Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Color Me Peaceful

I think you'll enjoy these three pictures. They are from an anti-war, peace and rainbow coalition type website. Hundreds of people of peace? are pictured, in a coloring book format. Great for brainwashing the youth of America.

I just picked out three of the hundreds and hundreds of color me’s, that you might enjoy for a good laugh.

These are really nice coloring book style jpg’s, and you can enlarge them to 8 ½ x 11 or even larger before the pixels get fuzzy. Yes click on the black and white images and you can enlarge them to a size your child with the big fat crayola's can enjoy. Oh, don't forget to tell them all about the good work these three have done for world peace.
These three people do not want world peace, they want the world. They want the world disarmed and in their control. Funny how the leftist talk of peace when they are out of power, but if they gain control there is no peace for the decent people.
These idiots look good in black and white, for there is a right and wrong, and these idiots are wrong. Over and over they have shown their hatred for America. All of these three hate America....A Billionaire who hates America, a Congressperson who hates America, and a fat film maker who hates America.

There are hundreds and hundreds of pictures to color, so let’s all get busy……..

Oh I really don't want to share this link, but guess I must to let you see who the Democrats think are peaceful men and women. Yes, they got a few of them right, but I dare you to investigate on google some of these anti-Americans. Amongst the hundreds of peaceniks are several token good people. Dreaming your thing? Dream of a world where these peaceniks are in power. Google a few of the ones you are not so familiar with and you'll soon realize, most of these people are communists, or socialists.

Want to see the whole gang?


Anonymous dicey1 said...

Here in Iceland, we spend time with our children to book their colours. What are you trying to say?
Is wrong to have children colour some people, and leave other children black and white?

Blogger jarhead john said...

Maybe I'll leave a longer comment after I'm done vomiting.....

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