Sunday, April 02, 2006

You may know that South Dakota recently passed a law banning abortion, expect when the life of the mother is threatened. South Dakota created a special task force to study the abortion question, and here is a link to the South Dakota taskforces report It is a fascinating read, I recommend it to you. Save it and read it at your convenience, and you will probably agree that South Dakota studied the subject thoroughly and reported it’s findings in a scientific way….”Just the facts”.
South Dakota Task Force Reports on Abortion


Blogger Jon said...

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Blogger Kyle said...

Interesting, yet still a bit one-sided. The first reason given against abortion follows women who were pressured into the choice by others - and they were actually brought forward to testify.

Sure that's not a good reason to get an abortion, but taking it away as a possibility is downright ridiculous. Just because people may be pressured into a drastic action such as that is no reason to take away the ability to do it.

Also, it was found that the great majority of the "Abortion Task Force" were following a "Pro-Life" agenda instead of performing thorough research. This was not only noted from outside sources, but from within the group itself.

Check out this article:,45217

Kyle Telechan

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