Monday, May 30, 2005
The Men and Women in Black

Up until a few decades ago, the Supreme Court had been one of the top political prizes in America, but, only for men.
I am thankful now that the gender exclusion has been done away with. Yes, I realize it is still a lopsided court, and yes women’s part in this court is very small, but one has to start somewhere. I think a woman knows as much about justice as anyone, and can apply justice in fairness, as well, or better than some men.
I am hoping President Bush will appoint a woman to the court. on his first opportunity. It really amazes me how long some judicial dinosaurs will hang on to this job. I tell you what when I hit 62, I’ll be retired and loving it. Of course I am one of the judged, not the judge.
I really think if she would accept it, Secretary of State Dr.Rice should be given an opportunity to adjudicate for all America at the Supreme Court.
In recent days and years, the Supreme Court could very well be labeled, the last straw Court.
This woman, Dr. Rice is a rare jewel in the world of politics. She scares a lot of the good old boy crowd, (Sen. Byrd, Ted K. or John McCain) and I have only one thing to say about that, GOOD. Sometime soon I will write about one of my states Senators. and how one citizen was treated. We are from the same political party, but he is a Senator, and I am a lowly taxpayer. Yes, Lord Brownback, I am talking about you. And it is rumored that you want to be president. How come this doesn’t surprise me at all?
When I take a look at our nations senators, they come across to me as, flummoxed and addicted to TV cameras.
Maybe it is for this reason; very few Senators have ever been elected President. Kerry, Dole, Humphrey, and a host of others have found their highest level of incompetence to be the Senate.
From this austere group of men and women, we have our Supreme Court judges, confirmed. That is when the sniveling Democrats actually vote, and don’t stonewall, looking for more TV cameras. Thank God they don’t get to nominate the candidates.
President Bush will do just fine, in nominating decent women and men to the court. The Senates only role in this, is to vote yes or no.
So Senators, do what the taxpayers pay you to do. Vote, don’t grandstand and run for the TV cameras. The last thing I would want to see in my living room is Ted Kennedy or any of his buddies from the Senate. They get in my house only on the TV screen, and I am tempted to throw something at the TV, when any of the pandering nabob's of the Senate show their face. Senator Kennedy an expert on judicial matters? How laughable. His greatest judical moment came when he needed a few judges to sidestep justice, just to save his sorry ******* from involuntary manslaughter charges, after his Olympic Quality Swim, away from the drowning intern. What is it with Democrats and interns? He by no means is alone in the arrogance and demagoguery category, but we like to refer to him as the occasionally articulate swimmer, here in Kansas.
Someone as young as Dr. Rice would be a great asset to America. She could sit on that bench for 10 or 20 years, and show everyone what Judges can do best for America, RETIRE BEFORE GOING SENILE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lucky break here and there. That is MS Rice.

Has she ever worked for a living?

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