Tuesday, April 11, 2006
A day without immigrants! Why not make it a decade or more?
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One word about the General Strike today...

Yes, I enjoyed a workday today without workers around me chattering in Spanish. America is an English speaking nation, because English speaking people made it the greatest nation in the world.

Oh yes my nations arms are open to the world, but only to people who will learn to speak the language of the people who made this country great. And the first sentence of English they should learn…is….I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to The Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Where is my liberty and justice? When the thieves of Washington D.C. let LAWBREAKERS get in the immigration line ahead of those who follow the law.

No, there are no lawmakers in Washington D.C. or Topeka, Kansas….they are mostly cowering cowards, afraid to stand up for America.

Gutless Politicians, Democrats and Republicans, Presidents, Senators, Congress people, Governors and Judges.

Oh sure, all of those people who did not go to work today so that they could protest in the taxpayers streets, work hard, yes they work hard, but they didn’t today. Without being a legal citizen they took to the streets to protest. Quick, name me one other nation in the world that would tolerate non-citizens protesting in the taxpayers streets. Do you know how much taxpayers had to pay to police these communist gatherings today?

If I hear the old adage, "Jobs that Americans won't do" one more time, I may go postal.
And if I hear the phrase GUEST WORKER one more time, I’m going to puke all of the Republican Party Loyalty out of my hard working body. Listen up George W. Bush.

I started out my working career, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, mowing lawns, and sacking groceries, but I wanted more. So I moved up. It was easy, I spoke the nations language, loved the nations flag, and BOUGHT AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS.

See here is something no one talks about. These illegal alien criminals are working for a wage they could never make in Mexico, but they don’t spend all of that money they make in America, they send a lot of it to a foreign nation, and they don’t buy American products. They are always looking for a product made in Mexico. They spend only a small percentage of their wages in the good old USofA....they send a lot of the wages they get, (mostly tax-free illegal wages) back to a nation that is still in poverty because no one there knows how to make a nation great. If we allow them to stay here, they will make our nation more like theirs.

I am as compassionate as anyone, but this is a nation my fathers and grandfathers shed blood for, these are invaders, and I pity the politician who forgets about who made this nation great. It was the ones who came here legally and learned the language and culture.

Bumpy days ahead, but the law is the law, and if our lawmakers cave in to the mob mentality, they will suffer....I guarantee it.


Blogger steve said...

Great post on immigration. I believe that il-legal immigration is to lucrative for "Big Business" to let Congress enforce the immigration laws no matter what the majority of citizens want. We are just kidding ourselves that this is a democracy "Of the People".

Por quê o amor morre na praia?

São tantos relacionamentos que começam, paixões que prometem durar toda a vida, mas depois de algum tempo, é fácil ver o amor morrendo na praia.Tem gente que já na segunda saída se desencanta, outras pessoas mantém a chama acesa por alguns poucos dias ou meses.Quem consegue um relacionamento de anos pode se considerar bem sucedido. Já o antigo felizes para sempre é uma raridade, quase uma relíquia. O que está acontecendo? O que leva as pessoas hoje a ficarem cada vez menos tempo juntas?Antes de mais nada podemos dizer que vivemos uma enorme auto-afirmação do indivíduo. Foram tantos anos obedecendo regras, fazendo o que devia ser feito, andando em cima dos trilhos do certo e do errado, que agora uma grande parte das pessoas se rebelou e está completamente incomodada em dividir a liberdade com o compromisso de caminhar junto de alguém.Por outro lado, a ideologia do prazer e do conforto tomou conta de nossas vidas de tal forma que não suportamos a idéia da dor. O problema é que para se relacionar com alguém você precisa abrir mão do que é imediato para entender a relação como uma possibilidade de crescimento.O amor não é confortável. Na filosofia do tudo fácil e descartável, não cabe o trabalho que uma relação dá. Para estar com alguém você precisa entender o ponto de vista alheio, precisa abrir o coração, se colocar na pele do outro.Também não é possível amar se você não tem uma comunicação bem transparente e corajosa. Se você é covarde e economiza as suas palavras, se você não expressa o que sente e pensa, fica muito difícil manter um relacionamento vivo. A tendência é não falar, é não manifestar o que está mal resolvido como ressentimentos, raivas. Assim a relação esfria, perde a vitalidade, fica superficial.A falta de generosidade também é um grande problema. Na convivência, os casais esquecem de manifestar o seu amor, pensam que não é necessário dizer palavras doces, presentear o outro com o romantismo que caracterizava o começo da relação. Feito uma plantinha que precisa de água para sobreviver, a relação também pede como alimento o carinho. Sem ele, nada feito.Por que o amor morre na praia? Ele morre pela falta de cuidado, morre pela falta de consciência. Se você pensa que o amor acontece por si, está enganado. O amor é forte e frágil ao mesmo tempo. Ele brilha e irradia sua luz quando os amantes estão vivos, criativos e aptos para a relação, caso contrário, ele não tem condições de sobreviver.

Blogger Blackscorpion said...

I have never liked the term "illegal immigration". To me there is no such thing. If you are in a country illegally you are an alien. Countless people have gone through the immigration process over the years and have put up with all the red tape because they understood it is the law. Now 10 million plus illegal aliens what to be called citizens just because they have been here for x number of years. Try to stay in just about any other country illegally and I am willing to bet you would not last long. America is way too soft because illegal aliens save businesses a few bucks. Unfortunately, this country can’t afford to give all the illegal aliens a free trip out of the country just so they can come back is a week or two.

Blogger phred said...

They cannot have a decent life in Mexico because,
their government is rotten to the core, so, they come here to reap the benefits of our hard work and sweat.
Go home and come back in an orderly fashion. Those are the rules. If you cannot abide by those rules...what is to make me think you will obey any of the rest of our laws??

Loafer, I will not waste your time or mine responding to '' Stiff"".

Blogger phred said...

Si, Habla .

Blogger web_loafer said...

Phred, for all I know, stiff may have left smut or even a part of his or her doctoral thesis. If you read spanish, tell me, should I leave it on my comment page?
I have no desire to learn the language of mexico.

Any communication with this American will be in my native tongue.
It would be nice perhaps to be bi-lingual, but I am too old to start learning.
All of this is depressing because I know the lily-livered politicians saw the million or so Marxist in the streets, and they are gutless and emasculated.

We are being sold down the river by crooked and effeminate politicians.

I am sick, My country is one step away from anarchy, and no one is stepping up to defend America.

But until the day the Marxist take over, I am going to put up a fight. I know what they have planned. Even now the internet is being prepared for the fairness doctrine, and that means in 2009 or thereabouts, Sanity Bluff will disappear, because I love my God, my Family and my Nation. If America goes down, how will the world benifit?

It is like this, the lazy slob, who dropped out of school to pursue a life of addiction to drugs, hears that the Democrats plan to tax the rich more. He jumps up and down because those that achieved what he didn't try for, are being punished. Yeah, he says, sock it too them. But what is he celebrating? How did punishing an achiever help his pitiful life? All he wants is a little bit bigger bag of snot. Is he better off because the rich were shafted?

Everyone seems to hate America because we succeed. So the losers are ganging up to bring us down. Do they really think we will let them takeover without a fight?
If the hordes come for me and my family, I'll burn all I have to the ground, and go down fighting. American.
Dire Straits ahead.

We will fight to the bitter end, or victory. I am hoping for victory!
Here is what I would consider a victory for the real HARD WORKING AMERICANS, which would be the ones here legally, paying taxes.

1. Mexicans back in Mexico, and
2. Every politician voted out of office....all of 'em, Republicans, and Marxist. Sorry to be so down, but I can hear that giant sucking sound...it is the politicians of America sucking up to the underclass of foreign nations here illegally for votes. Please help us God.

Anonymous Joefish said...

Stiff's message is in Portuguese. Basically it says, "Can't we all just get along?"

What's so great about "along," anyway? Why doesn't anyone ever want to get a short?

"America is an English speaking nation, because English speaking people made it the greatest nation in the world."
I'm sure the Native American's liked it just fine before.

Anonymous Amy H. said...

Yes, today is truly a great day. Traffic was lighter. I don't have to worry about people expecting me to speak Spanish when I go to the store. It's just too bad that the free clinics and county hospitals will not be able to take advantage of this nice respite from illegal immigrants.
I welcome anyone to this country who does it legally and respects OUR heritage and laws. The first thing illegals do is commit a crime. We don't need them. If they had something of value to offer, they would come legally.
I wish everyday could be a day without illegal immigrants.

Anonymous Amy H. said...

By the way, some susturbing information about the organizers of May 1st's activities.
ANSWER helped organize it all. Who is ANSWER?
The lead group in Answer is the International Action Center. Led by the former attorney general turned extreme-left activist Ramsey Clark, Answer is considered widely to be a front organization for the notorious Workers World Party. The WWP is a communist group, formed in the late 1950s as a breakaway faction from the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party.

The WWP decided it would support even the most dictatorial of Communist leaders if their mission was to undermine America and its allies
— something that didn't sit well with most Trotskyites —
and its final rift with the Socialist Workers Party was over the WWP's support of the crushing Soviet incursion into Hungary in 1956. The WWP went on to back the Chinese government and its tanks against the dissidents in Tiananmen Square, tout the virtue of the North Korean regime and openly state its support for dictators like Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic.

Both ANSWER and the International Action Center are closely allied with a small but energetic Marxist-Leninist organization known as the Workers World Party, which in its turbulent history has supported the Soviet interventions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the Chinese government's crackdown in Tiananmen Square. Today, the WWP devotes much of its energy to supporting the regimes in Iraq and North Korea.
We definitely don't need that here.

Anonymous Amy H. said...

Oh, good grief. My daughter was distracting me and apparently I can't spell "disturbing". Sorry about that.

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