Monday, May 30, 2005
One Last Look at One Last Breath
I am adding this blog to this site. It was an article I wrote on the ninth day of the starvation of Terri Schiavo. I am posting it here at my blogsite, and hope you don’t mind thinking about the Terri Schiavo ordeal one more time. When I wrote this short article, Terri was in dire straits, yet still alive. Many people were hoping against hope, but I looked at it a little more rationally. I am never going to forget who did what to whom in this affair. I am not in charge of the Retribution Department of life, But I know the Department Head very well. In fact I talk with Him everyday.

This will be my last blog about Terri Schiavo for awhile. There is already permanent damage to her vital organs taking place. Nine days ago she was a healthy woman, with one handicap; she couldn’t feed herself, due to her paralyzed condition. It is only a few hours until the ‘Death to Terri’ crowd can start their loud and raucous celebration. You think I am nuts? There will be those that raise the glass and toast the final breaths of Terri Schiavo. It is quite evident that the powerful dignity in death crowd has won the Terri Schiavo battle. But don’t think the war is over. I for one have been strengthened in this losing battle. Yes, I am more pro-life now than I was before all of this tragedy unfolded before my eyes. You will notice in the days to come, my stand on the death sentence for murderers has changed. Humans are not capable of making life and death decisions for other humans. Make decisions only about your own life, and let life reign. From the newly fertilized human egg, to the last gasping breath, no human is capable of making a correct decision about the life of others.
"Get out of our bedrooms" the perverts cry, I say get out of life you deviates. Let God determine who is worthy of life, not you. If you desire to play God, go talk with your buddy, Satan, He tried to play God once. He is the fallen angel. Why worship a Fallen Angel, when God is available to worship?

Pro-life and Dignity in Death.

First, how is it that this word, Pro-life, has even crept into our American lexicon? There is no reason this word should ever be used. Everyone is for life, are they not? What do you say? Some don’t believe all life is worth the living? The helpless should not be kept alive? The retarded? The feeble? The boring? The ugly?

Pro-life, this word became a household word when we turned our heads to the weak and let them be killed. It is a collective quilt we have, those that murder and those that won’t fight for the weak. We let it happen, so now the word is a part of our everyday life; it is sickening.

The Terri Schivo murder, brings us to a fork in the road. One direction is easy and painless, the other will take dedication and sacrifice. I know which way I am headed.

If my daughter was in a hospice being brutally tortured, I would be dead or injured, and if alive would be in jail.

I am not degrading Mr. Schindler, in any way, shape or form. Experience tells us that everyone reacts differently to similar events. Maybe Mr. Schindler is a better Christian than I am, for I couldn’t take it, and anything I did would be pre-meditated.

Pro-life, I long for an America that doesn’t ever need this word to be spoken.

Now as to the ‘Dignity in Death’ crowd. On TV recently a smirking teleprompt reader, used those words, (dignity in death) in reference to how Terri’s death will happen.

Think about what I just shared. It is dignified to be held a virtual prisoner and to be slowly dehydrated and starved? If you can see dignity in the treatment of Terri Schiavo, you are a very sick person, and should be locked up rather than Terri.

This entire saga of death has had an effect on many. I have never seen the New Media so together behind one cause. Here we all are, sharing one common bond, we cry together when the cruelty of mankind becomes so evident. You cannot escape choosing which path you will take at this junction; there is no moderate stand concerning life or death. If you choose to celebrate life, you will make your Creator happy.

You are worshiping God when you celebrate Life. I celebrate life. The devil and the demons of hell celebrate death. Think about it.

Just a few more thoughts,

I am told always to look for good in a situation. OK what is the good in this situation? Living wills? OK, perhaps everyone will try to direct how they are to be treated when they are lying helpless. I concede that possible good outcome, it would be nice. But step back and look at the overall picture of what is happening. I don’t see any good coming from the decision to allow hearsay evidence to override the lack of real evidence. And why should a lowly probate judge be allowed to make a life or death decision? It is as absurd as it would be if a sacker at the grocery store was permitted to plan and cook all of your meals for the week, simply because he handled all your groceries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of hype. She was paralized, why make her into a saint?

Anonymous James said...

hey humble i love all ur blogs, i waz just readin back here in the archives at our place n came into read. wanted to say interestin before i forgot

:) james

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