Sunday, May 29, 2005
The Good Ship Liberty
Abandoning the Good Ship Liberty (G.S.L.)

Absurd as it may sound, some people would not like to be on the Good Ship Liberty at all.

Some have sailed on it awhile and said the price is too great, and abandoned ship.

As an American, I may have a skewered view of liberty, and I make no apologies for that. I love liberty, and know some of the sacrifice it takes to attempt to secure it for yourself and your posterity.

Let me first address the ones who hate liberty.

Anyone who denies equality or fights the practice of equality in society is not on the GSL. Too many in this world think that the equality of races, religions, gender or human behavior should not be allowed, so they would hate to be on the GSL to begin with. To someone who thinks women should be no more than vassals of a man’s domain, the thought of liberty is scary, and to be fought against. It took a long, bloody and ugly struggle for America to come to grips with what it takes for passage on the GSL. Even from it’s infancy as a country, America struggled with equality of race and gender. And to a lesser degree America struggled with religion, and human behavior.

Look around you in the world and tell me I am wrong. The Chinese would forgo sailing on the GSL, because it is a godless society, and religious freedom is still a stranger to China.

Almost all, (with a few beautiful exceptions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indochina and Turkey) Muslim nations are not ready for the GSL until they allow a man and woman to walk up the gangplank to passage, together, side by side.

America has always enjoyed the freedom to worship. There has never been a state religion in America, and there never will be. On my way to Church this morning, I passed mosques, synagogues, Catholic and Protestant churches of every size. Ireland is probably the best example of religion keeping a whole country off of the GSL. There are encouraging signs though, on many fronts.

I wish everyone in the world could experience liberty. It may never happen, but it is my desire. America is hated by many for many reasons, but most people in this world would love the liberties we enjoy as American’s. There should be no doubt, America is a proud passenger on the GSL.

One thing history is quite clear about; there are only a few cases of passengers on the GSL, abandoning ship. Russians jumped wholesale off of the ship in 1917, and TENS OF MILLIONS of people died because of that stupid decision. But it seems to me that once again they are begging passage on the GSL. There are millions of graves in Russia, of people who were denied liberty, and life. All over Russia you will find tearful relatives visiting the grave sites of those cut down while standing up for liberty.

Cuba, left the Good Ship Liberty, and it is one of the poorest and most repressed countries in the world. What more proof do you need than to witness the hundreds of thousands of Cubans choosing to move 90 miles north, to a country sailing on the GSL.

This is all I have time for this Sunday evening, but I want to bring to you, a much longer and deeper study of Liberty. As an American I hear the word liberty used in everyday conversation, but I often wonder what the average American knows about liberty and the price that must be paid to obtain and sustain liberty and justice for all? I aim to enlighten some to what liberty is, what it cost to obtain, and what it will cost to maintain the GSL. Even in these days of seemingly tough times for Liberty in the World, the ship has not capsized, run aground or sprung a leak. There are some who have abandoned ship, so to speak, and I hope the ship they sail on is as safe and sound as the GSL. But I don’t see how that is possible.

There will be more about this, since it is a topic I love to write about. Please share your comments.


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