Monday, May 08, 2006
Bummed Out

It doesn’t take a big event, with hoopla, and ceremony to provide me enjoyment.
I woke up just a little ‘bummed out’, because after 2 weeks vacation, I must return to the road, working 55 or more hours a week. Driving 2,000 miles a week to provide for my family, illegal aliens, drug addicts, criminals and politicians. What would really be enjoyable, would be receiving all of the results of my labor, to use for my family, and my families spiritual and physical needs.
If only the others that were mentioned, had to provide for themselves.
So, yes, I woke up ‘bummed out’.
Guess what?
It took about 10 minutes to lose all of that worry and ‘bummed out feeling’.

It all disappeared when I went outside and listened.
Usually in the mornings, I can hear the roar of the interstate even though it is over half a mile away. People just like me, going to work, maybe with a bummed out attitude. Everyone here gets used to it since it isn’t going away.
But his morning the road noise was missing.
No the legal Americans didn’t all take a day off to protest. It was something much different.
All of my friends the redbirds, seemed to have fallen in love on the same day, and are talking about it. Rather, singing about it. Their songs filled the air, and the roar of traffic was gone.
The love songs they sing are more enjoyable than half of the human music on my radio, no, that’s not true, it is more like 90%. The beautiful redbirds can sing their love songs, over and over and over, and they don’t seem to get tired of the song. I don’t either.
They love to hang out at webloafer’s place, since I feed them in the winter, and provide natural shelter for them from the neighborhood cats.
Isn’t life wonderful. I think they know I enjoy their music, and so they sang louder.


Blogger Kelley said...

Man. Can I borrow some of that? LOL

Blogger Chana said...

I like the way you think! Finally someone else, beside myself, not fatalistic about life and can realize the joys surrounding us!

Blogger Atlas said...

I hope I bring joy to someone! I think I do....Mom and dad are always laughing at me! I know that I love to run and jump in puddles and any type of water or high grass! Isn't the world marvelous???

Blogger Shane said...

the cardinal is my favorite bird

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks kelley, chana and atlas, after writing this little note, I'm a gonna check out your blogs.

Birds are proof that God created everything; it didn't just explode into this wonderful thing we know as the earth.

I was telling my wife on the way to church on Lord’s Day, that the last few nights of sleep had been filled with dreams of birds. All kinds of scenarios, there was a vulture like bird on our roof right above each door, and if I tried walking outside and it screamed and spit at me.....that was enough to send me back inside in the dream. Then there were the eagles. Most dreams are quickly forgotten, but lately these bird dreams have been so vivid, I can replay the dreams in my head, many days later.

The eagles were beautiful, and they buzzed me in a friendly way then took off to high altitudes, and I remember the birds leaving contrails as they soared. It was not the normal X's, no these three eagles left contrails in the sky that spelled out GOD.

Then my attention was drawn to little chipping sparrows looking for seeds, but starving to death, or so the dream went. They were looking for seeds on my neighbor’s yard, the manicured one, the green over fertilized one, the one that I can smell the chemicals being dumped on it. I tried to tell the little sparrows that there was plenty of seed in my back yard, away from the prying eyes of the yard nazi’s....

I guess I couldn't speak their language.

They were dying left and right, and I shut the dream down.

There were more dreams last week about birds, but this sample is enough.

Then today on my first day back at the wheel, I saw a sight I had never seen, and didn’t have a camera.

A lot of my driving is in rural areas where you need to be careful and watch out for wildlife, but I had never seen such a monster wild turkey.

Up a good half mile on the country road, I saw an upright walking animal, and at first glance I thought it was an ostrich. It very well could have been, there are EMU and OSTRISH farms all around these parts, and it was huge. It could have been an escapee. It was not running across the blacktop it was sauntering very slowly, and I was trying to measure in my mind the distances and speeds my 40 tons was moving, would I need to brake?.....yes.....I started braking and the animal stopped right in the roadway.....I was grabbing gears and braking when the animal looked my way, and fluttered off in a strut you wouldn't believe. It was the largest wild turkey I have ever seen. It was one of those turkeys every hunter around here has seen, but missed. They let people hunt wild turkeys with bows and arrows here, but the population of wild turkeys is getting larger each year.
One driver where I work had a wild turkey fly into his windshield three weeks ago and it shattered the windshield, and the driver was slightly injured.

Gotta Go Dream some more bird dreams. Someday those that have been waiting on the Lord, shall mount up on wings as eagles…..they shall run and not be weary. I’m weary; I’m tired and troubled by this HATE GOOD AND GOD WORLD. But I will never turn bad or curse the Creator, I like what He created, even though I can only partially understand that this world and all it’s glamour, glory and glitter, is garbage, trash and refuse compared to the mansion my savior is preparing for me.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Shane, Hey Man Good To See You Are Commenting Again.

I have been hoping that you pass that bar exam my friend, and no, I haven't ordered your book yet, but I plan too, it is hectic around here lately, vacations, etc.

Hectic? Now I gotta get my dictionary out....

Tomorrow morning I am going to tape the songs the Cardinals/Redbirds sing.

It is spectacular, and it really should be....

After all look at the beak God gave those songbirds.

Yes that beak can crack nuts, and sing heavenly songs. A dual purpose beak.

I think the serenade this morning was the birds thanking me for lugging all those 50 pound bags of sunflower seeds back here from Wal-Mart, just to feed the thirty seven squirrels and an occasional songbird this last winter.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD to catch you again........

I know of your love of birds, I have followed your art for awhile now, and

I DEMAND ANY SANITY BLUFF READER/VISITOR/SPAMMER or Fan, to click on Shane’s link here in the comment section and relax,

Yes relax,
And enjoy.

Blogger jarhead john said...

I too, for some reason, am a huge fan of the cardinal. Not only is it beautiful, but it's song, as you pointed out, is equally pleasing.

Don't go getting the idea that I have a soft side!!

Blogger phred said...

We are as happy as we want to be. Everyday ,when we get up, we make the choice .
I am glad you decided to be happy and appreciate what our Lord has done for you.
I think I will be happy today too.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

That’s what’s wrong with this country today... A very fast pace in business and life and no one ever takes the time to stop... think... look... smell and listen. As you point out in this post WL... god has given us a many a wonderful thing... All we have to do is take the time and look for them...

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