Thursday, August 10, 2006
Tip Kennedy
The Real Kennedy Education Bill

Senator Tip Kennedy has almost complete control of the politics in the state of Massachusetts. His bloodstained hands are at work in public works projects, (can you say, the big dig?) military spending in the state, pork of all kinds and outright thievery of taxpayers money. Millions of dollars of kickbacks somehow end up in the Kennedy pockets each month. And who could forget how he championed the sodomite marriage push, with behind the scene arm twisting and threatening. That kind of political clout cost the sodomites a lot of money. Yes, I could go on and on, BUT 85% of you wouldn’t allow your mind to recognize that one could be so vile and wicked, so carry on mates, enjoy your future.

Tip Kennedy is now behind the denial of college tuition wavers for returning soldiers, sailors, and pilots who risked their life for all of us, (even lard belly Kennedy)

so our warriors, defenders and maybe some of the last decent people born in that sodomite state, are finding out that they cannot attend a massachusetts small city school, junior college, trade school, state university or even harvard, unless they pay before enrollment. Here is how they welcome home our protectors…….

Read it and weep.

So what? You ask?

We could just forget about it and write it up as a small battle lost in the spiritual battle for America, if it were not for another already passed bill, that guarantees that any illegal alien (trespasser) can be schooled in Mamachewsshits at taxpayers expense, and I’m not talking about just Mamachewsshits taxpayers…….federal and state grants are available for any trespasser to attend Mamachewsshits, schools. The children of the lawbreakers get to start school without paying a penny, while our Nations defenders are barred from enrolling unless they pay cash.

All of this is brought to you by the chief bloveator of stuporism……the adopted Kennedy,

Let’s hear it for TED.

It is a personal spiritual battle of mine, to refrain from wishing that the ‘blob of tissue’ that later became the esteemed Tipit Kennedy had been afforded a partial birth abortion, you know, one like the infanticidal option he champions today. Tippy is always at the forefront of women’s issues, and he has fought hard for the right of women to change their mind and kill the embryo.

If only his parents had of had a time machine to see what the embryo ‘TIPPY KENNEDY’ would become? If his parents had of had a time machine to see what the embryo Tippy would grow into, they may have opted to abort that baby.

If that scenario had of occurred, this world would be a better place. I stand by that statement folks. Talk like this blog article are soon going to be impossible or suicidal.

Think folks.

A warrior returns to a slap in the face for risking all.


PLEASE MOVE YOUR MANUFACTORING CONCERN TO KANSAS, OR SOME OTHER PART OF AMERICA. Massachusetts is not a State of my country……and perhaps it is next on the target list of tippy’s booze swilling islamafacist friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What it that? The 99th time you have used Ted Kennedy's picture that you photoshopped. So the bigots of the right know how to clone and add to a picture. I'm going to submit your phoney webphotos to some of my sides blogs, and you will be ridiculed for this sloppy photoshop photo.

Blogger web_loafer said...

anonymous, at least I know you are a reader of Sanity's Bluff. Thanks.

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