Monday, July 10, 2006
New Directions
I’m tired of my own blog… sucks, but it will get better…..promise.
Webbie is perhaps a little too worried about things he can’t do anything about.
There is nothing he can do to stop the craziness of this century/millennium, so why dwell on it?

Ahhh, why make yourself miserable thinking about things that are out of your control? So Sanity’s Bluff is taking a completely new direction. It’s laughter or silence.

Let the world go it’s way, Webbie is going to try to ignore politics, pop culture and poor drivers, and work very hard at bringing a smile to your face. Maybe the smile will only last a few minutes…..that’s fine: two minutes of happiness are two minutes you forget about the craziness of this world.

But, remember it is only an attempt. Webbie may slip back into the culture of doom/gloom/sad/troubled or perplexed, but from this moment on, the focus of Sanity’s Bluff will be laughter, joy, pranks, jokes and enjoyment.

Yes, we can laugh at politics too, because the both the Dem’s and Repub’s are so anal retentive who needs much more comedy than our elected government can supply? The photos I stitched together in attempted hilarity are from these two sources....1....2


Blogger phred said...

That was phunny. I like to start off the day with a laugh. Thanks.

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