Monday, August 28, 2006
Old songs
Thirty-three years ago, My songs meant something, and lots of people listened. Today, this song is one that haunts me, for it is part of the ‘Sounds of Silence.’

Is a song really a song, if the melody only exists in the writers mind?

This song I wrote so long ago, is still a song, even if no one has heard it sung for 30 years. It is forever etched upon my minds hard drive, but is my song a song to you? Who knows, and who cares?

Really don’t know why I am sharing it today, after all it is old and out of vogue.

The Black Plague,

Verse One;

Orphans of war knock on my door,
Begging “Sing a song for our cause”
Neglected lands of the universe,
Begging “Pollute us no more”
Up steps a man whose skin is black,
Asking me “Is my face that hard too look at?”
My vote the politician buys,
Then he tries to tell me I’m too high.


Yes, lately I’ve been confused,
As to why now we’ve misused?
This our world and it’s populace.
Did God really create us?
Or did we just fantasize him,
So we could continue in our sin?
And go on dreamin’ of a heaven somewhere,
Neglecting our beautiful world down here.

Verse Two:

The tax collector tells me “Pay up.”
Today or go to jail!
Fourteen different ministers,
Say,’walk this way or go to hell’
In my own simple way, I walk upon this earth,
Hoping for some better days,
Taking life for what it’s worth.

Chorus here

Yes, lately I’ve been confused,
As to why now we’ve misused?
This our world and it’s populace.
Did God really create us?
Or did we just fantasize him,
So we could continue in our sin?
And go on dreamin’ of a heaven somewhere,
Neglecting our beautiful world down here.

Verse Three

This is the saddest dream I’ve ever had,
It’s screaming but I can’t awake.
It’s all too real, kind of makes me sad,
Is it all an unfortunate mistake?
Can the wrongs be corrected?
Can a good man be elected?
Social wrongs, be rejected?
Before the whole earth is infected?

Chorus here

Yes, lately I’ve been confused,
As to why now we’ve misused?
This our world and it’s populace.
Did God really create us?
Or did we just fantasize him,
So we could continue in our sin?
And go on dreamin’ of a heaven somewhere,
Neglecting our beautiful world down here.

Verse Four

We lay claim to the moon and outer space,
A prize for our egotistical brains.
If we’re allowed to leave this place,
I wonder who would want the remains?
Dirty water, over burdened soil,
Beer cans thrown everywhere.
Buffalo’s gone, broken glass,
Everything to breathe but good air.

Chorus and out………..
Yes, lately I’ve been confused,
As to why now we’ve misused?
This our world and it’s populace.
Did God really create us?
Or did we just fantasize him,
So we could continue in our sin?
And go on dreamin’ of a heaven somewhere,
Neglecting our beautiful world down here.

© 1973,jmc
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Webloafer left this comment at a blog he came across researching the unreported truth about 'invader' crime. Out of tens of thousands of people who waltz into America illegally every day, what percentage of those people are criminals, perverts or terrorists?

Doing research for a blog article I plan to write, I came across your blog, and noticed you are also a concerned citizen. I too am worried about all of the battles our medical and scientific communities have fought and triumphed over, and now here comes more communicable diseases, brought to your family and mine by the do nothing politicians, and the 30,000, 000 lazy government employees who cannot be fired, so they don’t have to work hard, that this nation’s taxpayers must support. The ones that allow anyone; terrorist, poor person or drug dealer free access to America.

To continue reading

Here comes the diseases of yesterday via our invisible sovereignty, yes, here it comes again. TB, smallpox, dysentery, polio, and many other diseases we have conquered, only to have the hordes
Monday, August 21, 2006
It's so funny, I want to cry

Have you been to any good art exhibits lately?

Of all the world's museums and art exhibits, iran has the best of the best exhibits of cartoon art. YES

Still open to the public today in peaceful iran is the 'Holocust Cartoon Museum.'

If you
have been forunate enough to see this museum of holocust cartoons, you will recognize the picture below. It is a picture of one of the two welcoming signs. Done up really nice and spotlighted with soft glowing overhead lighting, this is one of the welcoming signs to the exhibit of holocust art.

Do you see a problem yet?
I do!

How about some of us sending some old Microsoft Word for MSDos software, (where did I put that stack of 5 1/2 inch floppies????) or even MS Dos 3.1 (I may be able to find those smaller floppies, I think there were 8 floopies in that software package. I think I put them somewhere just in case some third world idiot needed them) to the graphic artist who designed this welcoming sign, so that they can spell check the word Holocust. that has a ring to it,
in theUSofAwe would probably think it was a song contest.
.....Ho...Locust.....What a funny name for a Ho. A ho called Locust. Oh you say it is Holocaust?


So, one small mistake....let's forget about that small mistake and go on.............
To those of you who think the cartoons I showcase are fake, and not ones that were spotlighted in the Iran's Museum of cartoonyizing the Holocaust.......look below and you'll see a cleaned up terrorist explaining to a British banker and investor, how there was no Holocaust and that Hitler was a saint.

Here is a closeup of the picture on the wall.

Or what about this woman, or whatever, it's hard to tell with the burka thing working, this woman fixated with the picture on the wall. Want to see the picture close up.....keep scrolling down....

Here are many more pictures that are showcased in Iran's Holocaust Museum. Here you see the real soul of's artwork. I don't source anything on the web from our enemies, let them come to Kansas City and sue me...........Get the attitude of victory people, these scumbag artists won't be cartoonizing in my country. And the NEA......and PBS.......and all of the other taxpayer funded ripoff programs......better not showcase the art of these perverts that hate truth. It's time to demand our government keep a watch out. Look, at these pictures from the Iran Holocust (Holocaust to us) Museum. I'm sure there will be a photoshopped version of the hilarious welcome sign in the future, so be it. One really funny thing I noticed, the artwork is all captioned in English. Why would iranian art be captioned in ENGLISH? Notice how the pictures I share, if they have captions or shoutouts, it is in ENGLISH. That my friend should tell you something.

That's enough holocaust let me share with you some cartoons that make the perverts of islam stand up and cheer............ATOMIC POWER.....BOUGHT TO ISLAM BY TRADING OIL TO THE RUSSIANS, FRENCH, N.KOREANS, CHINA AND GERMANY. ALL UNDER THE BOARD SO TO SPEAK, BECAUSE WHAT IRAN WANTED FOR THE CUT-RATE OIL THEY GAVE....................WAS NUCLEAR BOMBS TO RID THE WORLD OF ISRAEL.





Want a few more about laughing at hatred, much more hateful than any, hatecartoons. These are world class.

Yes, the islamafacists wish one of my nations protectors would trip over his or her shoestring.....can you say real nuclear power?

It would only take 6 or 7 deliveries of fatboys.v2006 to shut the loud mouth killers of islam up.

Here is a picture of fatboy.v1945........we only needed 2 fatboys to shut Japan up........
Yes, I know the real name of this made in America item was called Fat Man, but Fatboy sounds better. Keep a sharp eye out killers of islam......shut up, and look up.
Saturday, August 19, 2006
Here is a simple explanation of what is going on today. Do you see the three pink teeter totters?
The USofA will be taking the low side.....not willing to risk anything. The headsbulla terrorists will join in the play and fun. The headsbowla terrorists will show up in the customary mandress to conceal the thirty seven pounds of plastic explosives...supplied by GW's good buddy Putin......the teeter totter starts teetertotting before the USofA is comfortable and the heavy laden terrorist runs up the teeter totter, he screams..'allah ahkrar' ..........or whatever it is the terrorists shout when they are filming another video of the beheading of an innocent civilian who was stupid enough to trespass in the lands that the muscilims think is theirs.......someone give the pervert a sharper knive, so they don't have to crudely hack the infedels head off. Why even the French know how to behead in a classier way..... they use a sharp guillotine, the least you could do would be to get a stone and sharpen the long knifes you use. I think you get the picture.

This is a super Klaxton, very near where my mother lives. The word klaxton will appear in this long rant a few times.

This is the radio every seventh grader in Kansas City wanted in the 1950's. Some kids even learned the Morse Code so that they could use this. Yes, you needed to master the dots and dashes, or as the Velvet Underground sang, dits and dahs, before you could use the public radio waves. To speak a word in cyberspace in the 1950's you needed a license, and had to know morse code. Come to think of it, I'm not sure it was called the cyberspace back then, whatever.

Click on the above picture, and read what the baby boomers went through. We may laugh now,but it was no laughing matter then, and the bombs and missles were pointed at the USofA.

Here was the scare

Here is a familiar sign from the past.
Duck and Cover

Yes, the world is going insane and the return of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is eminent. But that is no excuse to run to the closet and duck, or as they taught me in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s; Duck and Cover!

In school we were taught how to “get under the desk and assume a fetal position” We had drills, lots of them, random drills.

Here is how the drill went down..a klaxton would sound and wherever we were, we had to duck and cover.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
I apologize

Thai Immigration police officer displays a Xeroxed copy showing John Mark Karr, a suspect in the killing of JonBenet Ramsey, at the Immigration police headquarters, in Bangkok on Thursday August 17, 2006. Thai police on Thursday confirmed they arrested American John Mark Karr suspected in the 1996 slaying of the 6-year-old beauty queen in the United States and were holding him pending arrival of U.S. law enforcement officers. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

My apologies to the Ramsey family of Colorado.

I have to write this blog article, and confess that I judged someone falsely because of the media’s coverage of the tragic event.

The drive-by media sure mired this one up. Most of you, (like myself) were convinced that JonBenet Ramsey was raped and killed by her father.

And like me, you thought that because he was rich, he somehow got away with the crime.

Can you imagine what Mr. Ramsey has gone through in the last ten years? No, you can’t, and neither can I.

There is no crime God hates more than one the crime of harming a child.

Let me be blunt,
It is a sin to think about harming a child.
It is a sin to write about harming a child.
It is a sin to read a book about child molestation.
It is a sin to photograph children being molested.
It is a sin to search for child porn on your internet connection.
It is a sin to sell child pornography.
It is a sin to buy such demonic material.

All of these sins are sins I cannot forgive. I know God would, but the perverts will never change, they serve time in prison, spending hours, weeks, months years and decades thinking about innocent children and what they want to do to them when they get out of prison. Almost all of them when they are released, immediately pursue the same perversion. AHH, why do we let them out of prison?

Jesus Christ, God’s son, said that it would be better for a person to have a millstone chained to them and be throw into the ocean, than to harm a child.

Jesus was saying that the very thought of harming a child was so bad, that a better fate for that pedophile

(one who could think about or desire sexual pleasure from a child is a pedophile, no, the act doesn’t have to be committed, to simply think about something so vile, is enough to have God declare….your life is nil and void….there is no help available for scum so vile)

would be drowning.

The media convinced you Mr. Ramsey was guilty but escaped punishment because he was rich. Most of you are media dupes like me. But hopefully you are in rehabilitation like I am. I am working on my three step program to quit believing the msm.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, are three of the anecdotes I take when poisoned by the msm.

Yes like millions of people, I believed the worst scenario presented by the mean spirited media (msm) in the tragic rape and murder of a child, a young child not even a teenager. I wanted the perp to fry in an electric chair at low voltage for a couple of days. Anyone who could take a child and rape and kill them like what happened that horrible night a decade ago,


Of course I would allow them a trial, but it would be expedited if I had my way. Fast, quick and final.

When it comes to political news, I don’t believe a word in the popular newspapers, and believe nothing concerning politics that I see on TV news. But that is political. The tragic, brutal rape and killing of JonBenet Ramsey, was not political. I used to believe the msm when they reported on events like the Ramsey murder, but NO MORE.

In the presentation of the events, the msm hinted that Mr. Ramsey was the culprit. The tragedy of the crime was overshadowed by the speculation of the press as to the perp. Sure I got caught up in the tragedy event, and the msm poisioned my mind about the whole demonic event.

So now we realize Mr. Ramsey has been subjected to a decade of hell because of a pedophile teacher.

A schoolteacher?
Sounds right, there are more perverts, sodomites and pedophiles in the ranks of the NEA and msm, than in the Catholic church.

I have in the long course of my life been close to two men who were later exposed as pedophiles. I never suspected either of being a perverted lowlife. I played golf with one occasionally and saw the other pervert on a regular basis. We had talked for hours about common interests, but little did I know this pervert’s only real interest in life was pedophilia.

The two pedophiles I have known, were not truck drivers, soldiers, policeman or firemen; they were teachers and preachers.

A baptist preacher and a public school teacher.

JonBenet would be 16 years old today if the public school teacher John Mark Karr, had of been ran over by an 18 wheeler in 1995. You line the perverts and pedophiles up out on highway 61, and I'll pancake them. Enough already.

The bigoted msm will never mention the fact that John Mark Karr, the child rapist and child killer was a public school teacher. They will probably try to blame President George Walker Bush. The facts aren't important in such an opportunity to blame Bush, I know Billy the intern maker was president then, but it was Bush's fault.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Sometimes you glance at the news, and it hits you like a bombshell.......Drudge announced that


Bypass the MSM

Your newspaper didn't have an article about this; your local TV station ignored this story, but it happened....of that I am sure, because it was confirmed on talk radio and the righteous side blogs.
(click on picture ot enlarge)

Most of you will appreciate this tip about a great website. It is one of many, I use to bypass the liberal American hating press. Webloafer wants to know what is going on in the world, and the MeanSpiritedMedia is not a news source; it is a joke! I visit the MSM only when I need a good laugh and encouragement to labour on in the fight against the MeanSpiritedMedia’s socialistist anti-American agenda.

If you have two eyes, and a brain, it is evident to you also, that they (MSM) lie, cheat, forge and slander, but they never broadcast the news Real Americans want to know about.

Please visit the site I captured this snippet from. And consider subscribing to this source of real news. The NORTHEAST INTELLIGENCE NETWORK

Here is the link to the non -subscribers page at the NorthEast Intelligence Network
Monday, August 14, 2006
(click picture to enlarge)
You are missing a good American Chuckle if you come here and forget to check out the comic section at the bottom of my long-winded blog. Or do I mean my blog blended wong?
Sanity's Bluff features three of the best comic strips available to those with a sense of humor. The word at Sanity's Bluff? Scroll down mate, and chuckle. If you love someone, what would you wish more for them, an AP newslie, or a good rightwingrighteous comic?
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Screen capture of IDF video of rocket launch from Kafr Qana


The rockets are being fired in a south easterly direction.
The labels in Hebrew read:
  1. "אזור השיגור" = launch site; and

  2. "בתי כפר קנא - מבט מצפון לדרום" = Houses of Qana (looking from North to South).
Thursday, August 10, 2006
Tip Kennedy
The Real Kennedy Education Bill

Senator Tip Kennedy has almost complete control of the politics in the state of Massachusetts. His bloodstained hands are at work in public works projects, (can you say, the big dig?) military spending in the state, pork of all kinds and outright thievery of taxpayers money. Millions of dollars of kickbacks somehow end up in the Kennedy pockets each month. And who could forget how he championed the sodomite marriage push, with behind the scene arm twisting and threatening. That kind of political clout cost the sodomites a lot of money. Yes, I could go on and on, BUT 85% of you wouldn’t allow your mind to recognize that one could be so vile and wicked, so carry on mates, enjoy your future.

Tip Kennedy is now behind the denial of college tuition wavers for returning soldiers, sailors, and pilots who risked their life for all of us, (even lard belly Kennedy)

so our warriors, defenders and maybe some of the last decent people born in that sodomite state, are finding out that they cannot attend a massachusetts small city school, junior college, trade school, state university or even harvard, unless they pay before enrollment. Here is how they welcome home our protectors…….

Read it and weep.

So what? You ask?

We could just forget about it and write it up as a small battle lost in the spiritual battle for America, if it were not for another already passed bill, that guarantees that any illegal alien (trespasser) can be schooled in Mamachewsshits at taxpayers expense, and I’m not talking about just Mamachewsshits taxpayers…….federal and state grants are available for any trespasser to attend Mamachewsshits, schools. The children of the lawbreakers get to start school without paying a penny, while our Nations defenders are barred from enrolling unless they pay cash.

All of this is brought to you by the chief bloveator of stuporism……the adopted Kennedy,

Let’s hear it for TED.

It is a personal spiritual battle of mine, to refrain from wishing that the ‘blob of tissue’ that later became the esteemed Tipit Kennedy had been afforded a partial birth abortion, you know, one like the infanticidal option he champions today. Tippy is always at the forefront of women’s issues, and he has fought hard for the right of women to change their mind and kill the embryo.

If only his parents had of had a time machine to see what the embryo ‘TIPPY KENNEDY’ would become? If his parents had of had a time machine to see what the embryo Tippy would grow into, they may have opted to abort that baby.

If that scenario had of occurred, this world would be a better place. I stand by that statement folks. Talk like this blog article are soon going to be impossible or suicidal.

Think folks.

A warrior returns to a slap in the face for risking all.


PLEASE MOVE YOUR MANUFACTORING CONCERN TO KANSAS, OR SOME OTHER PART OF AMERICA. Massachusetts is not a State of my country……and perhaps it is next on the target list of tippy’s booze swilling islamafacist friends.
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
As many of you know; webloafer works at least 55 hours every week to afford the tax burden he is faced with. You, know,

“Work less, and starve, or work more and eat a little better while the ‘gov’ stuffs its flabby and obese face, with what they took from me.” from a blog article by webloafer

I chose the ‘work a little more’ option; well aware that the gov is busy using a large portion of the proceeds of my sweat to make sure the laziholics can live as comfortable as me, and probably eat better. Yes, No food stamps for this family. First of all, wouldn’t expect others to feed me, never, won’t happen, secondly, God has blessed me with health enough to work hard, and blessed me with discernment so as to see the depravity of socialism.

Our gov’ is busy attempting to make all of us the same. ‘All of us’ does not include the ruling class of socialism, and there is one. The ruling class is not a Republican thing, or Democrat thing, it is a socialist thing. Many have a skewed view of socialism; they think everyone is equal in a socialist, communist slave nation. It simply is not the truth.

Everywhere socialism is practiced, someone rules with an iron fist, i.e. Castro, Mao, Venezuela’s dictator, the potbellied pervert of N. Korea, Stalin or Howard Dean, and those rulers are wealthy beyond the average person’s comprehension. They are so wealthy and privileged; they can have anyone killed, at anytime without consequences to protect their decadent lifestyle.

Have I penned another great word…….laziholic?

Think about it.

So for a year and a half, Sanity’s Bluff has been a part of my daily life. Looking back, it has been a learning experience, a pleasurable experience and “it ain’t over”.

BUT, with all of the events taking place today, there is not the time to post much here at ‘the bluff’.

With all that is taking place today, my free time is spent surfing the blogosphere for reality. There are fulltime bloggers that are carrying the torch for freedom, and the TRUTH, and that is where my freetime is spent. The blogosphere is awesome, and to actually be a part of it, is fantastic. My contribution is minor compared to the legends of the blogosphere, but, just wait….Sanity’s Bluff will always be around, and as more and more time becomes available, it should get better, unless I join the laziholics.

My news? I get it from the internet, and my hat is off to the Pajama Media, exposing the lies of Rather and Reuter’s.

I read the papers that other people paid for, and leave in the break room where I work (have sworn off of purchasing a yellow rag from the rack) for an occasional laugh.

No, no! Not the comic section………the front page. Doctored photos, lies, and socialist agenda are there to amuse me. How? Can they tell the blue collar printers to print such trash? The pressmen are blue collar heroes, they must oversee a printing of lies, smut, trash, agendas and trivia, but they run the presses with pride, “it’s only a job”

They have no agenda, they print what they are directed too, so they are just workers making a living printing the lies, they didn’t lie the lies, they simply want to make a paycheck.

Let me tell you of a secret event taking place in the media of America. The Kansas City Star is the newspaper of this area. It has filled many a landfill with it’s “all the news that the nitwits see fit to spit” and has protected its turf with violence, lies and manipulations. It has been sold and resold in the last few years, everyone taking a profit and degrading the quality of the yellow rag it is. Now the Kansas City Star, is suffering from stupidity on a classic scale…..they have taken their investers money and have built a beautiful building that is 74% glass. Only recently have they realized, those that throw stones should not live in glass buildings. Now there is a universal laugh….a newspaper building a workplace out of glass. I know a lot about printing, and would be ashamed to be spotlighted working in a glass building at the press spewing forth garbage like the Kansas City Star. I know printing and it is not political, it is a job, a great job. I was in the quality control sales department of a large printing concern, that had to sell printing to Hallmark Cards of Kansas City. So my opinion is not one to ignore……those hard working men and women working the presses at the Kansas City Star, should not have to be used like they will be. Glass Houses, Yellow Rags and Hard Workers.


When the truth matters, I search the internet. Yes, there are Doctored photos, lies and agenda’s on the internet, but, the truth is there also, and most of us know how to get to the truth. If a website is caught up in the same lies, and distortions of the MSM, mean spirited media, it goes on my special list.

I DO WANT TO APPLAUD THE HARD WORK OF THE PAJAMA MEDIA. Webloafer will join in the truth crusade when he retires, Lord willin, that is a given.

So just like Peace Moonbeam, we are going to be scarce for awhile.

Getting more enjoyment out of reading other peoples blogs, than taking the time to chime in with my two cents.

LOVE YOU ALL, check back occasionally.

1.“all the news that the nitwits see fit to spit”

2. laziholic’s?

3. John is proud of the above two webloaferism’s, very proud.
Friday, August 04, 2006
My head is spinning, can't understand

'The truth is in the pudding.' I have no idea what that means, just said it to say this, The world is changing. We are witnessing and living in the last few years of life before God uncreates (destroys) this planet we call earth.
Global warming bothering you?
Scared of a hot time on the planet?

If I were you I would be more concerned about 'gospel warming' than global warming. Gospel warming???

Read the Bible, and you won't fear global warming, you will do your best to avoid the wrath of God, and be ready for the finale of this grace period. Accept the gift of God while there is still time, the day is coming when there will be no more salvation available to mankind.
My head is spinning, can't understand
There is not that much time left to be human. Very soon, every soul God created will be separated from the sin stinking carnal (human) body that had the privilege of hosting a soul created by the Creator. Separated unto life eternal or death eternal. On that day (glorious or dreadful) when saints are separated from sinners, every soul will stand before the Creator and give account of what we have done with salvation. Have we ignored it, hated it, denied it or let that salvation work?

Yes there will be a final judgment. Jesus Christ will be the lawyer for the blood soaked and redeemed, proclaiming to the Judge (GOD the FATHER) which soul, heard the gospel, believed it, repented, (walked away from sin), confessed the simple fact that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and happily demanded of the Church of Christ, to be baptized for the remission of sins. Your soul may miss eternal joy just my denying the plan of salvation. Everything in the plan was spoken by Jesus Christ over and over again. Yes, the hardest part of humans salvation is obedience. And if and when you believe and obey unto salvation, you may spend eternity with the one who shed blood for you. If I asked you to shed all of your blood for me today, so that I could obtain something, would you?
No, you wouldn’t, because you are more important than just another blogging truckdriver.

Even to the hardest thing to do in salvations plan, be baptized for the remission of sin. There is not time to argue baptism, read your roadmap to heaven, (the Bible) and you will find that Jesus demanded baptism and every conversation from lost to found eternally in the Acts of the Apostles had the mention of baptism. I know it is unpopular to stand with the Bible, but I will stand with God’s word in assurance. Read what Jesus Christ had to say about salvation, then read about what the Saviour said about how to obtain it.

Your laziness may insure that your soul misses the eternal life you want. If you want eternal salvation, it would only make sense that you would read about the blood of Jesus Christ and where we can come in contact with that saving blood. Want to be washed in the Blood? Let the Creator add you to the church of Christ. There is no other way, read the first few chapters of Acts. And ponder.

Those souls will already know how to praise God, so it will be a glorious eternal choir.

But, need I remind all of the Believers………(those that believe that the Bible is God’s Word) that nowhere in the holy writ from God is it even hinted that you can live forever with God, just by believing. Why even Satan is a believer? So dig a little deeper into the word of God and you will find there are a few steps of obedience everyone can take towards eternal redemption, but the Devil will tell you that they are not necessary. Do you want to risk eternity on what the Devil says? Satan has done a good job of convincing the world that no one has to repent, confess and be baptized for the remission of sin……just feel good about believing and repeating a man made mantra, prayer or whatever you think saves one from hell. I

Let me ask you a simple question, where did you come into contact with the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s son. Every one talks about being washed in the blood, it is a popular song at Sunday Services, but it is one thing to sing about being washed in the blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ and another to actually come into contact with the saving blood.

The blood of God’s Son was spilled upon the ground on a “hill far away”

That blood will never be diluted, it is in the water you drink, the river you wade across, and the swimming pool you jump into. It is fire or water. If you can’t figure out why everytime a conversion was mentioned in God’s word, the word baptism is somewhere in the truth, well, you have fallen for the devils diabolical plan to convince you, that you can live forever with the one who shed all of His blood for you without ever coming into contact with that blood., Satan believes the word of God. He believes God is,Read the saddest passage of God’s word,

I can almost hear God whispering to Jesus Christ…”Son, go collect all of the saints” For that reason, my blogging will be scarce in these last days, and I won’t be wanting to blog in heaven, I will want to spend the rest of my life praising God, singing songs of His worthiness. But here is a little insight as to where I go on the internet. So now a few charts and a few of the many links I visited tonight.
These first two webcaptures tell a story. Take a little time to ponder these two statistical charts, and you may have a glimpse of the future, as in, future because of.. If you can’t figure out the trend, and reality from these two charts, it would do me no good to waste time trying to explain it to you.
Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Forgive me Dad, I could only afford a Toyota Truck. The Fords are overpriced and break down. If I was rich, I could afford to own a Ford. Maybe someday I will have money to throw away. Dad, they don’t make them like they used too. Dad, my wages are Teamster negotiated wages, but they are not enough to pay for a Ford, so I bought a Toyota, an

American made Toyota.

THIS IS A PICTURE OF MY FATHER, MY EARTHLY FATHER, NOT MY HEAVENLY FATHER. There is no greater accomplishment available to mankind, than that which the Creator suggested…as in obedience to Godliness…as in searching the scriptures (Bible, not a johnnycomelately book like the Koran) to see if you are indeed worthy of grace. Not everyone who has healed the sick, (sickness is a result of sin, as in, disobedience) not everyone who has done miracles, or left audiences awestricken, ……..will live forever until eternity doesn’t end, not all of the ones who say “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom of God, the scriptures tell us that all have sinned and have come short of the….

But someone paid the price for your lack of a ticket, Yes, Your, admittance into eternal life.

Tired of living?

I’m not, I want to take advantage of the eternal life offered by the man who died for my sins.

Need I list all my sins?

No, that would be boring, and worse.

Let me instead rejoice that the real, alive, precious (only begotten son of GOD) one, is worthy of praise.

And here is my most recent prayer..

“Oh Worthy Eternal Father, I am unworthy”

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Someday we'll get it right!
I am not a pacifist,

“I am not a pacifist, I believe war sometimes is the only way peace can come about. Yes you guessed it, the next word should be…. ‘but’ There was no justifiable reason to bomb all of the infrastructure in the small nation.

There was no justifiable reason to target civilians on highways, in their homes or at their markets. I’ve heard the words ‘disproportional warfare’ lately and at first I dismissed it as just another media talking point. But I did a little research, and realized this is a war where Fighter Jet’s, Helicopters and Unmanned Drones, fire indiscriminately from the air at what may or may not be a legitimate target of war. The pilots who decide to fire, for the most part, don’t know if the bomb will kill citizen, soldier or terrorist. I believe war sometimes is the only way peace can come about. My parents’ generation fought a vicious war against a vicious enemy, and won. Now we are friends with Japan, peaceful friends, I mean like I just bought an American built TOYOTA not long ago, so everything is peaceful on the long forgotten Pacific battlefront of the 1940’s. I heard that Japan will once again be begging for Kansas Beef. (sidebar your honour? I needs must tell a joke: Thanks. “is it not a little morbid funny, how a nation that had warriors that feared nothing, not even death, could succumb to the ‘mad cow disease scare, and deny themselves one of God’s gift to our palate, (Kansas Beef)? War seems to be the only thing keeping everyone from eating, praying or drinking themselves to death. (Another fake Will Rogers Rogerism, by webloafer. There is no way to understand the madness of war, let alone learn by example from any of the wars raging at any given time. No; there are no sacred lessons to be learned by the wars that rage. War is a way of denying that God is Good. When the Son of God, rebuked his friend (disciple)Peter for drawing the sword and harming an enemy of the cross……of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, ……Jesus took the time to rebuke Peter for drawing a sword. After He had scolded Peter. Jesus. who had just called his betrayer, ‘FRIEND’ preformed His last earthly miracle, and replaced the ear of the Roman soldier, who had just had his ear whacked off by Peter’s sword…(I will bet you a billion dollars that God’s only Son did not have a sword to wield on that evening so long ago, in Israel.) The Roman soldier was only a peacekeeping mission; unawares that he was witnessing a little bit of the redemption of all mankind. When Peter lashed out at the Roman Soldier,with his sword, he was doing what millions of people have done since then, 'started a war'. But that was a day so long ago it has no importance. What really matters is what is going on in God’s gerbil cage….the earth. Aren’t we something? We can so easily forget what our Saviour accomplished on that day, after He finished praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was fighting someone elses battle. Yes all of the wars, ( they rage on every continent, most islands and if the truth could be told, even in space.) are an abomination to the Creator. Yes, there have been wars fought in space already, but the Commies lost big time. When the islamafacists can put a satellite into space, I will be sort of afraid. Oh how stupid of me, we all know that the world power’s (snicker, snicker) all want the islamafacists on their side. Yes all of those nations that have nukes and rockets. But my guess is that the French, Chinese and Russians are not stupid enough to supply the islamafacists a weapon that might be used against them. You know the scenario, if they don’t kowtow to the Shari Law soon to be visiting most nation’s, they will be next. Most nations are succumbing to shari law and the muslim way…(you know the way, the way? As in way way way back in time to the Seventh Century, the last century the islamafagists won a battle on a battlefield)……but not my nation.. I will not allow my neighborhood to become subject to Shari Law. I respect women, freedom and peace, so I would make a poor islamafacist. Whoops, I got sidetracked…..let’s get back to the first sentence of this rant, and go from there again…. “I am not a pacifist, I believe war sometimes is the only way peace can come about. Yes you guessed it, the next word should be…. ‘but’ There was no justifiable reason to bomb all of the infrastructure in the small nation. There was no justifiable reason to target civilians on highways, in their homes or at their markets. I’ve heard the words ‘disproportional warfare’ lately and at first I dismissed it as just another media talking point. But I did a little research, and realized this is a war where Fighter Jet’s, Helicopters and Unmanned Drones, fire indiscriminately from the air at what may or may not be a legitimate target of war. The pilots who decide to fire, for the most part, don’t know if the bomb will kill citizen, soldier or terrorist. Someone someday will have to build new bridges over the rivers, new highways, new airports, new power plants, new hospitals and community centers. And the innocent civilians caught up in this war will pay a huge price, and when so many have to leave at once when they hear the air raid sirens blaring, those innocent people will not have time to plan and prepare………….they must leave the area that is target. In most cases they leave with only the clothes on their backs. If this is not disproportional warfare, I don’t know what is. WARNING If you are weak stomached………surf to somewhere else, I want to share a few pictures of the carnage the citizens caught up in this war must endure, the humanitarian disaster as the director general of the un so aptly described.
Yeah another bridge blown up, unusable.

How about this bridge that was blown up, while innocent citizens burned in their autos..

Here is a pic of the ashes of innocent civilians that had to be collected. Someone had to do it.

Here is another horrific picture of those that suffer most in war.....the civilians. These pictures were smuggled out of the battlefield, and show a bridge that was destroyed from 15,000 feet, and notice the freshly charred bodies of the people who just happened to be on a train on that bridge when the big bully bombed it.

ALL OF THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN LAST MILLENIUM.....AS IN THE 1900's. President Bill Clinton had the go or no go on all of these bombing missions, where only civilians were killed on the bridges.......

Can you stomach the is a partial list of the civilian suffering that took place because the most powerful man in the world, wanted blow jobs more than sanity.

At least 5,000 citizens in and around Kosovo died because, Bill Clinton wanted sex.

Look at the human sufferings, the misery....the death to civilians as the mad General Wesley Clark carried out the commands of the fornicater in chief......Bill Clinton.

Go Israel.......get rid of Bill Clintons friends!!!

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