic president of the USofA, up until 2007. But, for the benefit of the recently graduated minions of McDonalds servers to be, I’ll give you a hint….the devious, delirious, detached from reality, dufous and demonic one I mention, had the initials in his given name as JC. I share those two first and last name initials, but that scumbag would never be welcome to pound nails at my place.

If you read the Bible, you will know the answer to the question I just asked. The Church of Christ is next…….and it will be hated and persecuted in a cruel UnGodly way already written about. The devil doesn’t have to worry about the ‘purpose driven church’, the modern ‘purpose driven’ church is the devils church. There is no other purpose of Christ’s Church than that which was empathized in the last verses of the first Gospel given to sinners who desire eternal life, the Gospel of Matthew.

“Matthew 28:17,18,19 and 20”

How could people get together on the Lord’s Day and be so egotistical and blind, as to suggest the Church of Christ has a purpose other than telling the truth to sinners?

2.(BELIEVING, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of GOD), 3.(REPENTING, turning away from the devil and striving for Godliness),
5.(BAPTISM, INTO CHRIST, yes being baptized into the Church of Christ.)

You realize you need forgiveness, remission of sin, (in light of God’s promises) know that you submit to be BAPTISED, for the remission (Godly Forgiveness) of those sins, yes when you follow God’s simple plan of salvation, you
You are ready to join those waiting for the return of our Blessed Savior. Waiting, yes waiting with assurance, that when this Earth that God created is blown away, demolished, melted, and forgotten, believers will not be forgotten by the Creator, we will be ushered into the mansion, obedience made possible for us, the sinful men and women who need salvation.


You see, If You create something as complex as the universe, You most certainly know what the future will be. That is not to say God compels every man and woman He creates to bow down and obey. NO….a God able to create the lice on the body of the eagle that make the bird one that soars higher than any other, most assuredly knows what is going to happen tomorrow. So, it behooves us to read the words He left for us. I do, and although even Jesus Christ does not know the millennium, century, decade, year, month, week, day, hour, minute or second that GOD SAYS TO HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON…..”NOW…..GO BACK AND RESCUE YOUR BRIDE, THE CHURCH OF CHRIST” AND PAID A PRICE FOR YOUR ENTRANCE INTO HEAVEN IF YOU FOLLOW THE SIMPLE PLAN OF SALVATION OF GOD’S WORD, THE BIBLE.)

Friday, July 21, 2006
Sanity's Bluff tackles Sports

Webloafer’s first blog article about SPORTS.

It is about football. “About time you say, enough already with the politics and world events”. Hold on to your stadium seat cushion pal…..this article is about world football, not American football. But in an attempt to placate most of my readers, who are Americans, we will call football, soccer in this article.

Let’s talk soccer: The Ghana soccer team, you know Ghana, the small African nation that did so good at the World Cup of Football? You must know that the whole Ghana National Football Team, had an expense account about as large as the cash in one of the elite American soccer player pockets, when they paraded themselves amongst the public in the elite nightclubs of Germany. The Darlings, the American soccerteam, that was vacationing in Germany not too long ago?

After the Ghana soccer team beat our dandies, they became an overnight favorite on the blogosphere, and in breakrooms and lunchrooms around America.

Fellow truck drivers spent about a week talking about the Ghana Soccer team, and we didn’t have much of a clue about soccer, it was a good topic to chew the fat over. This is just one more reason I love America so, The USofA is a country that can cheer for anyone, even those that recently whopped us. That would be in sports, nothing else. Well you know the story, Ghana sent the dandy boys of the USofA, home with nothing to show for their expensive vacation, except a whooping. The spoiled brats of America went home to luxury, paid interviews on Fox and ABC: WHILE, the Ghanaian team may still be trying to get home to their islam ravaged nation. What is the point you ask? There is a lesson to be learned, but you would never know it if Sanity’s Bluff had not brought this story to you.

Fury in Egypt over Ghana's Israeli flag waver.

That is the headline in a recent AFP article. Here is a snippet of the article to drive a point home about a world problem. Yes a big problem, I’m talking about….the undeserved but unrelenting hatred of Israel by the media in 93% of the world. (This fact only bolsters my love of Israel, because if 93% of the scum of the earth hate something, I LOVE IT.)

Pantsil, who plays for Israeli club Hapoel Tel Aviv, celebrated the two goals in Ghana's 2-0 win over the Czech Republic by pulling an Israeli flag out of his sock and waving it at the cameras.

Egyptians furious with Ghana defender, who plays for Israeli team, after he waved Israeli flag during his national team's World Cup match. Newspapers speculate Paintsil is Mossad agent

Ghana defender John Pantsil's waving of an Israeli flag to celebrate his team's World Cup goals drew a barrage of insults and furious reactions in Egyptian newspapers.

"The real reason," sports analyst Hassan el-Mestekawi wrote, stems from the fact that many Ghanaian players go through football training camps set up by an Israeli coach who "discovered the treasure of African talent, and abused the poverty of the continent's children" with the ultimate goal of selling them off to European clubs.

"The training program for these children starts every morning with a salute to the Israeli flag," Mestekawi claimed.

(Webloafer adds to this article this footnote………notice the article said claimed? The claim is a bold faced lie, and has been proven to be such. Israel cannot even do charity work in the world because of the intense anti Semitic majority of the world’s population. Must I remind you that when Iran had a major earthquake recently, Israel volunteered disaster relief help, and they have the world’s greatest disaster relief forces…..they have too, with all the suicide bombers of islam visiting their nation to kill civilians, and Iran said NO. This should have been a wake up call to the world, Islam wants to finish off the work started by Adolph Hitler.)
Let me say that again, because you know it’s true, but you won’t believe it, because that would require action. My Creator, will do something about it, because the islamanatzi’s want to kill all of the Creators rebellious chosen people. Here let me share a few 70 year old newpaper pictures, yes, they are from German Newspapers of 1937, showing the love the islamofacists had for Jews.)

Back to the recent article..

FIFA said they had taken note of the flag-waving and that although there was nothing in the rules to prevent it, they hoped not to see a repetition.

Egyptian sensitivity 'when it comes to Israel'?

Egyptian football fans who were out supporting Ghana on Saturday's match were equally rattled when the player took out the Israeli flag and dubbed him "the Israghani" (Israeli-Ghanaian).

"We were totally supporting Ghana and we were so excited by how well they were doing," Ashraf al-Berri, who watched the match with a dozen friends told AFP.

"We were screaming with joy, but the whole room went quiet when Paintsil took out the flag. We didn't really know how to react," he said.

"As an Egyptian I am very sensitive when it comes to Israel," Osama Mohy, who watched the match at a friend's house, told AFP.

"If Mido scores, would he wave the england flag? and if he did everyone would hate him for it," he said referring to Egyptian striker Mido (Ahmed Hossam) who plays for England's Tottenham Hotspurs.

African champions Egypt failed to qualify for the World Cup finals.,7340,L-3264964,00.html

One thing my friends may have forgotten, is the past. Here are a few examples of how the islamofacists of 1937 looked at Jews....and Blacks.....although the islamafacists didn't call a black person black, they had another name. Look how the islamafacists respected diversity in 1937.

Background: These are a few of the 265 photographs in a book called The Eternal Jew, published by the Nazi Party's publishing house in 1937. The book consists entirely of photographs with brief captions. The photos chosen generally make Jews look as unpleasant as possible.

The source: Der Ewige Jude, Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Franz Eher, Nachf., 1937).

Go ahead, guess who lived one year longer? It sure wasn't the Jew, He was gassed, and his small dead body was creamated Islamofacist style, so as to recover any gold the Jew had hidden in teeth, or other places. In totality, this greatgrandfather of some of the boys and girls fighting for their vary existence today, provided the islamofacists a few hundred dollars in gold, and it was not necessary to spend a few duechesmarks to bury this old decrepited jew.......
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
You Know the Feeling
Once in a blue moon, a 'webloafer' like myself, surfs to a blog that......stops...... the hurt of living, if only for a moment. Yes I know you know the feeling. When the hurt stops, action is required. I mean, everyone needs a purpose in life, something to accomplish before a deadline. I came face up to a blog that wouldn't let me go.......I knew upon reading a few words........webloafer had to become involved. I'm not a joiner, promoter of self or one desiring the spotlight, and yet this blog visit has rearranged my priorites in the blogosphere.
Yes Jaded Sunburn,
I am going to become involved
with the 2,996 project!
In fact jade, I'm already signed up
as I post this blog article.

This will be the largest blogosphere project ever. Georgie Sorrow's doesn't have enough money stolen from the working people of the world, to finance an answer to this project of love, so shove off convicted inside traitor of europe, shove off from America. You, George Soros cannot buy your way into the hearts of Real America, so shove off......go back to Europe where millions of people hate you for cheating and stealing your way to the world's stage..........Soros! You can't buy your way into the hearts of real Americans with your stolen shove off.

Whoops, sidetraked again. I was talking about Jaded and friends who are already heavily involved with the beautiful project of rememberence.

And I am now challenging all of my readers to become involved with the project 2,996. I signed up to do research and create a blog article at my blog as tribute to just one of 2,996 human beings that were murdered by the islamafacists on September the eleventh in the year of my Saviour 2001. I'm determined to spend enough time to make this tribute in memory of that one murdered human.........the best writing of my life. And just perhaps, who knows?, 9/11 was the biggest event in my life of 60 years, so this is a project I can sink my blogteeth into. This project will be critized by the mean spirited media, moveon.orgy, and Murtha the traitor, but it will be big, and beautiful. Please have enough Kleenex on hand. Love you all.
Hurry up, Sept. 11, 2006 is not that far off. Five years, yes it was but five years ago when we witnessed evil on such a scale, "I'll never forget". NO WAY THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN, TORTURE OR THREAT COULD NEVER ERASE THE EVIL OF THAT DAY IN MY MIND. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO MAKE THAT TRAGIC MEMORY SLACKEN UP A BIT....PAY TRIBUTE TO THOSE WHO WERE MURDERED, AND SUPPORT THOSE THAT ARE HUNTING DOWN THE MURDERING SCUM WHO PLANNED, FINANCED AND CARRIED OUT THIS MASS MURDER. AND, VOTE AGAINST THOSE THAT ARE CONSTANTLY MAKING IT HARDER FOR THOSE FIGHTING TO RID THE WORLD OF THE KILLERS OF ISLAM. AS IN, Ted (Never sober) Kennedy. John/Jack (who cares) Murtha.....or Jimmy Carter the good man that was the worst president of our nations history, and is still trying to be important. I know many people who could have waged war better, picked better judges and have been a better president of the USofA then the peanut man from Georgia. Sorry Georgia, you elected that idiot to the Governorship before the whole nation had to suffer while he bumbled and stumbled his way through history. Now the idiot is traveling around the world trying to see to it that elections are honest.....I can honestly say....Peanut man Carter was the worst president of my lifetime and the worst president of them all......prove me wrong, you can't. Thank you Jimmy (forn again) Carter, for the mess we are in, and just shut the pie hole, and go grow peanuts. But yo probably don't know anything about peanut growing, phoney bigot man, just go away, we have problems in America today because of your ignorance yesterday, so we are not inspired by a mention of your name, your picture or anything.

Whoops, every time I think of carter, I get riled up, what a scumbag.

Oh, I gotta get some sleep, please, please take the time to at least consider becoming a blogger for one of the victims of islamofacistism on that day we will never forget, September the Eleventh, 2001.

You know the feeling, a lottery ticket with a few numbers right, which gives back to you a small percentage of the big bucks you have laid down…..hoping!

(I know the emotion even though I won’t risk any of my hard earned wages on any pyramid scheme like a government lottery, I learned at a young age gambling is for losers, I like to win)

You know the feeling, someone told you about eternity and you knew they were speaking the gospel truth, but you told yourself, “there is always tomorrow”.
(I finally followed the gospel truth unto salvation, given to me by the creator of all, and I know my future is taken care of by someone who loves me; doesn’t just want to use me.)

You know the feeling! You are webloafing and come across a blog that grabs you, and won’t let you go………………you were just loafing like the snail on the pile of....


Can I say it? I mean the mean spirited media is having a egoorgasim knowing they caught President George Walker Bush saying the four letter word that means MEDIA.

MEDIA IS S_ _ _!

How's that for blame shifting. So a president who has been hated in the media for 5 1/2 years finally says one off colour word, and the mean spirited media has an egoorgasim...........AHHH, Hollywood, Madison Ave. and MSM.....I have had it with you filthmongers..........Look in the mirror self absorbed idiots saviants...........then go volunteer to stand side by side with your heroes...HEADSBOILEDAHH. SICK PERVERTS OF THE TRUTH.......SHUT UP.

Once in a blue moon a webloafer like myself comes across a blog that stops the hurt of living, if only for a moment, you know the feeling, and when the hurt stops, action is required. I mean, everyone needs a purpose in life, something to accomplish before a deadline. I came face up to a blog that wouldn't let me go.......I knew upon reading a few words........webloafer had to become involved. I'm not a joiner, promoter of self or one desiring the spotlight, and yet this blog visit has rearranged my priorites in the blogosphere.

As in makingyou know living in a day and age when everyone seems determined to kill a few people for their religion, race or neighborhood. , and demands complete attention. I was surfing, researching, commenting and ranting on the web, when whalla…..I stopped in to grab a few credits for voting in another Blog Explosion Battle of the Blogs. after a long hot miserable day…

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
I'm not expert on these matters...but

First a Will Rogers quote. "Diplomats are just as essential to stating a war as soldiers are for finishing it."

To those who are claiming we have been woefully disengaged in the middle east, I can only say, you must not have internet access. In a few hours study, I found articles (many of them from last century) from all over the world talking about the iranian missile program and their desire for nuclear weapons to use guessed it Israel and the USofA. I haven't a clue as to what this missile has written on it. I do know Hitler Junior is enjoying the parade. I ran across articles that mentioned missles with "Death to Israel painted on them, or death to the USofA.
So it doesn't surprize me to wake up and hear that hizbolla is firing missles at Northern Israel cities.
The world has let the cancerous sore called iran, fester for years, now it has infected the whole middle east. Of course most people are against preemptive war, so we'll just have to wait until Iran finishes its bomb making. Can you say suicidal?

In a fair world, Iran would be history, past tense. A nation with such hatred for women and infidels, should not be allowed to remain a threat to anyone. What would the world miss if Iran was nuked? No great artists would be missed, no great doctors, scientists or scholars would be missed. What was once a jewel of the orient is nothing but a weapons storage center. The french, russians and yes even Americans sell a lot of outdated military hardware to the bloodthirsty iranians. It is opinion that this planet is crowded, so a manicical nation like Iran is wasting precious oxygen. Here's my idea, let the islamakillers shoot all the missles they want, at the moon. Strap a islamakiller on each one, and maybe they can figure out how to rid outer space and the moon of infidels. No one would miss them in the brotherhood of man. Brotherhood of man, and iran should not be used in the same sentence, these creeps don't belong on the earth. Send them to the moon. Maybe they could muslimize the moon. These people are sicko's, sicker than a drug addict living in the gutters of San Francisco, they don't deserve to breathe the same air as me or my family..........sure call me a bigot for telling the truth, these hezbaldo's, muzzledum's, and sucicidalbabies should be denied oxygen and made to breathe carbonmonixide until they meet those 72 virgins. The world has no right to exist if it cannot rid itself of the vermin of islam. That day will come, and since I read a little of the only book authored by the creator of mankind, I indeed know which side will win this next world war.

Lets talk a little about the future of the world, our children. I know you love children, all Americans do, but we don't strap explosives on our teenagers stomach and send them out to kill...........

Those that think suicidalchildren are a legitimate weapon of war.........should have been castrated and neutered decades ago. These women willing to praise allah that they produced another baby that grew up to be a teenager and then became a living bomb.......those women should never have breathed their first breath of life........they are sick and call me what you will.........the women of islam should not only be hidden from view.........they, never should have been.
So when the lily livered journalists of the Liberal American Media shows a video of islamafacist mothers crying over the death of a child killed in a battle of this war.................remember the same scum woman donates children to be bombs, to kill jews, then celebrates when the deed is done. No one will talk like this, but what I tell you is truth.
Hey, I'm old, so if you want to take the time to harass me for telling the truth, go ahead......

I hope there are no state secrets revealed in this article. But, I got all of my facts from various websites from around the world. I thought this one through…for instance, France loves to boast of its military prowess, but hasn’t won a war or been involved on the winning side of a war since…….let’s see…….the 1700’s….that would be when a lucky naval gunner struck down Admiral Nelson…………and that was only a battle victory, they still lost the war.

But you can learn a lot from losers. One of the first nations to complain that Israel isn’t fighting fair, in this the start of WWIII was France. Let me be politically insensitive here; when the battles get hot and heavy, we (the USofA) better not ask permission to fly over the grapefields of France…….just do it and let them S--- their silk drawers.) They are cowards with wagging tongues and have supplied the enemies of America with weapons, nuclear components and advice. Do you see the humor in a deadly serious world event.

Here is one weapon France will never be privy too,

Yes, just like the New York Times, France doesn't keep secrets, or will sell them to the highest bidder.......they will sell anyone out, family or friend. But all of Frances backstabbing, selling out, and plotting will not help them when the **** hits the fan. Let me be blunt, if it were not for the world class farmers, (grape farmers) of France, the progressive world would have nothing to do, say or buy from the frogs of france. Sorry for being blunt, but prove me facts, not emotions. Toyota or Puegot? Renault or Ford? Snails or Steak?

Who would you rather make a military pact with, France or the USofA??????

Here is a picture of the type of truck Israeli jets destroyed today…(07/17/06) it was being set up to lob a bomb at Tel Aviv. This is picture of a zalzat missile on a truck, a missile that isn’t guided, it is just aimed or lobbed. Oh but the Hezbollah terrorists are planning to aim and lob hundreds of them towards Tel Aviv in the upcoming days. Well, the first one deployed out of it's hidey hole, by the sand idiots was destroyed before the killers of islam got it in place.

These are old, hand me down unguided missles from Iran. Yes there was some help from other soon to be sorry nations to develop this missile of death, but it reminds me of a bunch of bullies getting together to develop a weapon that America had decommissioned in 1963. This photo was taken in 2003 in Tehran, in one of those military parades, idiot style. Have you noticed America doesn't have military parades? Yes we have air shows, but none of this parade stuff, where citizens are dragged out to cheer and make a good picture.

Americas pay money to go sit out in the sun to watch a few flyovers by our magnificent warriors of the air, but Iran may not have to pay anything for a good America Air Force Show.

Just keep threatening us islamaboys and you'll hear a plane, (you won't see it) just one plane, that will turn your sand into glass, and we'll skim the oil off of that glass, and drive our SUV's with cheap gasoline for many decades.

But is it really a good picture.....of today? Sure the weapons these islamafacists parade are dangerous, but can you imagine what kind of military parade we could have in America today????? Those that show their weapons always end up looking silly, (and dead) when we (America) use our secret weapons. Just ask our good friends the Japanese. Yes, they destroyed or damaged almost all of the Pacific Naval Fleet of the USofA on a December day in 1941, but......

Well they are our good friends today, and I would trust them with all of our defensive and offensive weapons today. Yes, without a doubt, they are our friends. We have no better friend in Asia than Japan. Maybe some of you can relate to the unique friendship between Japan and the USofA. Have you ever have been in a good battle with someone? More often than not two people fighting will end up respecting each other after the fight, both the winner and the loser.

Might makes friends.......the weaklings, cowards and slave armies will always lose.

Islam has only slaves and the brainwashed to fight for them, so you place your bet where you will.......I know who I'm betting for.

Doesn't the islamic world realize? American's fight like cats and dogs politically, but hurt us once more dogs of islam and you will see Democrats and Republicans in the same trench or foxhole together......Yes, Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean in the same trench fighting for America and America's friends, such as Israel.

Oh one more thing...I would not want to be the truck driver of one of these bottle rockets. But there are many more of these launchers waiting for a Hezbollah warrior? to drive close to the Northern Border of Israel and put the hydralic legs of the truck down on terra firma, and wait for the launch, then drive it back to its hiding place. Again, not all truck drivers have an IQ digitally larger than their age, and anyone who steps behind the wheel of a rocket launcher like this, should not sire children......adios. The name sounds so manly....Zelzat. This picture is not from 1947, it was taken in 2003 in Tehran.

Children playing with firecrackers, that is the only comparison I can come up with, yes they are murderers extroordinary....but they don't know who they are messing with. Firecrackers, buzzbombs and roman candles. Hezbollah murderers, You deserve what is coming your way........and shut up Copie Nana.

Take off the gloves world; there are only a few friends of Hezbollah now, France, N. Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba to name some of the big players. (snicker, snicker…ha ha)

Lebanon is a land that deserves something better than Hezbollah and the death merchants of islam. If Syria, Iran, and the other terrorists regimes would vacate Lebanon, there are some beautiful people who could make that nation a good neighbor, and attract worldwide tourist trade again.

The way things are going in the world, the three best vacation spots in the world will soon be America, Australia and the rest of Great Britian. In fact if you check the figures…..America and those nations allied with America are seeing an upsurge in tourism, while the islamamaic nations have nothing but tourism, no industry, no resort areas, no happy citizens, just miserable slaves in a crowded world. Yes the citizens of America and it’s allies are shunning the nations where islam is on a killing spree. Who would want to vacation in Iran, Cyprus, France or Cuba??????????

This would be the welcoming committee for all vacationers to Iran.

Israel has 170,000 men and women on active duty, with a reserve of about 400,000. Iran, Syria, Cuba, N. Korea and France have over 10,000,000 men and women on active duty………bring it on. Sometimes you have to be cowboy if you want to live. Israel didn’t start this war, and will not be deterred until they have safety on their borders.

Iran is putting all of its global eggs into the same basket…as…France, Russia, N. Korea, Syria and Cuba.

Oh excuse me while I shake in my boots.

This is WWIII, and as usual France will be on the losing side…….

But what about WWI you ask? Didn’t France win that one?

No, read more than historical comic books and you will see that France lost WWI too. The only successful military figure in French History was not a Frenchman. For you public school educated America’s that would be Napoleon Bonaparte.

And might I remind you Russia would be a third world nation if America had not supplied them with the tools to take on Hitler from the east in WWII. They still fought like sissies and had almost as many soldiers die from shots to their backs, then the front. Slaves don’t make very good soldiers…..the best armies are volunteer armies…….you can quote me on that.

Israel has no choice in the matter, they must require every child to spend time in the military.

So Iran has put its egg’s in a coward’s basket.

They sure aren’t acting like cowards you say……

Look closely, at the worlds situation today, and join me in condemning IRAN, NORTH KOREA, CUBA and FRANCE.

If we only have 4 nukes left at the close of this battle, may I suggest the destinations?

Here is another source I used to think all of this problem out. And here is an article from a French apologetic site,
This site actually had a few things right. Amazing….it is many years old, but even the cowards of Europe know what a terrible storm is brewing, and they probably started secretly asking for help from us.
How’s this for diplomacy Webloafer Style? OK, France, if you donate all of the cognac you have been shipping to the dog eater of North Korea…(est.$600,000 dollars worth last year) to the veteran hopitals of America, we may in turn buy a few bottles of Perrier lemon, even though you shipped us a boat full of Perrier with added ground glass a few year back. I’m sure your lazy workers have fixed the problem. But for me I’ll let my poodle drink some first.

Saturday, July 15, 2006
To anyone who might be puzzled. is doing some maintenance work today, so my blog will be void of any photos which are hosted there. That includes my blogs artwork. Sorry if you miss the truckstop, trucker and highway that usually adorns my blog, it'll return real soon. Imagecave has been a very relibable webstorage/hosting service and I highly recommend it.
Friday, July 14, 2006
The Geneva Convention
“Another disarmament conference disbanded in Geneva without doing anything but getting more suspicious of each other. If any two nations don’t hate each other, why just let them confer on something. And they will before it’s over. Stop conferring and you will stop fighting.” Will Rogers
Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cowboy Diplomacy 101

A suggestion to students.

Instead of wasting your learning years studying the claptrap taught in the institutions of higher learning; Let me suggest that anyone who wants to ‘go into’ and excel at politics, environmental studies, religious studies or thespianism*, ignore all of the conventional knowledge and go to ‘Cowboy University’.

It’s a cheap educational option. Here is a partial list of what you will need to complete your studies.

1. All 62 (just a guess), Yes all 62 John Wayne movies. There is a wealth of information about America in those movies, and you will see a real American. Sure, it is acting, but follow me now. One of our nations BEST, WISEST and MOST HONEST PRESIDENT’S WAS AN ACTOR, BEFORE HE RAN FOR GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, then went on to become the most loved President of the 1900’s! To those who would suggest any other president…..(and yes, America had several outstanding presidents in the 1900’s, but RR has my vote, and any poll taken in an honest way will bear me out on this one) I want you to know, your best president candidate is good, but history will not be denied. RR rocked….and many of us remember how great he was.

One thing I know for sure……you can try to rewrite history to make a slug become a butterfly, but that history book will become a laughing stock. The truth always comes out.

Want to argue a little….ok….be honest now….

Why are we as Americans not shaking in our boots when Kim Jung Ill, threatens America with nuclear bombs as payloads on North Korean ICBM’s??????

Be honest now, We are not afraid of N. Korea and the potbellied dog eater with nuclear ambitions, because of…….???????


Strategic Defense Initiative


Yes, the D’s did their best to deny our nation the defense that we have, but we have it. It sure let’s me sleep better at night.

A Cowboy needs to be thanked!

…..a cowboy who recently left us, but if you are a decent American, you would at least send thanks and love to the first lady and wife of that great man, the frail little woman who survives, and is loved by millions, and ignored by all media, except the blogosphere. Nancy Reagan, you are a lady, always have been, never sought the spotlight, but have done so much, and are still working to help America, not divide, hate or ridicule this great nation. I love you Nancy Reagan, and am praying that you have many many more years to smile at America. You stood by the bedside of one of America’s greatest presidents in his dying days, and I only wish I could have been there to hold your other hand….You Nancy Reagan are all that is good about America wrapped up in one small bundle…..but loved by America. You were there when America’s greatest cowboy went to the rodeo in the sky…….Hugs and Kisses.

You Nancy, were almost assurdedly……. the finest lady to sleep in the White House on a permanent basis….one who’s shadow is more American than any movie star who enjoyed the Barbra Strivesten overnight orgies in the rented Lincoln Bedroom. You represent all that is good, noble and enduring about this great nation. Thanks for taking all the flak from the media, I know it must hurt to hear what the so called educated and gifted say about your cowboy......but don't doubt for a minute that the real America still loves the one you loved in a wholesome American kind of love.

Whoops, I must be getting on with the list…..#1 was 62 John Wayne Movies….now add to that….

2. Any and all books, transcripts, movies or newspaper writings written by or about Will Rogers.

Yes, Will Rogers, check out the title of this blog article.
Will Rogers; a democrat, revered public speaker, actor, entertainer and a lover of America. All of the above wrapped up in a humble man from Oklahoma, who left our nation a wealth of information as to how to improve our nation, help the world…….AND LAUGH.

3. The transcripts of all of President George Walker Bush’s speeches since that awful day in the fall of 2001.

If America survives this war, and thrives, and our grandchildren still have schools to study American History at, young American’s will still feel that patriotic pinch… know that feeling when the flag is presented by a troop of Boy Scouts, or for that matter Girl Scouts, presented to be saluted, and the God that has blessed America acknowledged in a pledge and saluted, the moment you see the Marine Marching Band in a parade, the time you see a photo of an aircraft carrier with flags unfurled, the flight deck of that mighty metal statement to the world, crowded with the awesome weapons and dedicated defenders of America, a picture of some 90 year old veteran of a foreign war receiving a plaque of recognition.

History will listen to the words of President George Walker Bush, his speeches and writings. Yes some of the speeches he gives are a collaboration of great writers and the cowboy, but no one will be able to erase those records of great speeches given by a sometimes tongue tied humble cowboy.

I love America, my President and my nations defender’s.

If WWII had happened in a world void of America, what would the world be like today? Be honest now.

As promised, all blog entries will have a quip of Will Rogers. I will guarentee you this, none of the candidates for the presidency of the USofA in 2008, will have one/half of the common sense Will Rogers had even when he was overworked and tired.
America really needs another president with common sense in 2008. We have one now with common sense, but the press hates him, so his popularity is low today. I won't be around in 30 years, but George W will get his dues from history, and a legacy. Plus the speeches. Former President William Jefferson Clinton was a world class orator, and crowd pleaser, but the speeches he gave that galvanized the audiences in the 1990's, (myself included, I would never miss an advertised speech by President Clinton) if printed on paper, or available on the internet, are pathetic.....the words sucked.....the messenger was spectacular. I am talking in generalities, but study the words, and divorce your opinion of the text of the speech from the one who gave it.
I would stand in line to get a ticket to a Bill Clinton speech, as long as it wasn't at an abortion clinic. OhKay, OK, or O.K., I am never sure what the popular reply OK means? Well it could very well be a way of acknowledging that those who live in Oklahoma have a wealth of common sense, but some pretty poor soil. OK, here is todays Rogerism.

"What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds." W.Rogers
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
More on Sanity's Bluff New Direction......Daily Rogerisms is a working website

Sanity's Bluff will not quit, stagger, move or sell out: but the fog, torrential downpours, and frightening lightening of life...............may blur a few glimpses.....that is all we have of life........a few glimpses.

(drove through all of the above....fog, torrential downpours, lightening and thunder you wouldn't believe.....on the last lap of my 400 mile day. There is no arrogant human when God fills the sky with electricity. My God is awesome. At 70 mph it is no small thing to be blinded by lightening. There were a few times in my drive earlier today that I had too, in essence, turn the driving over to God, The rain was so heavy and the lightening so bright that I couldn't see much of the road. Funny how, I actually ducked once when God filled the sky with lightening and blinded me for a few seconds.......but 'Thank God', I kept the truck on the road....the road I could hardly see.......but I saw all of the 4 wheelers giving up and moving to the shoulder.......I couldn't. WISH YOU HAD OF BEEN THERE IN THE PASSENGER SEAT TO WITNESS AMERICAN TRUCK DRIVING, but you weren't, webloafer still loves you)

There will now be a new feature at Sanity’s Bluff.

From now until Sanity's Bluff is a nothing more than a speed bump on the highway of life, there will be a Will Rogers quote somewhere with each blog entry.

The quotes will be lifted* from the book….“Will Rogers, Ambassador of Good Will Prince of Wit and Wisdom” by P.J.O’Brien, Navy Aviation Service, World War, with an Appreciation by Lowell Thomas. Published by the John C. Winston Company, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto 1935.

This is one of my most prized political books, a book by a Democrat, back when Democrats loved America, but were not shy about pointing out the stupidity of Washington D.C. and the so called public servants. Times change, don’t they? If you read a lot of Will Rogers quips, you probably have noticed that he had a grip of the history he didn’t get a chance to witness. He died tragically in the year the book I will quote from was published, 1935.

He knew the storm that was coming to Europe, he even told us why.

He knew Franklin Delano Roosevelt would follow Herbert Hoover as president, and why.

He knew the future storm.

If only the pipe dream of reincarnation could be manifested once … reality… right now, America needs a lot of Will Roger Democrats to stand up and quit ye like men**, desperately.

“I would like to stay in Europe long enough to find some country that don’t blame America for everything in the world that’s happened to them in the last fifteen years, debts, depression, disarmament, disease, fog, famine or frostbite.” quote from Will Rogers. pg. 128

Now to business at Sanity’s Bluff. Without comments from me, if you wonder what was on the 73 second video published to the internet by the killers, brutalizer’s and mutilators of two America soldiers, in Iraq last month, no one from the msm is going to describe it to you. I won’t do it again, but here is a link to the place you can view or download the evidence that I spoke truthfully.

The video is sickening, I was already sick about the whole affair, and how it was only mentioned on the NEW MEDIA, and now you can find the truth of the matter, once again, in the NEW MEDIA.

In the video you will notice the Geneva Convention as followed by Islam. I link this video because some people can handle the truth. View it if you want to know your enemy. My prayers continue to be lifted for the relatives of the two young men who went through hell for you and me. But to pretend it was only a battle death, or to ignore it like the mean spirited media, come on, get your head out of the sand, and we might survive as a nation

I pray to God that nothing like this
happens to your son or daughter.

*it is not a ripoff of copyrighted material, to include a few sentences of any book. That is all I will use, a few sentences……and I will always put the words…….W. Rogers…….at the end of the daily Rogerism.

**1COR 16:13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
News Flash from Tightwad, Missouri

I'm glad you enjoyed the laugh on me. A laugh on someone, and a laugh at someone are two different animals. Webloafer gets both types of laughter, yes, I am a person people laugh at, but that doesn't bother me, doesn't bother me in the least. See, the way I look at it, the person laughing is making a judgment call without the right information about webloafer. Now as too this fake web article, you too can make your own....but first I must explain two things about this fake web article.

1. Tightwad, Missouri is a real place. I have spent time there, shoveling barn crap off of a '32 Ford truck with a friend. Then we loaded it onto a haytruck and drove it proudly back to the big city. There were lots of people passing us in their Lincolns and Falcons, but when the truck was restored, no one laughed. The truck had been in a barn and had a coating of bird droppings you wouldn't believe, and had sunk axle deep into a barnyard don't want to know about the makeup of the mess.

2. I am giving credit where credit is due here, Here is where I created this fake web page. You may enjoy loafing at this website;

Monday, July 10, 2006
New Directions
I’m tired of my own blog… sucks, but it will get better…..promise.
Webbie is perhaps a little too worried about things he can’t do anything about.
There is nothing he can do to stop the craziness of this century/millennium, so why dwell on it?

Ahhh, why make yourself miserable thinking about things that are out of your control? So Sanity’s Bluff is taking a completely new direction. It’s laughter or silence.

Let the world go it’s way, Webbie is going to try to ignore politics, pop culture and poor drivers, and work very hard at bringing a smile to your face. Maybe the smile will only last a few minutes…..that’s fine: two minutes of happiness are two minutes you forget about the craziness of this world.

But, remember it is only an attempt. Webbie may slip back into the culture of doom/gloom/sad/troubled or perplexed, but from this moment on, the focus of Sanity’s Bluff will be laughter, joy, pranks, jokes and enjoyment.

Yes, we can laugh at politics too, because the both the Dem’s and Repub’s are so anal retentive who needs much more comedy than our elected government can supply? The photos I stitched together in attempted hilarity are from these two sources....1....2
Saturday, July 08, 2006
It's my job, what I get paid to do, that is, drive my truck away from and then back too, a terminal (parking lot) in a big American City. After I inspect and refuel my truck….I sit there in the drivers seat of the mammoth work horse, relaxing and finishing up all of the necessary paper work needed to be able to drive that truck and trailer again. I feel good, Yes I have just moved 80 tons of freight for 400 miles, and now comes the hardest part of my day……going to the time clock to ‘punch out’ and go home………WHY???

HERE'S WHY, very few people speak English back at the ‘yard’…

To continue reading

Thursday, July 06, 2006
Happy Birthday
George Walker Bush
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Let's talk about HATE

First a disclaimer.......I started out the research for this article with a stiffened jaw and resolve...because I knew my research would prove my hypostases...little did I know that when the truth was was much worse than I had ever imagined.....Hatred is the most prevalent emotion of the people I share a nation you hear me....when did America become a nation of hatred?....was it about the same time the nation of America kicked God out of schools, courts and public meeting places?Then I cried.....real tears.....perhaps the last salty,soul shaking, deperate tears that will ever find their way down the face of this tried old American truck is sad.....excuse me while I go find a casket.....these are the last days of the best nation on earth, unless strong men and women rise up...oh forget are too busy with TV, Hollywood, and

Let’s talk about hate, hatred, hateful and hatemongering.

As a proud neo-con, webloafer has been accused of being hateful, blah blah blah….you’ve heard it too, if you’re not a ‘walk the line liberal’. But it only takes a few hours to prove without a doubt who hates who in America.

And to prove my point, you can use one of the favorite tools of liberals….Google, to settle the problem once and for all. I love Google, they provide free services to the world, blogs, email, etc.

And they also have a search engine with more terabytes of service…..than any other search engine. Therefore it is impossible for the whole staff of Google to do more than direct someone somewhere. There are not enough people on the staff of Google to keep anything from anyone who wants to find the truth.

You simply must know what to ask Google to find, and Google will find it.

Don’t even think for a minute that I am hating Google, or accusing Google of Hate, because I love Google. In fact, if I had money to invest with the stock market, I would not hesitate to sink my money into shares of Google.

Oh we were talking about hate……..

I’ve already done the research…..but you can double check my facts.
Go ahead, I dare you to google these two sentences in the image area of google…that is ask google to find you images of……..

“I hate bush”


“I hate Clinton”

Do it, you ain’t got no cohunes man if you won’t.

Save the first ten pages of thumbnails…..from each question……

Then call me, or any other neo-con a hatemonger.

I dare you…..well you are probably scared, so I’ll give you a little heads up on the question.

Below my rant here, is a collage from the ‘I hate bush’ google….from the first 6 pages……it didn’t take long, and there were many sickening photos that I can’t share with you.

Now go google the ‘I hate Clinton’….and you will find fluff, and love for Clinton, and a few tasteful caricatures of the Clintons we love so much. As of today….July 5, 2006….I have those six pages of ‘I hate Clinton’ and ‘I hate Bush’ …saved, so when I ask you to make a collage of hatred by the neo-cons……and the question I googled…..I know what is there.

But for your enjoyment….here is liberal America academia at it’s very best…..some of these photo’s of hate were on the internet, via…. The .edu’s and other taxpayer paid for websites and bandwidth.

Here we go, but first….two captures of mine from over a year ago……a T-shirt for sale on a website….and a free desktop background….offered of President Bush shown in a plate of 37 cent stamps…it almost looks real, except for one thing…there is a gun pointed at the head of My President……….

Now for the most recent views from the googling of ' i hate bush'....if you have a shread of decency about you........grab a box...extra large box of'll need it, you'll be crying to see the hatred that is right there in your interenet've seen tidbits of from the first few pages of an internet is how some liberals see my nations President..............................................grab the kleenex

Oh that is not hatred……that is art……!

Now from the first six pages of google searches of the 'i hate clinton' find me anything that approaches the hate level of what I just is not there....but go ahead check it out......
When did the best nation on the face of this planet become the cesspool of hatred......?
Hmmmm......I'd quess about the same time God was kicked out of school, government and public places..............I weep for the future Americans..........they will not have a clue about love, America or God............

Judgement day is upon us...............the last decent place to live has been taken over by perverts.............

I'm almost glad I am old when these desperate days came about....but I read my

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