Thursday, April 27, 2006
He keeps a searching for a pot of Gold

Neil Young’s gravelly, almost whining voice, hasn't been heard much on the music scene lately, he is just one of those 'has been hippie rockers', but you'll soon be hearing Neil Young and his latest song, in fact it will get air time day in and day out on your radio and TV.

I still like some of Neil's 1960's songs, in particular, 'Heart of Gold" To any music critic younger than 55, you really don't know what the songs of Neil Young meant to those living back in the Sixties.

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Blogger jarhead john said...

While Canada is a start, he needs to move even further toward his commie utopia (perhaps Cuba?).

Blogger web_loafer said...

AH give him a break, the sunlight would kill him.....he is nighttime person.

But he will be the liberal-de-jour, of the month.

I know what he stood for in the 60's, and he hasn't changed. He and his Marxist buddies of music, invaded America long ago, and in the meantime has perverted many a young child.
Yes, he has a smidgen of talent, but so does that homeless drunk standing almost in traffic with the sign "Will work for Food".
He is nothing more than a whiney liberal, making his last bucks at the expense of a nation he gave nothing too, never said a good word about, (He has been to the White House, but still has never said a good thing about My Country)a nation who's laws meant nothing to him, he broke many of it's laws, repeatedly, but extracted all he could from the nation he doesn't like, all the time surrounded by real criminals. Now he writes that there are criminals in the White House...are...?

As long as there is power, there will be criminals, and Neil Young is a living testiment to that. What do you think he will do with all the bucks he rakes in for this last fling? Will he spend it purchasing Bibles and Rice to send to Dufar? My guess would be it will most likely be spent on High Quality Cocaine purchased from the Terrorist Enemies of America.

Well Neil Young should know about criminals, he is surrounded by them, lives with them, and has no respect for the law of my nation.

Make this criminal rich again, and he'll spend most of the money on Cocaine, and speed, and tell us how bad we are.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is possibly the dumbest blog I have ever seen. Right, left, or middle.

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