Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cowboy Diplomacy 101

A suggestion to students.

Instead of wasting your learning years studying the claptrap taught in the institutions of higher learning; Let me suggest that anyone who wants to ‘go into’ and excel at politics, environmental studies, religious studies or thespianism*, ignore all of the conventional knowledge and go to ‘Cowboy University’.

It’s a cheap educational option. Here is a partial list of what you will need to complete your studies.

1. All 62 (just a guess), Yes all 62 John Wayne movies. There is a wealth of information about America in those movies, and you will see a real American. Sure, it is acting, but follow me now. One of our nations BEST, WISEST and MOST HONEST PRESIDENT’S WAS AN ACTOR, BEFORE HE RAN FOR GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, then went on to become the most loved President of the 1900’s! To those who would suggest any other president…..(and yes, America had several outstanding presidents in the 1900’s, but RR has my vote, and any poll taken in an honest way will bear me out on this one) I want you to know, your best president candidate is good, but history will not be denied. RR rocked….and many of us remember how great he was.

One thing I know for sure……you can try to rewrite history to make a slug become a butterfly, but that history book will become a laughing stock. The truth always comes out.

Want to argue a little….ok….be honest now….

Why are we as Americans not shaking in our boots when Kim Jung Ill, threatens America with nuclear bombs as payloads on North Korean ICBM’s??????

Be honest now, We are not afraid of N. Korea and the potbellied dog eater with nuclear ambitions, because of…….???????


Strategic Defense Initiative


Yes, the D’s did their best to deny our nation the defense that we have, but we have it. It sure let’s me sleep better at night.

A Cowboy needs to be thanked!

…..a cowboy who recently left us, but if you are a decent American, you would at least send thanks and love to the first lady and wife of that great man, the frail little woman who survives, and is loved by millions, and ignored by all media, except the blogosphere. Nancy Reagan, you are a lady, always have been, never sought the spotlight, but have done so much, and are still working to help America, not divide, hate or ridicule this great nation. I love you Nancy Reagan, and am praying that you have many many more years to smile at America. You stood by the bedside of one of America’s greatest presidents in his dying days, and I only wish I could have been there to hold your other hand….You Nancy Reagan are all that is good about America wrapped up in one small bundle…..but loved by America. You were there when America’s greatest cowboy went to the rodeo in the sky…….Hugs and Kisses.

You Nancy, were almost assurdedly……. the finest lady to sleep in the White House on a permanent basis….one who’s shadow is more American than any movie star who enjoyed the Barbra Strivesten overnight orgies in the rented Lincoln Bedroom. You represent all that is good, noble and enduring about this great nation. Thanks for taking all the flak from the media, I know it must hurt to hear what the so called educated and gifted say about your cowboy......but don't doubt for a minute that the real America still loves the one you loved in a wholesome American kind of love.

Whoops, I must be getting on with the list…..#1 was 62 John Wayne Movies….now add to that….

2. Any and all books, transcripts, movies or newspaper writings written by or about Will Rogers.

Yes, Will Rogers, check out the title of this blog article.
Will Rogers; a democrat, revered public speaker, actor, entertainer and a lover of America. All of the above wrapped up in a humble man from Oklahoma, who left our nation a wealth of information as to how to improve our nation, help the world…….AND LAUGH.

3. The transcripts of all of President George Walker Bush’s speeches since that awful day in the fall of 2001.

If America survives this war, and thrives, and our grandchildren still have schools to study American History at, young American’s will still feel that patriotic pinch… know that feeling when the flag is presented by a troop of Boy Scouts, or for that matter Girl Scouts, presented to be saluted, and the God that has blessed America acknowledged in a pledge and saluted, the moment you see the Marine Marching Band in a parade, the time you see a photo of an aircraft carrier with flags unfurled, the flight deck of that mighty metal statement to the world, crowded with the awesome weapons and dedicated defenders of America, a picture of some 90 year old veteran of a foreign war receiving a plaque of recognition.

History will listen to the words of President George Walker Bush, his speeches and writings. Yes some of the speeches he gives are a collaboration of great writers and the cowboy, but no one will be able to erase those records of great speeches given by a sometimes tongue tied humble cowboy.

I love America, my President and my nations defender’s.

If WWII had happened in a world void of America, what would the world be like today? Be honest now.

As promised, all blog entries will have a quip of Will Rogers. I will guarentee you this, none of the candidates for the presidency of the USofA in 2008, will have one/half of the common sense Will Rogers had even when he was overworked and tired.
America really needs another president with common sense in 2008. We have one now with common sense, but the press hates him, so his popularity is low today. I won't be around in 30 years, but George W will get his dues from history, and a legacy. Plus the speeches. Former President William Jefferson Clinton was a world class orator, and crowd pleaser, but the speeches he gave that galvanized the audiences in the 1990's, (myself included, I would never miss an advertised speech by President Clinton) if printed on paper, or available on the internet, are pathetic.....the words sucked.....the messenger was spectacular. I am talking in generalities, but study the words, and divorce your opinion of the text of the speech from the one who gave it.
I would stand in line to get a ticket to a Bill Clinton speech, as long as it wasn't at an abortion clinic. OhKay, OK, or O.K., I am never sure what the popular reply OK means? Well it could very well be a way of acknowledging that those who live in Oklahoma have a wealth of common sense, but some pretty poor soil. OK, here is todays Rogerism.

"What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds." W.Rogers


Blogger Marie said...

Well, SDI didn't protect the Sea of Japan very well did it? :)

Rest in Peace, President Reagan.

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