Sunday, April 09, 2006
A Tool for Parents
Near the bottom of Sanity’s Bluff, just above the 3 daily cartoons always found here you will find a link to a site every family in America can benifit from. It is a link to "FAMILY WATCHDOG"
Family Watchdog is a Googleised (another webloafer word creation) site that pinpoints where the perverts and rapists of America live, right down to the neighborhood, or street, or even apartment. There is also a picture for most of the sexual preditors with the address they give authorities. This is a valuable tool for parents.



Blogger Anthony said...

Good to see ya Web Loafer, it's been awhile. Come check out my latest post on 'Wake up U.S.' It's a sad time for America. You'll beat me in this battle, I am sure.

Blogger BlitzGaulAgain said...

Good on you for posting that link. I saw it a while back and checked, and there were no paedos near me, and I also noticed that many of the ones on the list were deceased... A very good resource indeed.

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