Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Tip of the Sombrero

OK fellow bloggers, let's be honest about this; you too have a favorite blog you check out before you write or publish your daily, weekly or monthly blog article.
I have several favorites, and I shamelessy use those blogs to improve Sanity's Bluff. I visit those blogs I love; read anything new, and more importantly, I CHECK OUT THE LINKS MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS LEAVE. I always listen to someone who has been where I would like to go, for that is how I find out road conditions or unique things about the area.

One of my favorite blogs is a virtual roadmap to todays news, Mensa Barbie
I recommend Mensa Barbie's blog for anyone but the fainthearted. Don’t forget to check out the many side roads (links).

It is a lot of work to write, post and double check a blog article, and the blogs that have every link entered correctly to help you get the bigger picture are my favorites. Old WebLoafer is working hard to learn all of the tricks of the trade, but is still a rookie. But a rookie who can recognize a great blog, and Mensa Barbie's is a top shelve blog. From Mensa Barbies blog, I followed a link to an article that I want you to visit.

Big sombrero tip, oops, that should be a hat tip to Mensa Barbie, and Hijinx.

This one blog article of Hijinx's that you should take the time to read and ponder. The article is entitled, Walk a mile in my moccasins.

I am convinced that most enviromentalists would not say anything if they came upon a group of illegal aliens roasting spotted grey owls in one of the trash dumps they have turned our Southwestern National Parks, and Private Property Into. But let some one suggest building an apartment complex where hard working legal workers could live......and they would resist it. Most of them are Marxist, and this trashing does not bother them, they are only out to destroy capitalism.

When Will We
Ever Learn?

Again, a Tip of the Sombrero to Hijinx.



Blogger jarhead john said...

Nice pics. And you're right on the money about enviro weenies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you live long enough to see America in the hands of the natives.
You Europeans are trespassing on the sacred soil of my ancestors.
It was a good trade wasn't it.
You gave us horses, we gave you tobacco.
That alone should convince all of you honkeys to swim back to Europe.

Anonymous Sleepy said...

Hey anon,
I'd like to invite you to a spotted owl barbque. Bring your headdress of feathers and we can
singe your feathers too. I don't believe you are Native American, you are just a bigoted leftist pretending to be important. Want to fight the wars of yesterday over and over again? Or, do you want to face reality? The ISlamnazis won't let you live any longer than me. They want every non mudslim dead, and that includes you. You can brown nose and grovel, but you are gonna die too. Unless we stand up and fight like Americans. Sorry, someone had to tell you, you are on the deathlist too. How's a 'bout getting together just long enough to rid the Earth of the vermin of islam, then we can iron out our differences. OK?

Blogger Dr.John said...

The enviromentalists I know would have bgeun picking up that trash instead of taking pictures of it. They volunteer to do highway pickup of the junk that people throw away. I am sure that in every group there are left and right wing nuts. But there are a lot of people who just want this to be a better world.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes, Dr. John you are correct. I paint with a broad brush, but it may be because the vocal enviromentalists are the radical ones. I know a lot of people like you describe. The locals in Arizona who took these pictures cleaned up tons of trash, in fact they took 6 tons of it to town and left it in sacks in front of the congressmans office. I still remember my mother cleaning up along the roads near our home, not for recognition but because she respects God's Creation. She has never voted for a liberal in her life either.

Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

I was just talking about those types of pics this morning, and am glad you posted them. I was able to show them to this guy who didn't believe me that the law breaking criminals crossing our border are doing far more environmental damage.Goes along well with their responsibility in closing down hospitals and sucking dry the teet of generosity that is the U.S.

Blogger Pat in NC said...

A picture IS worth a thousand words. Thanks.

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