Friday, August 04, 2006
My head is spinning, can't understand
There is not that much time left to be human. Very soon, every soul God created will be separated from the sin stinking carnal (human) body that had the privilege of hosting a soul created by the Creator. Separated unto life eternal or death eternal. On that day (glorious or dreadful) when saints are separated from sinners, every soul will stand before the Creator and give account of what we have done with salvation. Have we ignored it, hated it, denied it or let that salvation work?

Yes there will be a final judgment. Jesus Christ will be the lawyer for the blood soaked and redeemed, proclaiming to the Judge (GOD the FATHER) which soul, heard the gospel, believed it, repented, (walked away from sin), confessed the simple fact that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and happily demanded of the Church of Christ, to be baptized for the remission of sins. Your soul may miss eternal joy just my denying the plan of salvation. Everything in the plan was spoken by Jesus Christ over and over again. Yes, the hardest part of humans salvation is obedience. And if and when you believe and obey unto salvation, you may spend eternity with the one who shed blood for you. If I asked you to shed all of your blood for me today, so that I could obtain something, would you?
No, you wouldn’t, because you are more important than just another blogging truckdriver.

Even to the hardest thing to do in salvations plan, be baptized for the remission of sin. There is not time to argue baptism, read your roadmap to heaven, (the Bible) and you will find that Jesus demanded baptism and every conversation from lost to found eternally in the Acts of the Apostles had the mention of baptism. I know it is unpopular to stand with the Bible, but I will stand with God’s word in assurance. Read what Jesus Christ had to say about salvation, then read about what the Saviour said about how to obtain it.

Your laziness may insure that your soul misses the eternal life you want. If you want eternal salvation, it would only make sense that you would read about the blood of Jesus Christ and where we can come in contact with that saving blood. Want to be washed in the Blood? Let the Creator add you to the church of Christ. There is no other way, read the first few chapters of Acts. And ponder.

Those souls will already know how to praise God, so it will be a glorious eternal choir.

But, need I remind all of the Believers………(those that believe that the Bible is God’s Word) that nowhere in the holy writ from God is it even hinted that you can live forever with God, just by believing. Why even Satan is a believer? So dig a little deeper into the word of God and you will find there are a few steps of obedience everyone can take towards eternal redemption, but the Devil will tell you that they are not necessary. Do you want to risk eternity on what the Devil says? Satan has done a good job of convincing the world that no one has to repent, confess and be baptized for the remission of sin……just feel good about believing and repeating a man made mantra, prayer or whatever you think saves one from hell. I

Let me ask you a simple question, where did you come into contact with the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s son. Every one talks about being washed in the blood, it is a popular song at Sunday Services, but it is one thing to sing about being washed in the blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ and another to actually come into contact with the saving blood.

The blood of God’s Son was spilled upon the ground on a “hill far away”

That blood will never be diluted, it is in the water you drink, the river you wade across, and the swimming pool you jump into. It is fire or water. If you can’t figure out why everytime a conversion was mentioned in God’s word, the word baptism is somewhere in the truth, well, you have fallen for the devils diabolical plan to convince you, that you can live forever with the one who shed all of His blood for you without ever coming into contact with that blood., Satan believes the word of God. He believes God is,Read the saddest passage of God’s word,

I can almost hear God whispering to Jesus Christ…”Son, go collect all of the saints” For that reason, my blogging will be scarce in these last days, and I won’t be wanting to blog in heaven, I will want to spend the rest of my life praising God, singing songs of His worthiness. But here is a little insight as to where I go on the internet. So now a few charts and a few of the many links I visited tonight.
These first two webcaptures tell a story. Take a little time to ponder these two statistical charts, and you may have a glimpse of the future, as in, future because of.. If you can’t figure out the trend, and reality from these two charts, it would do me no good to waste time trying to explain it to you.


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