Saturday, May 21, 2005
Paranoia? Preparation? Or Poppycock? YOU DECIDE

Today someone ask me to write about how I thought Terrorism could be defeated.
I promised to think about it when I was working today. I have a unique job, I can think about other things than my job while I work. All day I had these thoughts. “Yes, that is what we need to do to win the War on Terrorism. None of my ideas were simple, but they all would work.

Then it hit me………..”
Yes this would work if Congress……..”
Or,…………………… “All we would need for it to work, would be for the President………..”
Or, …………………... “I am sure the ACLU, would not interfere… after all the first name of their name is American”…..
And even……………….I don’t see anything about the plan that judges would want to declare it unconstitutional……..

Do you see just what I am getting at? America, and the allies we have in this war, will not win the war against Terrorism unless the above mentioned people or organizations get out of the way. Our military might is great, but we are using it WRONG. It is not the generals’ fault, they get orders from civilians. And no one with any brain cells left thinks that our men and women in combat are anything but the finest and bravest in the world. The people standing between victory and us in this war are all civilians. Civilians living large…….very large……. Civilians whose vanity will get in the way of any winning strategy.
Politicians are too worried what the New York Times is going to say. Yes I worry about what the New York Times says too, but for a different reason. I wonder how many of our soldiers will be killed today because of the anger stirred up by the lying, cowardly journalists. You know the ones, the vicious with words, but cowardly in deed journalists, at Newsweek, the N.Y. Times, CBS, and even PBS, and yes BBC. There is no way we are going to have success until we hold our country's Media to account. If they lie, and men and women are killed, shut them down….sell their assets and give them to the families of the killed. CBS, Newsweek and the BBC, have openly and without regret stirred the Muslim world up against us, WITH LIES and there is blood on their hands. The recent action by Newsweek is the most cowardly and lying thing I have witnessed in my life.
Of course it is regrettable that we are fighting caged animals, and even those of our enemy not in uniforms are blood thirsty. Let me restate it better, we are fighting men and women too cowardly to put on a uniform, and stand up and fight.
That is something we cannot change. It is a flaw of theirs, not ours. I called them caged animals for two reasons. Their ignorance and poverty has caged them to a one way religion, you know the “Our way or Death,” crowd, that loves to slaughter humans and beat the bodies after all life is gone from them. Oh by the way, don’t feel sorry that they are poor, God deposited billions and billions of barrels of oil, beneath the sands of their countries, and yet the princes, mullahs and such, think guns, and grenades are more needed than sewers and education. And they act like animals. I make no apologies for saying this, because you have witnessed their brutality.
They act like people without souls. No other people treat others like the Muslims do. The women in their world are nothing more than slaves, and they behead people. Anywhere the sword of Islam goes, poverty and ignorance follow. But the mullahs live large too, like our politicians.
If a meat packing plant in the Midwest here where I live, slaughtered a dumb cow in the way these Islamafacists slaughter people….PETA would cry and scream and kick up a fuss you wouldn’t believe. But they see no need to protest the crude decapitations going on at the hands of those animals of the ‘peaceful religion’. I paint a bleak picture, but you too know it is true.

Now again back to what do we do?

Personal Preparation is not optional if you want to live when the bloodletting gets to our shore. And it will because we have no government working to solve the problem. President Bush or Tony Blair, would stand tall and brave, but they are backed up by the biggest collection of self-centered, vain, money grabbing losers imaginable. Even our judicial systems are helping our enemies. Here is the start of a long list. Please feel free to add to this list. In fact please help.....there are obvious things I haven't thought of.

1. Buy, store, and learn to use personal protection. Pistols and Shotguns are the top two needs. Store lots of ammunition, and use the oldest you have practicing for the day when the war starts in your neighborhood. Keep the ammunition rotated and fresh, and plentiful.

2. Form a cell of friends who are aware of what will happen in the future because of the turncoat journalists and cowardly politicians. Small cells are best, 5 to 10 families each watching out for each other. Don’t worry about the un-American lawyers, politicians or college professors. Let them be first in line of fire. Protect what is worth protecting.

3. If you hear a fellow worker or acquaintance, spouting the mantra, “Bush lied, blah blah blah” or "Blair lied, blah, blah blah, you know that they have no reasoning ability, so don’t waste time trying to convince them that America or Great Britain are good, and need help. If they come to your door when the war hits your neighborhood, tell them to leave….and if they don’t…..shoot. I am talking only about if they show up when the battle is waging. They have every right to be stupid and un-patriotic, JUST MARK THEM, AND REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT WORTHY OF YOUR SACRIFICE, OR OUR SOLDIERS SACRIFICE.

4. Profile, profile profile. I imagine you are smart enough to know what the profile of someone spitting on, urinating on or burning an American or British flag would almost always be. If someone meets that profile in your neighborhood, watch them carefully. Find out all you can about them. Write down license plate numbers, phone numbers, and any and all habits you notice they have. Know where they meet. This is extremely important, because they know exactly where and when your church service starts. They know where your children go to school. Keep a sharp eye out. When some bad days happen in this war, if those people seem happy, you know. They too are news driven, and are not very good at hiding their emotions.

5. The next thing is the most important. PRAY! We know how God has blessed America, Great Britain and the many other nations actively fighting the God hating multitudes, so He may protect us from the swarms of evil. Remember the account in the Bible? Abraham asking God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah? If a handful of good people could have been found, God would have spared the cities from fire and brimstone, but there was not a handful of good people there. There are more than a handful of good, decent and brave people to win this fight, but it is sad that our leaders have let us down. It will make victory harder to achieve, but we can do it.

They won’t close our borders. They won’t shut the seditious or even treasonous media down. They won’t turn the military might we worked hard and paid for with our taxes, against our enemies. So…they really aren’t our leaders, they are parasites on freedom. There will be more from me about the war on Terror.





It's good to see you blogging.

Be prpeared for more comments like lady mary's.

I can't say that I agree with everything you write, but I admire your willingness to take a stand.

As that other Dylan once said, "you either got faith or you got unbelief, and there ain't no neutral ground."


Blogger web_loafer said...

Thank you Phil,
You spend most of your talent, in the spiritual realm. I delve into the political, with a Bob Dole type humor. But we both know there is not much to joke about in 2005.

I do read your blog when I can. I get an English lesson each time I do. Your wordage is great.

But I have one bone to pick with you,it is your handle.

Prairie Apologist???????

Why is it even apoligize for the way we live in the heart of America.
Today I read the sickening news that Senator Brownback, has introduced an official apology to the native Americans. Instead of apoligizing, why don't we give the whole country back to them? Could they do any worse?

I am sure we would all love living like they did. Without the Hollywood slant to the truth, they didn't love the land anymore than I do, and treated women as slaves, and worshiped the created,
not the creator.

Hey, Stupid Kansas Senator, apoligize to your parents, and let us taxpayers alone. Apologies are expensive.


Apologist is used in the sense of someone making an argument for a particular philosophy or point of view.

But I do have things from time to time that I apologize for.


I use the word apologist in the sense of someone who is making an argument for or against a partiular idea, although I do infrequently have to apologize for some things. The last time, as I remember doing so was back in the 60's.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes Phil, I know the different ways the word, apologist is used. To me none of the definitions fit you as I know you. For without reading your writings, a person would wonder....who or what is Phil, the apologist for?

Boston...Or the Prairie?

Hmmmm, 1960 was the last time you had to apoligize? LOL Would you mind if I got a second opinion on that? I know just who to ask.

God bless you Phil.

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