Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is one of the saddest photographs I have ever seen. Do you see what I see? Yes, there are several hundred boys in this picture that have declared their life nil and void. They listened to the OLD MEN sitting in front of them, who make money every time a young muslim boy becomes a bomb.

Don’t spend too much time looking at the faces of the suicide boys….look at the imams, sheiks or whatever you call the older, richer and growing old perverts of islam.

Take a good look at those old men……they would no more become a suicide bomber than you would……but somehow…. they have convinced the boys behind them that strapping a bomb on, to kill others while they kill themselves, will get those same young boys to paradise, and there will be 72 virgins waiting for them. DAH.

A SICK PLOT, brought to the world by Islam. Peaceful, good, pure and white as snow, islam.

The next time someone even dares to say…..’the peaceful religion of islam’ slap the liar across the face with whatever tool you have, and direct the idiot to Sanity’s Bluff.

A SICK PLOT, Sickness that there is no medicine for….except death. The young boys don’t deserve death, it is the rich scumbags in front of them that deserve death….yes they deserve DEATH. But it will require flushing them out of, or killing them in the mosques they worship satan in. I don’t consider a bombing of a mosque when these old perverts are there, to be a bad thing. Rid the world of the old men in this picture, and you have done Earth a favor.

Where are the mothers of these boys….?
Why would a mother let her son become a bomb?
Why do the mothers…….
No, I won’t wish the mothers of these young suicide bombers a Happy Mothers Day.
No human mother would let her son become a bomb, just to kill a few jews or american's.

If you placate, pay, posture or please the old perverts pictured here, the young misguided boys, will still kill others (maybe even someone you know, or love) while they kill themselves.

Tell me who is the sickest?….the young boys, or the old men who send the boys to their death, to………line their pockets with more blood money.

The old men in the front two rows, are wealthy men, you can see that can’t you…. the boys behind them are bomb fodder. Do you have any suggestion as to how to stop this madness?


Blogger jarhead john said...

I vividly recall the "mother" of one of these brainwashed nutjobs commenting on her recently vaporized son by saying "I only wish he could have been a nuclear bomb." The nutjob in question had just blown himself up aboard a bus full of Jews. These alleged parents should be required to accompany their children on their suicide missions. At least that way, they won't breed anymore.

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