Saturday, May 14, 2005
If Your Religion Was the Only Religion?
What would the world be like?

If God demanded that only one religion could be practiced on the Earth, what would the world be like if your religion was chosen?

I imagine you think I’m crazy to ask this. There will be much to learn from this series of blogs, I am working on, and here is installment ONE.

If God stopped us all in our tracks, and demanded that only one religion would be allowed on Earth, what would the world look like, if your religion was the only religion allowed on Earth?

There are 6,441,148,249 humans living and breathing at the moment I am writing this blog.

With regret I must tell you that if God demanded that Islam, be the only religion on earth, I wouldn’t be here to blog, or breathe. If you think otherwise you are naïve. There is no other religion on earth that suggests or commands that anyone not practicing this religion is an infidel and is not worthy of life.

So if Islam somehow became the earth’s only religion, the planet would be less crowded, that is for sure. After the infidels were done away with, there would be approximately; 1,223,818,167 living on earth. Again, if the world were to be cleansed of all non-muslim people, the remaining population would be. 1,223,818.167 Wouldn’t be as crowded, would it?

Christians 32.84% (of which Roman Catholics 17.34%, Protestants 5.78%, Orthodox 3.44%, Anglicans 1.27%), Muslims 19.9%, Hindus 13.29%, Buddhists 5.92%, Sikhs 0.39%, Jews 0.23%, other religions 12.63%, non-religious 12.44%, atheists 2.36% (2003 est.)

These facts are from

For a quick comparision lets compare this number with the population of the world if the Protestant faith was the only faith God gave permission to exist. Look at the above figures and see that only 5.78% of the world’s population is Protestant. If Protestantism was the only world religion, in the same way we looked at Islam, what would the world population be?
It would be approximately 8,000,000,000. Wait a minute you ask, did you put to many zeros in that answer? NO…….

No protestant religion even hints that Non-protestants should all be done away with. In fact as I read my Bible, I notice over and over again we are told to LOVE OUR ENEMIES.
No the Bible does not suggest that you should shut up and let your enemy kill you.

All Muslims would be safe in this situation.

But you ask, Why is the population estimate so much larger than the actual population of the earth?

Simple, If Protestants ruled the world, there would be no abortions.
The rise in the number of the population is a due to the abortions that have taken place in the last 50 years.

Abortions Worldwide
Number of abortions per year: Approximately 46 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 126,000

Where abortions occur:
78% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 22% occur in developed countries.

Legality of abortion:
About 26 million women obtain legal abortions each year, while an additional 20 million abortions are obtained in countries where it is restricted or prohibited by law.

Abortion averages:
Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman.
source: Center for Bioethical Reform

About 2,000,000,000 more people would be living today, if they had not been aborted. So there would be about 8,000,000,000 people living today, if there had been no abortions in the last 50 years.

The world would be somewhat more crowded wouldn’t it? The earth is big enough for that many people, but the religions of man make it seem crowded.


Anonymous Liz said...

Wow, you certainly did a lot of research for this piece. This is a topic that means a lot to you, I take it. Or are you trying to scare up some controversy????


Blogger web_loafer said...

Liz, this subject is one I am very passionate about, I don't need to try to scare up controversy, it happens every time I open my mouth, or write something.
See you around

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