Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Webloafer left this comment at a blog he came across researching the unreported truth about 'invader' crime. Out of tens of thousands of people who waltz into America illegally every day, what percentage of those people are criminals, perverts or terrorists?

Doing research for a blog article I plan to write, I came across your blog, and noticed you are also a concerned citizen. I too am worried about all of the battles our medical and scientific communities have fought and triumphed over, and now here comes more communicable diseases, brought to your family and mine by the do nothing politicians, and the 30,000, 000 lazy government employees who cannot be fired, so they don’t have to work hard, that this nation’s taxpayers must support. The ones that allow anyone; terrorist, poor person or drug dealer free access to America.

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Here comes the diseases of yesterday via our invisible sovereignty, yes, here it comes again. TB, smallpox, dysentery, polio, and many other diseases we have conquered, only to have the hordes


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