Friday, March 27, 2009
Couldn't Resist
I am diligently trying to refrain from acting like the 'Bush Haters' who spewed nothing but crass hatred towards a good human being while George W. was president. Obama is my president, but it behooves me to keep my sense of humor. A sense of humor is a great thing when used constructively and decently. I would suggest to our president that he ditch the teleprompter.

No his speeches would not be as elequant if they came from his heart and not his chief speech writer, but I would much rather listen to him speak from the heart. So what if there were a few ah's in his speech. Try this someday....

Take your convictions and bare them to 300,000,000 might sound a little like George W, or Barack. Thinkers think while speaking, and the ahs fill up time the speaker is spending weighing his or her words.

Yes you may have heard that his last press conference was one conducted without a teleprompter. Not so fast folks.....there was a 52 inch flatscreen on the White House press room wall, which no reporter mentioned. The big screen scrolled the presidents prepared speech and provided quick answers for him when he was ask questions.

But let's get serious now for a second. When one laughs at, or points to a persons funny behavior, they should also then present something good to weight the discussion with credibility. I'm a thinker, not a hater like the 'Bush Haters' of the 2000-2008.

Michelle Obama is a fine first lady, in a line of wonderful women. With few exceptions, I have had more respect for all of the first ladies in the past 50 years then their spouses. Michelle Obama is correct in suggesting to the populace that growing a garden is cool and the Lord knows we are going to need to eat something when Barack turns our dollar into cents. That is the change he promised. Save a tree, let Obama run the economy.

Good job Michelle, now get some good home cooking into Barack and maybe he can put on a few pounds. He has a hard task ahead and needs all the energy he can summon.

Seriously now, America needs to get to work, all of us, even those out of work. All should turn to the only thing in America still worth what it was worth in 2000....that is America. The land America. I'll be growing a garden this year, and won't be using a teleprompter anytime soon.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Nuts to YOU, from a real squirrel
Saturday, March 07, 2009
Another---Best of Sanity's Bluff
This is a reblog of my Jan. 7, 2006 blog article. I feel compelled to give the name of the other person besides 'webloafer' in this blog article. His name is Ray Davis. You should really go to the original post and read the comment section. One thing more, I am a proud googleaholic.

If you ever hear a truck driver say,

“You’ll never believe this,”

Sit down and listen up, it’ll be worth your while.

You’ll never believe this, but on my return run back to the city tonight, I noticed what looked like a person face down on the shoulder of the road. I stopped as soon as I could get my diesel truck safely over on the shoulder, set the brakes and quickly climbed down to the road. I ran back (well ran may be stretching it a bit, cut and paste, walked quickly, for ran) to see if I could help.

Out of breath, I finally made it to where the person was. Yes it was a person, a man, and the man was obviously inebriated for he was crawling on all fours.

Well, not exactly on all fours….he was using two feet and one hand to crawl down the side of the highway. In his free hand he had one of those Blackberries, Blueberries or whatever they are. You know, those miniature computers with wireless cell phone internet.

It really was an eerie sight. Pitch black night, and a drunk crawling along the side of the highway, using his little handheld’s LCD Display to light his way.

I walked along side of him for a short while, but finally had to ask…… “Excuse me sir, do you need help?”

The drunk stopped crawling and painstakingly slow, sat up and while his head was swaying north to south, slurringly* informed me.

“Nah…..I’z got Google Earth mappin me way home.”

*another webloafer original addition to the Queens Language.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009
The best of old blog articles by Web Loafer

According to an article in the September 21, 2006 San Diego-Union Tribune, a bank robber suspect dubbed the ‘Bumbling Bandit’ was arrested on August 29th. Earlier that month on August 12th it is alleged that this hapless bandit, robbed a Bank of America in the San Diego suburb of Grantsville, California.

According to witnesses, the BB (bungling bandit) entered the bank lobby with a gun, his face covered with a Ronald Reagan mask and wearing a long cape.

After banishing the gun, BB was given money, but that was about the only thing that went right that day. Running away from the robbery scene, BB had trouble seeing clearly out of the eyeholes of the Ronald Reagan mask, and his handgun got tangled up in his cape, and down he went… the bank lobby. Oh, that was not the end of this caper (pun intended).

BB managed to make it to his get-away car, an SUV parked near the bank, but he found that the SUV was blocked front and rear by delivery vehicles, so he had to smash his way out of the parking space. Inching his way back and forth he finally managed to plow his way back to the roadway. It was about this time that the red dye in the bandits’ money bag went off forcing him to abandon his SUV. The police found the SUV with the mask he had used, a gun and a $50 bill.

Maybe, you think, good ole boy BB learned his lesson about parking get away cars. Guess again, BB still has problems in selecting parking places, in fact his lack of selecting parking space, is the reason he was captured. BB was arrested on the campus of UCSD because he parked in a parking spot reserved for the university faculty. Evidence found in his car linked him to the Grantville bungled bank robbery. And his DNA matched that of DNA on the mask he left in the SUV. Yes BB, needs education, and I don’t think anyone will ever mistake him for a faculty member of a university. A Ronald Reagan mask? Long cape? Thought you’d enjoy this one.

If you love America, you will love this

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Where did my 401K go?
One of my cranial hemorrhoids just burst, and it'll be a bloody good time at the 'bluff' in the near future. Stay tuned.

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