Sunday, May 01, 2005
World Hatred of America / America's Hatred of the World

Something Very Troubling to Me

Much soul searching has brought me to conclude that the world really wants to love America, and America wants to love the world.
So, why does the world have such a hard time loving America?
Why does America have such a hard time loving the rest of the World?
Help me sift through these questions, maybe it will do us all some good. I really do want your comments about this situation, and this same article is a forum topic if you want to address it there.
For too long those of my party have ignored the obvious.....Even with all the good America does for the world, a lot of people around the world just plain don't like us. Of course this problem cannot be laid at the feet of any one President. With the exception of President Clinton, no president I rememeber has escaped the wrath of the foreign press.

Ah yes, the press. Therein lies part of the problem I think, Almost all of the world's journalist are liberal or even out right socialist, so most American Presidents are capitalist pigs to them. Even JFK had things thrown at his motorcades in foreign countries. The press can always do a good job of stirring up emotions, even if it has to resort to lies to get people upset and vocal.

I could never understand how anyone would think that socialism is a way to help with the worlds problems. If you ask any journalism student why he or she wants to become a journalist, I will wager that most will say something like......"I want to change the world for the better." The last thing that the people of the world need, is to live under a socialist or communist government. A life under the thumb of socialism is only slightly better than death, so it sure isn’t bettering the life of someone to wish socialism upon them.

A popular saying when I was young was; “Better Dead Than Red.” An honest evaluation of the world, would clearly point out that free, democratic nations have the happiest people.
I am not implying by this post that President Clinton was a socialist and that is the reason the foreign press loved him. Bill was, and will always be a lovable character, but the world would like some of our more serious presidents, if the media was not so slanted towards liberalism.
All of this is slowly changing. The schools of journalism still are filled with socialist wanabees, but there are fewer and fewer jobs for journalists who are one-sided. The Television networks in America are slowly fading away, the newspapers have become laughingstocks, and are losing readership. Magazines like Time, send copies to people free of charge (myself for one) just to inflate their circulation, and continue to charge inflated prices for advertisements. The liberal house of cards is swaying in the wind. I think I'm going to sneeze.


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