Tuesday, May 31, 2005
My Sanity May Seem Insane To YOU
We all take risks.

Monday, May 30, 2005
One Last Look at One Last Breath
I am adding this blog to this site. It was an article I wrote on the ninth day of the starvation of Terri Schiavo. I am posting it here at my blogsite, and hope you don’t mind thinking about the Terri Schiavo ordeal one more time. When I wrote this short article, Terri was in dire straits, yet still alive. Many people were hoping against hope, but I looked at it a little more rationally. I am never going to forget who did what to whom in this affair. I am not in charge of the Retribution Department of life, But I know the Department Head very well. In fact I talk with Him everyday.

This will be my last blog about Terri Schiavo for awhile. There is already permanent damage to her vital organs taking place. Nine days ago she was a healthy woman, with one handicap; she couldn’t feed herself, due to her paralyzed condition. It is only a few hours until the ‘Death to Terri’ crowd can start their loud and raucous celebration. You think I am nuts? There will be those that raise the glass and toast the final breaths of Terri Schiavo. It is quite evident that the powerful dignity in death crowd has won the Terri Schiavo battle. But don’t think the war is over. I for one have been strengthened in this losing battle. Yes, I am more pro-life now than I was before all of this tragedy unfolded before my eyes. You will notice in the days to come, my stand on the death sentence for murderers has changed. Humans are not capable of making life and death decisions for other humans. Make decisions only about your own life, and let life reign. From the newly fertilized human egg, to the last gasping breath, no human is capable of making a correct decision about the life of others.
"Get out of our bedrooms" the perverts cry, I say get out of life you deviates. Let God determine who is worthy of life, not you. If you desire to play God, go talk with your buddy, Satan, He tried to play God once. He is the fallen angel. Why worship a Fallen Angel, when God is available to worship?

Pro-life and Dignity in Death.

First, how is it that this word, Pro-life, has even crept into our American lexicon? There is no reason this word should ever be used. Everyone is for life, are they not? What do you say? Some don’t believe all life is worth the living? The helpless should not be kept alive? The retarded? The feeble? The boring? The ugly?

Pro-life, this word became a household word when we turned our heads to the weak and let them be killed. It is a collective quilt we have, those that murder and those that won’t fight for the weak. We let it happen, so now the word is a part of our everyday life; it is sickening.

The Terri Schivo murder, brings us to a fork in the road. One direction is easy and painless, the other will take dedication and sacrifice. I know which way I am headed.

If my daughter was in a hospice being brutally tortured, I would be dead or injured, and if alive would be in jail.

I am not degrading Mr. Schindler, in any way, shape or form. Experience tells us that everyone reacts differently to similar events. Maybe Mr. Schindler is a better Christian than I am, for I couldn’t take it, and anything I did would be pre-meditated.

Pro-life, I long for an America that doesn’t ever need this word to be spoken.

Now as to the ‘Dignity in Death’ crowd. On TV recently a smirking teleprompt reader, used those words, (dignity in death) in reference to how Terri’s death will happen.

Think about what I just shared. It is dignified to be held a virtual prisoner and to be slowly dehydrated and starved? If you can see dignity in the treatment of Terri Schiavo, you are a very sick person, and should be locked up rather than Terri.

This entire saga of death has had an effect on many. I have never seen the New Media so together behind one cause. Here we all are, sharing one common bond, we cry together when the cruelty of mankind becomes so evident. You cannot escape choosing which path you will take at this junction; there is no moderate stand concerning life or death. If you choose to celebrate life, you will make your Creator happy.

You are worshiping God when you celebrate Life. I celebrate life. The devil and the demons of hell celebrate death. Think about it.

Just a few more thoughts,

I am told always to look for good in a situation. OK what is the good in this situation? Living wills? OK, perhaps everyone will try to direct how they are to be treated when they are lying helpless. I concede that possible good outcome, it would be nice. But step back and look at the overall picture of what is happening. I don’t see any good coming from the decision to allow hearsay evidence to override the lack of real evidence. And why should a lowly probate judge be allowed to make a life or death decision? It is as absurd as it would be if a sacker at the grocery store was permitted to plan and cook all of your meals for the week, simply because he handled all your groceries.
The Men and Women in Black

Up until a few decades ago, the Supreme Court had been one of the top political prizes in America, but, only for men.
I am thankful now that the gender exclusion has been done away with. Yes, I realize it is still a lopsided court, and yes women’s part in this court is very small, but one has to start somewhere. I think a woman knows as much about justice as anyone, and can apply justice in fairness, as well, or better than some men.
I am hoping President Bush will appoint a woman to the court. on his first opportunity. It really amazes me how long some judicial dinosaurs will hang on to this job. I tell you what when I hit 62, I’ll be retired and loving it. Of course I am one of the judged, not the judge.
I really think if she would accept it, Secretary of State Dr.Rice should be given an opportunity to adjudicate for all America at the Supreme Court.
In recent days and years, the Supreme Court could very well be labeled, the last straw Court.
This woman, Dr. Rice is a rare jewel in the world of politics. She scares a lot of the good old boy crowd, (Sen. Byrd, Ted K. or John McCain) and I have only one thing to say about that, GOOD. Sometime soon I will write about one of my states Senators. and how one citizen was treated. We are from the same political party, but he is a Senator, and I am a lowly taxpayer. Yes, Lord Brownback, I am talking about you. And it is rumored that you want to be president. How come this doesn’t surprise me at all?
When I take a look at our nations senators, they come across to me as, flummoxed and addicted to TV cameras.
Maybe it is for this reason; very few Senators have ever been elected President. Kerry, Dole, Humphrey, and a host of others have found their highest level of incompetence to be the Senate.
From this austere group of men and women, we have our Supreme Court judges, confirmed. That is when the sniveling Democrats actually vote, and don’t stonewall, looking for more TV cameras. Thank God they don’t get to nominate the candidates.
President Bush will do just fine, in nominating decent women and men to the court. The Senates only role in this, is to vote yes or no.
So Senators, do what the taxpayers pay you to do. Vote, don’t grandstand and run for the TV cameras. The last thing I would want to see in my living room is Ted Kennedy or any of his buddies from the Senate. They get in my house only on the TV screen, and I am tempted to throw something at the TV, when any of the pandering nabob's of the Senate show their face. Senator Kennedy an expert on judicial matters? How laughable. His greatest judical moment came when he needed a few judges to sidestep justice, just to save his sorry ******* from involuntary manslaughter charges, after his Olympic Quality Swim, away from the drowning intern. What is it with Democrats and interns? He by no means is alone in the arrogance and demagoguery category, but we like to refer to him as the occasionally articulate swimmer, here in Kansas.
Someone as young as Dr. Rice would be a great asset to America. She could sit on that bench for 10 or 20 years, and show everyone what Judges can do best for America, RETIRE BEFORE GOING SENILE.
Sunday, May 29, 2005
The Good Ship Liberty
Abandoning the Good Ship Liberty (G.S.L.)

Absurd as it may sound, some people would not like to be on the Good Ship Liberty at all.

Some have sailed on it awhile and said the price is too great, and abandoned ship.

As an American, I may have a skewered view of liberty, and I make no apologies for that. I love liberty, and know some of the sacrifice it takes to attempt to secure it for yourself and your posterity.

Let me first address the ones who hate liberty.

Anyone who denies equality or fights the practice of equality in society is not on the GSL. Too many in this world think that the equality of races, religions, gender or human behavior should not be allowed, so they would hate to be on the GSL to begin with. To someone who thinks women should be no more than vassals of a man’s domain, the thought of liberty is scary, and to be fought against. It took a long, bloody and ugly struggle for America to come to grips with what it takes for passage on the GSL. Even from it’s infancy as a country, America struggled with equality of race and gender. And to a lesser degree America struggled with religion, and human behavior.

Look around you in the world and tell me I am wrong. The Chinese would forgo sailing on the GSL, because it is a godless society, and religious freedom is still a stranger to China.

Almost all, (with a few beautiful exceptions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indochina and Turkey) Muslim nations are not ready for the GSL until they allow a man and woman to walk up the gangplank to passage, together, side by side.

America has always enjoyed the freedom to worship. There has never been a state religion in America, and there never will be. On my way to Church this morning, I passed mosques, synagogues, Catholic and Protestant churches of every size. Ireland is probably the best example of religion keeping a whole country off of the GSL. There are encouraging signs though, on many fronts.

I wish everyone in the world could experience liberty. It may never happen, but it is my desire. America is hated by many for many reasons, but most people in this world would love the liberties we enjoy as American’s. There should be no doubt, America is a proud passenger on the GSL.

One thing history is quite clear about; there are only a few cases of passengers on the GSL, abandoning ship. Russians jumped wholesale off of the ship in 1917, and TENS OF MILLIONS of people died because of that stupid decision. But it seems to me that once again they are begging passage on the GSL. There are millions of graves in Russia, of people who were denied liberty, and life. All over Russia you will find tearful relatives visiting the grave sites of those cut down while standing up for liberty.

Cuba, left the Good Ship Liberty, and it is one of the poorest and most repressed countries in the world. What more proof do you need than to witness the hundreds of thousands of Cubans choosing to move 90 miles north, to a country sailing on the GSL.

This is all I have time for this Sunday evening, but I want to bring to you, a much longer and deeper study of Liberty. As an American I hear the word liberty used in everyday conversation, but I often wonder what the average American knows about liberty and the price that must be paid to obtain and sustain liberty and justice for all? I aim to enlighten some to what liberty is, what it cost to obtain, and what it will cost to maintain the GSL. Even in these days of seemingly tough times for Liberty in the World, the ship has not capsized, run aground or sprung a leak. There are some who have abandoned ship, so to speak, and I hope the ship they sail on is as safe and sound as the GSL. But I don’t see how that is possible.

There will be more about this, since it is a topic I love to write about. Please share your comments.
Thursday, May 26, 2005
Tormented and left for alive.....Hitch Hiking

No I made no mistake in the title; I could at times describe my life in just those words.

Torment…..you have no clue what torment is, because you’ve never been there.

You haven’t slept under a bridge overpass, to escape the rain coming down in torrents, at a time when the rides just would not materialize. You haven’t spent a day in the Tehachapi New Mexico jail, for daring to defy the NO HITCH HIKING signs. Just what was I supposed to do, Walk to Texas? Hitch-hiking is a combination of a millionaire’s vacation, and physical and mental hell. And I speak from experience. I have hitch-hiked tens of thousands of miles in America. My estimate of total miles is 60,000. Alone, with another young man, with a young lady, or in as big of a group as four, I have hitch-hiked, and lived to tell you about it. Hitch-hiking is begging, begging to talk, and not walk. I hung up the hitch-hiker’s thumb over 30 years ago, but I can still will my mind back to the side of the highway in 1966. Yes, anytime I desire I can go back in my mind to those crazy, carefree, reckless, self indulging, humble times.

From time to time, I notice hitch-hikers on the side of the road as I drive my boss’s truck from place to place. One of the negative things about truck driving is that you must pass all of those hitch-hikers up. It’s the law, and it is enforced.

Oh how I wish I could pull the 18 wheeler I drive over, and wait for the hitch-hiker to climb up the passenger side of the truck (and why do we still call it passenger side, when we are forbidden to have passengers?) and slowly pull back into the traffic with another human being in the cab of my boss’s truck. Then it would be my time to listen to someone else’s view of the road.

Are we not all some sort of hitch-hikers? We are hitching a ride through life. The person who has never accepted a ride in this journey called life…….lives a dull and boring life.

We all have our thumbs out to the world……as if to ask….give me a ride to….

“The best place for a human being to be at this moment.”

This was the beautiful unspoken rule of hitch-hiking, when someone stopped to give you a ride, they almost always wanted to show you they cared. To this day, I still think they did care, and were not condescending. They wanted to show me something nice, something enjoyable. I never once begged for anything from the person who stopped for me, the ride was enough. But, many times the driver of the car giving me a lift, would hand me a five or ten dollar bill, not making a big deal of it, and I took it and thanked them. We both benefited from this.

It is when the truck stops and we run to jump up in it, we are at our best. To admit you need something, is the first step to fulfilment.

I ran with my hitch hiking friend Phillip, towards the 57Chevy that pulled over for us, just East of Selma, Alabama in 1966. Do you know what rock burn is….? The Chevy waited until we were about twenty feet away, and then the driver laid the foot to the petal, and sprayed Phillip and me with rocks, laughing that stupid rebel laugh, and cursing us with shouts.

Well, we were long haired male hitch-hikers, on a dark highway in the troubled South, a little east of Selma, Alabama.
The person who gave us a ride to that eastside of Selma, had told some frightful stories about the killings that happened not too long ago. Not that far removed from the time Phillip and myself happened to pass through.

After the initial torment, Phillip and I sighed as if relieved, because we knew we were better off not riding with whoever it was in that 57 Chevy. The taillights of the 57 Chevy slipped from our view, but before we could regain our composure and breath, the car turned around and headed at a high speed back to where we stood on the side of the road. Phillip and myself watched the ugly scene unfolding, and if there had been a ditch we would have found it. As it was, we had to watch the speeding car, with headlights flashing from high to low…horn blaring, bearing down on us,
and that is torment my friend. This was the same community in which, the first violence of the non-violent civil rights marches happened. Two long haired American’s watched a speeding car come toward them, knowing it was not coming back to give us a ride.

Beer bottles thrown from a speeding car: no it was not a fair fight. The bottles missed, but the message was clear, the occupants of the speeding car shouted out "f_ _ _ you hippies", to us as the bottles flew.

Well all of this torment could have been avoided, if only Phillip and John had short hair. We didn’t, they did, and I remember.

This story will continue, if there is any interest in it. Comments make a writer try even harder.
Saturday, May 21, 2005
Paranoia? Preparation? Or Poppycock? YOU DECIDE

Today someone ask me to write about how I thought Terrorism could be defeated.
I promised to think about it when I was working today. I have a unique job, I can think about other things than my job while I work. All day I had these thoughts. “Yes, that is what we need to do to win the War on Terrorism. None of my ideas were simple, but they all would work.

Then it hit me………..”
Yes this would work if Congress……..”
Or,…………………… “All we would need for it to work, would be for the President………..”
Or, …………………... “I am sure the ACLU, would not interfere… after all the first name of their name is American”…..
And even……………….I don’t see anything about the plan that judges would want to declare it unconstitutional……..

Do you see just what I am getting at? America, and the allies we have in this war, will not win the war against Terrorism unless the above mentioned people or organizations get out of the way. Our military might is great, but we are using it WRONG. It is not the generals’ fault, they get orders from civilians. And no one with any brain cells left thinks that our men and women in combat are anything but the finest and bravest in the world. The people standing between victory and us in this war are all civilians. Civilians living large…….very large……. Civilians whose vanity will get in the way of any winning strategy.
Politicians are too worried what the New York Times is going to say. Yes I worry about what the New York Times says too, but for a different reason. I wonder how many of our soldiers will be killed today because of the anger stirred up by the lying, cowardly journalists. You know the ones, the vicious with words, but cowardly in deed journalists, at Newsweek, the N.Y. Times, CBS, and even PBS, and yes BBC. There is no way we are going to have success until we hold our country's Media to account. If they lie, and men and women are killed, shut them down….sell their assets and give them to the families of the killed. CBS, Newsweek and the BBC, have openly and without regret stirred the Muslim world up against us, WITH LIES and there is blood on their hands. The recent action by Newsweek is the most cowardly and lying thing I have witnessed in my life.
Of course it is regrettable that we are fighting caged animals, and even those of our enemy not in uniforms are blood thirsty. Let me restate it better, we are fighting men and women too cowardly to put on a uniform, and stand up and fight.
That is something we cannot change. It is a flaw of theirs, not ours. I called them caged animals for two reasons. Their ignorance and poverty has caged them to a one way religion, you know the “Our way or Death,” crowd, that loves to slaughter humans and beat the bodies after all life is gone from them. Oh by the way, don’t feel sorry that they are poor, God deposited billions and billions of barrels of oil, beneath the sands of their countries, and yet the princes, mullahs and such, think guns, and grenades are more needed than sewers and education. And they act like animals. I make no apologies for saying this, because you have witnessed their brutality.
They act like people without souls. No other people treat others like the Muslims do. The women in their world are nothing more than slaves, and they behead people. Anywhere the sword of Islam goes, poverty and ignorance follow. But the mullahs live large too, like our politicians.
If a meat packing plant in the Midwest here where I live, slaughtered a dumb cow in the way these Islamafacists slaughter people….PETA would cry and scream and kick up a fuss you wouldn’t believe. But they see no need to protest the crude decapitations going on at the hands of those animals of the ‘peaceful religion’. I paint a bleak picture, but you too know it is true.

Now again back to what do we do?

Personal Preparation is not optional if you want to live when the bloodletting gets to our shore. And it will because we have no government working to solve the problem. President Bush or Tony Blair, would stand tall and brave, but they are backed up by the biggest collection of self-centered, vain, money grabbing losers imaginable. Even our judicial systems are helping our enemies. Here is the start of a long list. Please feel free to add to this list. In fact please help.....there are obvious things I haven't thought of.

1. Buy, store, and learn to use personal protection. Pistols and Shotguns are the top two needs. Store lots of ammunition, and use the oldest you have practicing for the day when the war starts in your neighborhood. Keep the ammunition rotated and fresh, and plentiful.

2. Form a cell of friends who are aware of what will happen in the future because of the turncoat journalists and cowardly politicians. Small cells are best, 5 to 10 families each watching out for each other. Don’t worry about the un-American lawyers, politicians or college professors. Let them be first in line of fire. Protect what is worth protecting.

3. If you hear a fellow worker or acquaintance, spouting the mantra, “Bush lied, blah blah blah” or "Blair lied, blah, blah blah, you know that they have no reasoning ability, so don’t waste time trying to convince them that America or Great Britain are good, and need help. If they come to your door when the war hits your neighborhood, tell them to leave….and if they don’t…..shoot. I am talking only about if they show up when the battle is waging. They have every right to be stupid and un-patriotic, JUST MARK THEM, AND REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT WORTHY OF YOUR SACRIFICE, OR OUR SOLDIERS SACRIFICE.

4. Profile, profile profile. I imagine you are smart enough to know what the profile of someone spitting on, urinating on or burning an American or British flag would almost always be. If someone meets that profile in your neighborhood, watch them carefully. Find out all you can about them. Write down license plate numbers, phone numbers, and any and all habits you notice they have. Know where they meet. This is extremely important, because they know exactly where and when your church service starts. They know where your children go to school. Keep a sharp eye out. When some bad days happen in this war, if those people seem happy, you know. They too are news driven, and are not very good at hiding their emotions.

5. The next thing is the most important. PRAY! We know how God has blessed America, Great Britain and the many other nations actively fighting the God hating multitudes, so He may protect us from the swarms of evil. Remember the account in the Bible? Abraham asking God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah? If a handful of good people could have been found, God would have spared the cities from fire and brimstone, but there was not a handful of good people there. There are more than a handful of good, decent and brave people to win this fight, but it is sad that our leaders have let us down. It will make victory harder to achieve, but we can do it.

They won’t close our borders. They won’t shut the seditious or even treasonous media down. They won’t turn the military might we worked hard and paid for with our taxes, against our enemies. So…they really aren’t our leaders, they are parasites on freedom. There will be more from me about the war on Terror.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Palestinian Birds found in Missouri
Palestinian Birds found in Missouri

I drive truck for a living as some of you know, and I want to tell you a story about Palestinian Birds.
There are a lot of birds building nests this time of the year, hoping to raise a brood of young ones.
I drive to a factory in Central Missouri twice a day to pick up a loaded trailer and take it back to Kansas City.
For several years I have watched an amazing thing occurring. There is a specie of bird that every year builds a nest in the unused refrigeration unit of a trailer that is used to store boxes in at the plant. The trailer is shuffled back and forth in the yard all day long. It never leaves the factories yard, but it moves many times a day.
So these birds have a time of it. They are working hard bringing straw, leaves, sticks and even string to the trailer, building a nest. It is a very safe place for them to build a nest and raise a family, but they get upset when the trailer is moved. They buzz around the shuttle tractor drivers head as he gets into the shuttle truck, because they know he is going to take them on a ride. They squawk and yell when the trailer starts moving, and fly around the trailer, upset and vocal.
I don’t know what specie of birds they are, I should take binoculars to get a better view, they fly like starlings, and act like sparrows, but they are too large to be sparrows.
I call them Palestinian Birds. And you can probably surmise the reasons I do that.
75 years ago, the term ‘Palestinian’ referred to both Jews and Arabs living in the lands surrounding Jerusalem. Jerusalem was then, and still is a holy place of Muslims, Jews and Orthodox Protestants.
But since those days of peace, things have changed drastically, and not for the better. We all know a little about Europe’s meddling in this area. When the Europeans started what we call the holocaust, Jewish people by the tens of thousands fled Europe. There were very few places upon the earth that would take the fleeing refugees. Even the USA, failed the Jewish people at their time of need. The Jewish survivors decided to return home, and the area around Jerusalem was their home.
The temple of Solomon was built thousands of years ago, and destroyed two times, the final time coming in AD70. It was then that the Roman Armies completely demolished the temple and killed millions of the Jewish citizens of the area. The few surviving Jews then scattered all over the world. You would too.
Muslim believers also consider Jerusalem a holy place.
Without going into the history any more, I want to tell you what I hope for in the area. Peace. And the right for Palestinians to own property in the area they too call home. That is why I call these birds I see everyday, Palestinian Birds. Fate has dealt them a rough path. They brought some of it upon themselves when they refused to participate in the partition of the area. “All or nothing” they said in 1947, and they are still saying that same thing today. Egypt and Jordan refused to help the self-displaced Palestinians, and ever since the day they turned down the offer of partition, they have been chasing that homeland, just like my bird friends chase that trailer they are building a nest in.
I want that trailer to stop moving, so that the birds can call it home. And I wish the same for the Palestinians.
I have had the same dream for thirty years now, Jews and Palestinians living in peace in the area they both love. Why does there have to be a one side takes all, or nothing attitude?
As long as the Palestinians want to drive all of the Jews out of the Jews homeland, there will be nothing stable………the trailer will keep moving.
And as long as the Jews refuse to see that Palestinians love the area also and want to live there and raise families, and that it is possible for both sides to WIN, the trailer will keep moving.
Tomorrow, I’ll see the Palestinian Birds again, and my heart will sink.
Saturday, May 14, 2005
If Your Religion Was the Only Religion?
What would the world be like?

If God demanded that only one religion could be practiced on the Earth, what would the world be like if your religion was chosen?

I imagine you think I’m crazy to ask this. There will be much to learn from this series of blogs, I am working on, and here is installment ONE.

If God stopped us all in our tracks, and demanded that only one religion would be allowed on Earth, what would the world look like, if your religion was the only religion allowed on Earth?

There are 6,441,148,249 humans living and breathing at the moment I am writing this blog.

With regret I must tell you that if God demanded that Islam, be the only religion on earth, I wouldn’t be here to blog, or breathe. If you think otherwise you are naïve. There is no other religion on earth that suggests or commands that anyone not practicing this religion is an infidel and is not worthy of life.

So if Islam somehow became the earth’s only religion, the planet would be less crowded, that is for sure. After the infidels were done away with, there would be approximately; 1,223,818,167 living on earth. Again, if the world were to be cleansed of all non-muslim people, the remaining population would be. 1,223,818.167 Wouldn’t be as crowded, would it?

Christians 32.84% (of which Roman Catholics 17.34%, Protestants 5.78%, Orthodox 3.44%, Anglicans 1.27%), Muslims 19.9%, Hindus 13.29%, Buddhists 5.92%, Sikhs 0.39%, Jews 0.23%, other religions 12.63%, non-religious 12.44%, atheists 2.36% (2003 est.)

These facts are from

For a quick comparision lets compare this number with the population of the world if the Protestant faith was the only faith God gave permission to exist. Look at the above figures and see that only 5.78% of the world’s population is Protestant. If Protestantism was the only world religion, in the same way we looked at Islam, what would the world population be?
It would be approximately 8,000,000,000. Wait a minute you ask, did you put to many zeros in that answer? NO…….

No protestant religion even hints that Non-protestants should all be done away with. In fact as I read my Bible, I notice over and over again we are told to LOVE OUR ENEMIES.
No the Bible does not suggest that you should shut up and let your enemy kill you.

All Muslims would be safe in this situation.

But you ask, Why is the population estimate so much larger than the actual population of the earth?

Simple, If Protestants ruled the world, there would be no abortions.
The rise in the number of the population is a due to the abortions that have taken place in the last 50 years.

Abortions Worldwide
Number of abortions per year: Approximately 46 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 126,000

Where abortions occur:
78% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 22% occur in developed countries.

Legality of abortion:
About 26 million women obtain legal abortions each year, while an additional 20 million abortions are obtained in countries where it is restricted or prohibited by law.

Abortion averages:
Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman.
source: Center for Bioethical Reform


About 2,000,000,000 more people would be living today, if they had not been aborted. So there would be about 8,000,000,000 people living today, if there had been no abortions in the last 50 years.

The world would be somewhat more crowded wouldn’t it? The earth is big enough for that many people, but the religions of man make it seem crowded.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Who do we thank?
a popular blog of mine from another place

Like me, I am sure most of you had an uncle, or even your father who said something like this. “Why when I was a youngster, I walked five miles through the snow to school each winter day.”

I chuckle a little because now I know the perfect thing to say when you hear something like that. “But, Uncle Dave, do you think your parents would have made you take that 5 mile trek each day, if they had a 300 hp four wheel drive sport utility vehicle sitting in the driveway?”

Each generation has a tendency to view the next generation as inferior in many ways. I guess this is human nature. Yes, you know I am telling the truth about this. Having said all of this, I want to talk about the upcoming generations, the leaders of tomorrow. And it isn’t pretty.

The youth of today are in trouble. It has nothing to do with laziness, ignorance or political views.

It has all to do with politeness, and more specifically the age old practice of thanking someone else when they do something for you. Most of the young people today, never say thanks. I have witnessed many occasions when a young person should have given thanks, but did not. It has puzzled me so much and I have thought about it a lot. I’ll give you two recent events in my life to bring this point out. I took my daughter and one of her friends to a big concert a few weeks back. I bought the tickets, they cost $80 each and as I handed one of the tickets to the friend of my daughter, I expected a thank-you. But no words of thanks were given. Here is another event of thanklessness. Not too long ago, after church I invited several people out with my family to a very nice restaurant, and paid the entire bill. The older couple I had invited, each thanked me in a sincere friendly way for asking them to dinner. The friend of my daughter, that I asked to eat with us, gave no thanks, none whatsoever, even though she heard the older couple thanking me.

I didn’t invite these people to dinner just to get thanked and boost my ego. I wanted to do it. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I have noticed young clerks taking my money at the cash register, and not thanking me. This irks me, maybe I am oversensitive about all of this, but I don’t think so. Politeness is rare amongst our young people. Now, let me be clear about this…….I am a thankful person, so my daughter is also a thankful young lady. My parents made certain that I knew, politeness is not optional, it is to be practiced. Amazingly, I learned that politeness is rather enjoyable, and I hope my daughter realizes this also.

When I notice my daughter being polite, let me tell you, I am as happy as a mortal can be. But my daughter is the exception today and not the rule.

I have thought hard and long about this situation, and want to share with you some of my reasoning……..as to why kids will not use that word, THANKS. If we correctly diagnose the problem, we may be able to do something to once again have polite and thankful children growing up amongst us.

Here are a few observations.

Society today, and our schools have failed our children. They have taken all of the things that make a person good and decent, and outlawed them. They have outlawed even the mention of God in public school. Even saying prayer at lunchtime is forbidden. God cannot be petitioned to protect the participants of sporting events at our schools. Valedictorians are not allowed to thank God, in the speeches they give.

If God is taken out of the human’s psyche, there is no reason to thank anyone for anything.

Imagine a world that has no God. Yes we are almost there, but not quite.

The sun peeking up over the snowcapped mountains, turns the dew on the roses in your garden to miniature rainbows, and as you walk among the lovely roses, you enjoy the sight.
What if you didn’t know who to thank?

What if the doctor handed you your healthy newborn baby girl, and you held her close to your bosom and wanted to thank someone, but there was no one to thank?

What if a miracle happened and your spouse, against all odds, beat a cancer that the doctors said would surely kill them? But there was no one to thank.

What if you are strolling on a cloudless spring night, and you turn your eyes toward the skies, and notice millions of stars gleaming in the sky, but you haven’t a clue as to who to thank for the magnificent sight?

I don’t care how advanced a society is, a society that had no one to thank, would be a miserable place to live. And here we get to the real reason I share all of this.

Teenage suicides are not rare anymore; it is just a sad fact of our day and age. Teenage, killers are numerous, like never before. In my own life, three members of my close family have been murdered by teenagers. Six years ago, two 14 year old boys, murdered my mother-in-law, and father-in-law in cold blood, in their home. Another teenager killed my younger brother twenty years ago. It would be easy to be like a turtle or clam, and clam up, hunkering down, and let it all play out. But that isn’t me.

Something, my friends, has caused all of this havoc and mayhem we see today amongst our young people. I sincerely want to help the young people, and have come to some conclusions.

All young people need someone to thank. Don’t delude yourself, young people want guidance, help, rules and someone to thank for the good feelings they have inside.

Here is the blame………..I give it freely and know I am right.

Our children are taught evolution in school. Not as theory, but as fact. There is no creator of this lovely universe. It just sort of happened. So there is no one to thank. You can’t thank a big bang happening in a black hole, billions of years ago, for the marvelous things of life?

The past is not important then. It just happened. No one is to be thanked, or praised.

So, there is nothing to gain by looking back in time.

What about time today?

Everything good is ignored by the media today, and we are bombarded 24/7 with the glorification of things like this. Child molesters are worshipped because they can sing and dance. Sports heroes are glorified even after they beat their wives, and are not punished. They can take illegal drugs, and still be glorified. Porn stars can talk at our schools, but not religious figures. Gay activist can insist that their books are in the libraries of our schools, but religious books are banned. If we send armies to free people in slavery, they are called killers, and the mass murderers are treated better today than those few still trying to help the people of the world. Life is worthless, because we can snuff it out like a cigarette, up until actual childbirth. Yes, abortion is one of the many things cheapening life, and promoting death. Remember the days when a woman was said to “be with child?” What a beautiful thought, a woman with child. Childbirth. All of this has been replaced today with death. Our young girls are told……if you don’t want the pregnancy,(if you don’t want the living child in your body) no problem…….and they are told, Your parents don’t need to know. Yes, we have cheapened life. Today life is cheap.
Recently we even saw the starving of an unwanted handicapped woman, life is cheap.

So you can see, there really isn’t anything to be thankful for concerning life today. Death is worshipped. Life is cheap. You don’t have to thank death, it takes care of it’s own.

What about the future? It is all bleak say the newspaper and TV people. Global warming will kill us all. Yeah sure, forty years ago it was the coming ice age that told us there would be no future for mankind. The ridiculous scenarios conjured up by the naysayers, about the future, give us nothing to be thankful about.

So our wonderful children are growing up with the past accidental, today insignificant and tomorrow endangered. There is nothing to be thankful about.

I am glad I was a child back in the days when there was something to be thankful about.

I was, and still am, thankful that my creator made this marvelous universe, and I can be thankful, and enjoy it.

I realize that my creator has given me life as I live it today, and I am thankful, very thankful that I am.

I know the future is marvelous, to those who thank the creator……..So let me go out on a limb and say this, Thank you God.

I’m praying for our young people.

Join me.
Sunday, May 01, 2005
World Hatred of America / America's Hatred of the World

Something Very Troubling to Me

Much soul searching has brought me to conclude that the world really wants to love America, and America wants to love the world.
So, why does the world have such a hard time loving America?
Why does America have such a hard time loving the rest of the World?
Help me sift through these questions, maybe it will do us all some good. I really do want your comments about this situation, and this same article is a forum topic if you want to address it there.
For too long those of my party have ignored the obvious.....Even with all the good America does for the world, a lot of people around the world just plain don't like us. Of course this problem cannot be laid at the feet of any one President. With the exception of President Clinton, no president I rememeber has escaped the wrath of the foreign press.

Ah yes, the press. Therein lies part of the problem I think, Almost all of the world's journalist are liberal or even out right socialist, so most American Presidents are capitalist pigs to them. Even JFK had things thrown at his motorcades in foreign countries. The press can always do a good job of stirring up emotions, even if it has to resort to lies to get people upset and vocal.

I could never understand how anyone would think that socialism is a way to help with the worlds problems. If you ask any journalism student why he or she wants to become a journalist, I will wager that most will say something like......"I want to change the world for the better." The last thing that the people of the world need, is to live under a socialist or communist government. A life under the thumb of socialism is only slightly better than death, so it sure isn’t bettering the life of someone to wish socialism upon them.

A popular saying when I was young was; “Better Dead Than Red.” An honest evaluation of the world, would clearly point out that free, democratic nations have the happiest people.
I am not implying by this post that President Clinton was a socialist and that is the reason the foreign press loved him. Bill was, and will always be a lovable character, but the world would like some of our more serious presidents, if the media was not so slanted towards liberalism.
All of this is slowly changing. The schools of journalism still are filled with socialist wanabees, but there are fewer and fewer jobs for journalists who are one-sided. The Television networks in America are slowly fading away, the newspapers have become laughingstocks, and are losing readership. Magazines like Time, send copies to people free of charge (myself for one) just to inflate their circulation, and continue to charge inflated prices for advertisements. The liberal house of cards is swaying in the wind. I think I'm going to sneeze.

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