Friday, July 21, 2006
Sanity's Bluff tackles Sports

Webloafer’s first blog article about SPORTS.

It is about football. “About time you say, enough already with the politics and world events”. Hold on to your stadium seat cushion pal…..this article is about world football, not American football. But in an attempt to placate most of my readers, who are Americans, we will call football, soccer in this article.

Let’s talk soccer: The Ghana soccer team, you know Ghana, the small African nation that did so good at the World Cup of Football? You must know that the whole Ghana National Football Team, had an expense account about as large as the cash in one of the elite American soccer player pockets, when they paraded themselves amongst the public in the elite nightclubs of Germany. The Darlings, the American soccerteam, that was vacationing in Germany not too long ago?

After the Ghana soccer team beat our dandies, they became an overnight favorite on the blogosphere, and in breakrooms and lunchrooms around America.

Fellow truck drivers spent about a week talking about the Ghana Soccer team, and we didn’t have much of a clue about soccer, it was a good topic to chew the fat over. This is just one more reason I love America so, The USofA is a country that can cheer for anyone, even those that recently whopped us. That would be in sports, nothing else. Well you know the story, Ghana sent the dandy boys of the USofA, home with nothing to show for their expensive vacation, except a whooping. The spoiled brats of America went home to luxury, paid interviews on Fox and ABC: WHILE, the Ghanaian team may still be trying to get home to their islam ravaged nation. What is the point you ask? There is a lesson to be learned, but you would never know it if Sanity’s Bluff had not brought this story to you.

Fury in Egypt over Ghana's Israeli flag waver.

That is the headline in a recent AFP article. Here is a snippet of the article to drive a point home about a world problem. Yes a big problem, I’m talking about….the undeserved but unrelenting hatred of Israel by the media in 93% of the world. (This fact only bolsters my love of Israel, because if 93% of the scum of the earth hate something, I LOVE IT.)

Pantsil, who plays for Israeli club Hapoel Tel Aviv, celebrated the two goals in Ghana's 2-0 win over the Czech Republic by pulling an Israeli flag out of his sock and waving it at the cameras.

Egyptians furious with Ghana defender, who plays for Israeli team, after he waved Israeli flag during his national team's World Cup match. Newspapers speculate Paintsil is Mossad agent

Ghana defender John Pantsil's waving of an Israeli flag to celebrate his team's World Cup goals drew a barrage of insults and furious reactions in Egyptian newspapers.

"The real reason," sports analyst Hassan el-Mestekawi wrote, stems from the fact that many Ghanaian players go through football training camps set up by an Israeli coach who "discovered the treasure of African talent, and abused the poverty of the continent's children" with the ultimate goal of selling them off to European clubs.

"The training program for these children starts every morning with a salute to the Israeli flag," Mestekawi claimed.

(Webloafer adds to this article this footnote………notice the article said claimed? The claim is a bold faced lie, and has been proven to be such. Israel cannot even do charity work in the world because of the intense anti Semitic majority of the world’s population. Must I remind you that when Iran had a major earthquake recently, Israel volunteered disaster relief help, and they have the world’s greatest disaster relief forces…..they have too, with all the suicide bombers of islam visiting their nation to kill civilians, and Iran said NO. This should have been a wake up call to the world, Islam wants to finish off the work started by Adolph Hitler.)
Let me say that again, because you know it’s true, but you won’t believe it, because that would require action. My Creator, will do something about it, because the islamanatzi’s want to kill all of the Creators rebellious chosen people. Here let me share a few 70 year old newpaper pictures, yes, they are from German Newspapers of 1937, showing the love the islamofacists had for Jews.)

Back to the recent article..

FIFA said they had taken note of the flag-waving and that although there was nothing in the rules to prevent it, they hoped not to see a repetition.

Egyptian sensitivity 'when it comes to Israel'?

Egyptian football fans who were out supporting Ghana on Saturday's match were equally rattled when the player took out the Israeli flag and dubbed him "the Israghani" (Israeli-Ghanaian).

"We were totally supporting Ghana and we were so excited by how well they were doing," Ashraf al-Berri, who watched the match with a dozen friends told AFP.

"We were screaming with joy, but the whole room went quiet when Paintsil took out the flag. We didn't really know how to react," he said.

"As an Egyptian I am very sensitive when it comes to Israel," Osama Mohy, who watched the match at a friend's house, told AFP.

"If Mido scores, would he wave the england flag? and if he did everyone would hate him for it," he said referring to Egyptian striker Mido (Ahmed Hossam) who plays for England's Tottenham Hotspurs.

African champions Egypt failed to qualify for the World Cup finals.,7340,L-3264964,00.html

One thing my friends may have forgotten, is the past. Here are a few examples of how the islamofacists of 1937 looked at Jews....and Blacks.....although the islamafacists didn't call a black person black, they had another name. Look how the islamafacists respected diversity in 1937.

Background: These are a few of the 265 photographs in a book called The Eternal Jew, published by the Nazi Party's publishing house in 1937. The book consists entirely of photographs with brief captions. The photos chosen generally make Jews look as unpleasant as possible.

The source: Der Ewige Jude, Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Franz Eher, Nachf., 1937).

Go ahead, guess who lived one year longer? It sure wasn't the Jew, He was gassed, and his small dead body was creamated Islamofacist style, so as to recover any gold the Jew had hidden in teeth, or other places. In totality, this greatgrandfather of some of the boys and girls fighting for their vary existence today, provided the islamofacists a few hundred dollars in gold, and it was not necessary to spend a few duechesmarks to bury this old decrepited jew.......


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