Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Bypass the MSM

Your newspaper didn't have an article about this; your local TV station ignored this story, but it happened....of that I am sure, because it was confirmed on talk radio and the righteous side blogs.
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Most of you will appreciate this tip about a great website. It is one of many, I use to bypass the liberal American hating press. Webloafer wants to know what is going on in the world, and the MeanSpiritedMedia is not a news source; it is a joke! I visit the MSM only when I need a good laugh and encouragement to labour on in the fight against the MeanSpiritedMedia’s socialistist anti-American agenda.

If you have two eyes, and a brain, it is evident to you also, that they (MSM) lie, cheat, forge and slander, but they never broadcast the news Real Americans want to know about.

Please visit the site I captured this snippet from. And consider subscribing to this source of real news. The NORTHEAST INTELLIGENCE NETWORK

Here is the link to the non -subscribers page at the NorthEast Intelligence Network


Anonymous MeAgain said...

Great site. I got caught up in the news there, and spend over an hour going back through the older news.

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