Tuesday, July 18, 2006
I'm not expert on these matters...but

First a Will Rogers quote. "Diplomats are just as essential to stating a war as soldiers are for finishing it."

To those who are claiming we have been woefully disengaged in the middle east, I can only say, you must not have internet access. In a few hours study, I found articles (many of them from last century) from all over the world talking about the iranian missile program and their desire for nuclear weapons to use against....you guessed it Israel and the USofA. I haven't a clue as to what this missile has written on it. I do know Hitler Junior is enjoying the parade. I ran across articles that mentioned missles with "Death to Israel painted on them, or death to the USofA.
So it doesn't surprize me to wake up and hear that hizbolla is firing missles at Northern Israel cities.
The world has let the cancerous sore called iran, fester for years, now it has infected the whole middle east. Of course most people are against preemptive war, so we'll just have to wait until Iran finishes its bomb making. Can you say suicidal?

In a fair world, Iran would be history, past tense. A nation with such hatred for women and infidels, should not be allowed to remain a threat to anyone. What would the world miss if Iran was nuked? No great artists would be missed, no great doctors, scientists or scholars would be missed. What was once a jewel of the orient is nothing but a weapons storage center. The french, russians and yes even Americans sell a lot of outdated military hardware to the bloodthirsty iranians. It is opinion that this planet is crowded, so a manicical nation like Iran is wasting precious oxygen. Here's my idea, let the islamakillers shoot all the missles they want, at the moon. Strap a islamakiller on each one, and maybe they can figure out how to rid outer space and the moon of infidels. No one would miss them in the brotherhood of man. Brotherhood of man, and iran should not be used in the same sentence, these creeps don't belong on the earth. Send them to the moon. Maybe they could muslimize the moon. These people are sicko's, sicker than a drug addict living in the gutters of San Francisco, they don't deserve to breathe the same air as me or my family..........sure call me a bigot for telling the truth, these hezbaldo's, muzzledum's, and sucicidalbabies should be denied oxygen and made to breathe carbonmonixide until they meet those 72 virgins. The world has no right to exist if it cannot rid itself of the vermin of islam. That day will come, and since I read a little of the only book authored by the creator of mankind, I indeed know which side will win this next world war.

Lets talk a little about the future of the world, our children. I know you love children, all Americans do, but we don't strap explosives on our teenagers stomach and send them out to kill...........

Those that think suicidalchildren are a legitimate weapon of war.........should have been castrated and neutered decades ago. These women willing to praise allah that they produced another baby that grew up to be a teenager and then became a living bomb.......those women should never have breathed their first breath of life........they are sick and call me what you will.........the women of islam should not only be hidden from view.........they, never should have been.
So when the lily livered journalists of the Liberal American Media shows a video of islamafacist mothers crying over the death of a child killed in a battle of this war.................remember the same scum woman donates children to be bombs, to kill jews, then celebrates when the deed is done. No one will talk like this, but what I tell you is truth.
Hey, I'm old, so if you want to take the time to harass me for telling the truth, go ahead......

I hope there are no state secrets revealed in this article. But, I got all of my facts from various websites from around the world. I thought this one through…for instance, France loves to boast of its military prowess, but hasn’t won a war or been involved on the winning side of a war since…….let’s see…….the 1700’s….that would be when a lucky naval gunner struck down Admiral Nelson…………and that was only a battle victory, they still lost the war.

But you can learn a lot from losers. One of the first nations to complain that Israel isn’t fighting fair, in this the start of WWIII was France. Let me be politically insensitive here; when the battles get hot and heavy, we (the USofA) better not ask permission to fly over the grapefields of France…….just do it and let them S--- their silk drawers.) They are cowards with wagging tongues and have supplied the enemies of America with weapons, nuclear components and advice. Do you see the humor in a deadly serious world event.

Here is one weapon France will never be privy too,

Yes, just like the New York Times, France doesn't keep secrets, or will sell them to the highest bidder.......they will sell anyone out, family or friend. But all of Frances backstabbing, selling out, and plotting will not help them when the **** hits the fan. Let me be blunt, if it were not for the world class farmers, (grape farmers) of France, the progressive world would have nothing to do, say or buy from the frogs of france. Sorry for being blunt, but prove me wrong.....by facts, not emotions. Toyota or Puegot? Renault or Ford? Snails or Steak?

Who would you rather make a military pact with, France or the USofA??????

Here is a picture of the type of truck Israeli jets destroyed today…(07/17/06)..as it was being set up to lob a bomb at Tel Aviv. This is picture of a zalzat missile on a truck, a missile that isn’t guided, it is just aimed or lobbed. Oh but the Hezbollah terrorists are planning to aim and lob hundreds of them towards Tel Aviv in the upcoming days. Well, the first one deployed out of it's hidey hole, by the sand idiots was destroyed before the killers of islam got it in place.

These are old, hand me down unguided missles from Iran. Yes there was some help from other soon to be sorry nations to develop this missile of death, but it reminds me of a bunch of bullies getting together to develop a weapon that America had decommissioned in 1963. This photo was taken in 2003 in Tehran, in one of those military parades, idiot style. Have you noticed America doesn't have military parades? Yes we have air shows, but none of this parade stuff, where citizens are dragged out to cheer and make a good picture.

Americas pay money to go sit out in the sun to watch a few flyovers by our magnificent warriors of the air, but Iran may not have to pay anything for a good America Air Force Show.

Just keep threatening us islamaboys and you'll hear a plane, (you won't see it) just one plane, that will turn your sand into glass, and we'll skim the oil off of that glass, and drive our SUV's with cheap gasoline for many decades.

But is it really a good picture.....of today? Sure the weapons these islamafacists parade are dangerous, but can you imagine what kind of military parade we could have in America today????? Those that show their weapons always end up looking silly, (and dead) when we (America) use our secret weapons. Just ask our good friends the Japanese. Yes, they destroyed or damaged almost all of the Pacific Naval Fleet of the USofA on a December day in 1941, but......

Well they are our good friends today, and I would trust them with all of our defensive and offensive weapons today. Yes, without a doubt, they are our friends. We have no better friend in Asia than Japan. Maybe some of you can relate to the unique friendship between Japan and the USofA. Have you ever have been in a good battle with someone? More often than not two people fighting will end up respecting each other after the fight, both the winner and the loser.

Might makes friends.......the weaklings, cowards and slave armies will always lose.

Islam has only slaves and the brainwashed to fight for them, so you place your bet where you will.......I know who I'm betting for.

Doesn't the islamic world realize? American's fight like cats and dogs politically, but hurt us once more dogs of islam and you will see Democrats and Republicans in the same trench or foxhole together......Yes, Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean in the same trench fighting for America and America's friends, such as Israel.

Oh one more thing...I would not want to be the truck driver of one of these bottle rockets. But there are many more of these launchers waiting for a Hezbollah warrior? to drive close to the Northern Border of Israel and put the hydralic legs of the truck down on terra firma, and wait for the launch, then drive it back to its hiding place. Again, not all truck drivers have an IQ digitally larger than their age, and anyone who steps behind the wheel of a rocket launcher like this, should not sire children......adios. The name sounds so manly....Zelzat. This picture is not from 1947, it was taken in 2003 in Tehran.

Children playing with firecrackers, that is the only comparison I can come up with, yes they are murderers extroordinary....but they don't know who they are messing with. Firecrackers, buzzbombs and roman candles. Hezbollah murderers, You deserve what is coming your way........and shut up Copie Nana.

Take off the gloves world; there are only a few friends of Hezbollah now, France, N. Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba to name some of the big players. (snicker, snicker…ha ha)

Lebanon is a land that deserves something better than Hezbollah and the death merchants of islam. If Syria, Iran, and the other terrorists regimes would vacate Lebanon, there are some beautiful people who could make that nation a good neighbor, and attract worldwide tourist trade again.

The way things are going in the world, the three best vacation spots in the world will soon be America, Australia and the rest of Great Britian. In fact if you check the figures…..America and those nations allied with America are seeing an upsurge in tourism, while the islamamaic nations have nothing but oil...no tourism, no industry, no resort areas, no happy citizens, just miserable slaves in a crowded world. Yes the citizens of America and it’s allies are shunning the nations where islam is on a killing spree. Who would want to vacation in Iran, Cyprus, France or Cuba??????????

This would be the welcoming committee for all vacationers to Iran.

Israel has 170,000 men and women on active duty, with a reserve of about 400,000. Iran, Syria, Cuba, N. Korea and France have over 10,000,000 men and women on active duty………bring it on. Sometimes you have to be cowboy if you want to live. Israel didn’t start this war, and will not be deterred until they have safety on their borders.

Iran is putting all of its global eggs into the same basket…as…France, Russia, N. Korea, Syria and Cuba.

Oh excuse me while I shake in my boots.

This is WWIII, and as usual France will be on the losing side…….

But what about WWI you ask? Didn’t France win that one?

No, read more than historical comic books and you will see that France lost WWI too. The only successful military figure in French History was not a Frenchman. For you public school educated America’s that would be Napoleon Bonaparte.

And might I remind you Russia would be a third world nation if America had not supplied them with the tools to take on Hitler from the east in WWII. They still fought like sissies and had almost as many soldiers die from shots to their backs, then the front. Slaves don’t make very good soldiers…..the best armies are volunteer armies…….you can quote me on that.

Israel has no choice in the matter, they must require every child to spend time in the military.

So Iran has put its egg’s in a coward’s basket.

They sure aren’t acting like cowards you say……

Look closely, at the worlds situation today, and join me in condemning IRAN, NORTH KOREA, CUBA and FRANCE.

If we only have 4 nukes left at the close of this battle, may I suggest the destinations?

Here is another source I used to think all of this problem out. And here is an article from a French apologetic site,
This site actually had a few things right. Amazing….it is many years old, but even the cowards of Europe know what a terrible storm is brewing, and they probably started secretly asking for help from us.
How’s this for diplomacy Webloafer Style? OK, France, if you donate all of the cognac you have been shipping to the dog eater of North Korea…(est.$600,000 dollars worth last year) to the veteran hopitals of America, we may in turn buy a few bottles of Perrier lemon, even though you shipped us a boat full of Perrier with added ground glass a few year back. I’m sure your lazy workers have fixed the problem. But for me I’ll let my poodle drink some first.



It's coming down to cases, isn't it? I've been writing about this for three days now and will continue to do so until it's resolved the way Israel wants it resolved.

Can I do something shameless? I'd like to lift one of the photos from your post and use it in one of mine. Please advise.

I understand that the House and Senate are going to vote on resolutions of support for Israel sometime this week. The only dissenter I know of so far is John Dingel (D) from Michigan.

Blogger phred said...

My Dad was in Europe for 2 years + during WWII.
Dad was a good Christian man and never had a bad word for anyone.
But then .. he had nothing good to say about the French either.
I really don`t understand why the French get so much consideration and air time. Are they really '' players '' in the thick of things ? I think NOT.
I say, lets give that air time and publicity to the brave American servicemen and women that are doing their jobs everyday, working to keep America and the rest of the world free.

Hey now there`s an idea...
The MSM do a patriotic media blitz supporting our military, ( instead of trying to shame our leaders).

Blogger web_loafer said...

Phil,yes, and later today I am going to add the sources of the photos. I posted this in a hurry. In fact I'll do it now before I leave for work.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Great post WL. I'm with you wholeheartedly on this one. There's no love in my heart for those bags of meat that preach murder and hate to their children from birth.

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