Friday, November 19, 2010
Good News for all that think the gov is too intrusive and should be reduced to taxpayer managed levels. The EPA announced just minutes ago that it is relaxing one of it’s long standing regulations. It may or may not affect you. It does affect you if you have any plans for airplane flights. Now when waiting in that long line, you can enjoy it a little more.

THE FFF. (fondled felt and frisked) is now relaxing one of its long standing regulations. YEAH…yeah. You still must step into the long line of optouts. BUT NOW YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LIGHT UP A SMOKE AFTER BEING FELT, FONDLED AND FRISKED. JOE CAMEL FINALLY GETS REVENGE, AND WILL BE THERE OFFERING SMOKES TO ANYONE IN THE LONG WAITING LINES FOR THE GOVERNMENT…PAT DOWN and FEEL UP.


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Saturday, November 13, 2010
Is anyone listening?
Jobs are out there.......
Where do I apply for a job like this??…I’m soon to retire… MY 401K has been stolen by obama and boys; My Toyota has been recalled due to one of Obama’s czars. The price of dog food (which us old people soon will be forced to eat to survive) is skyrocketing, NASA is now a muslim outreach program….hey…how’s your day going? I should have learned how to be lazy long ago, so that I’d have a government job.

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