Tuesday, August 08, 2006
As many of you know; webloafer works at least 55 hours every week to afford the tax burden he is faced with. You, know,

“Work less, and starve, or work more and eat a little better while the ‘gov’ stuffs its flabby and obese face, with what they took from me.” from a blog article by webloafer

I chose the ‘work a little more’ option; well aware that the gov is busy using a large portion of the proceeds of my sweat to make sure the laziholics can live as comfortable as me, and probably eat better. Yes, No food stamps for this family. First of all, wouldn’t expect others to feed me, never, won’t happen, secondly, God has blessed me with health enough to work hard, and blessed me with discernment so as to see the depravity of socialism.

Our gov’ is busy attempting to make all of us the same. ‘All of us’ does not include the ruling class of socialism, and there is one. The ruling class is not a Republican thing, or Democrat thing, it is a socialist thing. Many have a skewed view of socialism; they think everyone is equal in a socialist, communist slave nation. It simply is not the truth.

Everywhere socialism is practiced, someone rules with an iron fist, i.e. Castro, Mao, Venezuela’s dictator, the potbellied pervert of N. Korea, Stalin or Howard Dean, and those rulers are wealthy beyond the average person’s comprehension. They are so wealthy and privileged; they can have anyone killed, at anytime without consequences to protect their decadent lifestyle.

Have I penned another great word…….laziholic?

Think about it.

So for a year and a half, Sanity’s Bluff has been a part of my daily life. Looking back, it has been a learning experience, a pleasurable experience and “it ain’t over”.

BUT, with all of the events taking place today, there is not the time to post much here at ‘the bluff’.

With all that is taking place today, my free time is spent surfing the blogosphere for reality. There are fulltime bloggers that are carrying the torch for freedom, and the TRUTH, and that is where my freetime is spent. The blogosphere is awesome, and to actually be a part of it, is fantastic. My contribution is minor compared to the legends of the blogosphere, but, just wait….Sanity’s Bluff will always be around, and as more and more time becomes available, it should get better, unless I join the laziholics.

My news? I get it from the internet, and my hat is off to the Pajama Media, exposing the lies of Rather and Reuter’s.

I read the papers that other people paid for, and leave in the break room where I work (have sworn off of purchasing a yellow rag from the rack) for an occasional laugh.

No, no! Not the comic section………the front page. Doctored photos, lies, and socialist agenda are there to amuse me. How? Can they tell the blue collar printers to print such trash? The pressmen are blue collar heroes, they must oversee a printing of lies, smut, trash, agendas and trivia, but they run the presses with pride, “it’s only a job”

They have no agenda, they print what they are directed too, so they are just workers making a living printing the lies, they didn’t lie the lies, they simply want to make a paycheck.

Let me tell you of a secret event taking place in the media of America. The Kansas City Star is the newspaper of this area. It has filled many a landfill with it’s “all the news that the nitwits see fit to spit” and has protected its turf with violence, lies and manipulations. It has been sold and resold in the last few years, everyone taking a profit and degrading the quality of the yellow rag it is. Now the Kansas City Star, is suffering from stupidity on a classic scale…..they have taken their investers money and have built a beautiful building that is 74% glass. Only recently have they realized, those that throw stones should not live in glass buildings. Now there is a universal laugh….a newspaper building a workplace out of glass. I know a lot about printing, and would be ashamed to be spotlighted working in a glass building at the press spewing forth garbage like the Kansas City Star. I know printing and it is not political, it is a job, a great job. I was in the quality control sales department of a large printing concern, that had to sell printing to Hallmark Cards of Kansas City. So my opinion is not one to ignore……those hard working men and women working the presses at the Kansas City Star, should not have to be used like they will be. Glass Houses, Yellow Rags and Hard Workers.


When the truth matters, I search the internet. Yes, there are Doctored photos, lies and agenda’s on the internet, but, the truth is there also, and most of us know how to get to the truth. If a website is caught up in the same lies, and distortions of the MSM, mean spirited media, it goes on my special list.

I DO WANT TO APPLAUD THE HARD WORK OF THE PAJAMA MEDIA. Webloafer will join in the truth crusade when he retires, Lord willin, that is a given.

So just like Peace Moonbeam, we are going to be scarce for awhile.

Getting more enjoyment out of reading other peoples blogs, than taking the time to chime in with my two cents.

LOVE YOU ALL, check back occasionally.

1.“all the news that the nitwits see fit to spit”

2. laziholic’s?

3. John is proud of the above two webloaferism’s, very proud.


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