Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Let's talk about HATE

First a disclaimer.......I started out the research for this article with a stiffened jaw and resolve...because I knew my research would prove my hypostases...little did I know that when the truth was was much worse than I had ever imagined.....Hatred is the most prevalent emotion of the people I share a nation you hear me....when did America become a nation of hatred?....was it about the same time the nation of America kicked God out of schools, courts and public meeting places?Then I cried.....real tears.....perhaps the last salty,soul shaking, deperate tears that will ever find their way down the face of this tried old American truck is sad.....excuse me while I go find a casket.....these are the last days of the best nation on earth, unless strong men and women rise up...oh forget are too busy with TV, Hollywood, and

Let’s talk about hate, hatred, hateful and hatemongering.

As a proud neo-con, webloafer has been accused of being hateful, blah blah blah….you’ve heard it too, if you’re not a ‘walk the line liberal’. But it only takes a few hours to prove without a doubt who hates who in America.

And to prove my point, you can use one of the favorite tools of liberals….Google, to settle the problem once and for all. I love Google, they provide free services to the world, blogs, email, etc.

And they also have a search engine with more terabytes of service…..than any other search engine. Therefore it is impossible for the whole staff of Google to do more than direct someone somewhere. There are not enough people on the staff of Google to keep anything from anyone who wants to find the truth.

You simply must know what to ask Google to find, and Google will find it.

Don’t even think for a minute that I am hating Google, or accusing Google of Hate, because I love Google. In fact, if I had money to invest with the stock market, I would not hesitate to sink my money into shares of Google.

Oh we were talking about hate……..

I’ve already done the research…..but you can double check my facts.
Go ahead, I dare you to google these two sentences in the image area of google…that is ask google to find you images of……..

“I hate bush”


“I hate Clinton”

Do it, you ain’t got no cohunes man if you won’t.

Save the first ten pages of thumbnails…..from each question……

Then call me, or any other neo-con a hatemonger.

I dare you…..well you are probably scared, so I’ll give you a little heads up on the question.

Below my rant here, is a collage from the ‘I hate bush’ google….from the first 6 pages……it didn’t take long, and there were many sickening photos that I can’t share with you.

Now go google the ‘I hate Clinton’….and you will find fluff, and love for Clinton, and a few tasteful caricatures of the Clintons we love so much. As of today….July 5, 2006….I have those six pages of ‘I hate Clinton’ and ‘I hate Bush’ …saved, so when I ask you to make a collage of hatred by the neo-cons……and the question I googled…..I know what is there.

But for your enjoyment….here is liberal America academia at it’s very best…..some of these photo’s of hate were on the internet, via…. The .edu’s and other taxpayer paid for websites and bandwidth.

Here we go, but first….two captures of mine from over a year ago……a T-shirt for sale on a website….and a free desktop background….offered of President Bush shown in a plate of 37 cent stamps…it almost looks real, except for one thing…there is a gun pointed at the head of My President……….

Now for the most recent views from the googling of ' i hate bush'....if you have a shread of decency about you........grab a box...extra large box of'll need it, you'll be crying to see the hatred that is right there in your interenet've seen tidbits of from the first few pages of an internet is how some liberals see my nations President..............................................grab the kleenex

Oh that is not hatred……that is art……!

Now from the first six pages of google searches of the 'i hate clinton' find me anything that approaches the hate level of what I just is not there....but go ahead check it out......
When did the best nation on the face of this planet become the cesspool of hatred......?
Hmmmm......I'd quess about the same time God was kicked out of school, government and public places..............I weep for the future Americans..........they will not have a clue about love, America or God............

Judgement day is upon us...............the last decent place to live has been taken over by perverts.............

I'm almost glad I am old when these desperate days came about....but I read my


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess you found the haters John.
Come visit a friendly blog again.

You know where we are

Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Your results will be skewed because 1) The Internet was not as widely used in the Clinton era as it is now, and 2) That content would be ancient now, and much of it disappeared. If you search for similar content about Michael Moore, the Dixie Chicks, Hillary Clinton or Al Gore you will likely find more. Bill Clinton is gone, so nobody cares anymore.

I agree that much of this hate stuff is shallow, silly, and pointless, often the same kind of "wit" you find in Ann Coulter. I don't hate Bush, but I don't think he is a good president. I believe he is the worst president we've had and that he's ultimately weakening and destroying our country. But hating Bush is pointless. He's a product of our complacency and our lack of attention to substance. I don't care if a president is a republican or democrat but he (or she) should at least be intelligent enough to run a country.

Blogger web_loafer said...

48,000.000 replies to a search....I hate bush....17,500,000 replies to i hate clinton.

There are two clintons, I don't think anyone really hates laura, or the old man.

And indeterminacy it was not just a writing about number, it was an article about the vicousness of the left toward the leader of my country....

I really appreciated that you took the time to comment. From past history I know where your political compass points, but you are fair-minded and gentle. It is no dig to call someone gentle. Gentle in comparision to many of the artists I showcased works of hate about.

I will go check your blog (and you all should visit is a great blog.

You haven't been around BE for sometime it seems.

Hope everything is top drawer with you.....whatever that means. Again, thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous Adam said...

Yea, if Clinton were President now, there'd be more I Hate Clinton stuff.

But most of the Bush-hate is just stupid. What do they think, that he hates America or is in it for the money?

Anonymous hairpinandarrow said...

Web, The research results you found and the examples you show in your blog make my heart sick too. In my wildest dreams I can't imagine hate for the President of one's own country--a free country--by so many of its citizens.

I could imagine civilized disagreement--even the desire to elect your party's guy next time. But I cannot fathom the level of lack of respect for the office of President of the United States of America (or the man himself) exhibited by so many so-called Americans: The same fools who let others fight so they can have the freedom to spout such garbage as depicted in your blog entry.

I found a quote that I used on July 4 that makes my point really well--much better than I.

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest thing. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks nothing is worth a war is worse.

A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature, who has no chance of ever being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. --John Stuart Mill

Freedom is that which is worth fighting for, friends. And those who benefit from the actions of those "better than themselves" who fight for freedom on their behalves should at least show untold gratitude for their valiant efforts.

But, of course, they won't. They will take for granted the precious freedom being preserved for them.

Should they get their way and undermine their President enough that our country is completely overrun with illegal immigrants (hands out, grabbing) and islamofascists (suicide bombing and throat slitting along the streets of the USA), they may rue the day they didn't stand united with their fellow Americans to preserve that precious freedom which our founders handed to us for care and perpetuation.

Here's a link to John Stuart Mill's bio. John Stuart Mill A Brit, he did a lot of work on "liberty" and felt people should be free as long as they do no harm to others with their actions. (Are you listening NYT?) He also didn't believe those incapable of self-government should be entitled to the rights provided by freedom (for example, to quote him, young children or barbarians). Hmmmm.... I've seen more than a few of them lately.

Those who created the examples of hate you show certainly aren't "liberal" by any dictionary's definition. They, proved by their own actions, are hate-mongering, mean-spirited fascists who want freedom to extend only to those who agree with THEM.

These people, with souls decayed, are completely self-involved, and evil to their Godless cores. I can't look at their work anymore. That includes their morally-decrepit tv dramas and comedys, movies, education, art, newpapers, and anything else they touch. Their work turns everything that gazes upon it to stone--perhaps that's what happened to their ugly souls.

And then all that hate spews from them, contaminating everything and everybody it touches. Begetting more hate exponentially.

Well, one thing I know is true: what goes around, does come around. Maybe not in the time frame I'd like, but it comes around sooner or later.

So, I'm putting one foot in front of the other, and focusing on performing random acts of kindness for every person in uniform that I happen across. We also are blessed to have a large, beautiful family for which to care and with whom to share love for God, Country, and each other. I just cannot let the effects of the contaminators seep into my family's life, take it over, and make it ugly and miserable like theirs. These things are worth fighting for too.

We wish for you and yours, Webloafer, only God's wondrous Love, and absolutely no evil or hate, to fill your lives in the future.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thank you for your post here at Sanity's Bluff.
There are millions of Americans that are feeling the very same way, and when a million Americans think in unison………..nothing can stop ‘em.
It is called the American way.
We love, we don't hate.
We give, we don't take.
We live, and let live.
We save up and then again, we give.
Millions of American’s took money from their savings…….to help the Gulf Coast Victims last year, and before that the tsunami victoms……after they had depleted their savings to give to the Red Cross, on 9-12-2001.

When the choirboys of the devil start singing America the Ugly………I get angry.

Why do we have to have a media that hates the freedoms they would not have anywhere else?

One of those unanswerable questions that would never have been ask…..if America wasn’t America…….try questioning authority in Saudi Arabia.

Is it jealousy or hatred?

I think most of the Deaniac's, Pelosites and clintonista's are into hate.....

Hate is almost as powerful as love.

Yes, spending more time on my knees praying for America. Want a place where my grandchildren can be free.

Thanks again my friend, your comment really got me......thinking

Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Thanks for answering my comment and referring to my blog.

Since I've been living overseas, I probably haven't been drawn into whatever waves have changed the discourse in America - it really has gotten vicious on both sides, I think.

To be fair, I searched for the names I mentioned in my comment, and though I've seen plenty of attacks on them, they don't show up under "I hate..." searches. One does come across the statement quite often that "Liberals are traitors" with something of the passion that Bush is hated. What does it mean that these are the same statements that circulated in Germany as Nazi propganda under Hitler? That's what worries me.

I stop by your blog occasionally and though we differ most of the time, I think you are doing a good and sincere job of documenting your position, and encouraging a real discourse, unlike other blogs that just delete the comments they don't like.

I think left and right have more in common than they imagine. We probably agree that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are three of the most supreme documents ever written.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Perception, that is what you describe, how we perceive the same happening.
If ten people witness an event, there would be ten different discriptions of the event. A lot of the undeniable facts about the event would be described somewhat alike, but again, there would be differences in the accouts.

You reminded me of something I stressed in a long ago blog article.

I am glad that the basic instinct of Americans is to abhor war. Some call me a chicken hawk, but I hate war just as much as any liberal. War is ugly, brutal and never something any of us want. Especially the young men and women in uniform. But they are all volunteers and we owe them.

America was being pushed around by some diabotical killers, and we did nothing for 10 years. We are now, and where we kill the terrorists is not the important thing in my mind, it is the fact that we are ridding this planet of killers.

Enough already, you say.....yeah got to preaching there. But again, I am glad that war is unpopular with all Americans.

Anonymous durante vita said...

Hat is a strong word, but I am totally with you on how difficult it has been to deal with this Administration.

Blogger Bob Higgins said...

Thanks for some real good pics of my favorite object of ridicule,
Resident GW Bush.

Bob HigginsWorldwide Sawdust

Anonymous lumpy said...

Wow, don't like Bush, but he is president, and I always repected the presidency.
Where does all this hate come from, I mean after all, this man is trying

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