Saturday, August 19, 2006
Here is a simple explanation of what is going on today. Do you see the three pink teeter totters?
The USofA will be taking the low side.....not willing to risk anything. The headsbulla terrorists will join in the play and fun. The headsbowla terrorists will show up in the customary mandress to conceal the thirty seven pounds of plastic explosives...supplied by GW's good buddy Putin......the teeter totter starts teetertotting before the USofA is comfortable and the heavy laden terrorist runs up the teeter totter, he screams..'allah ahkrar' ..........or whatever it is the terrorists shout when they are filming another video of the beheading of an innocent civilian who was stupid enough to trespass in the lands that the muscilims think is theirs.......someone give the pervert a sharper knive, so they don't have to crudely hack the infedels head off. Why even the French know how to behead in a classier way..... they use a sharp guillotine, the least you could do would be to get a stone and sharpen the long knifes you use. I think you get the picture.

This is a super Klaxton, very near where my mother lives. The word klaxton will appear in this long rant a few times.

This is the radio every seventh grader in Kansas City wanted in the 1950's. Some kids even learned the Morse Code so that they could use this. Yes, you needed to master the dots and dashes, or as the Velvet Underground sang, dits and dahs, before you could use the public radio waves. To speak a word in cyberspace in the 1950's you needed a license, and had to know morse code. Come to think of it, I'm not sure it was called the cyberspace back then, whatever.

Click on the above picture, and read what the baby boomers went through. We may laugh now,but it was no laughing matter then, and the bombs and missles were pointed at the USofA.

Here was the scare

Here is a familiar sign from the past.
Duck and Cover

Yes, the world is going insane and the return of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is eminent. But that is no excuse to run to the closet and duck, or as they taught me in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s; Duck and Cover!

In school we were taught how to “get under the desk and assume a fetal position” We had drills, lots of them, random drills.

Here is how the drill went down..a klaxton would sound and wherever we were, we had to duck and cover.


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