Saturday, May 20, 2006
The day I vote for Hillary Clinton, look up and this is what you'll see. Since I won't reward any republican for all the backstabbing they are up to, I'll be somewhere else with my vote. year, over 300 blog articles, 40,000 plus hits, and 65,000 page views. Stats from just one of webloafer's blogs, but stats of his first, best and most visited blogs. Yes, Sanity's Bluff is a place I hang out at. It's been a good year of blogging. Webloafer (John) thanks everyone who has been a part of this party on the Bluff. In these crazy days; "THE BLUFF" just might be the safest place to picnic.
Truck Driving is one of my many passions. I wish everyone could be doing something they enjoy as a vocation.
I am thankful God created me human, but I'd like to spend 10 minutes as a bee.
I still like and respect President Bush, but he believes much differently than me on the Illegal Invasion and Trespassing going on to our nations detriment.
President Bush is working hard to keep us all safe, Democrats and Republicans.
You don't love someone simply with the idea, "What's in it for me". Some of the black leaders in America spend all day trying to embarass or belittle a man that loves them.


Blogger web_loafer said...

I apoligize dear readers. In a battle of the blogs at Blog Explosion, a challenged mine. Oh, sanity's bluff will win the battle, but it is not right for my good readers to accidentally happen upon a vulgar, smutblog like the one that used my blog's popularity to get 15 bloggers to see such smut. I'll make it up to you all somehow. Disgusting. Smut blogs used to be banned completely from BE, now it seems, we all pay more for a inferior product. Porn should not be allowed at BE, and if it continues, webloafer will leave.

Blogger AnthonyLemons said...

No need to apologize...its these same people who have these vulgar blogs that ignore real life issues and assist in the downward spiral of our country.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks Tony for being there. That battle of blogs,is still going on at the time of this reply to your comment.
Thanks again.

I have commented at the smutmerchants blog, even backtracked from his comment section to find out who supports smut like that, and confronted those people with questions as to why they support such trash.

Should get interesting at the Bluff.

I want to thank you again for your standing up tall. I vote for your excellant blog whenever I can. Your win/loss ratio is not that great, but your blog is. It is a good blog.

I was an early Blog Explosion member, and for a long time, Sanity's Bluff had a great win/loss percentage. But then the 'verts showed up, and collectively voted me down. I am battling back, and will get to 50/50 someday. I have to work almost 60 hours a week driving truck, so my free time is scarce. The 'verts that are trying to 'vert blog explosion probably are sitting at home, while America works, and they have the time to put us down.

You or I can't spend 24/7 online battling the Marxists, but,
We will win this battle, and the war.
Good to hear from you, I read your blog, but don't comment much, because we think so much alike.

Blogger phred said...

America needs people like you, that are willing to speak out. Now more than ever.
Paul said..
We must ''Fight The Good Fight''.

Blogger Jay said...

Well...I saw that battle of the blog and kinda have to agree with you. I'm no prude, but it wasn't something that I particularly wanted to look at. While I think a person should put whatever they want on their own blog, I do think that it was bad manners to challenge others with smut smeared all over. You usually win my vote on those battles...that time, it wasn't at all difficult to pick yours as the better site.

Blogger web_loafer said...

There will be no links to that blog here Jay,
I certainly didn't blogmark, bookmark or save the url. Funny thing though, when going through my visitor records, that blogger is coming back here reading. Maybe that blogger will realize, I don't want his/her freedom of speech taken away, (because when one loses freedom of speech, we all lose) But I sure wish I could live live without having smut shoved in my face, or my friends and families face. That was what happened.

The only way I can prevent it happening again, is never to offer my blog up for battle, just be content to wait and challenge blogs that are decent for all of my readers.
It really is good to see you back here.
I remember your blog articles last year about diet, and a womanfriend....

Whew....about 3 months ago, I flunked my truck driver required physical.
Then there was no choice....
It was diet time; time to get my Blood Pressure down.
Truck Drivers have to pass drug screens and physical examinations at least every two years. I'm over 60, and my Blood Pressure was elevated, so it was crash diet, and lifestyle rearranging time.

My wife is helping me with a special diet, and I started doing a little more than trucking and blogging.

In three months I lost almost 20 pounds, and my BP has settled down to a typical.....120 over 70. I passed the next physical, and now am on a once a year drug screen and physical.

The key? I gave up bread, fatty meats, and all salty condiments, and started using vinegar. If something tastes salty, I don't take the second bite. I use herbs to spice up my vegtable soup, drop by Price Chopper before going to work to grab a salad from the salad bar.....use a lot of vinegar and olive oil on the salad, and it has really worked.

Whew...Passed the physical, and will continue with this lifestyle.

Yeah, I'd like to enjoy Bar B Que again, but staying healthy is more important.

How is your weight loss thing going? If I remember correctly it wasn't that big of a problem, but you wanted to do something about it.

Still have to lose 15 more pounds to be in fighting shape...

The pounds will melt off when it gets hot and humid.

Hey, drop by anytime. Read a little of your blog. There isn't anything that my comments would add too on your blog, but I read it. Trying to stay away from confrontations in the political realm.

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