Wednesday, July 12, 2006
More on Sanity's Bluff New Direction......Daily Rogerisms is a working website

Sanity's Bluff will not quit, stagger, move or sell out: but the fog, torrential downpours, and frightening lightening of life...............may blur a few glimpses.....that is all we have of life........a few glimpses.

(drove through all of the above....fog, torrential downpours, lightening and thunder you wouldn't believe.....on the last lap of my 400 mile day. There is no arrogant human when God fills the sky with electricity. My God is awesome. At 70 mph it is no small thing to be blinded by lightening. There were a few times in my drive earlier today that I had too, in essence, turn the driving over to God, The rain was so heavy and the lightening so bright that I couldn't see much of the road. Funny how, I actually ducked once when God filled the sky with lightening and blinded me for a few seconds.......but 'Thank God', I kept the truck on the road....the road I could hardly see.......but I saw all of the 4 wheelers giving up and moving to the shoulder.......I couldn't. WISH YOU HAD OF BEEN THERE IN THE PASSENGER SEAT TO WITNESS AMERICAN TRUCK DRIVING, but you weren't, webloafer still loves you)

There will now be a new feature at Sanity’s Bluff.

From now until Sanity's Bluff is a nothing more than a speed bump on the highway of life, there will be a Will Rogers quote somewhere with each blog entry.

The quotes will be lifted* from the book….“Will Rogers, Ambassador of Good Will Prince of Wit and Wisdom” by P.J.O’Brien, Navy Aviation Service, World War, with an Appreciation by Lowell Thomas. Published by the John C. Winston Company, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto 1935.

This is one of my most prized political books, a book by a Democrat, back when Democrats loved America, but were not shy about pointing out the stupidity of Washington D.C. and the so called public servants. Times change, don’t they? If you read a lot of Will Rogers quips, you probably have noticed that he had a grip of the history he didn’t get a chance to witness. He died tragically in the year the book I will quote from was published, 1935.

He knew the storm that was coming to Europe, he even told us why.

He knew Franklin Delano Roosevelt would follow Herbert Hoover as president, and why.

He knew the future storm.

If only the pipe dream of reincarnation could be manifested once … reality… right now, America needs a lot of Will Roger Democrats to stand up and quit ye like men**, desperately.

“I would like to stay in Europe long enough to find some country that don’t blame America for everything in the world that’s happened to them in the last fifteen years, debts, depression, disarmament, disease, fog, famine or frostbite.” quote from Will Rogers. pg. 128

Now to business at Sanity’s Bluff. Without comments from me, if you wonder what was on the 73 second video published to the internet by the killers, brutalizer’s and mutilators of two America soldiers, in Iraq last month, no one from the msm is going to describe it to you. I won’t do it again, but here is a link to the place you can view or download the evidence that I spoke truthfully.

The video is sickening, I was already sick about the whole affair, and how it was only mentioned on the NEW MEDIA, and now you can find the truth of the matter, once again, in the NEW MEDIA.

In the video you will notice the Geneva Convention as followed by Islam. I link this video because some people can handle the truth. View it if you want to know your enemy. My prayers continue to be lifted for the relatives of the two young men who went through hell for you and me. But to pretend it was only a battle death, or to ignore it like the mean spirited media, come on, get your head out of the sand, and we might survive as a nation

I pray to God that nothing like this
happens to your son or daughter.

*it is not a ripoff of copyrighted material, to include a few sentences of any book. That is all I will use, a few sentences……and I will always put the words…….W. Rogers…….at the end of the daily Rogerism.

**1COR 16:13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.


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