Friday, March 27, 2009
Couldn't Resist
I am diligently trying to refrain from acting like the 'Bush Haters' who spewed nothing but crass hatred towards a good human being while George W. was president. Obama is my president, but it behooves me to keep my sense of humor. A sense of humor is a great thing when used constructively and decently. I would suggest to our president that he ditch the teleprompter.

No his speeches would not be as elequant if they came from his heart and not his chief speech writer, but I would much rather listen to him speak from the heart. So what if there were a few ah's in his speech. Try this someday....

Take your convictions and bare them to 300,000,000 might sound a little like George W, or Barack. Thinkers think while speaking, and the ahs fill up time the speaker is spending weighing his or her words.

Yes you may have heard that his last press conference was one conducted without a teleprompter. Not so fast folks.....there was a 52 inch flatscreen on the White House press room wall, which no reporter mentioned. The big screen scrolled the presidents prepared speech and provided quick answers for him when he was ask questions.

But let's get serious now for a second. When one laughs at, or points to a persons funny behavior, they should also then present something good to weight the discussion with credibility. I'm a thinker, not a hater like the 'Bush Haters' of the 2000-2008.

Michelle Obama is a fine first lady, in a line of wonderful women. With few exceptions, I have had more respect for all of the first ladies in the past 50 years then their spouses. Michelle Obama is correct in suggesting to the populace that growing a garden is cool and the Lord knows we are going to need to eat something when Barack turns our dollar into cents. That is the change he promised. Save a tree, let Obama run the economy.

Good job Michelle, now get some good home cooking into Barack and maybe he can put on a few pounds. He has a hard task ahead and needs all the energy he can summon.

Seriously now, America needs to get to work, all of us, even those out of work. All should turn to the only thing in America still worth what it was worth in 2000....that is America. The land America. I'll be growing a garden this year, and won't be using a teleprompter anytime soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we need a commander in chief, not a speaker in cheif.

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