Saturday, April 15, 2006
R E S P E C T, or lack of


Blogger Peace Moonbeam said...

Webloafer, I couldn't agree more.
This immigration problem originates with the man pointing his finger. His inability to create a viable economy is driving his citizens over the border, but as long as they send the US dollars back home, he's a happy camper.
I say charge the Mexican government for the health care and other expenses we have to pay to support his citizens. They can pay in barrels of oil. Que pasa?

Blogger web_loafer said...


If the environmentalist wacko's weren't so powerful, we'd have more oil flowing from our nation’s soil and offshore than Mexico.

The enviromental wacko's are only powerful because:

1. The ignorance of our recently educated? citizens.
2. Lack of interest by citizens, who would rather watch hollyweird movies, than think about our problems in a rational matter.
3. The MeanSpiritedMedia spends all of it's time providing sound bites to the lazy.....and the MSM are almost all ignorant socialists and Marxist, so the sound bites are anti-american and anti-capitalist.
4. The appeal of giving lip service to the environment while not having to do anything about the problems.
Here's a good example.
A egotistical moviestar verbally chastising all neocons while looking through the picture window of their Palatial Malibu Estate at all of the illegals (slaves) working on the lawn detail, spraying deadly chemicals on everything to make their yard look like a carpet. (As a side note, I don't use chemicals to make my lawn beautiful, it is beautiful as it grows, I can't improve on God's design by spraying deadly chemicals upon my small piece of earth...about 1/2 acre.
5. Whoops,I talk too much.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Vicente is a waste of skin. I just amazed that Bush caters to him.

Anonymous The Cranky Brit said...

Ah, you mean the democratically elected president? Dictator? Do you actually bother to check anything you print?

Blogger imsmarterthanyou said...

haha...i couldnt agree more, pointing fingers is just plain rude...and on national television! (gasp)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatcha mean? You honkeys stole our land, and now, when we battle back, you point fingers. Just wait, your casa will be my casa....LOL

Anonymous halsten99 said...

Bush deserves more than a finger pointed at him.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I love this run and hide of Halsten99.
Your comment seems very threatening,
to my nation's leader,
hopefully the DHS is monitoring my blogs, and knows who you are.

I haven't a clue. Halsten99 when googled doesn't give me much of a clue, but I bet when I go to the comment section in my email box, there will be traces of you. There is no such thing as an anonymous comment at Sanity's Bluff. I am emailed your comment. I don't moderate comments, but any comment is emailed as it is left.
This is not a special feature, it is available to all google bloggers, and it is all right by me.

So, Anonymous, what did you have in mind? What would you rather have pointed at President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush?????

Come back to the Bluff and tell us more, while I go look at your email to me.

Blogger web_loafer said...

There is no such thing as an anonymous comment at Sanity's Bluff. I am emailed your comment when you post it here in cyberspace. I don't moderate comments, but any comment anyone leaves not only appears at Sanity's Bluff, it is also emailed to me exactly as it was posted by whoever. I doesn't take a genius to go from there.
Kinda like footprints in the sandy beach of cyberspace.

Still waiting Halsten99, to find out what you want pointed at my Nations President?

Come out of your closet and tell us all.

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