Friday, April 28, 2006
I have featured the 'Day by Day' Cartoon strip at the bottom of all of my blog pages for a long time now. Many readers of Sanity's Bluff don't make it to the comic section of the Bluff, so when a 3 panel comic this good is created by Chris Muir, I want all of my readers to see it. In my humble opinion, this is Chris Muir's Best Comic Strip Yet. Keep up the marvelous work, Chris. Remember bluffettes and bluffers, the funny section of Sanity's Bluff is at the bottom of the page.........gotta scoot, gonna go to the opening of 'United 93', Yes, I'm taking a pass on the Neil Young Bash Bush Release Party.

Thursday, April 27, 2006
He keeps a searching for a pot of Gold

Neil Young’s gravelly, almost whining voice, hasn't been heard much on the music scene lately, he is just one of those 'has been hippie rockers', but you'll soon be hearing Neil Young and his latest song, in fact it will get air time day in and day out on your radio and TV.

I still like some of Neil's 1960's songs, in particular, 'Heart of Gold" To any music critic younger than 55, you really don't know what the songs of Neil Young meant to those living back in the Sixties.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Anyone know of a third party? Read my latest article "Republicans Give Up"
Friday, April 21, 2006
Here Today, toupees left at the salad bar.
Vacation time (2 weeks of 5) are upon old webloafer, and I must spend less time in cyberspace and more time in my space.

So in the upcoming 15 days, I am going to repost a few of my favorite blog articles, (YES, LET’S CALL IT THE BEST OF SANITY’S BLUFF) correct the grammar mistakes and repost them, complete with the original comments left at the original blog article.

Oh, and I have rented the domain of, and will be blogging there in the near future. At the present time is under construction, but my new and dominate webdomain email url is simple to remember……and it is going to be the email inbox I check most frequently, so by all means, if you need to chew on my ear, or question my sanity, you can do it by emailing me……

Let me tell you, Vacations are about Honeydews, not the melons…….

It takes a tree and a half to be sacrificed for my ‘honey do list’: And being the environmentalist that I am, I am going to have to teach my wonderful wife how to post the honeydo list in the paperless media, and save that tree and a half. After all, that tree and a half may have been the nesting home of a spotted grey owl.

This is entirely off of the subject at hand,
But last night an obese owl didn’t quite get it right, and flew directly into the upper part of my windshield, in my driver’s space. It had been feasting on a pancaked skunk on the highway*** and had eaten so much that it lost its aerodynamic superiority.



Tomorrow when I pass the point of impact I will look around and……..

I don’t want to see a pancaked carcass of a large, very large bird that overate and could not get away from old 6661/6675/6596/6568/2027. Those are the numbers on the side of the deadly projectiles I command 2,000 miles a week. Yes, I am a truckdriver.

But we were talking about my vacation. I work harder on my vacations than I do in the 47 weeks of work each year. That is not to say truck driving is easy, no, it is hard, but I have so much I have to get done, and so little time or money.

Have a pencil and notepad? Follow me during a normal work day and write down what I do in that workday.

That pencil would become a nub. The nub rub….let’s do the nubrub.

Yes it rubs me the wrong way when I hear the bloviators of Congress talking about the hard illegal aliens working so hard at jobs I won’t do.

If you want me to hate you forever, just ridicule my work. To me, when my nations president uttered the words “jobs Americans won’t do, I wrote him forever out of my all time favorite president category.

‘Give ‘em hell Harry’, used to be the citizen ‘s rant. Today nothing is worth ranting about.

Our president is a good man, but a blind man. No real American would act like he has been acting lately. OK, sure, job stress, OK, HERE IS MY TAKE.
George W. is the owl that ate to much skunk meat and now is taking off when he hears the truck approaching. A lot of good, decent people will go down with this presidency., BECAUSE THEY FAWNED, BUT DIDN’T RESPOND.

George Walker Bush, will be remembered as the last president who could have made a difference, but he refused to fight his enemies.

NO, not the Taliban, or Al Quadi, or the Marxist’s, it was the UnAmerican traitors that he would not fight. Need I mention names? OK, I’ll only give you two of the worst Anti-Americans on the taxpayers dole, you know, the, Marxist who live large on the backs of the legal, hard working Americans, yes the ones who know they are better than the taxpayers. I’ll name two of them…..but…..the rest of the million or more traitors, you’ll have to rout out all by yourself. You and I can do it. They don’t deserve a free ride in the land of the free, because they wouldn’t fight to keep it free.

Did you hear me? The scumbucket liberals say they can’t see a need to fight anyone, anywhere or anytime. Yes they say they are strong on defense. Make me laugh, they vote down defense approbation bills, and belittle our warriors, our wonderful young, brave and slandered warriors. Who did the slandering? The msm and the UnAmerican acting Democrats.


I am going to repost a few of my favorite blog articles, correct the grammar mistakes and repost them, complete with the comments left at the original blog article. Yes it is possible and easy, but there ain’t enough time to explain how it can be done.

Theodore (swimmer) Kennedy, and Hillary (my turn) Clinton.

Oh and I have rented the domain of, and will be blogging there in the near future. At the present time it is under construction, but my domain email is simple to remember……and it is going to be the email inbox I check most frequently, so by all means, if you need to chew on my ear, or question my sanity, you can do it by emailing me……

****The only known animal to enjoy the pancaked skunk meat on the highway, is the owl. It is one of the few meat-eating animals that has absolutely no sense of smell.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Tip of the Sombrero

OK fellow bloggers, let's be honest about this; you too have a favorite blog you check out before you write or publish your daily, weekly or monthly blog article.
I have several favorites, and I shamelessy use those blogs to improve Sanity's Bluff. I visit those blogs I love; read anything new, and more importantly, I CHECK OUT THE LINKS MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS LEAVE. I always listen to someone who has been where I would like to go, for that is how I find out road conditions or unique things about the area.

One of my favorite blogs is a virtual roadmap to todays news, Mensa Barbie
I recommend Mensa Barbie's blog for anyone but the fainthearted. Don’t forget to check out the many side roads (links).

It is a lot of work to write, post and double check a blog article, and the blogs that have every link entered correctly to help you get the bigger picture are my favorites. Old WebLoafer is working hard to learn all of the tricks of the trade, but is still a rookie. But a rookie who can recognize a great blog, and Mensa Barbie's is a top shelve blog. From Mensa Barbies blog, I followed a link to an article that I want you to visit.

Big sombrero tip, oops, that should be a hat tip to Mensa Barbie, and Hijinx.

This one blog article of Hijinx's that you should take the time to read and ponder. The article is entitled, Walk a mile in my moccasins.

I am convinced that most enviromentalists would not say anything if they came upon a group of illegal aliens roasting spotted grey owls in one of the trash dumps they have turned our Southwestern National Parks, and Private Property Into. But let some one suggest building an apartment complex where hard working legal workers could live......and they would resist it. Most of them are Marxist, and this trashing does not bother them, they are only out to destroy capitalism.

When Will We
Ever Learn?

Again, a Tip of the Sombrero to Hijinx.
Saturday, April 15, 2006
R E S P E C T, or lack of

Letter to Vincente Fox
An Open Letter to Presidente Vincente Fox

Dear Presidente Fox,

My family and I are planning an extended stay in Mexico soon, but I plan to visit without the usual legal niceties like visas, passports, etc. In fact, we plan to just walk into your country at some deserted point along the border. In the reciprocal spirit of NAFTA, we would like the following arrangements to be made upon our arrival:

1. I will need a local Mexican driver's license so I can get easy access to government services.
2. I do not plan to have any car insurance, and I won't make any effort to learn local traffic laws, and I don't think local cities or villages should bother me.
3. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from you to leave me alone, please be sure that all police officers speak English.

This list is 15 items long.....TO CONTINUE READING

I found this hilarious but sad comic piece at
“the flying –monkey right blog”

Friday, April 14, 2006
Me? I’m a Battered Voter!
I vote Republican, then get abused, beaten up.
Knocked around by the very ones I voted for.
I lick my wounds and say, "Surely it will be different now"
I get involved again, when some pseudo Ronald Reagan
speaks up and, says they need me, and will treat me right.
I give all of my effort to the G.O.P. party again,
because they promise to treat me right this time.
Yes, I go back to them only to be abused again,
I am a battered voter!

This rant is in no way an endorsement of the Democratic Party of the USofA. I would not vote for anyone who would put a D after their name, and run for office. WHY? I'll tell you why, I have read the platform of the Democrat Party, and it is just a small step away from total socialism. I don't want to see America turn socialist, then communist, and have my grandchildren enslaved to a demonic government, waiting for a Ronald Reagan to arrive on the scene, to bring dignity and prosperity back.
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Sucker Punched

I should have seen it coming. There was plenty of warning. Some people have been sounding the warning for years, I was asleep.

Now in front of all the citizens of America,
I want to apologize for the votes I cast
In both 2000 and 2004, for George W. Bush.

George Walker Bush is a decent human, a role model and honest person, but he has a jaded view of the Southwest that is putting our nation in peril. Yes I'm talking about the 10,000 people a day that cross our nations borders ILLEGALLY.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006
A day without immigrants! Why not make it a decade or more?
Click picture to enlarge

One word about the General Strike today...

Yes, I enjoyed a workday today without workers around me chattering in Spanish. America is an English speaking nation, because English speaking people made it the greatest nation in the world.

Oh yes my nations arms are open to the world, but only to people who will learn to speak the language of the people who made this country great. And the first sentence of English they should learn…is….I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to The Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Where is my liberty and justice? When the thieves of Washington D.C. let LAWBREAKERS get in the immigration line ahead of those who follow the law.

No, there are no lawmakers in Washington D.C. or Topeka, Kansas….they are mostly cowering cowards, afraid to stand up for America.

Gutless Politicians, Democrats and Republicans, Presidents, Senators, Congress people, Governors and Judges.

Oh sure, all of those people who did not go to work today so that they could protest in the taxpayers streets, work hard, yes they work hard, but they didn’t today. Without being a legal citizen they took to the streets to protest. Quick, name me one other nation in the world that would tolerate non-citizens protesting in the taxpayers streets. Do you know how much taxpayers had to pay to police these communist gatherings today?

If I hear the old adage, "Jobs that Americans won't do" one more time, I may go postal.
And if I hear the phrase GUEST WORKER one more time, I’m going to puke all of the Republican Party Loyalty out of my hard working body. Listen up George W. Bush.

I started out my working career, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, mowing lawns, and sacking groceries, but I wanted more. So I moved up. It was easy, I spoke the nations language, loved the nations flag, and BOUGHT AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS.

See here is something no one talks about. These illegal alien criminals are working for a wage they could never make in Mexico, but they don’t spend all of that money they make in America, they send a lot of it to a foreign nation, and they don’t buy American products. They are always looking for a product made in Mexico. They spend only a small percentage of their wages in the good old USofA....they send a lot of the wages they get, (mostly tax-free illegal wages) back to a nation that is still in poverty because no one there knows how to make a nation great. If we allow them to stay here, they will make our nation more like theirs.

I am as compassionate as anyone, but this is a nation my fathers and grandfathers shed blood for, these are invaders, and I pity the politician who forgets about who made this nation great. It was the ones who came here legally and learned the language and culture.

Bumpy days ahead, but the law is the law, and if our lawmakers cave in to the mob mentality, they will suffer....I guarantee it.
Sunday, April 09, 2006
A Tool for Parents
Near the bottom of Sanity’s Bluff, just above the 3 daily cartoons always found here you will find a link to a site every family in America can benifit from. It is a link to "FAMILY WATCHDOG"
Family Watchdog is a Googleised (another webloafer word creation) site that pinpoints where the perverts and rapists of America live, right down to the neighborhood, or street, or even apartment. There is also a picture for most of the sexual preditors with the address they give authorities. This is a valuable tool for parents.

Thursday, April 06, 2006
Patriotic? or Racist? You Decide

I want to talk about two incidents that both took place within our Nations Capitol Building. One story is of bravery, honor and country.

The other story is a classic example of racism, egotism and quite frankly, mental incompetence occuring within the 'taxpayers house'.

First the racism, egotism and mental incompetence. Yes, you guessed it, Congressperson, Cynthia McKinney and her recent hissyfit in the hallowed halls of our Nations Capitol Building.
I don’t need to rehash her stupidity and racism, she has headlined it herself.

Now to a story that took place way back in 1998. Ah yes 1998, when the msm was vilifying Tom Delay for pressing forward with the impeachment of Bill J. Clinton. The msm was on a crusade to get Tom Delay, because he was;

1. Effective as majority House Leader,
2. A Christian and
3 Republican.

The same idiots, the msm, are slap happy today because they think they have finally vanquished Tom Delay.

Dream on, Tom Delay has a backbone, and has the help and guidance of a creator who allowed this nation to become so rich and fat, because it was founded as a Christian Nation.

I want to personally thank Tom Delay for his service to American and all of its citizens. THANKS TOM DELAY.

I remember the constant reference in those last days of Clinton, by the msm to the “ex-bug man now in congress”. The msm vilified Tom almost daily, and had some favorite ways of starting any news article. Over and over I watched or heard overpaid, self absorbed liberals with that I’m better than you smirk, start off a news article with….. “Ex-pest exterminator, Tom Delay”, or something like it.

I want to personally thank Tom Delay for his service to American and all of its citizens. THANKS TOM DELAY.

The heroism I want you to think about started with a killing at the security checkpoint at an obscure entrance used mostly by congresspersons, and staff to the Capitol Offices. It may have been the same entrance where Cynthis McKinney threw her hiss fit recently, I am not sure; but anyway; a madman was planning who knows what, and his .38 caliber pistol set the metal detectors off.
Before the guard at the security check could react, Russell Weston, Jr. shot 18-year Capitol Police veteran, Officer Jacob J. Chestnut, 58 in cold blood in the back of the head.

The shrouded badge at the top of this article is like the one the Vietnam Veteran was wearing that day. Panic and pandemonium, screams and chaos. The deranged man ran straight to the office of Congressman Tom Delay, and Tom’s personal Secret Service plainclothes bodyguard shot it out with the man, downing him with a shot to the knee, but the madman shot for the chest and Tom Delays personal secret service bodyguard was murdered. John Gibson, Tom Delays personal secret service guard would probably have had the best of this shootout if he had not taken extraordinary measures to protect the unarmed office workers. Oh and did you know, none other than Senator Bill Frist hurried to the scene, and gave mouth to mouth to the shooter, because John Gibson was gone, but Senator Bill Frist probably saved the killer from death.

I want to personally thank Tom Delay for his service to American and all of its citizens. THANKS TOM DELAY.

All of this happened in the same building, a few years before the (honorable?) Cynthia McKidney threw her hissyfit.

Shame on you Cynthia McKinney, I am calling for you to step down from a position you don’t deserve, and one you besmirch with your racist twiddling.

Here are some links to some of the web articles about that day of heroism.

Here are just the facts, a long and sad read, but I recommend it.

Here is my personal favorite, it is a link to an article, by Linda Chavez. This was the first web article I read of Linda’s, and am still a fan. She is great.

Here are some more links, I don’t think you would be interested in links to Cynthia McKinney’s Hiss fit ordeal, so I didn't bother.

Shame on you Cynthia McKinney, I am calling for you to step down from a position you don’t deserve, and one you besmirch with your racist twiddling.
Shame on you Cynthia McKinney, I am calling for you to step down from a position you don’t deserve, and one you besmirch with your racist twiddling.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Color Me Peaceful

I think you'll enjoy these three pictures. They are from an anti-war, peace and rainbow coalition type website. Hundreds of people of peace? are pictured, in a coloring book format. Great for brainwashing the youth of America.

I just picked out three of the hundreds and hundreds of color me’s, that you might enjoy for a good laugh.

These are really nice coloring book style jpg’s, and you can enlarge them to 8 ½ x 11 or even larger before the pixels get fuzzy. Yes click on the black and white images and you can enlarge them to a size your child with the big fat crayola's can enjoy. Oh, don't forget to tell them all about the good work these three have done for world peace.
These three people do not want world peace, they want the world. They want the world disarmed and in their control. Funny how the leftist talk of peace when they are out of power, but if they gain control there is no peace for the decent people.
These idiots look good in black and white, for there is a right and wrong, and these idiots are wrong. Over and over they have shown their hatred for America. All of these three hate America....A Billionaire who hates America, a Congressperson who hates America, and a fat film maker who hates America.

There are hundreds and hundreds of pictures to color, so let’s all get busy……..

Oh I really don't want to share this link, but guess I must to let you see who the Democrats think are peaceful men and women. Yes, they got a few of them right, but I dare you to investigate on google some of these anti-Americans. Amongst the hundreds of peaceniks are several token good people. Dreaming your thing? Dream of a world where these peaceniks are in power. Google a few of the ones you are not so familiar with and you'll soon realize, most of these people are communists, or socialists.

Want to see the whole gang?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

You may know that South Dakota recently passed a law banning abortion, expect when the life of the mother is threatened. South Dakota created a special task force to study the abortion question, and here is a link to the South Dakota taskforces report It is a fascinating read, I recommend it to you. Save it and read it at your convenience, and you will probably agree that South Dakota studied the subject thoroughly and reported it’s findings in a scientific way….”Just the facts”.
South Dakota Task Force Reports on Abortion

Saturday, April 01, 2006
About a year ago, many Reagan republicans started questioning the man that we elected as president, (it was the Reagan republicans that won the election for George Walker Bush) and nothing has changed, we still are questioning his actions. The words we hear from him sound good; but it is what he does, or allows to happen that we wonder about.

There is one person missing from this picture. That person will be the next president of the United States of America…..would you care to guess who I am referring too?


For answer, click here.

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