Friday, April 14, 2006
Me? I’m a Battered Voter!
I vote Republican, then get abused, beaten up.
Knocked around by the very ones I voted for.
I lick my wounds and say, "Surely it will be different now"
I get involved again, when some pseudo Ronald Reagan
speaks up and, says they need me, and will treat me right.
I give all of my effort to the G.O.P. party again,
because they promise to treat me right this time.
Yes, I go back to them only to be abused again,
I am a battered voter!

This rant is in no way an endorsement of the Democratic Party of the USofA. I would not vote for anyone who would put a D after their name, and run for office. WHY? I'll tell you why, I have read the platform of the Democrat Party, and it is just a small step away from total socialism. I don't want to see America turn socialist, then communist, and have my grandchildren enslaved to a demonic government, waiting for a Ronald Reagan to arrive on the scene, to bring dignity and prosperity back.


I don't love the government. I tolerate it. Grudgingly. And that tolerance is getting mighty BLEEPing strained.

Blogger Dr.John said...

What you need is a twelve step program to help you get over your Republican addiction.

Blogger jarhead john said...

I guess it's the whole "lesser of two evils" thing. The Republicans certainly ARE the lesser evil.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Good to hear from you jarhead john,

Here is one of my famous long long replies in my comment section.

Yes, I agree, and though my ire is up over this issue, please note that I mentioned my respect for the president, and G.W is a man of character, but he is dead wrong on this issue. I was a little hot when I wrote this article, it is good to vent once in awhile.

I won't vote for Hillary or John McCain. You couldn't pay me to vote for either, I consider my vote as sacred as anything in the American Experience. Yes I am glad of the American Experience

Nothing they could do or say could erase the bad taste in my mouth when I hear their names, or voices. Hillary is the worst public speaker that has made it to a National stage. I would rather be deaf than have her as President. That way I wouldn't have to listen to her, newchalk on blackboard voice. And it isn't simply her tone of voice, it is the words she is screeching.
McCain may have been a man at one time, back 30 years ago, but he comes across as an emasulated male on any of the media events he loves to attend, as the star. I am tired of wimps like him taking away my freedoms. He lost a lot of brain cells in Hanoi, I love him for his service, but nothing he says today is of any interest to me, or America's best interests. I am glad he survived his ordeal in hell, but that doesn't give him the right to be egotistacal and wrong. He is wrong on so many things, and I know he will never be reelected as Senator in Arizona, so he is fighting for his politican future.
We all have seen people who should have retired before they lost it, McCain has lost it.
Sure he married into a wealthy situation, and has millions he has collected from the Federal Trough, so the media loves him. I wish he would retire so we could embrace him for what he suffered. But,let's face it, he lost a lot of brain cells in the Hanoi Hilton, why would he want to be president, when he could be our friend? When he opens his political mouth, I cringe, and am determined never to vote for such a poor politican, he is a true Poll a tician, look at the polls to figure out where he stands today.
I know neither big party will ever again nominate a real man, a man who governs from his soul, rather than polls. George W. Bush will be the last real American President. The rest will only be poll cloned pansies, unless we as Americans take our country back from the politicans.
I'll probably join the third party that will arise over immigration. Yes as an observer (and lover) of America, I know what is coming down the pike. There will be that third party, and hopefully it will be called the Wide Awake Party.
There are so few Americans that are awake today, and history records a similiar time in America's history, back in the 19th century, when a very unpopular man, became a very unpopular president, and freed millions of oppressed human beings.

Yes I am comparing Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush.

But I will abandon the Republican Party that has abandoned him. McCain, and other sniveling republicans have undermined everything our leader has tried to accomplish. I will not return to the Republican Party, because of what it did or didn't do for President Bush, a war time president undermined by his own party.
I know America is in good hands for a few more years, unless McCain and other jealous zealots get him impeached. Imagine a war time president being impeached. I would work hard to elect someone like Zel Miller, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Coulter, WebLoafer,Laura Ingrahm, or even my wife. All of the above could be a better president than the candidates of the big two.

Anonymous slutnosey said...

Where's the turkey?

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